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  1. Does this mean Swings has officially disbanded?
  2. But they're literally allied to Alliance itself tho, that's about as good as it gets :serious:
  3. Have I ever done a bad thing in my life? Look at this cat. Does it look like he has ever done a bad thing in his life? The answer to both of those questions is no. Therefore, Oblivion did nothing wrong!
  4. Just over two days to sign up for this! Would love to have as many participants as possible 😄
  5. So I've gotten tired of this. Seriously. So I've decided to keep a tally. Every time someone says "Join BK" or something along that line, I'm adding one. When the counter reaches above 20 then I won't even consider joining BK again. No joke, because if this is how BK treats people that aren't in their alliance then it's not an alliance worth joining. Go ahead, act pissed off that I posted this. Counter: 69420 😉
  6. Me, after telling the banks themselves to transfer me money via Western Union:
  7. Not enough imo, I think they should lose at least 50 resistance per attack :serious:
  8. We're hosting a $50m bullet tournament in the Orbis Chess Discord server! Come check it out. Prizes include: $35m to the winner $5m to the best game played $5m to the best beginner/most improved $5m to the biggest upset Sign-up link here: https://forms.gle/MrY4EL8DjuWiXZb89 Server link here: https://discord.gg/FRrBcTndQQ To avoid forum spam, this will serve as the announcement thread for all future chess server events, so check here if you're interested in anything. Currently a $5m weekly blitz+rapid ladder tournament is already underway, so come check it out!
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