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  1. -Using Locutus doesn't mean Borg is literally drawing in all his related alliances to do the spying as well lmao, literally everyone uses Locutus -Locutus actually hinders your spy effort because manual assignment is always better as well -idc if Isjaki is spying or not; he's just one person and you shouldn't be losing a spy war to an alliance half your size lol
  2. ngl, using Locutus for spies is pretty bad but in all fairness TLE are actually absolutely crushing Cam in spies rn lmfao
  3. Not a bannable offense because the human is always the one accepting the trade. The bot only notifies them of the trade so that they can get manually accepted, and this has been verified as legal by Sheepy for years and years.
  4. Hanlon's razor my friend, never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity Molang just happens to have one of the fastest bots there is notifying you when someone posts a bad trade. These are almost certainly noob nations who don't know how the trade market works and whose offers Molang snapped up pretty easily. I doubt Sheepy will treat this report particularly seriously but if you're interested, I am more than happy to privately share my evidence towards my statements.
  5. Twas a pleasure, props for taking the initiative and hope it pays off.
  6. This goodbye response message is really making me feel like asking what's DN
  7. Based af. Now this is what Orbis needs more of, less alliances being pushovers despite whatever odds they may be against. gl and hoping for a good war performance
  8. Also imma get downvotes for saying this, but if only half your revenue as a pirate comes from raiding, consider getting good (or going back to farming)? 😛 Personally when I pirate I go balls to the wall and decom all non-essential improvements so bombarding means nothing to me. IMO there's already a tradeoff you have to make between passive farming revenue and active raiding revenue that you have to make when pirating, and a change like this will ultimately mean little to nothing for the good ones.
  9. -Having fought in both winning and losing spy wars, it's only fair that a competent winning side is able to keep the losing side's spies down. Also, this removes a lot of the fun out of spying people outside of wartime -The only time beforehands in which I'd do bombing runs was already when the enemy had low planes, because otherwise the higher casualty rate on my own planes was already large enough of a deterrent. imo casualties are already fine as is -Welp I was already considering decomming ID for being useless; this will probably push it over the edge for me
  10. Agree with most people here; beige cycling is more about breaking the will of people already being beaten down. It not only keeps them down but also allows for others to move on to other wars faster, and also prevents them from building any military they can use to fight back and slow progress down. This should've been 100% true from the C20-C30 range, since HM's nations in that tier were the ones ultimately deciding the war from downdeclaring, but was equally important C20 and below especially since that's exactly where we were pushing down near the end of the war. Warchest is a minimal concern here; disregarding the fact that most nations only have enough WC to last one or two rounds, from personal anecdote I was making -2m net a day and the people who sold infra in CoTL/tO couldn't have been doing much better. Plus, being unable to build military every day without it immediately being taken out makes it so even if they did have a large warchest, there would be no point in using it at all. Also, I remembered that you participated in the blitz on Oblivion -- the Rose whale (Jaguar) who hit Arch actually had extraordinary odds to win that war -- one of the counters who hit him ran out of manus before the war even began and started it with an utter failure, and communication outside of that was honestly rather panicked as well. So Jaguar was well over the amount of planes needed to almost zero Arch out, and instead he went inactive for nearly a day and when he came back he was already zeroed lmfao (but even then, the suicide dogfights and spy planes orders on Arch stopped even quicker than on me).
  11. Actually, I want to offer a defense of this point before people instictively downvote it: in GW16 Quack was on similar or better odds iirc (correct me if I'm wrong), and despite tS's heroic efforts at pulling the net damage back that was basically only the best they could do despite there being literally zero beige cycling going on (although I will say that TKR gave up way too quickly in that war, and was worried they'd do the same here). I think the grey area here was maybe a difference between tier wars and wars where one side is just massively outnumbered in every tier, but that would probably take some additional thought to fully expand on. Cheers for the response
  12. It seems like there's a lack of trust here between us, friend. As I said in the post, I fully intend for this to be a two-way discussion and also that I almost certainly wasn't right on some things. If I can openly state my intentions here: -I don't do FA. If it sounded like I was making this maliciously, I wasn't; I was actually asked by several people from your side to do this. -I put all my cards on the table. This is what I learned to the best of my knowledge, and I think it would've been dishonest for me to hide anything OPSEC when that was only relevant during the war. -I'm putting this out here fully knowing that some things could be used against me in future wars. And I think that's okay, because my hope is that raising the level of milcom throughout the game will lead to more fun and fair wars. If you don't believe any of that or still think I'm trying to sabotage you or something, I apologize, but that's your prerogative I guess; otherwise, I would be happy to hear where I went wrong.
  13. idk if you can tell, but since you were in that juicy range the entire war I based a lot of my observations on comments you were making in the milcom channels, so thanks for the help xP
  14. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1si3yAedgyAtjubQ-EU53n1Xnbv8sJ4a2CcK0O2e0Imw/edit#gid=13242487 WarBot good other bots bad :serious: (this is only done within your current range but lmk if you want to raise or lower the range a little)
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