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  1. THIS IS A DNN EXCLUSIVE AND SHOULD BE CREDITED AS SUCH; JOIN DUCC NEWS NETWORK TODAY Global War 29 thread: wtf I forgor it was the same war 💀 Updated 5/18/24 ~4:30 AM GMT: Military Strength: Military Strength Comparison Graph (Based on Totals): Military Strength Comparison Graph (Based on Averages): Summary: It's been kind of a while since I've done one of these things but I did separate the C46+ tier into a C46-50 and C51+ because u ppl keep growing too fast :^) Honestly, on paper, this is an incredibly close fight. You can tell there is barely anything separating most of the tiers, although WELP does have a sizeable low tier advantage and a reasonably strong mid-high tier advantage. Still, it will take a little bit of time for that advantage to propagate to whale tier, so at that level, whoever wins it initially will essentially just be the one with better coordination. Overall, my odds are slightly on a WELP victory. Also interesting to note is how deadlocked the spy war currently seems to be. Not every day the average is completely even. Still, from raw numbers, WELP holds an edge, and raw numbers are usually what carries a spy war through. Have a good day/afternoon/night!
  2. This guy leaked free targets lol in a DoW :insane:
  3. Come here and kiss me on my hot mouth 😉
  4. Jack off Jack off with a friend 😊
  5. Oblivion is more than happy to recruit players who don't want to actually play this game. Please provide your username and password to Ockey5 on our Discord: https://discord.gg/YRerfDpaKJ Sincerely, Some retiree
  6. apology for poor english where were you wen pnw died? i was sat at work eating sriracha noodle when vein ring 'pnw is kill' died like a year ago why are you guys still here 'no' yes
  7. Bro put like 6 lines of text into a spreadsheet and called it a day
  8. The rivalry between me and my spiral into insanity from playing pnw
  9. 0. Hidude Gotta start over, unfortunate 😕
  10. you can't tell me where to look
  11. Bonus entry Dear 281st place alliance Khanador Concord Commonwealth Expo, Faithfully yours, hidude45454
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