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  1. 😮 haha that's dope, thx for your service
  2. Wizel is Marine corps? :serious:
  3. I hear UPN are accepting anyone these days
  4. So when y'all get a divorce is each party getting 50% of the split or was there a prenup signed in advance?
  5. I kind of wanted to not have this as a project entirely, but I like this suggestion a lot more.
  6. I do make it a point to help worser off alliances like SoL and participated a lot in the HM advice server as well; I just think it's okay for other people to be elite about it and that not everyone has to fill the same role as me (although, it is appreciated) Ofc, everyone, including community-driven alliances needs to git gud and no one is disagreeing with that, but the fact some people are elite about it is often a reasonable wake up slap to the face for people who think they're good already and don't try that hard for self-improvement.
  7. Alliance damages and DNN vs. RON vs. VGM timelapse here -- all offshores have been added into their respective alliances. This timelapse was brought to you by Ducc News Network and Very Good Media! The individual damages timelapses for GW24, along with a Backrooms-only timelapse, have been released as a DNN/VGM exclusive to my show in each: DNN: https://discord.gg/MDYdBkzFh4 VGM: https://discord.gg/Amp4bPfcEz
  8. I was trawling through forums a few weeks ago and found this pretty neat post that I think would be fun to bring back: Anyways, just copy-pasting that here, no clue how many ppl care but feel free to fill in however many y'all want to ig Alliance Categories: Best Fighters: Worst Fighters: Most Surprising Entry: Best PR: Worst PR: Playmaker (In other words, who had the largest impact): Most Improved: Failed to Meet Expectations: Best DoW: Best Blitz: Worst Blitz: Player Categories: Best Fighter: Most Friendly: Most Salty: Best Rookie (for those who popped their war cherry): Best Troll: Best eLawyer: Community Categories: Best Post: Funniest Post: Saltiest Post: Best Propaganda:
  9. A lot of war guides are just plain wrong and give really poor milcom advice. Some are outdated. If the game really was that easy then there wouldn't be so many players who've read a tutorial and still do the wrong attacks every time (and reading is different from putting it into practice anyways). Essentially Roberts is suggesting there isn't more beyond the system than the guides that separates some players from the pack so I don't get why certain players shouldn't be considered skillful and others not. (And I assume the same is true for econ)
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