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  1. As far as I'm aware, both of these issues are entirely confined to my nation. I can expand other nation's cities just fine, and their graphs load for me as well. I've asked a few other people to check my nation and both of these issues are also present for them. I don't recall when these issues first started, though they've been there for a while. Here's the link to my nation: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=109046
  2. he just wants his duckie, partisan
  3. There's a lot of good changes here, but I really disagree with nerfing Spy Satellite. I think it's in a good place now, considering how expensive it is to build. Echoing what everyone else said, it'd be best to wait for a proper war to see if the current version of it ends up being problematic, rather than severely nerfing it before its seen any real action.
  4. I agree with the increase in city score, not sure on the rebuy.
  5. Hard disagree. If someone is willing to dedicate hours a day just to grind out baseball, they deserve the cash.
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