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  1. Ngl there should definitely be alliances in F Also here's the link to the big alliance tier list: https://tiermaker.com/create/actual-pnw-tier-list-523654
  2. I'd also just like to add that both nations rejoined The Hanseatic League almost immediately after leaving and attacking Florence, presumably so they could circumvent the protectorate treaty and avoid being attacked by others. Additionally, Dillon was using the bare minimum amount of soldiers needed to achieve an immense triumph (evidenced by the fact that he didn't send enough soldiers to get an immense triumph twice) to cause as little damage as possible.
  3. Yay another The Originals post. Just when I thought 2020 had it all.
  4. This is worse than the endless coup posts from The Originals
  5. I think it's a kind of bird
  6. Can we get these changes on the test server so we can actually test how they impact gameplay? I don't want to have to wait until the next global war to find out whether it's worthwhile at all to invest in planes or not.
  7. Hey it's like Moon Landing but without the achievement
  8. FYI Alex none of the improvement descriptions have been updated to match the changes.
  9. EM: "City 45 date 19th May (all going well :P)" Ayy Lmao:
  10. My computer crashed while loading your alliance page. 10/10 would load again.
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