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  1. sometimes the HM leaders we make along the way leave to only be seen in our dreams and memories
  2. We always asked who is the secret HM leader. We went through many suspects Changeup, Akuryo, Keegoz, Borg, MinesomeMC, Alex, Donald Trump, Roquentin, etc. We never could pin it on one person. However i think ive solved it. The secret HM leader is not any of the suspects in the investigation but rather the friends we made a long the way. I would like to say that this case is now closed. Thank you. - MinesomeMC, Director of Thonk
  3. its obviously MinesomeMC, nobody would suspect him.
  4. Good luck to Solar Knights. It is shame we had to let go of Soup Kitchen.
  5. I’m pretty sure Alex would add upon what I suggested which would hopefully be a good thing
  6. I’m just gonna assume it’s a Rick roll nice try
  7. everything was perfect until i read "protected by Black Skies", but each to there own. Good luck.
  8. Oh shit i didn’t see this, also MDAPs should be added.
  9. As alliances grow and drop, it would be wonderful to be able to get more options in the Treaty web. This includes adjusting it to top 75 or top 100. Selecting what treaties are visible, and maybe even adding a bloc feature that would box those alliances who are members of said bloc. Also a MDAP treaty option would be quite appreciated, as we’ve had several of those these past years.
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