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  1. Nah I hate the theme. Pixel-hugging and longer NAPs are terrible.
  2. What happens when the egg cracks? Do we get a Eggclipse breakfast?
  3. You’ve heard of Micros, now I present to you Nanos.
  4. You always ask whats Prima Victoria, but never how's Prima Victoria?
  5. 1. This is like my 12th alliance war as a leader 2. It’s rather a recognition of hostilities, KT hit us lmao 6ft 3 inches
  6. How about you activate the sekrit treaty instead
  7. shifty as one of my best friends you should now im too tall for that coffin.
  8. Knights Templar, theyre some kind of tool for Quack or something
  9. Good Morning The Queen has requested that we announce a new friendship which has been acquired by the Prima Victorian and Knight Templar factions. The Queen and their Grand Master have set terms that both alliances will fulfill mutually. May we remember this day for maybe a week! Treaty of Friendship Section 1 - War Both Parties are at War Section 2 - Treaty Cancellation If Both parties decide they had enough, they may contact the party and withdraw from the agreement Signed for Prima Victoria (Not really) Prime Minister - MinesomeMC King - Morg
  10. @Sweeeeet Ronny D pass me some man.
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