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  1. Ah yes the Lost empire, the Order, and Chocolate castle present LOC bloc
  2. There are a lot of drugs used in the decision making of our alliance
  3. All this Communism, why don’t you charge $9.99 subscription :serious:
  4. I’d say good bye and good luck but you didn’t say anything about me so no good bye for you
  5. Bro isn’t your alliance a top 10 with 800 members and apart of hegemony like shut up
  6. Ever since 2017 the Golden Phoenix Coalition has been an attempt to reach my goals of becoming an adequate leader and just to have fun doing what I enjoy. There was always a repeating theme, something bad happened and it disbands. Prima Victoria, was supposed to be different. Formed as a rebrand of Golden Phoenix Coalition after another out of game community Terra Nova merged with us. The thing is Prima Victoria will be different. I believe with the help of the syndicate and without the bad reputation I may bring to them, they will do fine. So I, MinesomeMC, will be stepping down from Prima Victoria as it is what is best for the alliance and will allow me to turn a new chapter. I have no idea whats next for me, who i'll move to, but I wish Prima Victoria well and trust The Syndicate to guide them correctly. Prima Victoria Government line up as of July 24, 2021 Prime Minister - Cazaron King - Levi (Project 11) Minister of Milcom - Linda Minister of Internal Affairs - Papi Salamander Any further Prima Victoria inquiries shall be given to Cazaron and Project 11, thank you. Tl; dr - Cazaron replaces MinesomeMC as Prima Victoria's Prime Minister
  7. they got him, they got my boy. RIP Shifty

  8. most alliances run high taxes, so check mate liberal
  9. There are way too many communist alliances
  10. CTO is screwed if they have a treasure
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