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  1. nice, welcome to hell
  2. Drew Durnil Invasion > GOONS/CN invasion

    1. Corpsman


      Lmfao so many people are joining tf

  3. i proposed this 3 times to alex via suggestions he rejected it and ignored the 30-40 upvotes each post had.
  4. guys what really we need is water to be added to the game
  5. no not even you, actually especially not you
  6. The PnW community isnt dominated by SJWs like in CyberNations plus we have Anti GOONs Society. We will be fine.
  7. Kill them all, every single one. I have rerisen. It is time for my Order 69.
  8. wdym he solved that issue by getting rid of downvotes. Toxicity doesnt exist anymore.
  9. I have awaken

  10. RIP MinesomeMC is banned again

    1. SAXON


      Oh my, what a "MARTYRDOM", thank the lord we have Jonas II as an advocate to preach his word

    2. Emperor Jonas II

      Emperor Jonas II

      Who knows I could be him

  11. Positive reactions are very noctorious especially with the new downvote removal. They may boost someone's ego and even make that player toxic thinking they're special because they have so many upvotes, but then get the cold reality that is this communtiy. I believe we should remove all positive reactions and maybe the system entirely. It just doesn't make sense to even have upvotes at this point, let's follow the foot steps of the CN forum and eradicate simplistic opinions for more thorough ones. We should have to type out our opinion and why we believe so without the lazy mindset. We are grown men (women dont play this, silly) so we should act like it. - MinesomeMC Man
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