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  1. Thanks to the good people of The Syndicate! We look forward to playing along side you for many moons to come.
  2. We look forward to working with our new friends! Thank you to everybody on the TKR side that helped bring us together!
  3. Today The Immortals welcome their new official allies in The Syndicate and The Knights Radiant. Discussion have been in the works for awhile, all with the original intention of being activated post-war. However, we have been drawn into the conflict, and because of this, cannot and will not just walk away from our new friends and let them continue to be bogged down in war. We stand with our friends and will remain in the conflict until a fair peace is negotiated for the war. As leader of The Immortals, I don’t have a personal issue with any of the OD alliances or leaders who we are at war with – that is not why we remain at war. A war that lasts this long is not good for the game, nor is peace terms that are too harmful for those they are brought upon. Many good people have and will continue to quit due to the conflict. The game needs balance for it to be enjoyable, so I implore both sides to come to a fair peace and we can all continue enjoying this game for many months and years to come. Until that happens, we will be there in the battlefield. So with that, I ask all nations out there to consider helping bring about a peace and ending to the war. If your alliance has peaced and you still personally believe in the cause, build up your military then come temporarily join The Immortals or other allies in the fight, and help us balance the power. I thank our allies that have stuck with us and continue in the fight, it means a lot. You are not alone! Lord Tyrion The First of The Immortals
  4. Then they can do as I said and all leave him and re-form w/o him. My beef is with George, not their members. I'm hoping they won't want to fight wars to protect a thief.
  5. We'll see if they want to turn Gorge and the cash over or not. To be continued.
  6. Let’s talk about bank heists for a moment. Some people celebrate them, think of it as some great victory. Well laid plans of deception paid off and away with the money the robbers go. “Look at how smart I am”, they may think. An alliance bank like, oh let’s see… Pantheon’s as an example, would be the culmination of hundreds of member’s efforts collected over multiple years. So many people contribute to that over such a long period of time and “poof” just like that, it’s taken. But congrats, you pulled it off – and look at what you have to show for it! However, as we know in life, there are consequences to actions. Some alliances do not tolerate this action and so here we are. Depending on the value of resources, last week Pantheon’s bank of well over $10B in value was taken by the collective efforts of Gorge and Nokia Rokia. This money must be repaid - in one form or another – and any other accomplices must also be held accountable. If you have done business with either of them, it’s likely stolen funds and we urge you to help return the money. Somebody knows where the money is. Somebody is hiding the money for them. If you harbor either of these two in your alliance, you are an accomplice because you are likely getting financial benefits of the stolen money, knowingly or unknowingly. Kick them out or form a new alliance without them. If you are protecting the stolen money directly, you are an accomplice. If you are countering efforts to recover the money, you are an accomplice. If there is a refusal to pay, we will claim ownership over their personal assets including loan receivables. If you have a loan and owe money personally to Gorge or Nokia, reach out to Pantheon and you can save a bit of money on your loan debt by paying a fraction of what you owe back through Pantheon instead. $10B must be repaid immediately. The longer and more expensive this takes, the more that will be needed in order to get resolution. Actions have consequences.
  7. Hey, I know that guy! Good luck!!
  8. In the beginning there was peace in Orbis. No toxicity, no trolls, and micros as far as the eye could see. But that peace would not last. Hordes of power amassed, until one day the war of all wars broke out, spreading darkness across the lands and burning pixel upon pixel. Out of this war all mortal nations perished, leaving behind a nuclear wasteland of bones, ash and low infra. Those unfortunate to survive the days of war were left to start a new perfect world together. It was out of necessity and the fear of being alone in the desolate world, that those that cannot die decided to band together. Be it written on stone in blood that The Immortals and their vampire brethren The Originals entered into an MDoAP to inherit what was left in the world of Orbis when the rest of the nations fulfilled their mortal destinies and left this place. Signatory for The Originals: Rebekah Mikaelson – Queen Signatory for The Immortals: Tyrion Lannister – The First
  9. All projects and cities funded by NR since the incident should be deleted. It was funded by illegal funds, whether their members knew or not. They can rebuild those things once they can do so legally. Now, about Pantheon reparations.....
  10. You don't get to quit in the middle of a boxing match and claim victory. I STAND WITH PANTHEON!
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