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  1. Congrats to all the winners/nominees and thank you to the organizers! Good transparency with everything too.
  2. I think the work put into the awards is overall really good - the process makes sense and would generally be deemed fair. It's really hard to get around the bias and popularity side of things. The alliances with more members will obviously vote for themselves where they can, and also purposely snub those they might be at odds with. I think that's also somewhat the challenge of one vote per top 50/60 AA - I think the representative will generally vote for those they are allied to, to support an ally versus who may actually be most deserving. Thus, a bloc with more alliances would more likel
  3. I will stick up for Quack some here. I understand why they proceeded how they did given what they were facing, so whether Boyce had anything of actual value or not is somewhat irrelevant to me. They felt they were going to be targeted either way and they acted upon it - plain and simple. I don't fault them for that at all for making the best play from that position that they saw at the time. I think people focus too much on actual CBs that in some way we need some hard evidence to be justified for a war. It should be as simple as "we felt threatened and that's why we acted". As one
  4. Will you take my word for it? Sorry, but it literally had zero impact on the peace talks themselves. Not trying to be mean, just want to level your expectations for the future. At the end of the day, in terms of peace itself, who was right or wrong or any fault, etc doesn't ultimately matter - a war is what it is and people will proceed as needed for peace regardless of any facts or unknowns still out there. There was pretty much no debate in peace talks about why the war happened or CBs or anything else, because at that point it didn't really matter for what was needed to happen.
  5. Thanks to all for a spirited war and best of luck with rebuild everyone!
  6. Dude..... come on. Don't take what I said and try to make it the next thing you hound publicly to try to get people to talk about. Peace talks will remain mostly confidential, don't start beating drums to other leaders to put it all out there in public, it won't happen. Even though I said I'd be fine with it, I'd advise against it and most other leaders would too. In fact that would probably derail peace talks more than anything else, and you're one that's been trying to facilitate getting peace done. Just drop it, please. When peace is done and the terms are made public, I'm sure there'
  7. I wasn't necessarily intending to, just trying to dispel any misinformation about the ordeal. We'll have more to say about our future plans when those are further defined and ready. But I will say this, TI/TFP did inform Swamp leadership of our intentions to leave post-war a couple weeks ago - they were caught off-guard and disappointed we'd made that decision and were frustrated by our lack of transparency/communication around and since that decision, which is understandable. There's no reason to go into it further than that though. I don't have anything bad to say about Swamp and certain
  8. I love how people with zero knowledge of the situation act like they do. We'd informed Swamp weeks ago we would be leaving, but nice try.
  9. Congrats Roberts and good job to Ripper on a tenure done well!
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