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  1. But would the winning side have any beige time banked up to use if they've been winning?
  2. I think it needs to be tied to a percentage of infra rather than an amount of infra. If you win a war and cause 4% infra damage across the board, that should be the same amount of beige time given, regardless of what your infra level was. And I do think that should roll off over time, you shouldn't be able to keep a bank from one war and carry it over to use months later. I'd also like to consider a "window of time" after your beige bank is activated for any more defensive wars to be declared on you (unless you are in none). What I'd want to avoid is let's say I have a counter set up of three people, the first person declares and then the opponent goes to beige bank. My other two guys can't get in and the first guy might be overmatched. I think a 2-turn window or something to allow somewhat of a "last-call" on defensive wars should be allowed to avoid that scenario. There should also be transparency about how much beige bank time nations have, so opponents can strategize accordingly and have the formulas well-known so people know the impact their attacks will have on their opponent's bank. I expect you wouldn't have to use your entire bank all in one shot, but could choose the number of days of it to utilize?
  3. Thanks Pre. And not to be difficult, but just curious the logic to making them auto switch to gray, and maybe it's just the coding effort isn't worth the trouble right now. I know it's always been that way, I figure there is a logical reason for it though. Effectively all it does it cause the alliance not to tax the member and have to fight communication to get it corrected. Not a huge deal, just wondering if there's a reason we want that to occur.
  4. For the first bullet point, if there's no loot or infra damage, is this mechanism strictly for giving beige just to the defender if they lose? Assume no beige given for offensive wars still? It's not clarified in this list above. Do nations still go to gray when they come out of beige or can they default back to the color they were before? It's a hassle to continually get people to remember to switch back, as most AAs could attest to. Gray should be for true inactives only.
  5. Some of you may remember an alliance here last year that called themselves “The Coal Mines” led by Nokia Rokia. “What ever happened to them?” you may find yourself wondering. They picked a fight with The Immortals in 2019, and promptly disbanded, before a peace could be brokered – a sad day for coal enthusiasts everywhere. But, in a long list of crazy shit to happen in 2020, they have re-emerged from their collapse, with hopes of a better outcome. Sadly, however, there has not been enough oxygen down in the mines this iteration either, and it’s affecting their decision making once again. So let’s get the rest of Orbis up to speed on what our friends in the mines have been up to. Last week, their second in command Shadow aka Antman aka DarknessIncarnate, decided to ghost his post in TCM and raid multiple people in the Swamp, among other alliances – with the intention of causing as much damage as possible. Yet, with open wars still ongoing with The Immortals and others, Shadow rejoined TCM – and leader Nokia leaves to Weebunism – leaving Shadow as leader in-game. Well, The Immortals counter that open raid, as would anybody else, and promptly had the counters illegitimately countered. Then those bad wars were countered and so on and so forth. With no desire or need for further escalation, especially to TCM members who are caught up in this tomfoolery, peace negotiations began shortly that same day. All parties on each side acknowledged Shadow and TCM’s actions were in the wrong and a peace was negotiated. “Splendid!” one might say. But sadly all wars were not peaced as promised. No… wrought with anger and frustration from looking foolish, Shadow wasn’t going to go down like that. Shadow launched a nuke on a Fark nation hours after the peace he accepted was in effect, causing expensive damage. When asked hours later the next day “hey, what the hell?” minutes after such inquiry, a missile was sent to the same Fark target (who hadn’t attacked at all again mind you) ending that war and looting the nation and Fark’s alliance bank. Shadow knew hell was about to rain down on his nation, so he readied his troops and…. wait, what’s that? Oh nevermind, he zeroed everything, sold infra down to 0.01 in every city and deposited everything he had, including the spoils from his Fark loot, into the TCM bank and exited his position as government claiming he was quitting the game. Okay, see you in re-roll bud. Seems Shadow/TCM did not wish to honor the peace arrangement afterall, but Shadow is no longer government, so the next step is to talk to the new leadership, which is Nokia once again – THE KING RETURNS! Surely he would return the stolen loot from Fark and make amends for the violation of the peace treaty – a simple request really. No reps from TCM are requested, just Shadow’s deposit and we all walk away. But Nokia not only denies the request, but threatens nukes and months of war as a response – and readies TCM with war tactics – all while admitting “we are not in the right. Quite the opposite” – but he does not want someone to “push us around”. Apparently damaging somebody else’s property and expecting that person to pay for said damage is pushing folks around. Rather than not condone what Shadow did and make things right, it seems TCM gov’t wishes to take ownership of Shadow’s actions. Based on these series of actions, it is concluded that The Coal Mines have purposely and unapologetically voided the terms of the peace deal and Swamp now acknowledges and will finish the war they brought to us. Any members that exit TCM now will not be pursued – you shouldn’t have to be burned down because of incompetent leadership. -THE SWAMP
  6. You shouldn't be able to rebuild your entire military in reserve and then activate them all immediately - that's completely unfair to those winning the wars. Let's say you have a city 15 nation being held down and zeroed by three city 12 nations. All he needs to do is get his military maxed in reserve, come out at once (with 12 MAPs mind you) and can wreck the other side, get out of blockades, etc. Basically, any time anyone has a city advantage on somebody else, they can wait to have the military advantage through this mechanism and then come out of reserve and win battles. So if you're going to this reserve mechanic, there has to be some decent limits on how you activate them, otherwise, it's a really poor mechanic that basically removes the ability to do updeclares effectively. In real wars, if an opponent's military is wiped, you wouldn't see them fully replaced via some warehouse. If I have GC/AS/Blockade, basically occupy that nation, how can they immediately dwarf my military at the snap of a finger and turn it around on me?
  7. Hooray! Thanks for putting that together, it was entertaining.
  8. The long hard road to recovery begins now.
  9. Who are you guys again? Dammit epstein lol
  10. The first suggestion is fine, the military changes would be VERY impactful - and not in a good way. This makes it significantly easier for raiders to bully nations Alex (notice who supports these changes). They can drop to 1/3 military and be full strength within 5 minutes, allowing them to pick off weaker nations easily. If you're seriously going to 1/3 military daily, then you should eliminate double buys so people can't play that game - perhaps a quantity timer each turn as to what's available to build (and now we don't know when someone's day change is, so you can literally be screwed at any hour of the day). If you do press forward with this anyway, there seriously needs to be something done about people playing shell games with alliance banks as raiders, along with beige time for offensive wars. You have people with giant banks that make a new AA every time they are slotted, so it's literally never able to be touched, giving them almost unlimited resources to continue to raid whomever with zero risk. You want to stop bullying smaller guys by raiders, let them actually get raided for once.
  11. I was just about to type the same, but Breadbeard covered it. No beige for offensive wars you declare. Additionally, the game mechanics right now encourage you to not win a war so you can keep an opponent down. Somehow an overhaul needs to be made to encourage people to finish and win wars - it's an odd mechanic to purposely not win. Planes are too OP as others mentioned. I would like some AA gun capacity in cities that would help if you're defending against an air attack. Additionally ground troops and ships should be able to destroy planes a bit more when attacked, not just sitting ducks. Maybe not significant damage, but some defense. Baseball should also be part of a blockade - your team shouldn't be able to get out of the city or others in to play against you. More options should be available for alliance administration, including more tiers of rights/access. For example, able to limit who can add/remove members, who has bank access and with a transfer limit perhaps, who can coup a leader or other transition of power elements (More tiers than just "officer"). Better reporting capabilities in-game in terms of tax revenues and tracking financial activities (financial statements). Less ability to play a shell game with funds and the ability to create offshores the way you can. Creating a new AA should cost something or have a timer. Infra is too big of a factor in nation score. Your attack range should be more in-line with your city count. Maybe you could down-declare on 25% of your score OR city count equal or greater than you. Likewise, to counteract small nations from just nuking people with high infra as a result of that change, perhaps part of ground control is seizing their ability to produce new missiles or nukes. Just some random thoughts/ideas.
  12. Well fought war Goons/GPA. Best of luck on the rebuild!
  13. Thanks to the good people of The Syndicate! We look forward to playing along side you for many moons to come.
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