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  1. City defenses as build options. (AA guns, etc)
  2. Do you have to actually be mining these things in 5 cities, or just have the capability to, due to geography? In 5 cities do I need one mine of each of those three to get that max bonus or do I get them by simply having the project?
  3. I used to talk to Anna quite a bit back when I started. I believe she's a good person and she served the punishment that the admin felt was appropriate. This is a video game. Let's not act like this is real life impacts here and make this bigger than it is. I think anybody should be given a second chance to learn from mistakes made here, and I'm sure there will be ongoing scrutiny in anything she does going forward by a good portion of the community, but I don't expect we'll see any scandals from her. I won't defend the actions of NPO, but I feel like any of them that wish to play again should be allowed to do so and appreciate the public apology/acknowledgement of the past actions she's making in her return (knowing it would have been maybe easier to start over with a new alias).
  4. Good luck guys, looks like a nice bloc!
  5. Show us on this doll where the bad man touched you.
  6. No, we told them we were leaving a couple weeks before they'd posted that. Happy to clarify!
  7. I've yet to see anybody not involved in Hollywood come out and say "oh cool, this is good for the game". It's basically the entire rest of the game that feels the same way about this. How you all want to justify 6 of the top 12 alliances together and put your blinders on about the politics of that, that's on you. I don't need to craft a narrative, they have already firmly established it through action.
  8. I explained my position in my original post. Do I need to write the same thing out to you again? And I never used the word hegemony, that was your own projecting.
  9. I don't recall you being in our discussions with Camelot and that being our plan the entire time, which we let the other spheres know about day one. Next time speak up when you're in those chats with us.
  10. To state this once - there was no treaty with Rose. We entered because we feel it is in our best interest and security to join. We have been working towards multispheres for a very long time in TI/TFP. We left Swamp to downsize, we spun off Delta to downsize, we spun off Mystery Inc to downsize - and led to the creation of a game with many more blocs, which adds more dynamic and fun gameplay. The moves were all made towards a future of multispheres and most of the game seemed on board with that and following suit. We've invested a lot of time and effort into getting to this point. The creation of a sphere that has 6 of the top 12 alliances (50%), including the largest and strongest alliances, is a direct contradiction to what we've been working to accomplish. HM just finished wiping Delta, TKR just got done wiping Swamp - and they together are now wanting to wipe Rose. We're not going to wait and hope they don't decide we're next. We are standing up to what we believe the game needs to be. Those that want to point at Oasis numbers/members are being disingenuous, as half of our members are sub C12. This sphere of 50% of the game's top alliances is appalling and was completely unnecessary.
  11. It's been fun guys! Best of luck on your new adventure.
  12. Nice war everyone. As an outsider, it seemed non-toxic, good length and good fun.
  13. It was nice working with you all in the short time we were allies. Best of luck in your new endeavors!
  14. Nice job to all involved. You all had an amazing run together and handled everything with class. Looking forward to watching the next chapter unfold.
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