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  1. With the existing ability to add a Declare War Message (warning) to AA member war declaration pages, it would be helpful to be able to add the same or a different message on the war declaration page for AA applicants. We only recently realized that this does not appear for nations currently on applicant status. Thanks!
  2. Nation Link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=152918 Ruler Name: AntMan Nature of Violation: Slot Filling in war with Murtaza https://politicsandwar.com/nation/war/timeline/war=680449 Zero attacks from either side since initial declaration of war. TKR was attempting to use slot for a valid counter against Murtaza.
  3. Thanks for all the well wishes, y'all. It's going to be a lot of fun. (Or that's what I keep telling myself at least)
  4. RIP my DMs. Looking forward to more time spent with you lot. ❤️ We will miss you Adrienne.
  5. Is there any consideration for partial refunds for destroying old projects? With the creation of these new projects, suddenly there is a premium on slots. Even a 50% return would be incredibly helpful.
  6. Queen Adrienne’s Reign, Two Year Anniversary Today, The Knights Radiant (TKR) announces the celebration of Queen Adrienne’s two year anniversary from her assumption of the monarchy as first Queen of TKR. During her two year reign, Adrienne has been omnipresent in Orbis politics, including warmongering leading us fearlessly into and through 5 official wars, helping to create Chaos Bloc, and the recruiting and adding of 259 new members. (Some brief members were scared off by her excellent leadership skills) We are additionally grateful for her economic leadership, which has generated multiple growth programs and a strong alliance bank. Adrienne’s leadership has continued to lead TKR to new heights and record achievements. A sincere thank you to Adrienne for her dedication and hard work, and the many of you who have partnered with us during her two years. On this day, from the awkward comforts of our own homes, we wish Adrienne well, and continued success in her ruthless so greatly appreciated leadership. Please join us here or on the TKR Discord server to share your well wishes and favorite positive memories from Adrienne’s time as leader. Signed, The Knights Radiant Membership
  7. As the war is wrapping up, I feel the need to formalize this. this is a repeated nomination for Dial Up War.
  8. I knew I missed you, even though that one time we sparred. ❤️ OG GPA for life.
  9. @Belisarius @Kurdanak @Don Juan @Jeric they are stealing our hard work from CN. Gross.
  10. Good to see the threats of a dead game, when all the admin did was delete a bunch of inactive farms... I really liked the coordinated responses, guys. It was very cute.
  11. Great song choice! Oh and great ally choices too. Welcome!
  12. Friendly Unity Cooperation of Knightly Immortals Treaty Preamble The Knights Radiant and The Immortals enter into this treaty of mutual defense. Article I: Whatever, No War The Knights Radiant and The Immortals, referred to hereafter as the Signatories, come together in not caring, and shall be too lazy to put any effort towards hostile actions against one another. It is agreed to procrastinate on any other issues privately. Article II: Howard, It's The Phone! Both Signatories agree to share snacks, soft drinks and all other relevant goodies of worth while wasting away their weekends watching TV. It is agreed that no snacks shall be tainted, baked, or in any way reduced fat, so as not to misleadingly nudge the other party towards a healthy lifestyle. The Signatories are also encouraged to share technological and monetary techniques on kicking back when requested. Article III: I Guess We Can Should either Signatory come under attack, the other Signatory pledges to do anything necessary so long as it doesn’t require getting up from the couch. Okay, fine, if you insist. A Signatory isn’t required to move at all if this call is due to a Signatory's obligations towards, or actions undertaken on behalf of a third party. Article IV: A Final F U Should either Signatory wish to cancel this treaty, it may be cancelled at any time with the proper groans to the other alliance, followed by 72 hours. After the 72 hours have passed, we’ll cease the Netflix and the good times. /s/ The Knights Radiant Queen of the Heralds: The Micromanager Prince of the Heralds: The French Connection Herald of Foreign Affairs: The Deepstate Whale Herald of War: Arrgh’s Secret Agent Herald of Growth: The Money Mogul Herald of Internal Affairs: Modi Operandi High Princess of Foreign Affairs: The Chocolate Saint High Nerd of Foreign Affairs: Sir Talksalot /s/ The Immortals The First: Lord Tyrion Cosmic Lord: Scratchy Primordial of War: Alcyr Primordial of Foreign Affairs: Dr. James Wilson Primordial of Internal Affairs: Delby
  13. Simplicity is king. I like these type of announcements. Formal welcome to the party!
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