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  1. Y'all are gonna have to explain what exactly they stole for TKR. You can accuse them of stealing then they can defend themselves at least. But I'm real confused here on how TKR is involved other than just "orange man bad."
  2. You accuse everyone else of not staying on topic, but whenever a response is posted, your go to is just “you clearly don’t know what you are talking about.” That may have worked against our veteran TKR members, some of whom are retired gov etc. But in this case, you didn’t even bother to check who you responded to… This is the FA high gov of The Immortals. Try a different dismissive argument since you clearly don’t want to actually engage with anyone’s conversation.
  3. We did nott want to be party to any NAP, this one that got executed or any other NAP. We never proposed one, we never presented one, we never suggested one, we never discussed one. Wherever you keep sourcing this information is not a first-hand account, I can assure you. As you all keep politely telling us privately, nobody is actually excited by NAPs, they are boring.
  4. Separate from my usual feelings about your somewhat baseless ramblings, it is really ripe to see you post this here of all places. You (Camelot, of which you are sole decision-making head) dropped the people of Atlas without giving them a long enough opportunity to adjust to your requests. Nobody is claiming they are perfect - see further post below - but you lost all credible argument space on this. We all know you like to puppet anyone who is silly enough to ask for your help ("we will send someone over" isn't how the rest of the civilized world treats prots,), but its rich to see you basically arguing merge or die. Maybe you were drawn here because for once someone was posting a complaint about a different alliance than Camelot. @Mac a couple of tips, both OOC and IC: -Bold is a really great tool to use for headers breaking up a long post like this or to create emphasis on a short point. Using it through your entire post makes it difficult to read, let alone understand. But I will say from our limited interaction, this does match your communication style - long, rambling, limited punctuation, and no editing. If you want other people to respect you and bother responding, spending a minute cleaning up your thoughts goes a long way. -This makes a third separate protectorate that has dropped you in six weeks. It is probably time to look in the mirror and figure out why that is. Sounds like you do not even need to request feedback, as plenty has been provided and ignored already. -Finding potential partners and allies does mean having to compromise and adjust your preferences. If you fail to do so, often that pushes people away, like Camelot, WAP, and the nice people from Western Republic who de-merged from you. An important point here though: publicly going scorched earth on everyone when a relationship fails accomplishes nothing. You alienate others in a very small community of Orbis. To this point: please stop harassing the members of Western Republic. They have moved on after finding reasonable terms to separate, yet you continue to DM them privately and ping them publicly. Poaching attempts will no longer be ignored. Manage your own alliance with your members and leave those that chose to disassociate from you alone. (I would also suggest applying this advice to Camelot and WAP, because as you can see above, when you overstate your self-importance and publicly attempt to mislead, the other party can come along and correct the record.) -Good luck in the future, sincerely. Most people would see this as a learning opportunity and try to do better next time. But I remain skeptical this will be the case for you. Leading is hard: Your members are counting on you to make good decisions and put them in the best possible situation. They trust you. I always try not to take such responsibility lightly. You might want to do the same.
  5. Watch out. The old people are BACK! (Thanks again @Canbec - you will be missed greatly.)
  6. Aye the big reminder here is that UP/AUP were partially designed to consume significant food to reduce the glut sitting in storage. We would need to sort out another way for food to be consumed.
  7. Right now the game culture treats extensions and offshores as the same concept. Could you clarify the use case on these two different treaties? I am thinking “extension” can probably cover both situations?
  8. Guess the only good news is that you can't have an infinite number of grandparents? (Sorry for your loss, best to your fam)
  9. Liked this comment at least. The mirrored layout is confusing.
  10. What's your debt repayment plan bro? COME SCREAM ON FORUMS, GET THE ATTENTION YOU DESIRE.
  11. Hi @Florida. It's good to see you again!
  12. Honesty has value. "Oh damn sure didn't do that, ummmm, we are going to war. kthxbye"
  13. Whew lord you think you just post like this and get to fully retire forever? @Squeegee did not inform you that you may never truly escape? Thanks for all of your fun and partnership y'all. Know you won't be strangers, stick around, let's have some fun! Congrats to all of our new victims that are in leadership roles!
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