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  1. Let the best badger win! PS @Prefonteen - Honey Badgers eat snakes!
  2. The coup is almost complete. @Canbec if you thought you got a lot of pings in your previous role, just you wait. OWF announcements for lineup changes should become more common.
  3. @Prefontaine do you have a timeline update on this rollout? I know I am one of so many of us that make gameplay decisions based on the information you share here, and we are at the end of the promised description. Let us know when you can. Thanks.
  4. I assure you that there are not six unique major spheres. That said, its definitely difficult to define right now. What I can say is that there has been an incredible stagnancy in the game the last few months.
  5. I turned 30 last week and celebrated with @Adrienne IRL. Fite me.
  6. Congratulations friends. We sure look forward to partnership with you long into the future.
  7. Congrats. Good to see friends loving other friends!
  8. Instead of complaining about people pushing their own interests and such, we really should focus on the expediency of the process. Could make it part of the cultural norm that it gets agreed upon during the peace process or require the name to be finalized within 7-10 days of the end of the war, etc. The way it is done now leads to everyone just using their own names internally which doesn't create a cohesive community at all.
  9. I would say this is my best guess of your internal party, but I doubt many of your members are this mobile anymore. Thanks for keeping it interesting y'all. Congratulations on the accomplishment.
  10. You know what else most players don't like? Long peace periods. It is why we have pushed to get away from long NAPs as a community. Shorter, more frequent wars are fun! Cutting the wars in half will also lose a lot of our newest, interested, and engaged members who join during peace time. I firmly disagree with this argument -- Overall, I love the idea of all wars ending in beige. Previously, there was plan of a beige time cap, which I think would solve much of the issue here. I agree with many of the above posters that we need to find a way to encourage people not to sit on beige, whether that is a bonus for leaving early or extra rebuild capacity or whatever else. Allowing (or forcing) players to sit on beige endlessly (see: over a week in some cases) will not make the game more engaging or interesting. Implement a cap, allow more units to be built during beige time, or something/anything that will keep more players engaged in more wars is a benefit to the entire community.
  11. Correlation does not equal causation or something like that. Although the act of spying is considered an act of war, he means (correctly) that a nation does not need to be at war with a spy target. The espionage system does in fact operate completely independently of the traditional war system as far actual game mechanics. there’s no need to link a color to spy activity.
  12. Sincerely jazzed about you guys working with us. We are glad to have you around and look forward to your growth.
  13. Good to see the RoH continue to getting sidetracked by actively OOC material and you digging deeper instead of focusing on what is actually at hand. If you have an issue with a TKR member, then talk to us about that. Specifically @Wizel16 who made the decision to admit him (with vociferous support, for the record). But a general member we took in this week has zero bearing on the politics or reasoning behind the war. For the record, our sphere has publicly shared our grievances. And our unwillingness to accept apologies is a hilarious issue to focus on; apologies and relationships are two way streets.
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