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  1. Best wishes for the future, but remember for the future that transparency has value. You all piling into TKR as members to collect our knowledge and mentoring for a few weeks isn't really appreciated. Especially not even bothering to let us know before posting something like this... Not to mention some of the signatories above haven't even moved over yet. Take care. Enjoy the raids.
  2. There is already a long-established potato precedent actually.
  3. Hey Mrs. Benfro dealt with a blitz on our wedding day, it was glorious. Not to mention a follow up during our honeymoon. No idea how I convinced her it was a good idea to spend time with me, can't help you there.
  4. Nice suggestion and plan regarding beige after VM. Strongly in support. Concerned about new player revenue bonus reaching all the way up to C20. Why not cap that at C15 like all other incentives? Could just go from 25% to 0% or adjust the rate at C10 to be 10% cuts from there.
  5. Welcome to the dark side. Enjoy the cookies! Looking forward to growing together.
  6. Nah. Camelot and Epi are still out there. With no allies, as usual.
  7. That does not have to be the case.
  8. Let the best badger win! PS @Prefonteen - Honey Badgers eat snakes!
  9. The coup is almost complete. @Canbec if you thought you got a lot of pings in your previous role, just you wait. OWF announcements for lineup changes should become more common.
  10. @Prefontaine do you have a timeline update on this rollout? I know I am one of so many of us that make gameplay decisions based on the information you share here, and we are at the end of the promised description. Let us know when you can. Thanks.
  11. I assure you that there are not six unique major spheres. That said, its definitely difficult to define right now. What I can say is that there has been an incredible stagnancy in the game the last few months.
  12. I turned 30 last week and celebrated with @Adrienne IRL. Fite me.
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