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  1. Congrats on your progress Imperium! We are so glad to be working with you.
  2. Welcome to the least productive corner of the gaming world. Hope you enjoy the lunacy.
  3. Our children! All grown up and having fun. love you all.
  4. I appreciate that your YouTube link is a .wmv format. That is all.
  5. Does UPN still drop loot like they used to?
  6. The limit of 5 true roles in an AA works/worked fine for a smaller group, but as many modern alliances are reaching 100+ members, some fine-tuning ability would be appreciated for different roles. The heir position's warnings about being able to promote are much appreciated - but having some sort of in-between role for bank access but not leadership access would be most helpful. This, of course, would simply be a stopgap until we are able to further customize roles with toggles for bank gov, etc, but would solve a lot of the pain points in the interim! Current roles: Leader, Heir, Officer, Member, Applicant Proposed: Leader, Heir, (Bank Officer), Officer, Member, Applicant
  7. Quite entertaining to me that you pop up for your second post since 2018 and choose to address Mitsuru's baseline comments and argue about timelines rather than actually explaining the decision you made and starting to make the changes you are claiming to make, or addressing the several other posts with valid points. Genuine thank you for the work you are doing during the pandemic, but then especially why does Noreen not even have a forum account as your 2IC? In your absence, someone else should be speaking up from high gov. If the buck does, in fact, stop with you, then we are owed an explanation and plan of action from you, not your MPs, even if it feels like that was the goal.
  8. Genuinely annoyed to even have to waste space responding to this off-topic comment in this thread, but I take serious exception to one of the most disliked and toxic members of Orbis pointing fingers at anyone. In this case, you are pointing fingers at my trusted FA high gov and leader of one of our protectorates, Oceania. Just because Cooper and Citrus get off-topic from time to time doesn't make them toxic. They both are working to improve the game and have fun doing so, neither of which is something I would not confidently say about you. Unsolicited input alert! Maybe instead of talking about making changes, you should coordinate with your own gov and existing allies to take the actions you keep discussing. Everyone I've spoken to is unclear on your goals, positions, and actions. And don't think that the coincidental timing of this is unnoticed. The only place that UPN seems to want to communicate with anyone is in this thread, and in doing so demonstrates why @Malal had so much ungranted power - everyone else sat around and waited on him to act. Additionally, the silence from the "new" AA high gov is deafening. Trotting out an honestly innocent and inexperienced newly elected low gov member doesn't help change the narrative. We should be seeing and hearing from @Matt2004 and Noreen regularly, and the fact that your allies have no idea what is going on is only exacerbating the existing narrative. Newsflash, because it seems nobody from UPN knows what is going on: Acadia is all but gone now, and you waited way too long to start making changes.
  9. Thanks for continuing to sleuth this out, and spending time on it before it becomes crucial for gameplay. Our concern is that this will actually encourage the slowplay of wars, to a point that a defensive nation has no way to escape. You are essentially discouraging nuclear and missile attacks, and incentivizing attackers that have huge advantages to minimize their damage. It would more or less allow perma-blockades anyway as long as an attacker didn't hurt too much. What you will see is use of pirate or tactician mode with 1 ship or minimal ground forces. It will also damage the coordination mechanics that have helped to make communities so important and such a strengthening part of the game. I would encourage the team to continue reviewing how to incentivize how an attacker can still be rewarded, while allowing a defender to maintain dignity and fighting ability. This proposed change feels even stronger weighted to a slow attacking style, when this is what has caused challenges with the previous beige system.
  10. With the existing ability to add a Declare War Message (warning) to AA member war declaration pages, it would be helpful to be able to add the same or a different message on the war declaration page for AA applicants. We only recently realized that this does not appear for nations currently on applicant status. Thanks!
  11. Nation Link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=152918 Ruler Name: AntMan Nature of Violation: Slot Filling in war with Murtaza https://politicsandwar.com/nation/war/timeline/war=680449 Zero attacks from either side since initial declaration of war. TKR was attempting to use slot for a valid counter against Murtaza.
  12. Thanks for all the well wishes, y'all. It's going to be a lot of fun. (Or that's what I keep telling myself at least)
  13. RIP my DMs. Looking forward to more time spent with you lot. ❤️ We will miss you Adrienne.
  14. Is there any consideration for partial refunds for destroying old projects? With the creation of these new projects, suddenly there is a premium on slots. Even a 50% return would be incredibly helpful.
  15. Queen Adrienne’s Reign, Two Year Anniversary Today, The Knights Radiant (TKR) announces the celebration of Queen Adrienne’s two year anniversary from her assumption of the monarchy as first Queen of TKR. During her two year reign, Adrienne has been omnipresent in Orbis politics, including warmongering leading us fearlessly into and through 5 official wars, helping to create Chaos Bloc, and the recruiting and adding of 259 new members. (Some brief members were scared off by her excellent leadership skills) We are additionally grateful for her economic leadership, which has generated multiple growth programs and a strong alliance bank. Adrienne’s leadership has continued to lead TKR to new heights and record achievements. A sincere thank you to Adrienne for her dedication and hard work, and the many of you who have partnered with us during her two years. On this day, from the awkward comforts of our own homes, we wish Adrienne well, and continued success in her ruthless so greatly appreciated leadership. Please join us here or on the TKR Discord server to share your well wishes and favorite positive memories from Adrienne’s time as leader. Signed, The Knights Radiant Membership
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