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  1. Congrats gang. Have fun in the Club. Never forget how hard Oscar goes.
  2. Dear Orbis Friends, Colleagues, Peers, and Acquaintances, I come to you with a very important update: Today marks the sixth (yes, sixth) birthday of The Knights Radiant. As we enter our seventh year, we would love for you to join us in celebration of all of the happenings of the last year. This has marked my first full year after couping politely displacing @Adrienne, and it has been marked by two wars, two spheres, and lots of friends new and old. TKR and our members are proud of the growth we have seen on Orbis, and hope you can continue to join us in celebration of this place. We have high hopes for our continued growth and fun in the coming year, and we hope to see you on our Discord, your Discord, our forum, @BigMorf radio, our private Slack, or via carrier pigeon soon. Without further ado, the best birthday song I know: @Benfro out. My personal birthday wish is for my theme song never be heard from again. Love y'all.
  3. Yep I got beiged earlier because of it too. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/war/timeline/war=954449
  4. Apparently @Cooper_ missed the memo that all war decs must be made strictly in bold font. Otherwise who else would know we have no actual case to join an already lopsided war?
  5. Treating this as the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. @MinesomeMC is a true artist.
  6. I even tried to give @Alex a heads up for this one, but alas. T-20 life!
  7. Signatures are the best part. Love you guys.
  8. I'm really sad - this has been so much fun. Thanks guys. @Prefonteen, @Shiho Nishizumi, @Emperor Adam: You guys have been so fun. Keep it up. (Also only Shiho hasn't retired) To the rest of our Quack friends - stay in touch!
  9. @Emperor Adam I'll miss our daily chats. Congrats @Agent W
  10. Love you guys. The Order is legit!
  11. All aggressive, all the time. It’s the only way for the new TKArrgh sphere.
  12. We always said Trojans Break when the Irish Come. See y'all later. Guess my water boy @Allend of the union and I need to go hang out in a corner alone. Until next Fall in South Bend, when we rise up and smash Clay Helton once again.
  13. Uses iPhone on Cricket? That's quite a mix. Must be an iPhone 4.
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