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  1. No, merging everyone into Rose is sheepy's job.
  2. Disclaimer: This post is intellectual property of DNN. Is everyone adequately tired of the political climate in PnW? Of the constant dogpiling? The paranoia? The hypocrisy? The stagnation? There hasn't been an existential NPO threat anymore for quite a while, shouldn't we make an effort to finally change the metagame for the better? I for one am tired of just talking about it instead of actually stepping up and doing something about it. “Maybe the road you travel doesn’t give you the beautiful fate you have always dreamed of. Stop and change the road, no matter how difficult it may be!” ― Mehmet Murat ildan Let the heavens open up and unleash a monstrous war machine upon the world! Let brave men take charge of their own destiny and force their will into reality! As Atropos severs the thread of the unrelenting paperless crusade and Clotho weaves the Paragon and KT threads into a new fabric, a prophecy is spoken to echo through the ages. A new champion is born as the manifestation of that will in our mortal realm of Orbis. We are the instrument of time and space. We are the wrath of god. We are the wind of change. We are The Hand of Fate Alliance Page Discord
  3. @Alex micros should NOT be allowed to post here.
  4. Big mistake, writing this. Enjoy the inevitable bombardment of Discord PMs.
  5. The War on Whales KT's Fault The Harpooning The Syndicate's Last Time (you'll understand next year :wesmart:)
  6. Now that KT is all warmed up and the audience all hyped up, it's time for the main event! In every life well lived, there comes a time when one finds occasion to visit the old places that are tied to fond memories with old friends. As I check my calendar to make plans for the weekend, to my horror, I discover that today is Friday the 13th. But being above superstition, I know that nothing could possibly go wrong. Thus, I resolve to visit the last place our merry monke horde saw fit to settle down, before resuming our endless pilgrimage: An upstart cow farM we remembered as not only welcoming, but also prosperous, promising, and destined for great things. Sure, they seemed a bit obsessed with the size of the "cows" of some grumpy whale farm and felt inadequate about their own size. Sure, they were a bit paranoid about global conspiracies and always expected to be the target of their wrath. Sure, they took their farMing just a little bit too seriously. But after all this time, I figure, they must've really come into their own and asserted themselves. So I set out and imagine all the wondrous possibilities of what I might find there today. When I arrive, at first I am a little perplexed. The farM looks just the same as I remembered, except that the cows had grown even fatter. But these cows aren't buff, they're just fat - even their evil grumpy whale nemesis had more muscle and less blubber. What is going on here? So I walk the farMstead, stepping over old memes - ones that I remember - scattered haphazardly across the ground. Every time I see a cow with a familiar face, I stop to ask them: "What have you done in the last 6 months? Why has nothing changed? When will you do all those great things we dreamed and talked about?" Often, I only get simple dismissive answers such as "moo", "I f***ed your mom :serious:" or "farming good". But a clear pattern emerges in the more elaborate answers: "After the next war..." These cows seem to be trapped in a self-perpetuating psychosis of some sort. In disbelief, I query the neighbouring villages. They all tell the same story, that absolutely nothing has happened on that farM this year, except the departure of a few prominent cows who still seemed to think more-or-less straight. And anyone who ventured there to inquire about their plans got the same answers I did. I begin to wonder. What is this mythical "next war" these cows both desperately await before making any new decisions, but at the same time are so afraid of? Why have they not once sallied forth on their own to bring war upon their enemies, or even to seek out new opportunities? How could this problem ever be resolved? Once again, KT has to do the desperately needed community service. And I'm the proverbial man with only a hammer. SIC SEMPER PIXELHUGGRIS!
  7. Therefore welcome one another as Christ has welcomed you, for the glory of God. - Romans 15:7 The Knights Templar formally welcome The Legion into the realm of Politics and War. Existing as a community for 15 years is no small task, and it’s an honour to have such a group join us here on Orbis. We hope that The Legion will have a fun and engaging time here in the game! Having grown to large size in a relatively short time, it is regretful to see that The Legion does not yet have much experience in this game, and hasn't had much opportunity to gain any. And already being in the top 15 alliances by score, it is even more regretful to see that they are virtually completely unknown to the world at large, and have yet to make their mark. We believe that this alliance would greatly benefit from the chance to let their name and existence be known to all, and to gather valuable PnW experience both as a community and as individuals. I'd say this is an alliance well overdue for a welcome party - KT style. As it is our Christian duty to be generous and hospitable to those who are most in need of aid, we shall therefore provide for them this opportunity! Allow us to introduce to the world stage: The Legion! Sorry for not having any overlap with your massively oversized low tier, one can only hope someone else gives them the chance to gain some experience soon!
  8. hobo train, soup kitchen, living on the street... some things never change
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