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  1. NPO/IQ weren't the ones slot filling in NPOLT. Coalition A was, and they were doing it intentionally. Thankfully I already left that shit before they did it, but I saw them talking about it and whoever has the Coalition A server (Keegoz) could easily prove it. Does anyone remember if people got banned for that? Because they absolutely should have been.
  2. I think the discussion is getting to a more productive state now. So, should the rule only be enforced when the intent was to fill someone's slots specifically for their benefit? The obvious glaring problem with trying to do it that way is that it would realistically be impossible for the admin (or whoever reports it, since the admins likely wouldn't put any effort into investigating it) to prove intent, so it would be easy to abuse.
  3. How is it annoying to have your slots filled? The annoyance here is that they're railing against the game admin for enforcing his rules.
  4. Just out of interest, has anyone actually gotten banned for this?
  5. Not sure if I agree with that one, so let's clarify what's happening here: Ro$e did NOT intend to slot fill, they did not specifically want to benefit the people they declared on by filling those people's defensive slots. The problem is that what some of them are doing is, strictly speaking, against the rules that have been well established for a few years now.
  6. For profit. That's what raiding is. We had information that a global war was imminent and chose to use it to our benefit, to take advantage and raid. If you know what a HoF war looks like, you know that this isn't it. For the record, as an alliance we made a total of 9b war profit (loot minus all expenses) in just the first 3 days of the war.
  7. I don't believe for a second that a single Ro$e member with 0 military would declare attrition wars on multiple max military 700 infra HoF (who they're not even at war with) members with the honest intention of doing damage. Even the ones who did attacks only did so specifically to AVOID slot filling moderation. And yes, I'm arguing against my own benefit here, since having our slots filled massively helps us.
  8. @Denisonyou missed a spot: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/war/timeline/war=1365332 edit: also this one
  9. No one has the balls to do it because then HoF could solo every single one of them.
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