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  1. Alliance of the Year: hof Most Improved Alliance: the immortals Best New Merged Alliance: none, all of them got even worse from it Best Rookie Alliance: none (there arent any i even heard of, and requiem certainly doesnt qualify, theyre the opposite of rookie, theyre as oldschool as it gets, if not actively reactionary) Best Alliance for New Players: none, if youre getting in now youre already lost Most Likely to Succeed in 2023: brothers in christ (bookmark my words) Most Likely to be Rolled in 2023: t$, same as every year Most Honorable Alliance: arrgh Best Fighting Alliance: hof Worst Fighting Alliance: tcw Best Alliance Growth: none, this game is decidedly in decline Best Foreign Affairs Team: rose, because u already forgot the #1 aa even exists Best Foreign Affairs Move: hof leaving clock, milling up, and sparking the whole world to descend into chaos and multiple globals Worst Foreign Affairs Move: cata signing t$ Alliance with Best Propaganda: tfp Most Missed Alliance: owr Best Alliance Flag (please link): - Best Holiday Flag (please link): - Biggest Alliance Decline in 2022: cataclysm (theres brain drain across the board, theyre just the most noticable)
  2. Most Influential Player: vein Most Likely to Succeed in 2023: penpiko Best Alliance Leader: horsecock Worst Alliance Leader: jon snow / poseidon / whatever new name he takes any day of the week (honourable mentions: kan, canbec) Best In-Character Poster: roberts Best Villain: vein Nicest Player: wizel Most Controversial Player: tkr fa clown, cant remember his name (the guy wana tricked into posting the ro$e-emc treaty) morf Most Missed Player: vladamir putin, same as every year ripper :ripbozo: Best Nation Page: - (this garbage should be in the other category) Best Fighter: denison Best High Government Member: denison Most Online/Likely To Respond in 1 Minute: dryad Best War Criminal: schrute
  3. Goodbye, nobody can blame you for leaving, and good luck in your real life.
  4. quality thread especially coming from someone who apparently doesn't know about anything after 2016
  5. Congrats on picking up the most useless trash that was lying around.
  6. God damn it, I forgot to say this on the first page: Finally Rose and Camelot are reunited!
  7. Anyone who thought Ro$e was bad is in for nasty surprise.
  8. The CB was PENIS, I believe we were clear about that.
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