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  1. See, Keshav was right about EMC!
  2. As leader of KT and someone who's been reported publicly at least 4 times (that I recall), I feel duty-bound to report that I have never received a single nation strike.
  3. Hello, my name is Horsecock, and I am clearly a fan of mass murder in general.
  4. Interesting, so your version of minispheres would be where the 2 "mini"spheres that together make up 80% of the game never fight each other.
  5. I think in this particular case, no one would care if you actually forced him out of the game.
  6. Philosophical question: Is it actually a 2v1 when the "1" has twice the numbers of the "2"?
  7. Pre-emptive thanks to GOONS for purging this cancer from the face of the earth.
  8. Due to popular demand, here are the leaked logs proving my longstanding paperless ties to Rose. Context was the Halloween contest last year, where Sheepy gave ingame prizes for the pumpkins with the most votes (Announcement - Vote - Results).
  9. Instructions unclear, now my dick is stuck in the CD drive.
  10. It's all just a matter of price. Let's negotiate.
  11. tldr: IQ actually broke up. EMC is the real hegemony. Anyone who doesn't like IQ automatically belongs to EMC. EMC is responsible for the war stil not being over. IQ literally never did anything wrong.
  12. Stealing things is your thing, so I won't steal your flag since I'm not a pirate (anymore). I'd also contest the implication that Arrgh is paperless, or even that Arrgh is an alliance.
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