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  1. Change is good. It punishes complacency and rewards innovation and experimentation.
  2. We here at the Knights Templar are proud. We are proud of our skill, of our piety, and of our service to the community. For example, we have recently aided two blocs - Oasis and Rosesphere - in helping them refine their strategies against raiders. As the work of the Lord never stops, we dispatched scouts to search the region for other people we may aid. So, imagine our surprise when we came across the lands of Alpha and Polaris! Who are they? This was a curious discovery for our scouts. As our scribes search the archives, we eventually discovered records of their existence. The logs eventually stopped, so we had assumed they were gone! Even our leaders were surprised that they were still around! Turns out, they had just not done anything worth writing down. In our desire to serve the Lord by serving the wider P&W community, we are displeased with this! How can these two communities, with roots going back to even before P&W, be so inactive and quiet that we just assumed they were disbanded? This cannot stand! In order to put Polaris and Alpha back into the minds of Orbisans everywhere, KT hereby declares war on them! May a wiki article featuring them be created! tldr: KT decs Alpha and Polaris
  3. Bit late innit? This was gonna go ooc either way after the intial responses, certainly after Kosmo started talking.
  4. You've never even been in a war without dogpiling. Hope that changes and in another year you can actually have some real achievements to boast about! Or better yet, achievements that speak for themselves without even the need for boasting.
  5. Wrong. At least this one is entertaining, yours is just pure brain cancer.
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