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  1. Micro not even in the top 100? At least The Immorals are fighting within their own skill tier.
  2. Because orange alliance bad. Btw who was the third?
  3. Woah, take it easy with the alt-right dogwhistles!
  4. Interesting choice of words.
  5. Suka blyat is the most common of all Russian swears and is kind of a meaningless throwaway, like the basic English "frick". Personally, as an advocate of all personal freedoms including speech, I would hope that none of these would even be considered for censorshit. Nevertheless, the moderation philosophy in this game is already unreasonable enough to censor even the mildest profanities, so this should be treated the same way you'd treat the simple word "frick." edit: I did not nor would ever in my life type out ""frick"" like this forum pretends I did. Thank you, automated censorshit.
  6. 10m to get you forum banned? Deal.
  7. Actions speak louder than words, friend.
  8. Don't mind me, just throwing a fit while biting the pillow.
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