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    Not bitter at all, tho i can see how you think that, in fact i really dont care, this war is free to last two years if need be. Here we go again with you and your side twisting words to fit your poor narrative, just because they do not currently have any major bearing on the war, does not mean they did not do their part. Each and every alliance that exited (apart from FR) put forth a effort. The moral of the story for AD and TFP is "don't be a fricking jackass when you exit the war". Here we go again, we lied to absolutely no one, it was a defensive war, point and blank. However ill take some of whatever you're smoking Please refer to my dont be a asshat comment regarding exiting. I mean if you really want to point blame on the downward trend on current activity I will do that, its you and people like you. In your sides giant egoistic crusade to blame BK, you became the cause. We won this war a while ago, it has been within your sides power to end it, meaning less members would have quit / some would become active again . However i dont think you will get that, TGH is rocking the 25 members? Or is it less yet But Rather than just admit defeat and let the game recover, you have chosen to take a stance of "not losing" and people citing "bad terms" as a reason for not ending it, the best part of all that is we havent even given an official term list I have no idea what you are talking about, but continue pulling random bull from the air, the look fits you
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    Yeah... that ship sailed like a year ago.
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    If we remove the ways in which alliances can survive being outnumbered, then we'll have created an environment in which alliances can't survive competition. Thus, competition would end, and therefore the game would end. With that in mind, I strongly protest any form of removal or cap or elimination of bank mechanics; this game is NOT something that should EVER be "won" on a permanent level, not by anyone. If alliances can be murdered, then they will be, and then there will be no game left; I've seen that before dozens of times. That's how games go from a few thousand players to a hundred at the most, and ultimately to literally one.
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    1st narrative: "We're not entering the war because we're not tied to BK" 2nd narrative: "We're not really entering the war because we're only attacking Grumpy and Guardian and we have no intention of helping BK" 3rd narrative: "We're only attacking TKR because they planned to roll IQ, which means they were planning on rolling us, but we're not IQ, and we're not acting like we are, really" 4th narrative: "We're only helping BK because OGREKTGEWTL are winning and therefore we have to stop that, but we're not tied to or allied with BK and we're not doing this to help them really" 5th narrative: "We're only attacking our own allies because their tactics might possibly allow ODKREGTLEGZ to build up individual nations' airforces back, which is an existential threat to our bloc. Sorry I mean blocs, we're still not allied." 6th narrative: "We're only attacking uninvolved, paperless neutrals because they're tied to Rose. Paperlessly. Trust us on this" 7th narrative: "Oh frick off with calling out our narratives, we don't care about optics, all we care about are our strategic interests. But that doesn't mean we're a hegemony making a power play, because we're not allied to BKsphere, just read the last half dozen narratives." 8th narrative: "Our narrative has been the same since we posted our DoW, just read what we've written, if you see any contradictions then it's just your illiteracy" @Miller I think that's most of it. If there's any other narratives I'm missing... ...I don't wanna know, because I'm already tired of the spin >_<
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    Goodluck in rebuild. Those talking shit can find another war related thread to talk shit. Talking shit about people that finished almost 3 months of fighting is just being a douchebag.
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    I am Nokia Rokia the Coal King of The Coal Mines I wanted to try to extend a hand to newer alliance leaders with some TCM books on City Growth and builds My alliance is new however my members are old in Gov I just want to help folks who may need some spare resources to lead with so enjoy and for Folks who join The Coal Mines discord server I can offer u all a recruiting bot. I wanted to connect the Guides here however i ran into some issues attaching the files so just hit me up in TCM server I can hand the guides out there have a wonderful day everyone.
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    Rain, rain, go away Come again another day Dusty wants to play Rain, rain go away Rain, rain, go away Come again another day Doran wants to play Rain, rain, go away Rain, rain, go away Come again another day Viktor wants to play Rain, rain, go away Rain, rain, go away Come again another day Linda wants to play Rain, rain, go away Rain, Rain, go away Come again another day All the Cloudwalkers want to play Rain, rain, go away tl;dr Brotherhood of the Clouds surrenders to the Alphabet Coalition No Re-entry or assistance will be sent/given to either coalition, no new wars will be declared Good luck to both sides, was a pleasure working with so many of you, especially as a new leader. o7
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    The money stored in savings is for a personal account that is used to provide interest to alliance members. We weren't storing money of an upcoming alliance cause we had no information of an upcoming alliance. Leyaul didnt even tell us of an upcoming alliance in the follow up message with Valk.
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    Greetings, friends! As the overseer of ET, I find Rose guilty of stealing Noctis' cash and resources. The said resources are to be sent to the bank of ET asap where it shall be counted thoroughly and sent to Noctis. I dont really see why either side would want you.
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    So there was a nation in Rose that was banned a few days ago and Noctis wants us to send the banned nation‘s money to him. I’m honestly shocked this is a real thing
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    Dumb question and a dumb post. You wanna know what really happens after, then don't ask the forums. Go make connections.
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    Somehow having a big leak of a planned war (That you folks admitted to) leads to being defensive. Huh.
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    What's really next.;) https://binged.it/2l71v44
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    What exactly do you of all people have to do with a Bi-Polar world occuring? I'm gonna level with you, with my arrogant micro-ass has more say and pull on the worlds polarities than you do, and nobody would give a single shit (aside from to, understandably, laugh) if someone jacked my money. Coincidentally that did happen, including the laughter. Enjoy being bankrupted by the damage and your loans, i guess.
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    There’s a difference between peacing out after 2 weeks and peacing out after 3 months. Hats off to BoC, not many other alliances would have stuck around for that long.
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    Those numbers are so low that the alliance bank itself would be useless.
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    I dont really know whats going on. Just came to say "that time I got reincarnated as a slime" is a decent anime and worth the watch. The AMV used ep 24 I believe which doesnt have much to do with the story. Excited for s2
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    I mean i haven't even been given aid yet from Rose because they're still at war. Any implication that this loud-mouthed clown should get jack shit for having done exactly that is laughable.
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    Everyone should get a chance to get their act together. Some people make the most out of that oppurtunity.
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    The Boris Wars Volume 4 ft. GPWC. Anyone, feel free fo join ?
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    NPO is driving us to the most unlikely of invasions.
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    Look what you've done Alex. You've got me to upvote a Scarfalot post
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    The new search function available in messages has some limitations. It does not search through the content of your messages, and for messages before this feature was introduced, it will not be able to search by sender/receiver. Eventually, however, you will be able to use it to narrow down messages by subject, leader name, and nation name. For older messages, it will only work for subject.
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    Y'know, I'm with Minesome here; I'm not even sure either
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    Come on Buor you know you're throwing out strawman arguments when you imply a micro like OFA peacing out would have the same impact if say Camelot or TCW dropped out. Also its admirable how you guys had a flare of activity when BotC peaced out. Clearly BotC leaving will be the impetus for TGH and their 26 members to turn things around and triumph over that evil Coalition B. Ty Pasky. Regarding stats I don't think they're always a good metric for judging how the progress of a war is going, but some stats are more important overall than others. Namely net production (IE the stuff Frawley showed to counter Booty's claims) and unit kills which illustrate the long term endurance of alliances which in this case favours us as KERCHTOGG is trailing us massively in production and daily net unit kills. I think overall damage values are nice but I wouldn't put as much weight towards them as Tarroc does, since billions of Infra lost 2 months ago is irrelevant in the progression of the war front now. Actually the NPO stats include our offshores so we're still slightly negative, but $-3.7b net is better than the -$55b we had in Knightfall. :,v But we are getting close to being in the black whilst AA's like Rose are going the opposite direction. Gotta admit that's impressive coming up on 3 months now with you still claiming that we intended to hit KETOG To repeat ourselves for a 100th+ time, only Chaos was the target of BK sphere, nothing was organised against KETOG. I guess we maybe should include that as a peace term, "KETOG bloc accepts that there was no plan to roll them and that their entry into the war was based on incorrect assumptions".
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    @Alex Way back int he day, you had to have 10 members to activate the banking page if I recall. Later on, it cost 2 credits to make an alliance. Maybe you just need to revert, and focus on the airpower problem...
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    Oh my. That's a really good point. Should have thought of that one! Edit: I hope you can forgive me my wrong doings @Micchan
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    I have a feeling this change of capping or removing banks may very well accomplish the opposite and strongly raise the importance of creating a hegemony. Top alliances will try to ally each other and completely decimate the rest of the game. Imagine one hegemony sphere with full military thats just keeping the rest of the game zeroed and loot them forever, while the hegemony sphere just cant have their well protected nations beiged. I guess that does make wars shorter, but personally I dont see newer alliances able to compete at all, they will get rolled and lose everything they have, including all their munitions so good luck getting back up. Creating a safe offshore is really something you can do with just 2 people even for new alliances, if they know how to do it that is. I do however believe that this concept of a game with a capped alliance bank or none at all isnt inherently bad, it's just that people havent played the game like this for years and with this change everyone has suddenly played the game in an unintelligent way basically since its existence, because all their stockpiles are suddenly not a good thing anymore and instead they should have built more cities or something. If everyone was broke then I doubt the feedback would be as bad. Personally, I kinda love the idea of fat loot all over the place, but the fact that I have savings and would lose it all makes it a pain to imagine. If this change does get implemented then I hope there will at least be an announcement long before the change actually happens so people have a month or two to use most of it in some meaningful way.
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    Everyone here has a vested interest, I saw Lucio posting earlier, lol. He's been at 100 score raiding and hiding billions for over 2 years. BK-NPO are collectively holding the entire coalitions bank rn, (political loss to give that up). T$ and TKR are renowned for building inexhaustible stockpiles, RE: Knightfall, Surfsup and the current global and they're still not tapped out. I for one think this is a great idea, though the amounts need to be tweaked a bit. We don't want more than 6 months worth of cash-rss to be stored in a bank. It might be a good idea to scale this limit off of Infra not cities. That'd help balance it for the whale alliances and more effectively match their economic power.
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    Lasting 3 months of war is of far more value than a meaningless stat. BoC should be proud.
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    You must want to just destroy the game. If that's your goal why not do it? It's all you. Now this idea is not only horrible but you are not given any incentive to win wars other than a victory and the small amount of resources someone keeps on them. And how does this stop offshore banks, people can just send their money via trades to an offshore anyways and have it kept. I don't who whispered this idea in your ear but this is terrible. Additionally, you just ignore all other GOOD suggestions for this game??? Do you even read game suggestions?
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    Leader name: Andreius Traianus Nature of Violation: Transphobic messages Nation link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=148669
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    Fark declares war on KETOGROSECHAOSBOOGALOO and immediately kicks off the next Global War.
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    I will send it after war. I also need 4 witnesses that will enforce this contract and a minimal period of 2 months in rose at 90 percent taxes.
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    The onus is on you to produce documentation. As it is, Rose is keeping the stuff under sequestration, with the declared intent of handing it back to the original owner if/when they become unbanned. That’s generous since they aren’t obligated to even that by default, and much more responsible than to just give it away to someone that just claims to be entitled to it.
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    Nothing about this change is actually addressing that. Just because Alex thinks it is means absolutely nothing, as what Alex thinks will happen almost always has zero bearing on reality at best. Making it easy to bankrupt entire alliances will leave a pile of bodies scattered, that would correlate quite simply with the winner and losers in conflict.
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    Cool idea and my personal favorite This post is sponsored by Avakael
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    Search by unread pls. Rn i have to 'inspect element' and search bold.
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    Your point? I mean, if that's your argument, then you burned yourself ?
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    Yea I guess tanks are situational depending on if you need them at the time. But in general use I don't see them as something you should create large quantities of them but yea if you need that extra land force to get a victory yea produce a few hundred tanks on the day.
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    This is already a thing Alex was planning on implementing years ago as I discussed in my topic Here is the image of the proposed "black market" as it was called, where players could sell their tanks, planes, etc to eachother to get around the daily limit.
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    good to see you! i have been busy too, so i couldent post, but good to see NatRP isnt dead yet
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    Cam & BoC are still in that ODAP Bloc, Obsidian World Order. Wouldn't want to confuse people
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    Boooooooooo James, booooooo
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    We haven't been launching nukes at em in a while, after the first round of wars there wasn't anyone left in range of us except for our 3 noobs getting good practice in. Some day their glorious leader will come out of vacation mode and catch some more though.
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    Lol, advocating genocide is politics. Lol.
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    Im a ding dong and I know exactly what Im doing when I use nukes offensively. Im pleasing Apeman with green tribute.
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    Trololololololololol, good luck getting anything from us since you butt spelunkers backed out of the agreed upon terms of us surrendering and Argh getting to raid again.
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