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  1. Cool glad to know ya recognize that, that's the biggest issue I see😬
  2. @Alex why would city deletion forcing have half the severity of forcing someone to quit the game.... Just reading through the list seems off, you took a 3 strike ban, to what could be a 1-2 strike ban on issues that are based on undeterminable intentions, I see alot of glaring holes in the logic of some of the point values or length of time, alot of people 2 years is permanent. Dunno just feel like some of the point values were achieved by throwing a dart at a board almost
  3. Good heavens, I don't know what you mean by any of that, we only use the finest ingredients. 99.1% fine to be precise But on another note, I believe that that excessive talk of illecit substances is banned on these humble forums, and would advise to abide by those rules, don't want a DEA agent(mod) to catch such.
  4. Our alliance started first☝️, y'all were the ones who started the "competing" restaurant. Also competing,what 🤔 s****y 2am breakfast, compared to our chicken, in which, the finest ingredients are brought together with love and care, then slow cooked to perfection. Yes, the old ways are still best at Los Pollos Hermanos. But don't take my word for it. One taste, and you'll know.
  5. Generally you don't need a full collateral loan.. generally irl it's around 10% it's unlogical for me to pull a loan for cash at a interest against myself, since I'm fully covering it, "you don't understand banking irl" feel this is a bit reverse, as well this is a game not rl, the ideaollgy that it's comparable is not correct in this case
  6. Feck destroyed panth a day early this could of been fun....
  7. o7, wish we had done more together.
  8. What you think of the ships name????
  9. Will last longer then reef atleast I imagine, but that's not very hard😋
  10. I swear didn't do anything this time😋
  11. Would make planes a necessity, generally you either have planes are you don't, and this would make dealing with raiders easy and kill raiders ability to fight with just soldiers, and the change would make dog piles unfightable. Planes would become a speed beige and would just make them to op again
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