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  1. I'd like the abilty to create positions and set powers for positions tbh, maybe have a set max of 5 but diffrent tiering of gov is critical and allows it to be manageable to both micros and macro alliances.
  2. Isn't this like the 4th or 5th post about this s***. Feel like all this shit barely qualifys for one post....
  3. Nah, I play the game to amuse myself, wanted it moved to the proper section tbh, getting sheepy to pay attention to a post about me would of been like a cherry on top lmao. I keep posting here to cuase I want it longer lmao
  4. What do you mean we arnt in the picture I'm pretty sure that's a cloudy sky out that window.
  5. Not against forum rules if it's posted in the right spot, this is alliance affairs for treaties/Does/war stuff, ie stuff that actually matters. Its not for a disgruntled member trying to do a public call out which belongs in orbis Central. I mean I have no issue but recalled sheepy saying he was gonna enforce it and want to ensure he doesn't get lazy as sheepy often does. And dusty is adjective not a noun, just cuase I go by it doesnt mean its a noun, tis a description of me. Hehe, this may be one of my favorite posts about my narcissistic ass.
  6. It was much more then pinging, much more. Thing sold me was saying I couldn't hit him from having just built/repair him when approaching him for the issues, as well 4 people(members) complaining about him spaming in dms, spamming pinging everyone in our temple server 35 times, spaming our other members on more then one occasion, in member channels, also about once every few weeks he DMS asking if he can make his own alliance and if we would protect him, it's been alot, we just haven't reacted harshly till now. Prob missed a few things tbh, but nah it's just someone trying to play a victim card when the actual consequences are dealt. That's all. Still ammusing
  7. If we're being fair it's actually pretty mild
  8. @Alex pretty sure this is against forum posting rules
  9. Amussing, dusty gets a forum post of someone becoming unhinged becuase of him is now crossed off the bucket list
  10. Dusty


    All his wars are counted it's just they don't count for us dunno why lmao, like if you got to his page for the war in yours guys stat site and add every war it doesn't add to what it says he has contributed and is 798m or so off. Nation I'd is 143656
  11. Dusty


    We were there's 800m not counted towards our net, I can grab the link of our bank holder if ya want lmao
  12. Dusty


    We didn't get completely killed by arrgh lol Edit:But then again how does one exactly beat arrgh
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