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  1. Changes to like 7 year old mechanics is nice, looking forward to it
  2. Honestly I think there's better ways to approach this then taking a step back 33% plane nerf with gc, doesn't mean anything when you get blitzed just means if your not on fortress you've loss the fight and prepare to be held down and maybe lob some nukes Some perk access which has been mentioned, or a defensive buff could work but both have their issues, be it balancing or encouraging people to let the fight come to them I'm all in favor for going back to old dynamics, would make my strat of not having tanks even more op.
  3. In a Banking office located in the outskirts of Orlando, a phone rang. It was picked up and answered with a "Hello, this is Chris," followed by a curt "Understood," and ending with a sharp click. Several more phones rang that day, all of them followed by an eerily similar process, a person answering the phone followed by an unsatisfying click. Within a day, several people stood inside a barracks which used to be the Stratosphere Marine Corps HQ. A bright yellow "Coming Soon" sign fluttered in the wind. Inside, Arcturus was picking at a dirty kitchen utensil while listening to the man who had called them all back. Dusty pointed down the street, where, in the distance, a Waffle House emblem was lit up. Waffle House was trying to make an attempt at a resurgence. They all knew, there was no need for an explanation. The barracks which had formerly been held by these attempters, had now been seized by the former Los Pollos Hermanos owners. It was a clear message.... They began working quickly, with Hemlock tossing out a dirty waffle iron, Tugger throwing out an obsolete griddle, and the two of them moving in the fryer. Los Pollos Hermanos, Stratosphere Marine Corps Franchise, declares war on Waffle House. One taste, and you'll know...
  4. Why not make everything private, add some mystery to blitzing? Kill military score and let everyone just hit blindly/ make it so Intel reveals troops. and get rid of chances on spy's. Irl nations don't always boost units why should we
  5. Mmm I was like shit now that's neat-tfed gov(could be down🥸)
  6. It was a bittersweet moment. As 6 men sat around one of the yellow tables in Los Pollos Hermanos(Store #5235) behind them stood several others. Leo looked at the surrounding crowd of familiar faces, so many who had been on this journey with him, Craft, Zych, Surprise, Papa *Redacted due to Politics* and so many more, some newer, and many more older. Tugger finally spoke his words crisp and to the point, "Well, there's far too many here for the vacuum cleaner exit", the crowd chuckled at his remark. Continuing he said "We have all had a very profitable time, even if brief. But our friends in the DEA are catching up and, it is no longer the time to be so bold with our strategies-", Arc-Black cut him off "Do you have a plan or will we be turning on each other" he took a quick glance at Dusty and Chris, both who would be quick to take advantage of any situation, even at the disadvantage of others. Tugger chuckled saying "Yes I have a plan my friend, I have never not. We shall be hiding, soon 10 Los Pollos Hermanos Trucks shall arrive, in which we shall split up, and cross the border into The Federation-" Pausing he took a breath "I am good friends with the king, and for a small fee we shall be taken care of like royalty, and we shall do what we do best." A few of the cooks chuckled to that with agreement. Finishing his long monologue tugger continued- "We will no longer be limited to just some of the South West, we shall be global. It was providence that brought us together, and providence that necessitates that we move on to bigger and better things." Perfectly timed to this the trucks begin to arrive, ODanny stood first, grabbing his 7 bags, others quickly following suit, all eager to make more. -Los Pollos Hermanos is merging into The Federation- Los Pollos Hermanos;Tugger, Dusty, Chris, Pst-Leo, ODannyboy, Arcturus, Craft, Zych, Surprise, MARS, Killer, Declassified, Papa, Dmitri, 5267s, Jeager, Andru, Meow, Dansmixia, Hemlock, KingAri, Jdizzle, Ozy, Thunderlizard, TuTu The Federation Kosta, King George the Destroyer, Prince Khronox, Hand of the King & Lord of the Coin Shohan, Lord Ambassador Jack Poe, Lord Marshal James Yap, Lord Steward
  7. You forgot the no cap vote option I don't play the game to watch ads...., I play it to watch meaningless pixels
  8. Not particularly good? that hurts me deep🥺, I like my tankless memes
  9. Good good, if Borg can't make a joke by golly we can't let citrus and his multis get away with it either
  10. Yo @CitrusKI don't think you've managed to destroy a single one of my tanks based off that ss
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