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  1. In light of the most recent drama, I must point out that accusations of "NSFW acts with minors", as posted by DNFJ in his DoW and by others elsewhere, are not merely deadly serious but in fact must be officially investigated, by government agencies, period. No amount of doubt nor even retractions of the accusations are legally acceptable reasons to not refer the whole situation to the district attorney. That DoW, as of now, includes the language of a full, complete, and irretractable accusation. Bold part highlights the accusation of discussing prior NSFW acts against minors. Inquiries must be made, suspects must be questioned, official action must be taken. It's just as serious as a death threat, and every single post even tangentially implying an accusation must be included in the report. Action must be taken, and either the perpetrators of sexual exploitation must be brought to justice or the libelous accusers must be brought to justice. There is no middle ground. This is too serious for anything less than the most extreme possible actions. Thus, it is inappropriate to continue to discuss the matter on this forum. There is no room for debate, and no room for drama. Do not reply to any pedo accuastion thread or post. Stop. Now. This is the last post from me on this topic outside of DMs with administration/moderator staff.
  2. I agree, war should be banned, or at least fighting back against IQ should be banned. It's just unfair that people should be allowed to play when they're not part of the hegemony bloc, and individualism is clearly fashy so anyone not IQ should be banned too. Hitler declared wars. Do we really want to do something hitler did? Ban war.
  3. All you had to do was keep fighting without the infra, and you'd have actually flipped the infra damage in your favor... and saved 60k coal. But no, you peace.
  4. Right, falling back to your old "literally fighting a war is actually cooperating" narrative again. Meanwhile your behavior towards BK still somehow isn't cooperating, of course. Soz m8, I'll just write mockery in the quote field for ya now
  5. He used the words "TKR has fought both AK and KT in the last few months, while [Kosmokenny] has done nothing but kvetch". Your nitpicking falls apart faster than usual considering the point he was making was that TKR has fought both AK and KT more than Kosmokenny has. so obviously orange man bad.
  6. Okay, so, wait, I'm confused here... You're pissed off that BK... paid your members... to spy on our coalition? If you declared war on our coalition persuant to a defense treaty with NPO, then first off you need to look up the term 'defense', and second off why wouldn't you be expected to take action in a tier that you have unique coverage over?
  7. I dunno, who outright attacks their current allies during a war? On like six different occasions in that single (albeit very long) war? Without the courtesy of cancelling, or in some cases without even considering the treaties defunct?
  8. Hypocrisy isn't irony; getting warned for spamming warnings however is.
  9. So, none of you have yet become one. Please stop trying to backseat mod.
  10. I'm honestly not sure if this speaks badly of Goons, BK, both, or neither. For once in my shitposting career I genuinely don't know who to call a slave
  11. That cuts like twenty ways on this forum ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  12. Yeah, no, I'll believe it when... ...Goons salty? I'm almost convinced... y'all got me good right there either way then ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  13. Says the alliance that's made more moderation warnings than the entire mod team put together.
  14. Not even close. They didn't put in the required tag; worse, there is no possible tag they could have put in the title since there is literally nothing of substance in the OP whatsoever.
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