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  1. So, wait, you send in your armies to loot the chocolate.... then the next sentence is an MDOAP treaty? We missed all the action! Damnit I hate smash cuts 😧
  2. >supremacy clause So are you declaring that your protectorates are part of your bloc... or are you declaring that you have the right to leave them under the bus whenever "duties to the bloc 'requires' it"? 🤔
  3. t$ $tronk. Fitting that the RoI $hould ble$$ us with #1~
  4. I'm curious, are you reporting the embargo for referencing fascism...? 🤔 Either way, discord interactions aren't moderated by the P&W team outside of their official channel.
  5. Also, lest we forget, do make sure to keep a large military on hand at all times. Raiders will almost never touch you as long as your activity is solid, you have maxed air, some ground, and at least one ship. Don't keep more than a basic warchest on you at any given time (between 1 and 2k each manufactured resource per city is good for your tier, just stash once you're at the high end). Never comply with raiders' demands either, by the way. There's nothing stopping them from just taking the money and continuing to attack anyway, so they almost invariably will do just that. The only way to enforce a deal in these sorts of games is to have the strength to beat down the other side for reneging, which in the case of raiders should just be plan 'A' anyways. (There are advanced strategies for solo play that can work, but that's beyond the scope of your question now that you're in an alliance.)
  6. Hey be fair, he's a new user and could have easily made a mistake or had a browser glitch. Welcome to the forum by the way~
  7. All you did was namedrop, you didn't cite shit.
  8. B-but tanks have an actual use now fair enough on the rest
  9. Ah, I think I see at least one source of your confusion. The forums are the game. The rest is just numbers that we can refer to on said forums. Thus, "taking it seriously" as you put it is no more and no less than simply playing the game exactly as it should be played. Which is exactly what you're doing by voicing your opinions... just like they are. Both are valid opinions and if you're having fun defending your valid ideology then go for it; the fact that there's resistance just makes it an actual game as opposed to a circlejerk. So, I hope you now understand that you are, indeed, playing a game.
  10. ....You talkin shit about self-sufficiency and tanks? Missiles I understand, keep the project yet never stockpile without a specific plan for how they'll be used, but tanks? You might be referring to goofballs that produce food at sub 5-6k land now that I think about it, but the simplicity of raws direct to manufacturing is just sweet. Either way.... tanks?
  11. Honestly, @Akuryo @Grave you guys should declare war on each other and get a room. In that order. Both your opinions and insults don't mean shit until you've beaten the truth out of the other guy, thus proving your point in the only way that has any possible validity. After all, it'd give empirical experience, due to which the OP can be better theoretically analyzed.
  12. ....Might as well have an Anarcho-fascism then, if oxymorons are allowed :V
  13. Which is why there's been dozens of suggestions regarding military being damaged directly when losing wars. It's long since been quite silly for someone to "sign a peace treaty" without disarmament anyway
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