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  1. The credit option is weak because this game is not supposed to be pay-to-win. I for one like games that make sure the deep pockets don't have a competitive advantage over regular people.
  2. I remember we did this before, fun times~
  3. Peace? Booooo! Limited nuke use? Double booooooooo! Newbies should be raiding, not farming, that’s just a fact. 😛
  4. Like I say on my nation description: beige is no defeat
  5. Ah, the good old times of being a raider…. I still remember back when fortify was a thing and one really could wage a one-nation war against literally anyone and win, guaranteed. Enjoy your wars and stay low, friend ~
  6. Boo. BOOOOOOOOOO. Just because y'all can't raid safely anymore doesn't mean peace should happen, show some backbone lol
  7. Learn patience dude, every war ends. Even NPOLT ended, despite IQ’s efforts to the contrary. Also being ‘destroyed’ is hardly a problem, don’t be afraid of it.
  8. #freeLysander~ no wait I’m on the other side #jailLysander there we go 😅
  9. So, Idk if this has been asked before, but what do you think should happen when an NAP and an MDP come into conflict? Personally I don’t consider honoring an MDP to be ‘aggression’ and therefore war should happen, but I’d like community input
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