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  1. 443, next one's a nice round number
  2. dnn But seriously, get doggamned discord and join a real alliance that will show you what it takes to be successful. Without discord, you might be able to pull a TKR and use slack or something, but don't expect success without discord, bots, a gov lineup from day 0, a protector, and after all the stunts you've been trying to pull a massive warchest.
  3. Nukes do not need a nerf; they're the only thing that losing spheres can use to defend themselves and keep the gameplay loop going.
  4. because you keep setting yourself up as an easy target dnn
  5. Right now, it gives a completely imperceptible +25% to kills. You still lose your army very quickly, and once your army is down the kills it makes goes down anyway, leaving the +25% useless. My suggestion is to add -25% losses on top of the +25% kills, which would be more consistent with the idea of 'fortifications' anyway.
  6. homestuck reference 414
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