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  1. Welcome to the community ❤️
  2. 2 whole years? It doesn't feel like that long, but grats on the milestone~
  3. That always happens in the lowest tiers, and is always funny
  4. 6 years, whew! Gg, that's resilience, especially considering what several of those years brought to bear against you. Yes, an accomplishment of this caliber is worthy of recognition.
  5. I fully want to live forever 👍
  6. The worst offenders actually ended up perma-banned, by deliberate choice through some truly awful garbage that I shan't mention. That you chose a higher road and now seek forgiveness is certainly a good sign, but redemption isn't easy nor should it be. I really doubt that; open warfare over a single person isn't worth it over the long term, especially when they're apologetic about it.
  7. Well you're not accomplishing it, so what are you trying to achieve?
  8. And still a micro; score doesn't equate to quality. Warfare other than dogpiling does.
  9. I would highly disagree with that; removing an action point is worth a chunk in the right situation. Raids can easily get down to a matter of a couple points difference.
  10. this. Also, though, it is and always has been possible to ensure that raiders don't profit off of their random attacks, even without any treaties. It just takes effort, which micros by definition cannot muster.
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