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  1. Terrorists hunting people down and murdering them for their beliefs sounds rather similar to terrorists hunting people down and murdering them for their beliefs, yes. In case you hadn't remembered, one of the chief weapons Nazis used was the dehumanization of their rivals. Turning it back on them doesn't actually make it not a fascist behavior. And sure, the genocide is indeed a very well understood fact of history that goes without saying sufficiently to be described in little more than scare quotes, but thank you for reiterating it. I'm sure you've got plenty more historical trivias to
  2. Amongst many, many other things yes. Such as their brutal and unforgivable "silencing" of Jewish ideologies for a start. Though yes, you're right in that @kosmokenny's position is a lot closer to Stalin's fascism of "kill anyone that doesn't comply, then kill anyone that's remotely associated with them, then kill anyone remotely associated with those" than Naziism, though either way he's close. I'd certainly like to see both of you head liberal-ways, it's a lot less toxic over here.
  3. Nazis are bad because they embrace and embody extreme fascist behaviors, such as (but not limited to) endorsing the degradation and annihilation of any creed but their own. Ironically enough, that means that your "with my extremist views or else literal [email protected]#$" is a very fascist stance you've got there. I would suggest you back away from fascism, but you do you ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. Maybe a "time until next turn" should be better emphasized on the sidebar? That, and *certainly* an update to the snore page. That thing literally tells people that there's a problem. Actually, thinking about it, maybe players' earliest turns should be accelerated so they have a reason to play continuously during their first few most critical minutes. That's the way that all the clash-of-clans and boom-beaches do it, so there's definitely merit to encouraging continuous play right out of the gate.
  5. KT is KT in KT's inimitable style, and all is well because of course it is.
  6. I've made no fascist arguments, m8. I'm simply willing to engage against fascist behaviors and arguments as the repugnant things that they are. Which makes it rather odd when you declare a similar stance, then proceed to undermine yourself by declaring that anyone that makes an argument you disagree with should be eradicated (despite somehow professing the opposite in the same paragraph)? I have not bothered to read Mein Kampf, which is an academic limitation of mine, but I am still quite well educated in American History, having taken several classes on the subject including but not limi
  7. I'm right there with you, unfortunately the convo has clearly gone a bit past where it was supposed to have ended. I'd actually kind of argue that it was never a convo about the actual game at all lmao But yeah, humor isn't easy and jokes can cross lines. I hear ya there
  8. Germany has fully functional and publicly known fascist parties, you imbecile. Even there, people are legally allowed to be fascist and those parties are tolerated exactly as much as any other parties, which does indeed mean that they get into legal trouble when they overstep the lines that the Bundestag has legally introduced. (Which, it would seem they are in such trouble. Looks like fascists are dumbasses there too. Not a surprise. Furthermore, note that Germany isn't beholden to the US constitution nor American ideas of what free speech means; their laws and cultural comfort zones are thei
  9. That's not even a strawman, that's just straw on the floor of a barn.
  10. I think the problem people are having with the "black lives matter" versus "blue lives matter" versus "all lives matter" movements and counter-movements and confusion is simply this: the opponents of each are detecting unintended implications. It's kinda like follows: "Black lives matter? Sure, everyone's life matters, blacks no less than anyone else. But why single out blacks when there's plenty of pain and tragedy to go around? I don't like the implication of the statement." "Blue lives matter? Sure, everyone's life matters, cops no less than anyone else. But why point out the
  11. See, this guy gets it. I simply want to point out that even historically, there were jesters in political courts that could and did say things mockingly, because you didn't have to take what they said seriously. IMO, trolls are basically the modern day recreation of that old utility... yet, even jesters and trolls have to know their audience, since a jester that went too far would see his unique privileges removed. Usually alongside his head :S
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