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  1. No, u Missiles are a uniquely useful weapon that serve a purpose no other weapon serves.
  2. He's suggesting that Alex add PvE content
  3. So, you're saying that Carthago has King Arthur in it and Camelot has french flatulists? Can't help but think you've pantsed that one up, m8.
  4. Ey now, I just wanted to give you the opportunity to plug your zero-tax alliance don't be so grumpy about it 😐
  5. With at least two exceptions that I'm aware of @Sweeeeet Ronny D Your ball, tax-hater
  6. I know right? There's just not nearly enough people that like fun these days. To be fair, he's got zero steel on him so your boi is indeed in a bit of a pickle. Plenty of options still though.
  7. Unless you're planning on dedicating yourself to raiding from now on, then you're going to have to get that infra rebuilt somehow. If the alliance rebuilds you... then great, it's still a net loss to your team. Which means it is a loss to you, unless you honestly do feel that you're not actually a part of your alliance. That said, you really should consider being a dedicated raider. You've apparently got the attitude for it~
  8. That is a pretty good rate for solid milcom training actually. But, no reason to begrudge Swamp their 60b training exercise ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  9. OH! That explains it! The thing that you're misunderstanding is that while the losses you sustain are mostly a reasonable reflection of your rebuild costs, the losses Arrgh sustains are not reflective of their rebuild costs. As you know, traditional alliances like yours operate under a system of deterrence and preparation, backed by an economic engine powered by infrastructure and improvements. This works very well while peace is maintained, but has several major limitations. In this case, the relevant limitation is that any damage taken, be it losses sustained or even resources inve
  10. I actually saw a game do something similar to this once. There were 4 macguffin objects, and if someone brought them all together they could either double their nation or cut someone else's nation in half. It took years and a dozen global wars for anyone to even get two of them. If it requires 6 for one free city or one snapped away city, then it'd be a cool as heck once-off drama. I unironically support the idea.
  11. Actually you haven't stated any damage goals, just blustered about "as much damage as possible". That's not so much of a concrete goal as an intent. Meanwhile, you've also said that there's such a thing as "enough" damage... so which is it? So, wait... you've got a 3 strike policy against raiders? Are you therefore saying that T$ can declare two wars against you before you'll even counter? @Shiho Nishizumi gib raid dispensation pls First off, no, Swamp has spent billions on this war. That money is gone, it pouf, bai bai. It's not coming back. It's been expended on the bat
  12. On the contrary, the space program is a requirement for the almighty spy satellite which is stupid overpowered according to T$ milcom consensus. Urban Plannings meanwhile are both tremendously solid investments if you get them early enough. ...Fair point on the moon landing though 😅 Anyway, it is indeed clear that you and the OP have very different ideas of what "essential" is: He's saying that any project which is a straight upgrade and always beneficial shouldn't cost a project slot, whereas projects that require a particular build to have any effect should cost a slot. Otherwise, there
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