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  1. Sir Scarfalot

    Liberation Time!

    I've seen worse >_>
  2. Sir Scarfalot

    SNN-Achilles Last Stand

    Oh 😅 As for the mechanics and admin actions... see, Panth would have persisted anyway, they're not THAT weak. If the coup had gone through all the trouble of kicking and banning everyone, then Panth leadership would have simply made a new alliance (though possibly with a different name, which would have made it a much more crushing blow) and pinged/messaged everyone that had been in their alliance to join the new one. And they'd have been better off without their inactive deadweight anyway. Admin did them no favor here, and his action wasn't THAT stupid or unprecedented, so eh, I don't fault sheeps on this one.
  3. Sir Scarfalot

    SNN-Achilles Last Stand

    Even if that were the case (and I really can't think of many situations wherein it was, but that may simply be ignorance) this isn't the start of Pantheon's story; not by years. So that rules that out doesn't it?
  4. Sir Scarfalot

    SNN-Achilles Last Stand

    My opinion on what would be ideal is for everyone to be able to promote themselves one level if there is no-one at all above them; with the following rules: (A). If there is no leader, then the heir can promote themselves up to leader; if the leader is VM, the heir can remove the leader from the alliance outright and then therefore promote themselves up to leader in that order, if multiple heirs whoever does it first gets it (B). If there is no leader AND no heir, then any single officer can promote themselves up to heir, and therefore up to leader, in that order, first on the draw gets it; if there is no leader or the leader is VM and the heir is VM, then any single officer can remove the absentee heir and/or leader and therefore do the thing (in order, first come first serve) (C). If there is no leader AND no heir AND no officers outside of VM, then any member can simply promote themselves to officer and therefore heir and therefore leader. If all of the leadership are VM then any member can boot 'em all and take control. For extra shenanigans, let applicants count as members for the purposes of these rules :3
  5. Sir Scarfalot

    SNN-Achilles Last Stand

    I'd almost agree, but forcing a nation out of VM opens an entirely separate can of worms than an arbitrary admin-based promotion, since it gives a precedent for VM to be ended early. For all the shenanigans VM allows, the two weeks has at least always been sacrosanct; changing that would remove one of the few real constants in the cheese meta.
  6. Sir Scarfalot

    Baseball buff

    The best buff to baseball would be more along the lines of both players getting ticket money instead of just the host team; say each individual game is actually a set of both a home and an away game. The reason I don't do baseball is because I don't want to go through the insane hassle of embargoing literally everyone in the game individually so I can grind baseball with just those that reliably tip.
  7. Sir Scarfalot

    War Morale

    Well, they do; awful and marginal victories cause considerable attrition on the aggressor's force numbers, and perhaps more importantly waste MAPs, preventing them from making otherwise gainful actions. All this without requiring the defender to spend their own action points. Action points are a resource, don't waste them needlessly
  8. Sir Scarfalot

    War Offensive

    Ehhh... there's a lot of issues here, but one that stands out in particular is the order of operations. If you did an offensive and you're high on ground but low on air, would the ground attack be processed first and thus earn you a better airstrike, or would the airstrike be processed first and thus cripple you? And how would the navy really interact with the other two branches? It's a creative idea, but alas, poorly thought out.
  9. Sir Scarfalot

    War Morale

    okay, see, it doesn't actually take that much more time to type properly. Not everyone can be a speedy typist, but it took me under a minute to write this. Do better.
  10. Sir Scarfalot

    "The Die is Cast"---SPQR is Here

    Fair enough; we shall see then
  11. Sir Scarfalot

    "The Die is Cast"---SPQR is Here

    Yeah, but nihil novi sub sole. If that really is the biggest complaint you've got, they actually are doing well
  12. Sir Scarfalot

    "The Die is Cast"---SPQR is Here

    Good luck though; this DoE actually looks promising. Hope it works out
  13. Sir Scarfalot


    If people want to mutually agree to a ceasefire, there's nothing stopping them from just not taking military actions. Other than sanity, of course.
  14. Sir Scarfalot

    Combine Nukes and Missiles

    The nuke already includes aluminum and gasoline, which accounts for the delivery vehicle. What's really weird is that missiles apparently carry a payload of lead bullets; they're basically a gigantic shotgun shell apparently.
  15. Or, alternatively, micros should just go for Green (or whatever the highest is) and if anyone tries to push them off, so be it: then they're beige, which has a higher bonus anyway

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