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  1. Of all the dribble in that post, the single most stupid thing is probably that you believe people anticipate the war will end sooner than 120 days... right now, the prevailing consensus is that the war will not end. This has simply been stated in different doublespeak ways for political purposes, but the meat of it remains consistent: No peace. "No peace until unreasonable thing" is still essentially "No peace."
  2. You hid over a billion in VM, you know damn well that's against the rules no matter whose cash it is or where it came from.
  3. "Hiding tons of cash in VM is fine when we do it"
  4. So, like the British Commonwealth then?
  5. This is why I'm perpetually weirded out as to why anyone allies with IQ at all
  6. Hah, I'm -732% approval, get on my level pixelhugger
  7. I see "constitutional monarchy" right there though?
  8. Controversial personalities you say...? 🤔
  9. Thanks for the warning. Blocked.
  10. Whether the perception is false or not is irrelevant; where it stemmed from initially is irrelevant. The only thing that is relevant is that the perception exists, as perception and perception alone is what decisions are based on.
  11. Naivete is believing that once trust has been broken, nothing changes, and everything continues as if nothing had happened. While enemies have been able to make peace before, that was only possible due to the existence of an environment where trust had not yet been broken. Now that it has, the environment that enabled those prior peace deals no longer exists, and thus no-one can rationally consider prior success to be indicative of anything going forward. Incidentally, I'd like to acknowledge that there's not really been any single event that's broken trust; what matters is the perception of broken trust. IQ believes what they believe, EMC believes what they believe, and whoever is actually right is irrelevant to the decision making process of either. That's the opposite of a solution.
  12. Because new blocs with new leaders makes a new meta that might actually be something other than EMC vs IQ war #347
  13. Two weeks before IQ blitzes Yarr again for even more stats
  14. Huh, I can't help but think I've heard that before somewhere 🤔
  15. Well, you're not entirely wrong, but loyalty carries with it an implicit acceptance of the actions of the leadership. The fact that current TGH members haven't left despite TGH doing terribad sneaky ebil shit means that TGH's membership is cool with those terribad crimes. Meanwhile IQ's membership hasn't left despite them doing all that dirty rotten stuff, so they're implicitly cool with said dirty rotten stuff. The fish may rot from the head, but that doesn't mean the rest is fresh; quite the contrary really.
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