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  1. Haven't praised a BK treaty announcement in a long long time. Congratz to y'all.
  2. Considering I was part of the original tJest that compromised of barely 24 people that attacked IQ with 700 nations in it and did 45 bil damage like 3 years ago or so when plane casualties were actually high and whales could be suicides into, I can tell you that using terms like rank 9 or rank 1 or rank 62 does not exactly do anything in a game that was war ranges as a key component of its gameplay. And I know you all know this too considering you were trying to get schrute to pay up after declaring on them if they wanted to be free of your "skirmishes". If you want to raid around and have fun then by all means bro you can, wouldn't have cared at all about it. I actually like and respect you a lot Kimmy and I am all for the memeing you are doing but don't bring statistics into this that do little to back any narrative. Have your fun, do your hits and enjoy the fight.
  3. Join MI6 or die. Or die after joining.
  4. I take that as a personal attack. We are a proud city.
  5. I always thought $yndicate could never fill the shoes of Jessica Rabbit ever again after she went away, as her name and $yndicate had become almost synonymous. I was so wrong to think that, as you became the bedrock of $yndicate that cultivated it for the past years on their ascension. You have been a great friend to me in this game and out of this game. We shared some crazy stories together and I legit do not know how to honour you for this announcement as I typed and retyped this post. Enjoy the fish dude, you have earned all that Canada has to offer. I hope this allows you more time for us to shit talk politicians and hockey in the voice chats. Goodluck on filling these giant shoes Adam. You have a lot to live up to. Congratulations on your promotion.
  6. Lol that camelot one took me a whole minute to stop laughing.
  7. My condolences and congratulations to Benfro. A long and prosperous tenure you had Adrienne. Goodluck to your future endeavors.
  8. Good to see you back apeman.
  9. This is a camelot recruitment thread. Nothing to do with Rose. If you have any recruitment messages for camelot. I suggest you post those.
  10. It's great to see you all finally hop over. Welcome to Orbis and goodluck with your time here. You have a great protector to show you the ropes.
  11. Yeah atm we are just collecting api keys for the bot to use, replace and then day change reuse. This just makes it sensible for different alliances to govern properly rather than trying to keep a list of api keys of nations to use.
  12. Oh not at all. Considering I had to forgive the guy multiple times, that's just something I would never do.
  13. Eumir you were a tax farm and then deleted before the war started. So idk who sent you to troll but I for sure know you arent crying here about CoS. If you are concerned on my behalf though then I really appreciate that but I feel fine now that I can grow my cities again and rebuild my warchest. Maybe if you are really aggrieved you can go nag the people that took reps from CoS for their surrender.
  14. I am sorry what? Congratz and condolences to the new leadership.
  15. When only 1 person is in on the joke Patrick, it's not a joke anymore. You can't tell someone just take the joke jeez just cause peoples humor doesn't align.
  16. That guy you are replying to is a former member but regardless he is a great case study for the persisting narrative within IQ about how they wanted to use meme terms as a sense of victory over opposition. Even during ayyslamic crusade during negotiations they suggested meme terms with extensive duration to signify some sort of twisted sense of accomplishment. But the membership has no clue about this train of thought cause they got no idea what the back channel toxicity was and the persistence by certain individuals in imposing terms on an unwilling party. The simple fact of the matter is if someone is willing to surrender and follow a meme term then that's as simple as just surrender but if there is resistance to follow the meme surrender term then it's nothing different than asking for monetary reparations or forcing things on that alliance that they could have a variety of reasons not to accept. And I am pretty certain camelot government is aware of this distinction now as I have expressed your viewpoint to them before.
  17. Yeah I think that was largely the view and something most of us thought is something we got 6 months to fix. Sorry I didn't get what you posted.
  18. He did. He for sure is not anymore.
  19. I mean it's a credible and admirable charachter. I would assume it's a sincere evaluation. Oh idk why they are not posting right now. This thread is a debate between different relevant individuals. They for sure can speak for themselves, we are not BK. I was just sharing my perspective of the changes and amends camelot has been attempting and it's something I have definitely expected and even mentioned to other alliances we fought last war. And if I start calling out someone that is making good efforts at rehabilitation then I am just gonna be no different than Roquentin that questioned every sincere intention to help him create the multipolar world that he destroyed within one blitz.
  20. I can answer just here from what I know so far to @Hodor @Sisyphus @Thalmor and you @Prefonteen Yeah Hodor is right and spot on about it and there should be practical amends made for stuff that happened last war and I personally think camelot is putting effort into those amends as they are still continuing to repay for the North Point bank that got couped and sent to Camelot which became part of the larger coalition funds of inquisition. Not to mention there were IC differences from last war that people did homework on before we thought it's a good idea to give them a lifeboat. Sval the leader of OWR vouched for camelot's charachter before we comitted. We did offer white peace to everyone and by we, I mean the alliances that were the major sphere leaders. The minor alliances from tcw sphere and others not part of nap were still attacking camelot after February 20th. And I am not sure what different experiences you had with camelot last war partisan but as far as I know Arthur was lobbying for our sphere as a whole and some minor alliances like federation and tle due to the diplomacy during last war. They are at least twice the size they are now compared to before last war as they also have members from alliances that fought on our front and merged into them during the conclusion of the war. And yeah I am aware of goons attempt to get tkr and chaos sphere out of the war but we all know that attempt was not sincere when goons was making blocs within blocs and negotiating those surrenders. But I do not think camelot was playing some 3D chess here cause we already knew what the answer would be for camelot's attempts at lobbying as they were being laughed at in the upper channels of their coalition. I am not calling them saints here but the only differences we all have with camelot are IC differences for being a BK lapdog and they have already made efforts that I appreciate and will improve upon it as they learn to understand the game better and the political realities. IQ did not even let their membership on these forums to talk lol.
  21. Rose allied camelot as they were the only alliance on the other side of the war that lobbied for our peace and was talking to a brick wall while trying to get us off the hook. We protected them initially post war for them to not go out the way most communities associated with IQ thought going out the way Leothegreat wanted to kill his communities. If we didn't return the favour of their cooperation with us last war then camelot would just be another name like every other alliance that Leothegreat wanted deleted. And people that switched sides last war unwillingly by being hit by bk and NPO have my sincere admiration for sticking through with us.
  22. I don't think Aero can ever look at anything wrong. As for Kata's FA views, I do not think she has any Eumir.
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