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  1. Ahh what a nice option for your protectorates to have. If only you would maintain that same attitude towards others instead of bringing protectorates into a war as your sphere did.
  2. I mean if this hit was really over “meta issues” at least have some consistency and don’t scream meta issues at one party of the secret treaty while allying the other who have consistently had paperless treaties Oh we want to talk about double standards. I’m sorry but wasn’t TKR advocating for dynamic gameplay and minispheres and then turned around and created the largest sphere with a high tier large enough that only the other spheres combined compare. Also, how are you gonna sit here and say it's not a grudge yet keep something about years ago? Aren't you the same people who cried that history was history, because if we are gonna go down the path of using history to dictate what we do now, TKR history is nothing pretty.
  3. Also I’m starting to wonder if this hit had anything to do about paperless treaties at all or if that’s all you all could come up with to explain a hit over a grudge. I mean you say it’s over paperless treaties and bring up knightfall and duck hunt. I just find it ironic that some of the alliances in HM had paperless treaties in both Knightfall and Duck Hunt, but I guess that’s fine considering you all allied them. So the CB for your all’s hit on Rose consisting of our “paperless treaties” just shows how inconsistent your all’s take is on this issue. You use it when it benefits you but leave out the parts that go against your narrative.
  4. Oh sorry I was still following your all’s “we’re not hitting you because of knightfall.” as originally said. I forgot about the flip flop my b
  5. It appears you forgot to mention that HM was also in on the “secret treaty.” Ignoring that doesn’t change reality 😏
  6. Thank god it’s about time she got couped jk ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  7. Am I also allowed to pester vexz?
  8. Congrats to the off brand Rose ???
  9. I think it’s about time for another theme change we haven’t had one for a whole month
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