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  1. Mhearl

    So a few people have been asking

    So I guess you should be prepared for a lot of incoming raids
  2. Mhearl

    Declaration of War

    This is honestly the funniest thing I’ve ever seen props to you Roq for this comedy show of a DoW 😂😂
  3. Mhearl

    We are here for the Whales

    You keep making this same post moonshadow but I’ll try to clear everything up so I don’t have to see this same point from you a fourth time. Rose was not asked by KETOG or Chaos to join the war. We heard that they were planning a war and decided to join solely because we believe it was the right thing to do. We made that decision ourselves we weren’t asked we just did what we thought was best. I think vacks post to all Rose members makes our stance a little clearer. - - - Rosians, Last year we fought alongside BK in an effort to tear down the old TKR hegemony. But it appears as if BK's anti-hegemony stance does not extend to themselves. They've been consolidating from the moment Knightfall ended, and now it has surfaced that they plan to crush CB and KETOG in turn - two blocs far smaller than themselves. It would be all too easy for us to sit on the sidelines and allow BK to do as they please. After all, we were not listed as a target in TCW's leaked plans. But the immorality and injustice is just so obvious here. There is no indication of restraint, no concern for the imbalance of power in the wars they're pursuing, and no regard for their blatant double standards. And if we allow BK to cement their position at the top then we may well find ourselves in the same position as CB and KETOG in a few months time. This is Syndisphere all over again. Thus, We are declaring war on Black Knights.
  4. Mhearl

    We are here for the Whales

    Does anyone else not understand one word of This post or is it just me?
  5. Mhearl

    We are here for the Whales

    We only attacked BK so I guess he does have a point
  6. Mhearl

    The Best of Mr Booty

    @Zevfer I think it’s time for you to step down and let Mr Booty take your place as leader
  7. Have fun everyone 😄
  8. First of all I would just like to thank t$ for helping Rose whenever we were down we could never repay you for everything you have done for us. I am glad we were able to be alongside each other these past few months and hope to still keep in touch during Rose’s new path. The main reason we felt this withdrawal by rose was necessary was because we do see the fact that with us being in sphere with ts we contribute to an ill notion that they are not genuine in their intent to make a more multi-polar world. This decision by rose to withdraw was made with a heavy heart only because it knows and has been in these positions before and every time it is difficult for us to choose the idea over the friends we have made. We will continue to encourage alliances to pursue these risky steps to make the game more fun for all of us. Here is to more spheres to come.
  9. Mhearl

    The Soup is Hot

    @Dynamic in the kitchen
  10. Mhearl

    Nobody expects the Smothquisition

    Yes there is something very sexy about a sloth
  11. Mhearl

    The Hobo Express - The Ninth Part Or Something

    Had a blast you all. Wish you luck in TKR and Charlie put some clean clothes on
  12. Mhearl


    We took lessons from Panth
  13. Mhearl

    SNN-Dire Straits

    I’m still waiting on my donations #brokeb*tch
  14. Mhearl

    Ship Ship Plane Plane Nuke

    It’s been fun guys we should do this more often lol jk I’m ready for peace
  15. Mhearl

    SNN: Money for Nothing

    Not the donation I was looking for but ehh better than nothing

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