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  1. Mhearl

    peace talks

    I think it’s about time for another theme change we haven’t had one for a whole month
  2. Good luck to everyone in Hs except Revy of course 💜 jk love you rev
  3. Do you not know what MDoAP stands for lol. That means MUTUAL DEFENSE and optional aggression pact. T$ was hit by The Covenant therefore using the treaty by its definition it means that NPO should defend them as the MDoAP says. So it doesn’t matter if it is a MDoAP or MDAP lol they both have Mutual defense in it which isn’t being followed 😆
  4. If there have been any negotiations I haven’t been involved in them lol. Today we had our monthly visit from Sphinx and underlord about trying to force us to surrender again before we can begin negotiations. So not sure if that is was you’re referring to but I wouldn’t call that negotiations considering the only thing that happened was the other coalition saying “alright see you in a month.”
  5. Congrats guys it was cool getting to know you all! I’m still waiting on those kev videos tho 😏
  6. Happy to celebrate this grand occasion with our new allies
  7. Like I said we are more than happy to give the banned nation the money back once they are unbanned. But I don’t see why I would give you the money if the nation whose money it is can’t even play the game.
  8. So there was a nation in Rose that was banned a few days ago and Noctis wants us to send the banned nation‘s money to him. I’m honestly shocked this is a real thing
  9. @Noctis Anarch Caelum Ask sheepy for the fund of your deleted friend. If he gives it then it's yours. If he doesn't then there is a good reason for that.
  10. Why can’t I downvote the original post? It deserves it so bad
  11. You’re so right please teach me your ways. I could only dream of our activity being this good. 7 inactive nations out of 25 total is a pretty good ratio
  12. Can you show proof because what t$ has told me sounds completely different than what you are saying. I think it’s funny how we are completely disregarding the fact that NPO didn’t join as soon as they found out Rose joined the war, but waited until BK sphere was losing lol. 😂😛 Also DtC wasn’t our military guy that was Valk. DtC mentioned that he didn’t have time to play for a while so would have to go into VM. And lastly @Prefonteen how’s TJest doing 😂
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