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  1. What a funny story! Who said I want this position like retard madden? I dislike TCW since knightfall. I care about get sphinx's impeachment up and that he will get betrayal by me. I just pretend to playing and chatting with these pathetic guys after they tried to save me from quitting. My ideal propose is lead to destroy the TCW but it's not work. One day, sphinx discussed with me alone about CoS. Why CoS? I dont care about my nation that got damaged because of CoS. That's my good opportunity to backstab his weaken heart by get this picture. I am happy that my sharply dagger got in his s
  2. Yes, I asked the mod to move this announcement to Orbis central.
  3. https://youtu.be/Rg4292ORUe4
  4. oh I PM you here? not discord? P.S. I finally log in by attempted to reset the network three times. two attempted are same banning thing
  5. wow... that word is strong offensive towards the homosexual community
  6. User Name: Rainbow of Color Punishment: NO REASON (the error said I am multis?) Date of Ban/mute: 2014-01-21 Reason for Ban/mute: NO REASON (the error said I am multis?) Length of Ban/mute: N/A Banned By: N/A Reason for Appeal: boo for you guys. It is bugged. this error must be bug because of wrong date. My nation was born on 2015-12-24. lol Additional info: please fix this bug Nation ID: 29790
  7. Oh the “we’re *losing*, please help us Alex” post has arrived
  8. You arrogant. please read the comment again "I just nicely ask you ( @Alex ) to tell others this opinion." This is opinion i offered for the war system. that does not mean i do ignore your opinion and demand alex to fix the war system. at the point, I just asked for your opinion. I do not ignore your invalid opinion. we get more opinion to improve the war system which we can get more players to get more war and fun; not shitty multis. Today, Sir scarfalot has an alternative idea for this war system. I am supporting his idea over mine. I hope this idea is good way. I agreed
  9. Hello, I am writing this complaint with my best (lol). I noticed that the war system is bull and unfair. I see many and many nations are held by the opposite players when the opposite players will not fire any attack on others in the wasting 5 days. In addition, the opposite players will not fire any attack and wait for the war to end in 5 days later is avoiding others to get beige mode. Whatever the opposite players have low resistance, they will not fire any attack each other and waste the 5 days to avoid to get beige mode dues to the low resistance. Today, I see this major issue
  10. Nice Craved Pumpkin! I enjoyed to see many craved pumpkins but Arch's. It is not good looking, Arch. I do have nothing against this; however, you need to think positively during Autumn Fest (Halloween) for honoring others in whatever they are or wherever they are from. They did their best for craved pumpkin as you did this. I wish you guys who craved pumpkin good luck! Respectfully, Rainbow of Color
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