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  1. Fortunately your coalition-mates in Farksphere have a history of thoughtful, deliberate beiging
  2. I appreciate this but didn’t Camelot force an OWR gov member to turn their account over to a third party to clear their name because you threatened to roll them over false accusations your leader (edit: knowingly I might add) made?
  3. no see i was just JOKING that i was an !@#$. see? JOKING. lmao yall are TOO EASY grats ironfront, good fight
  4. I spoke directly to God and I can confirm my vassal GOONS broke no such NAP.
  5. Maybe he just wants a break from the war, let the man be!
  6. we would never jump the shark also goons is literally evil and partisan is the second coming of jesus christ
  7. i go out of my way to bless the plebeians of orbis with my presence by FOLLOWING them and i get nothing in return

    i want my money back 😠

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    2. hope


      @Eric the Red II nom

      @Chernomor perhaps for the better, i dont want RATS on my profile

    3. Pasky Darkfire

      Pasky Darkfire

      Hey. I say stuff. Sometimes.

    4. Khanter Molchaniye

      Khanter Molchaniye

      I just lurk around.... Nothing big to say yes, but the time will come \o/

  8. Thanks for responding, but I do have a couple of points 1) Worst Alliance Leader is included because TheNG loves this award dearly so we included it as a freebie for him 2) No particular reason we included “Hottest Wife,” outside of being personally amused by it. It was included as a Silly Award and there was no deeper meaning behind it. If @Pika felt like it made her feel awkward or objectified in any way she can let myself and Adrienne know so it won’t be included next time 3) Nobody was forced to speak if they didn’t want to. If people said they didn’t want to we stopped and moved on. I do appreciate the criticism and I will take it into consideration for next year. Thank you!
  9. HEAVENS GATE will neither confirm nor deny the existence of Satanic Entities in Coalition B. We now resume our regularly scheduled programming of “Ask hope: Do Sharks have Feet, and if they do can Jazz send me his?”
  10. We prefer “Satanic Ritual Afterbirth” but I suppose we could call it that too
  11. GOONS has me chained up in the basement, this is the one message I can send out before Jazz comes back and catches me on the forums. Help, please, I can't get out. This is my only chance
  12. My bad, I got so drunk off your tears I must have gotten a little woozy and misunderstood your comment. Continue please, my glass is empty
  13. You shouldn't act like a victim, it isnt a good look on you.
  14. if GOONS is so valued by NPO why havent they just merged into them as a sign of good faith? checkmate pubbies
  15. GOONS is a Heaven’s Gate vassal per the radio show when everyone become my converts
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