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  1. oh, is it time for tea already?
  2. you know, even if you were forced/coerced/i dont give a frick, it's always good to get war experience. i do genuinely believe to some extent that you are at least attempting to change db's rep, so good on you, and good luck. dont listen to the haters
  3. hope

    It's Time to Stop

    remember what happens when you peace out early, bk allies
  4. hope

    It's Time to Stop

    thank you for this thread, where we can discuss the same things we've already discussed in the other 20 threads about this same topic
  5. i had actual hope for discourse in this thread, but i have been disappointed yet again gg
  6. then why bring it up at all? you never sound particularly worried. in fact, you treat it as a good thing. in my original post i even said “EMC used to flex IQ deletions” which you acted like you had no idea even happened, and now you say that you both did it then and now. so, buorhann, which is it? do you treat people quitting the game during these 3 month+ wars as a good thing or a bad thing? because many people on your side are all “woe is me” now that they’re the ones facing the consequences of it
  7. then keep it on your discord server or post it in Orbis Central, this is for serious posts or if you're a relevant alliance, not for your dead memes that nobody cares about and nobody is interested in.
  8. this is the reason people want a separate alliance affairs for micros
  9. @Buorhann First instance I found, and I'm sure there's many more My point is simply in the past, your side has celebrated deletion of IQ nations as being a good thing. Don't act like you didn't participate
  10. nice to see both sides deflect and blame the other for poor player retention when it's in fact both their faults EMC used to flex how many people deleted from IQ, and now IQ is doing the same to them. you dug your graves, now lie in them however, i do in general agree with the fact that shorter wars are better for the game, so if there's a way to make it more expensive to sit on your opponents that would be good, but it also needs to be cheap to rebuild warchest at the same time. perhaps, make military units more expensive to maintain during wartime, and increase production of manufactured/raw resources? im not sure, id have to give some more time to think about it toodles
  11. Why form a micro bloc when you can merge and provide me with all the drama that comes with that
  12. hope

    Really NPO

    this thread just proves you’re all toxic, and is one of the reasons why we have such poor player retention congratulations, you all fricking failed
  13. yall really cant let an alliance surrender and move on without making sure to trash them one more time? smh nobody asked for your opinion good luck with the rebuild OFA, im sure yall learned a lot
  14. @Squeegee im only pinging you because roq didnt have the balls to when he called you out also so if you werent planning on ever defending DB ever again why not drop em instead of acting like you still wanted to help them :)))
  15. i like how roq acts like it takes a lot of effort to say “hey you’re my ally and you’re attacking an alliance i have a treaty with so if you wouldnt attack them id appreciate it” there are so many people here who would go to great lengths to support and aid their ally and you’ve basically confirmed DB wasnt worth it not that i didnt want to see DB burn, but it’s interesting not only that but if you know you arent active enough to handle the situation that’s kind of like...why gov exists? lmao enjoy the war DB, ive wanted to see your pixels burn for a while, but all this tomfoolery has kinda ruined it for me
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