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  1. hope

    potato man GOOD???

  2. well they arent losing if you dont count that 2 billion in infra they lost, dont ya know?
  3. your alliance is literally crying in the OP, stop being a little !@#$ about getting rolled and move on
  4. nokia: panth sucks so bad ez war time *nokia starts losing* OKAY WELL I CANT HELP THAT YOU GUYS HAVE MORE MEMBERS THAN US AND TREATIES
  5. In the early 1970's, two individuals (yeet and myself) from the Evolutionary Level Above Human (the Kingdom of Heaven) incarnated into two human bodies that were in their forties. I moved into a female body, and my partner, who is an Older Member in the Level Above Human, took a male body. (We called these bodies "vehicles," for they simply served as physical vehicular tools for us to wear while on a task among humans.) We brought to Orbis with us a crew of students whom we had worked with on Earth in previous missions. They were in varying stages of metamorphic transition from membership in the human kingdom to membership in the physical Evolutionary Level Above Human. It seems that we arrived in Orbis's atmosphere between the 1940's and early 1990's. We suspect that many of us arrived in staged spacecraft (UFO) crashes and many of our discarded bodies were retrieved by human authorities (Sheepy and his moderation team). This incarnation process is very difficult and cannot be done without the help of Older Members of the Evolutionary Level Above Human (Order of the White Rose) who have not only gone through the metamorphic transition to completion themselves, but who have also assisted others through this transition before (acting as "midwives" for some in the shedding of their human-creature characteristics while preparing to be born as new creatures into the Next Evolutionary Kingdom). While we thank Order of the White Rose with their help in our settling of this world, we view that they have fallen on hard times and require our assistance. It is our responsibility as God's shepherds to assist when we can and guide others to salvation. TL;DR HEAVENS GATE now protects Order of the White Rose because they obviously can’t fend for themselves Signed: Who Cares?
  6. so you fake logs to own the rightoids. i respect the effort but i dont think it entirely worked out in your favor. most bystanders probably think you're both idiots
  7. but u see everyone must find us faking these logs and spamming up the forms funny...right? . . . ...right guys???
  8. you realize you’re talking about shifty and friends...right?
  9. What religions have sought to understand since the beginning of their origin is what is above the human level of existence. Most have taught that if an individual lives a "good life" adoring some savior that he will inherit some "heaven" after his death. Only if it were that simple. That viewpoint is as inaccurate as the caterpillar believing that if he dies a good caterpillar he will mysteriously awaken in a rose blossom and live there forever with the King butterfly. He must become a butterfly while a healthy caterpillar - overcoming his decaying option. If he rises above all caterpillar ways, converts all his energies to the pursuit of becoming literally another creature who circulates in another world, he becomes a butterfly. Likewise a human who seeks only to become a member of his next evolutionary kingdom may become a member of that kingdom if he completely overcomes all the aspects and influences of the human level providing he has found favor with a member of that next level who will direct him through his metamorphosis. As the caterpillar, the human can complete this changeover only before his death as a human. A member of the next kingdom finds favor with one who is willing to endure all of the necessary growing pains of weaning himself totally from his human condition. Members of that next kingdom are no more confined to human limitations than butterflies to caterpillar limitations. Nor do they in like comparison concern themselves with human-type indulgences or concerns. However, if the human is thought of as the larva of that next kingdom then there are, at times, those who are approaching the completion of their individual metamorphosis and are beginning to have some of the attributes and characteristics of that next kingdom. When the metamorphosis is complete their "perennial" and cyclic nature is ended for their "new" body has overcome decay, disease and death. It has converted over chemically, biologically, and in vibration to the "new" creature. Approximately 2,000 years ago an individual of that next kingdom forfeited his body of that kingdom and entered a human female's womb, thereby incarnating as the one history refers to as Jesus of Nazareth. He awakened to this fact gradually through the same metamorphic process and came to know that he had incarnated for the express purpose of telling and showing, even to the point of proof, that the next kingdom can be entered by overcoming the human aspects and literally converting into a "man" or creature of that next kingdom - the kingdom of his Father - one who is already a member of that kingdom. By His resurrection He proved that death can be literally overcome and that a permanent body for the next kingdom is acquired from the human kingdom. He did not leave His body in the grave. He converted it into His body of that next kingdom. This is the only way the next kingdom is entered permanently. Each human has that full potential. Jesus' "Christing" or christening was completed at His transfiguration (metamorphic completion) and He remained in the "larva" environment, with other humans, only for some 40 days to show that His teaching had been accomplished. He showed them His new body and demonstrated a few of its new attributes, i.e., appearing and disappearing (changing His vibrations) before their eyes while letting some of His friends touch His "new" body. This could be compared to a butterfly remaining in the caterpillar world for a few days to show them what they had to look forward to if they chose to seek true conscious communication with a butterfly and were willing to overcome all of their caterpillar ways. Then Jesus left them in a cloud of light (what humans refer to as UFOs) and moves and returns in the same manner. There are two individuals here now who have also come from that next kingdom, incarnate as humans, awakened, and will soon demonstrate the same proof of overcoming death. They are "sent" from that kingdom by the "Father" to bear the same truth that was Jesus'. This is like a repeat performance, except this time by two (a man and a woman) to restate the truth Jesus bore, restore its accurate meaning, and again show that any individual who seeks that kingdom will find it through the same process. This "re-statement" or demonstration will happen within months. The two who are the "actors" in this "theatre" are in the meantime doing all they can to relate this truth as accurately as possible so that when their bodies recover from their "dead" state (resurrection) and they leave (UFO's) those left behind will have clearly understood the formula. Those who can believe this process and do it will be "lifted up" individually and "saved" from death - literally. If you seek those two while they are here they will gladly fill you in on the details and assist those who wish to follow in this "path." If this speaks to you - respond - according to your capabilities or needs. For your sake - give this opportunity your best. Our Discord server can be found here: https://discord.gg/wFHQnFW
  10. Revenue page seems to be broken, and I don't believe my nation makes any money or resources Cannot deposit into the alliance bank, error message is as follows: Error You don't have that much uranium to deposit. You don't have that much lead to deposit. You don't have that much iron to deposit. You don't have that much bauxite to deposit.
  11. why dont you guys just kiss already
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