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  1. hope

    Huge sale of nations in P&W

    i like you no h0mo tho
  2. hope

    Avalon’s Avarice

  3. hope

    It's Not You, Apparently It's Me.

    i dont remember caring about this treaty
  4. hope

    Shifty News Network-Antisocial

    thanks for clarifying o7
  5. hope

    Shifty News Network-Antisocial

    "An attack on SG is an attack on Camelot" what other way to interpret that is there than "BK will intervene because we protect Camelot"
  6. hope

    Shifty News Network-Antisocial

    can you clarify for me so it said @Prefonteen https://imgur.com/a/UGrHzwH.jpg how can you not assume that if it says "an attack on SG is attack on Cam" that they'll treat it as such? idk maybe i dont fully understand it or im confused and if that's the case then im fine admitting it
  7. hope

    Shifty News Network-Antisocial

    it's reasonable to assume that Camelot would call in BK if SG has an MD tie with them
  8. hope

    Shifty News Network-Antisocial

    this is hilarious and i feel no sympathy although i also agree trying to settle things diplomatically is usually good to try first , but since AK didnt give us that opportunity when we talked to them (MAGE disbandment and raids on their members who didnt even know they had been couped yet) they totally had this coming
  9. hope

    The Crows Ahead Cry War

    sorry you have to pay for the expansion to get that
  10. hope

    Sirius (Slightly late) DOE

    have fun, and best of luck!
  11. "What does the future bring? We alone have the answer. It has always been war. War between humans. War between species. War between Light and Darkness. War is the fundamental fabric of the universe. Dare we defy it? Will you help us prepare?" The Speaker: Illenium The Oracle: hope The Vex Device: Vexz The Cryptarch: Fairymoon The Gatekeeper: Pericles Protected by The Commonwealth MDP with Purple Flower Garden MDP with Wigglytuffs Guild oDoAP with The Dixie Union Just letting you know we exist, and we're here to have a good time Edit: And our Discord https://discord.gg/zTe946X
  12. hope

    I see something... purple!

    i agree that it wasnt worded well on UPN's part, but I do think it was kind of obvious if you thought about it that it was a UPN training alliance or affiliated with UPN. It's the same reason people dont hit tC or most smaller paperless alliances, because they know they're still tied/have allies...
  13. hope

    Vanguard Announcement

    why do you need 5 MDP's 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
  14. hope

    Shifty News Network-And Justice For All

    We only protect Rei because she's a close friend of Illen's and cus the memes. Nothing more nothing less
  15. hope

    Shifty News Network-Yare Yare Daze

    afaik TKR gov didnt actually know about the theft until well after it happened, from what ive been told by those in MAGE/AdMech actually i was lied to about it by Senry and was only told by a friend after even defending MAGE/AdMech about the theft

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