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  1. how are you guys more heated about sphinx being a war dodger than the fact that KT is still full of white nationalists and white nationalist sympathizers, or are we just forgetting everything they’ve done over the years
  2. i really have no idea how one of the most awful, bigoted, alliances became "haha funny crusade man!" it's honestly really disgusting behavior and i did, to an extent, expect better from some of you

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    2. Mayor


      What do you expect people to do about KT? Don't you think it should be a game moderation issue?

    3. MRBOOTY


      Got ya fam

    4. 丂ħ̧i̧₣ɫ̵γ͘ ̶™

      丂ħ̧i̧₣ɫ̵γ͘ ̶™

      They got Shifty. Wherever Shifty goes, it becomes dank. Such is the rule of nature and GOD.

      I'm like the Ark of the Covenant, except I don't hide in a box. I think outside it, yo.

  3. wish you had this same energy when your own members put war declarations threatening to lynch Queen M and when you yourself put a 1488 bounty on her nation
  4. yeah if we really wanted to be a good ally we should have shut our mouth and hung them out to dry
  5. only in 2020 are people considering tfp a “decent alliance”...lmfao can i have what these people are smoking?
  6. threatening to post logs and then not posting them is very cringe and should stop

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    2. Phoenyx


      I have to agree with hope on that one :-p. 

    3. Prefonteen


      I've been pretty clear about what logs I have. What I don't have, what's been admitted and what hasn't been. I suggest you review my posts and specify what you'd like me to follow up on. 

    4. Phoenyx


      All I know is that at first, you were saying things like "Don't make me drop the logs!". Then people asked you to please do so. Then you said something like "You don't consider my feelings" or something, suggesting you had backtracked and no longer wanted to drop the logs. Anyway, only you know how many logs on the war you started with and how many (if any) that you haven't dropped yet. 

  7. Also just had this happen to me. 5 ground attacks done against me in 5 minutes. war timeline here: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/war/timeline/war=778228
  8. next time ill write out the CB in big letters and mail it to you weeks in advance so you can understand it crystal clear
  9. i get this but this is such a bizarre moralistic complaint. it essentially boils down to "we didnt do anything wrong and these three spheres are bullying us for no reason". not gonna lie i personally have beef with more than half of the alliances in our coalition for one reason or another so some shit really had to go down for all of us to join attack you. and, i can assure you, it wasnt just because we have it out for you and t$
  10. so you plotted something, it backfired, and now you claim to be a victim because people wanted to go to war over it?
  11. left side - one sphere right side - three spheres
  12. by what standard hun? even if they didnt know me (they do) it’s better than being known as the clown alliance who posts RoH’s in response to Arrgh raids or as the alliance that got utterly BTFO’d by GOONS that one time
  13. so many people in this game deserve to get bullied so hard lmao

    1. Shantaezeonna


      No one deserved to be bullied.

    2. Comrade Joe

      Comrade Joe

      Mainly you. 


      Love you 


      Sort of 

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