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  1. Yeah well I'm not claiming victory (anymore). But the positive net damage currently rather means really good raids or tank/resource kills against you. So I don't mind the war. PS. If you know good targets to raid food from, I'm saving up for City Planning.
  2. Sonie, you were talking of TKR and Rose (who I striked through) there. Get your facts checked.
  3. And positive net damage with 11% every single day. What are you going to do with them planes of your now? Only places where you've really shifted the net damage back from the -300 were the additional declarations you did later on. TFP, Callan, AD and Grumpy's whales. Core of the original Coaliton A is still doing damage daily.
  4. To be honest that can be implied both to A and B coalitions, besides alliance names. Cross out BK and replace with TKR, Roq qith Niz and NPO with KETOG. Add more paranoia and it works the other way around aswell. Aside that. Well made.
  5. Well atleast finally you guys didn't post this stuff to alliance announcements. I'd define it as progress.
  6. Spirit of Roqbot is strong in this one. Independent thinking near zero. Good fit for NPO.
  7. I imagine NPO leadership can't sleep at nights. Fear of Chaos rolling them has kept them up. Hence why they post 10 WoT every day each.
  8. Amazing. NPO is not explaining in this topic how righteous they are. What happened?
  9. No. I mean I want to know how well Google's spam filters worked. Did they get 100, 1000, or 200 000 entries.
  10. I really want to know how many entries they got.
  11. Mighty fine form you have there. Would be shame if someone was to spam it. Next week BK be out sourcing IA.
  12. Them evil masterminds plotted Surfs Up just for stats.
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