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  1. There's something new we can learn every day. @Dwight k Schrute next time you make an alliance just call the teft "collective war chest".
  2. I never blamed you of gaslighting. That was all you. But the level of effort you put into your replies goes to show the desperation of the narrative. I'm done here. Have fun.
  3. So everything that doesn't fit your narrow narrative is gaslighting you? Master class demagogy.
  4. You must feel so proud right now? Almost seems like an excuse to secretly plan months ahead to roll one sphere with the entire game having secret treaties. Almost.
  5. Missing the point. t$ vs The Armed Peacekeepers despite being both 1 alliance for top 50 aren't an equal fight.
  6. That's numbe rof alliances? How does it compare with number of nations or cities or something? Cause you can't really compare a 170 man alliance to 20 man alliance.
  7. OP seems like a recruitment ad for KT
  8. https://pasteboard.co/JTPI3HW.jpg Welcome to Orbis and such. But why does your alliance page have US Capitol as an illustration instead Espace Léopold or Louise Weiss building. Or even butt ugly Berlaymont building if you go for executive branch 🤔 Also for roleplaying purposes EU has commissioners instead of ministers.
  9. Guys, could you please have mercy on us? Embbed this link somehwere and just scratch off the last name and write a new one next time you have a coup https://jamboard.google.com/d/1-iD46lufEzBO39sdB4_0NMhdg4cxOqNMya4zYTitROw/edit?usp=sharing
  10. This is truely sad. The. fact that so many people are sad shows how many you have touched over the years. What is dead may never die!
  11. Wait, I thought Aurora was the training alliance
  12. First? Dude, did you miss GOONS and the goatsy or something?
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