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  1. alyster


    We have 1% more cities. Such dogpile.
  2. alyster

    Brave and Beautiful Peace.

    Peace and war declared in the same post. Well done. Was fun fighting against your KETOG, now lets fight together.
  3. alyster

    Name the ketog vs Chaos War

    The Interupted War
  4. alyster

    Brave and Beautiful BK

    Last two days were so adorable. BK please never change, you're beautiful.
  5. No. 99. Don't get your advice about alliance running from global forum.
  6. alyster

    Guilt by association?

    So did I understand it correctly? Blink and pooball live in different places (home IP). Assuming if they are different people Alex should see log ins from two different locations at exact same time over longer period of time. Should he not? Furthermore at update times during wars pooball and Blink should have simultanions online times, not switching one at first the other one later. Also bank logs for donations should show up with names.
  7. alyster

    Nova Riata Disband

    Nova Rita, while I appriciate sharing blood with you on the field of battle, this probably is for the better. Game > winning.
  8. alyster

    Surfing the Memes

  9. alyster

    Surfing the Memes

  10. alyster

    Surf's Up

  11. alyster

    The Alliance Sexiness

    I vote for Trump16
  12. alyster

    A final Vargen announcement

    You attacked me bro. How dare I buy some planes after being declared on. What an asshat I am. .... And then you became another notch on my belt. I'm still waiting for you to put your actions to where your words are. Come at us. I dare you again.
  13. alyster

    A final Vargen announcement

    Hey I remember you. Before the last global war you had to run to BoC to stop us from taking you to negative nation score. We're always up for a round two. Let us know when you want to dance. Edit: I dare you.
  14. alyster

    A final Vargen announcement

    Let the world tremble.

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