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  1. Oh boy, what has KT posted now that you had to make this topic 🤦‍♂️
  2. lol this is who negoatiator have to put up with
  3. Any more of that rage? Keep it coming son. Also then stop lying when you're done
  4. Angry ranting instead of a reply. GG WP did we strike a nerve?
  5. Plural? Name 2 terms besides surrendering that have been presented 🤣
  6. Lets be honest Coalition B does not have to present terms nor even be in the peace talks channel. It's not the losers right to dictate the time of peace. Nonetheless I'd really like to see if BK or NPO have the balls to admit they want to keep the war going.
  7. Roq is just stalling so he would have time to come with a new spin how to stall some more on actually presenting terms.
  8. 2010 called, it wanted its' bill reduction joke back.
  9. Mate DM what s*** you've been smoking, I need some of that.
  10. Ask BK/NPO 🤷‍♂️ If you want to cheat on this quiz look at the Coaliton B line up. 🤷‍♂️
  11. Recently we made a request in The Knight Radiant for our members to write down some happy and joyful stories for the upcoming Halloween. I am glad to present you with the top stories both from very short and story groups. This is our way to wish all of you happy terrifying Halloween! Before moving onward I just kindly ask you to remember that all stories in the world fall into two categories: those which have truly happened and those which have not happened.... yet. Written by @Mitsuru Ichiro woke up. He was tired as it was the fourth night in a row that his boss had demanded he work overtime until he was barely able to catch the last train. He felt exhausted and wanted nothing but to get out of his sweaty clothes and go to bed. The train arrived at his station and he got off. As usual, he was the only one at this hour. The town he lived in was far away from the city but Ichiro couldn't rent anything closer to his workplace without selling his parents' house. But as he walked with his umbrella through the pouring rain, he once again realized why this wouldn't be so easy. Nobody wanted to live here anymore. Buildings had been abandoned after their owners had died and their children had left the town after high school. As he was lost in his thoughts, Ichiro suddenly came to a stop. He had heard a splash behind him as if someone had stepped into a puddle. But when he turned around, nobody was to be seen. He continued walking down the road. Suddenly he heard the splashing noise again. A frog? But would a frog be this loud? As he walked on, the noise returned. Terrible thoughts started to fill Ichiro's mind. Was someone following him? Maybe a thief? But this wasn't an wealthy area. When he decided to stop again, so did the splashing noise. He hesitantly turned around but saw nobody. In the distance, maybe fifty meters behind him down the road, he saw something laying on the ground. But since the light of the street lamps didn't capture it, he couldn't make out what it was. Ichiro took a deep breath. "You're tired", he said to calm himself down. He started to walk again but this time he took faster steps. To Ichiro's horror though, the splashing noise returned. Now he was sure. Someone was following him and they were walking faster now to keep up with him. Ichiro started running. Terror filled his thoughts. He looked for lights in any of the houses but everything was dark. He threw away his umbrella and the rain started to soak his clothes when he suddenly slipped and ran against a street lamp. Numb from pain he came to a halt. Fear and pain filled Ichiro's head. Although he had stopped walking, the splashing noise hadn't. And it came closer. Terrified, Ichiro slowly turned around one last time. What he first thought was an animal soon shocked him so much that his whole body was paralyzed in fear. On the ground was a woman with long, dark hair. Her body was cut in half as if someone had sliced her through and only the torso with her head and arms remained. The woman was crawling towards him on her arms as he stared in terror. She lifted her head and smiled at him with a cruel smile, blood dripping from her mouth. Just as Ichiro thought about screaming or running away, she jumped towards him. Written by @Kebsla I enjoy walking in the woods getting paid to do it is the icing on the cake, today the same as every day i've found me a comfy place to sit and have my dinner. A primal instinct in most people would make them fear this spot surrounded by dense ferns and coniferous trees i'm unable to see anything within or beyond the foliage sitting on this rotting log , but it doesn't matter its not like other parts of the world where you have to worry about Lions, Tigers and Bears , here in the Woods at the heart of the UK we only have to worry about bumping into a Stag or in more recent times a family of Wild Boar , sure there are Adders in the undergrowth but i doubt one of them could sink its fangs through my boots. I sit eating my sandwich and i am ironically thinking about what i am going to eat tonight , maybe i'll have a takeaway i fancy something from the chinese , erm... but what to have? *SNAP! The sound of a branch breaking disrupts my thoughts *SNAP! That was loud it sounds like its further away this time , i wonder what it was must be some animal wandering through the woods , i finish my sandwich wash it down with a flask of tea then go to investigate. Its getting dark but i know my way back to the road where my van waits , and anyway i'm certain i've found the branches that broke though they are not on the ground but still semi attached to the trees. *OINK! That must be a Boar i've never actually seen one it sounds so close, i need to keep going... I turn the corner and there's no footing "SHIT!" i shout out has i tumble down the slope "oof , ahh" *CRACK! I lift my head off of a rock, its pitch black how long was i out for? Gonna have to use my torch. *OINK! That boar must be right by me, i shine my torch towards the sound nothing there but trees, wait a second what's that?.... *Grunting sounds From behind the tree came a three digit hand and a couple of feet above that a huge tusked pale head, it turned and looked towards me , fear overwhelmed me i need to run... *REEEE! I grasped my way up the slope *SQUEE! Flat ground start running *REEEE! Straight into thick mud i'm stuck i need to get out! *Loud Grunts It's getting closer lose the boots... run! run! run! * CRACK! I tripped on a branch i need to get up its behind me i need to get up , keep running! *REEEE! There's the road , There's my van! My keys, need to find my keys , shit shit shit , YES! Found them , get in get in get in... Lock the doors! My hearts racing i'm safe , relieved i shut my eyes... I open them... Wait i'm on the ground this is where i tripped down the slope, all a dream thankyou... wait i can feel the ground with my feet what happened to my boots ... oh no... *Grunting above I feel moist warm air on the back of my neck , and a wet glob falls on the back of my head making its way over my cheek. I'm scared to look, i can't look, i start crying. I shut my eyes... Written by @Micchan It was evening, the school yard was full, all the inhabitants of the town had been reunited by the mayor due to an emergency, many citizens had been attacked by crazy dogs in the past few days, many victims, a virus they said "We must act immediately and exterminate all the dogs in the village before the virus spreads", heated discussions for hours between those who wanted to protect the animals and those who didn't want to take risks, Max listened to everything but he wouldn't hurt a fly so that evening he went to home and after eating something went to sleep That night he woke up, he was thirsty, while he was drinking he began to think, I like them but the situation is serious, if the situation were to degenerate it could be either them or me, he kept thinking and as time passed he became more and more convinced , there is no solution, everyone must be killed Max went out into the street and walked in the dark, "ok, now I'm going for a walk, I'm not going to look for them but if I were to meet one who attacks me I will not hesitate to kill him" Less than ten minutes later he saw one, seemed to be going his own way and was not aggressive, Max decided to come closer but when he was very close he realized, it was not friendly at all, "we are too close, I have to act, he or me" Max acted first, took him by the neck, squeeze squeeze, "I can't let you go or you will kill me", "you have to die now", after a few minutes he wasn't breathing anymore, Max won and he was pervaded by a strange feeling, it was the first time he killed anyone and he liked it, stood there watching the corpse for several minutes, pleased Max woke up from his violent thoughts to the screams of a woman, "no let him go, noooooo", others scream from the house next door, he hadn't realized how the situation around him had fallen in an instant, in front of him four eyes shone in the dark, they were approaching, they wanted him, Max understood that he had to run and run as fast as possible but the eyes were getting closer, they were faster than him, there was a corpse on the roadside in a lake of blood, he had to act immediately, he threw himself into the woods and ran all night until he collapsed to the ground exhausted, in the morning he awoke in a field, he had survived and so he went to the neighboring city in search of help This was the story of how Max survived that night, the only survivor of his town, his life lasted another two months before he died in a city far away, the virus had spread, mutated, infected many animal species, and finally even the humans, it was the end of civilization This was the story of Max, the dog that spread the virus who ended everything Noteworthy scary shorts: 1st prize by @redfive Blackie takes over as the leader of TKR. By @Zaxon "TKR signs MDAP with NPO post war.... boooooooooooo! " By @Haris There was this rich king called Person H. Someone killed person H. Person H died. By @alyster Hell is a decent place at the moment. All the demons left to join GPWC.
  12. Never heard of you. Can't find it anywhere either. I mean mate if you're serious about it then you're obviouslly pissed off and hurt about something. I get it, it is important to you. And I wish you well. But from our stand point what ever it was, it was just another day in our books 🤷‍♂️ Much like this.
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