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  1. Squeegee, first of his name, mother of dragons, leaker of opsec info.
  2. Please do not use “ayy lmao” lightly. At first I thought BK was doing something, but then I was disapointed to see small micro war.
  3. Only way I like my nazi alliances. Gone.
  4. Afrika Korps. Also please don’t bother to apply to TKR in the future.
  5. Few more updates like this and CN has more competent war system. Keep it up Alex.
  6. How to deal with raiders
  7. So someone makes a nation and immidetly posts "Where's NPO" onto forums? At the time when the 6 months ban terms are about to end? If you want to measure how much people dislike your alliance still you may as well open a poll dear pacifican.
  8. You got to stop living in the past mate.
  9. TKR recruiters at work
  10. Has anyone ever stopped to think how much time has passed since the game's creation? I'm not even entirely sure by this point. However I sometimes like to look at some nation's we've lost on the way. The last time this fine lad logged into the game was in 1970! Nixon was still president back then! https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=52301
  11. When someone plays your song during voice chat.
  12. Alex finally banned the second biggest cheater after Roq.
  13. When someone asks you if you like Discord.
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