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  1. Blitz Weebunism, I hate weebs, Merge Yarr, ally Polaris. Next up: The Federation, The Wei, Afrika Korps (when it was real)
  2. I like the idea, but, with your idea are you saying that you would not need to have the appropriate millitary improvements to buy whatever millitary units you're buying? For example, if you don't have dry docks you'd still be able to buy ships? Or would it just let you buy more units per day? Or would it just be a way to get say planes in exchange for money if you don't want to spend aluminium? Overall, I do like the idea, because it would be interesting to be able to buy planes/ships/tanks for money from other players.
  3. It was an honor fighting in the Boris Wars with you, good luck, and hope you come back for the next Volume.
  4. Fun fact, just calling yourself a do-gooder/generally good person doesn't make it true. You have to realize virtue signaling like this post are just annoying, expesially when someone already made a very similar post, all you need to do if you spot a cheater is report them to Alex and let him deal with it, like literally the vast majority of players do. You don't need a pat on the back for literally doing what is standard practice.
  5. Yes, the people shall rise up and give our opinions. Veve la strawpol! Veve la revolution! Also, this is a petition to celebrate my favorite day of the week, Smooth Brain Tuesday, every week as smooth Brain Tuesday. Say no to wrinkles!
  6. I approve this message, but as others have said, I'm unable to take the pledge on account of it breaking the pledge. All the schemers try to make pledges, we need to introduce a little anarchy. It's against the rules now, but I'm not sure why everyone was glad forcing people to delete cities was banned from the game. I understand making that hilarious UN thing to stop it (which could actually add to the gameplay), but when something that could've been entertaining got added, it gets taken away.
  7. Yeah, as someone said, if it's not your type of alliance, join a different one (but don't make a habit of being an alliance jumper) but also understand, that in return for those things, members are in return supposed to fight alliance wars.
  8. Just in time too, I was just about to call the cyber police on you. But yeah, Coldcrown, think of it this way, if you don't participate in your alliances wars, then they have no incentive to help you back.
  9. __**That's alot of damage**__
  10. Plus, it is an impressive feat that he achieved a longer thread then most players have, congratulations.
  11. I suppose you are right, but still, this forum post is a gem.
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