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  1. I find this offensive. #FriendshipOnly
  2. I for one am smarts like you! I have a frontal lobe at least the size of two peas! I agree, ban wars! Ban "&" and ban Politics! This game should be about making friends, and Politics and & can get in the way of that.
  3. Yup, unless you have sugar and water it's gonna suck. And you are my sugar!😁
  4. Or ya know, you could just not police either.
  5. I am Comrade Boris, and I approve this message!
  6. Have you ever heard the tragedy of the GOONS the woke? They are so powerful they can ban "Nazis" and can even keep those they don't like, from speaking. The SJW lifestyle is a pathway to many activities many consider to be unnatural. They became so woke, the only thing they cared about was censoring "hate speech" and "Nazis" and, unfortunately, they couldn't stop all of the "Nazis" because on their path to ridding the world of "Nazis", they became the Nazis. It's Ironic, they ban others for being "Nazis", but not themselves.
  7. Yes, if all humans stop all this HATE and unite, than we can fight the real threats, such as: The Fish, Dolphins, Canadians, Reptilians and all Liberals.
  8. We need to make it to Christmas.
  9. (Reminder this is in the test server... so most of you probably don't care. Also, I'd assume test server related posts can be made here, but if not take it down I suppose...) a mere organic minded fool earlier today: "pls 8ball Is it time for Jihad?" The glorious divine knower of all, the magic 8ball: "yes, idiot" and another organic minded fool: "pls 8ball should we declare on the alliance called Elven Tribe?" our electronic minded mastermind: "sure, I literally couldn't care less" organic minded fool: "pls 8ball should we target more at the same time?" thine holy 8ball: "Is trump's skin orange?" organic minded dimwit: "pls 8ball should we declare war on High Gods?" the holy sphere of 8: "8ball ok, whatever yes" The Holy Jihad has been declared, the forces of Empyralot under the divine will of our true leader the discord 8 ball have begun the Jihad against the forces of evil, "High Gods" and "Elven Tribe".
  10. @Hassan please downvote me once, gotta keep the perfect score, 69.
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