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  2. Imo it's great that you are thinking about doing something about exploits, but this one is akin to letting a couple of cheaters ruin the game for everybody else. Peoples ability to freely declare offensive wars is extremely important. Those who are losing in alliance wars need to do it to fire nukes and missiles and use other guerilla tactics; while pirates who raid with soldiers only can't wait 5 days for their defensives to expire, raiding is their income and they need to be able to both declare wars frequently and escape blockade-holds, otherwise you are making this playstyle MUCH less viable than it already is. I think at the very least getting beaten in defensive wars must absolutely apply beige immediately, for offensives it's much less clear how problematic this change could be. If you are absolutely insistent on implementing this I urge you to at least consider some further conditions to check whether players might be warring each other to coordinate beige: - Does the player getting beiged have a lot of military? If not then most likely this isn't going to be a case of someone exploiting beige to unfairly give someone a beating. You could set x to 0 under the condition that someone has less than 50% of their maximum planes+tanks or something like that. - If close to no damage has been dealt in a war it becomes much more likely that it's a case of people attacking friends to coordinate beige. Therefore you could set x to 0 if a war exceeds a certain value of damage dealt (which should be somewhat dependent on city count). Loot should not count towards that damage value as it can be returned through trades. I think blindly implementing this proposal without any check to see if this actually is a case of beige-exploits is going to make the game significantly more frustrating to people who are already on the receiving end and that will be incredibly bad for the game.
  3. For anyone who was also wondering this (because I personally had no idea and had to look it up): TNS stands for The New Sanghelios https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=10075 Reminder that you are not allowed to use acronyms if you are outside the top 50.
  4. This is extremely incorrect and I'm kinda annoyed that this still isn't understood, really the root cause for why score still hasn't been fixed. There is different types of downdeclares: 1. The type where someone who has no military declares on someone with max military at half their own size or even less. When a zeroed c40 declares on a maxed c20 that c20 actually can deal with that c40 just fine. Even when the c40 does a double buy they still have less military than the c20 at max mil with no rebuy left. Additionally the c40 is super vulnerable to get hit himself due to being mega low military. And if you look at the c40 as a resource during the decisive stage of a war then that nation is just way too valuable to deal with a c20 anyway, you arent logically gonna use a rare resource like a c40 to take down a c20 which there is a thousand of in the average coalition. This type of downdeclare is literally not an issue whatsoever. 2. This one is probably not even considered a downdeclare by a lot of people but it definitely is, namely when someone with max military hits someone that has no military but slightly more or the same amount of cities, for example a max c25 hitting a zeroed c30. The c30 actually has absolutely zero chance of combatting that max c25. This type of downdeclare is the main reason why wars are decided in the opening blitz. You cannot make a comeback once you are zeroed because even small people who can always declare on you can keep you taken down effortlessly. 3. Now this last one i'm distinguishing is the worst one by far, no contest. When for example a maxed c40, probably with their other 2 maxed c40 buddies, hits a 0250 mmr c35 or something. That c35 is immediately dead after getting ground battled 6 times by those c40s and the c40s won't even have lost anything. Easily the worst type of downdeclare. Now the thing with high city score is that it makes the first type of downdeclare impossible, but enables the other 2 which are way worse. Warrange is 0.75-1.75 times your own score, if city score was the only score giving component then a c40 could always declare on a c30 regardless of militarization. What we actually need is military to give most of a nations score, because thats the component that actually determines firepower. City count only provides more rebuy, which isn't irrelevant but it's not the main thing that determines a nations strength. If you look at a maxed c40 nation vs a maxed c35 nation you will see that the c40 has 14% more cities, you will also notice that this is true for military as well, the max c40 has 14% more military than the max c35. So for 2 maxed nations it actually makes no difference whether cities or military have more weight when it comes to score. But when the militarization is different, then it will make a difference. In the case of a maxed c40 and a 0250 c35 the militarization advantage is higher than that 14% difference that exists in city count, therefore if you wanna make this type of downdeclare more difficult to do, whats necessary is for military to give a lot of score and cities to not give as much score. Generally high score per city will always make it easier to declare on people within 0.75-1.75 times your own city count and more difficult to declare on people with a city count outside that range. I do agree with one thing and that's that infra should give less score.
  5. @Prefontaine Can you clarify how offense and defense perks work? It's clear that offense perks are in effect when you launch an attack on your opponent and that defense perks are in effect when they launch an attack on you. But do the offense perks also increase your opponents losses when they attack you and do the defense perks also decrease your losses when you attack your opponent?
  6. I agree that the warchanges should be reverted. Though I disagree with the statement that ground is useless now. I also don't think the game is more plane-centric than it was before the changes. Couple arguments in favor of reverting the changes that I haven't heard yet: Pre-war militarization: Defenders currently get destroyed hard, partly because the aggressors have a militarization advantage in terms of tanks (defenders being offline is the other reason). This I believe used to be less of an issue before 2020 because ground was mostly optional before the warchanges and everyone was always on 0050 mmr which was basically ready to war due to ground not having been required. Therefore the militarization advantage is now a much more relevant phenomenon than it used to be. At least that would be my reasoning, I was either a noob or not yet playing for all blitzes that happened before the second half of 2019 lol. Score compression strats: Max mil is now the only setup that is viable to run in the fight for military control. Prior to the war changes max mil was an option and only having planes was also an option. The latter provided a way to hide from downdeclares at lower score ranges to the losing side which typically has less score due to being rolled. In a lot of wars with tiering differences one coalition dominates the upper tier while the other dominates the lower tier and typically the one dominating the upper tier wins at the end. In all these scenarios it would help the losing party in the lower tier a lot if their members could use score compression strats to hide within the lower score ranges dominated by their own coalition. Score changes: Sam shrugged this off as being less relevant than the changes to tanks. I disagree. These changes are actually so bad lol. Military needs to give way more score compared to cities and infra than is currently the case. Veins military right now gives him 30% of his score. 70% of his score are cities, infra and projects, but for what? The only thing cities and infra provide are revenue and military rebuy. Revenue isn't decisive to the outcome of a war ever. Military rebuy is relevant of course but not so much that cities and infra should give close to 70% of the score of a nation with max mil. On the other hand the military someone has defines most of their firepower, 30% of score is not nearly enough to represent that. These score changes also tie in to the score compression strats: tanks used to bloat score super hard, even if we went back on the tank mechanics now, without also changing score the planes only strat probably wouldn't work. There is so much to say about the score topic, I could write a 5 page mini-paper about it. Raiding: Soldiers only strats were much more viable when not everyone was using tanks and when you actually lost a large chunk of your score by not having tanks and planes.
  7. Damn, now Vein won't have daily meltdowns over HS not being counted towards wayward in hidudes tiering charts anymore.
  8. How would breaking superiorities work? Would it need more than one successful attack to break a superiority to balance that it now takes more than one IT to gain it, or would it still be broken with one attack? I think this is an interesting idea tbh, not entirely sure yet how it'd effect things.
  9. what the heck is wrong with u. first of all u are blitzing on a FRIDAY EVENING... U NO-LIFES second of all... GGO HASNT GOTTEN THEIR REBUILD-ROI YET. HOW DARE U BREAK DECAGONS SACRED TABOO
  10. Hi, I just watched the recording since I couldn't attend the show at 4am. Unfortunately, the audio and the chat shown are completely out of sync. I could not find any overlap between the topics discussed on the show with the ones discussed in the chat. I hope you are fixing this bug for the next one. Still great stuff though, thanks for this. Keep it up!
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