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  1. I would like to thank WTF for the most appreciated 2 days of beige I have ever had. Looking forward to join in on the fight with Rose as soon as I have finished my ASM wars and deposited my stuff.
  2. The formation of KECC at the beginning of this year was like a little dream come true for me. As a raider I had always been kinda fighting everybody and I did so just for myself not for anybody else, so I never developed some kind of allegiance to any of the spheres in this game. Even when I was fighting for KT against TCW in GW15, I didn't really care who would win. I mean sure I was fighting for KT, but I didnt TRULY care about the victory of hedge, they were just kinda the people we happened to join when we stopped raiding and looked for a place to go. My feelings towards KECC were ent
  4. Well, I'm sure no player on any losing side ever will appreciate your concern for them as long as your solution to free them from suffering is to make the losing war a more devastating experience, leaving them no choice but to surrender more quickly in utter annihilation. I really shouldn't speak for them but if you talk to anyone who was on the side fighting NPO in GW14 and participated in that war from the beginning, they will tell you that it was the most devastating experience they have had with the game, yet they never surrendered until the very end. My point is: not only is the proposal
  5. I see absolutely no issue with missiles doing guaranteed resistance damage. Anything that makes it harder to sit on people is a positive in my book, just fantastic if people have to beige their opponents in order to not get beiged by missiles themselfes.
  6. imagine paying people to burn blackbirds infra when u can just manipulate him into selling his infra instead, worked for me.
  7. Player of the Year: Theodosius Most Influential Player: Keegoz Most Likely to Succeed in 2021: Ducc Zucc Best Alliance Leader: Denison Worst Alliance Leader: Vein Best Government Member (not a leader): Yang Best General Member: Hari Most Missed Player: Horsecock Best IC Poster: Partisan Poster You Most Love to Hate: Deulos Best Villain: SRD Largest E-Peen: DtC Justice Best Fighter: Horsecock Best Raider: 🙂 Most Controversial Player: Lord Tyrion Best Nation Theme: Hughes Best Nation Page Design: Blackbird
  8. Soldiers killing 1k tanks in a suicide attack isn't even an issue though. 1k tanks cost 500 steel which at a price of like 4k ppu per steel equals a cost of $2m. With 3 ground battles that would be a damage of $6m, but instead of doing that you could also fire a missile and probably deal more damage. That's also like the only thing soldiers even do against someone with max ground, if they didn't deal some damage somewhere then the losing side wouldn't even need to have them. Something that's not accounted for in damage stats of a war is revenue. In this last war you had quacks infra getti
  9. Cool I have my own color. edit: oh wait, vein was on there for a second but dropped off immediately. @Vein get good?
  10. I'm caught off-guard a bit for being revealed so suddenly but I guess I have no other choice but to confess now that it has come to this. The entire war was planned by me since back in March. I sent Vein to form eclipse and tie themselves to t$. From there I made him lead propaganda against Camelot to ensure they have a cb against quack, at the same time I infiltrated hedge through KT and controlled important information-flow through puppeteering you. With both of these pieces in position it was time to lit the spark. Aware of the information Boyce held at the time, Vein and I reformed Mythic
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