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  1. How would breaking superiorities work? Would it need more than one successful attack to break a superiority to balance that it now takes more than one IT to gain it, or would it still be broken with one attack? I think this is an interesting idea tbh, not entirely sure yet how it'd effect things.
  2. what the heck is wrong with u. first of all u are blitzing on a FRIDAY EVENING... U NO-LIFES second of all... GGO HASNT GOTTEN THEIR REBUILD-ROI YET. HOW DARE U BREAK DECAGONS SACRED TABOO
  3. Hi, I just watched the recording since I couldn't attend the show at 4am. Unfortunately, the audio and the chat shown are completely out of sync. I could not find any overlap between the topics discussed on the show with the ones discussed in the chat. I hope you are fixing this bug for the next one. Still great stuff though, thanks for this. Keep it up!
  4. WELCOME TO THE GREAT PENISING (official warname)
  5. You could also recognize valid criticism and just raise the numbers. The concept of the project isn't even bad, but it's completely wasted when this thing doesn't pay off in less than 3 years even for warmongers who are the niche group most benefitting from it.
  6. Wrong subforum, you accidentally posted in alliance affairs instead of national affairs
  7. I just had a thought on this. Given two strong spheres A and B as well as an extremely weak sphere C, how would A approach an attack on B? With this proposed mechanic there is a really funny idea of A first hitting and completely stomping C to farm wins and then using the unit production buff to blitz B 2 days after the blitz on C.
  8. I honestly really like this. This one I would like to be changed to something like this: "If a nation leaves beige early while having more than 12 turns of beige, their units are 10% less effective in offensive wars for 12 turns." I think that would make guerilla warfare more fun, while not providing much of a timeframe for a whole coalition to organize a blitz without most people getting the debuff.
  9. I have only ever used baseball for nuking or unit buying purposes under blockade, but with the addition of rewarded ads there has been no need to play baseball anymore. I'd honestly just remove baseball entirely, both baseball and rewarded ads are an utter waste of time, but the latter at least does something for the game while also being less prone to botting. If people really wanna waste more time on this kind of activity i'd just compensate the removal of baseball with a cap increase for money that can be earned with ads.
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