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  1. Dryad

    Remove Keno

    I think it's important to ensure that there is no risk that an exploit exists that somehow lets you win more often; due to EM winning big in keno at least twice there has been speculation in that direction. If there is a risk of an exploit here then i'd say turn it off, otherwise i think its a fun feature that i'd be sad to see go. If on average the net profit from keno is negative then i don't think it's needed to remove it despite occasional jackpots.
  2. looks great! only thing bothering me is that VIP backgrounds won't display.
  3. Theodosius posted this earlier on the pnw-discord, which i think would be nice; having the resources visible but keeping the new buttons which i think make the menu way easier to access than previously on mobile.
  4. I strongly disagree. They may not have any material impact, but people are emotional and care about popularity, validation and all that other stuff. People have fought wars on the forums using up- and downvotes. You have mentioned before that you are concerned about toxicity in the community and I don't see how a downvoting option helps the case here. Downvotes give people the feeling they aren't welcome and can be very frustrating, people know this and mass downvote people they don't like while they mass upvote people they do like, that dynamic is very dividing i think.
  5. I do think a downvoting system strongly promotes toxic behaviour and it doesn't ever make anyone happy to get downvoted. It can have its uses though for example in game suggestions as a sort of voting system to see on a single glance how popular a suggestion is, so perhaps disabling it in only some categories makes sense. Then again we have also seen in the baseball thread that up and downvoting is heavily biased.
  6. A punishment would be something like removing your earnings so far and perhaps even removing cities etc bought with baseball money. That would be a terrible idea, nobody should be punished and have their time spent so far go to waste. The removal or nerf of this feature is not a punishment per se, as long as Alex also refunds the money spent on stadium and team.
  7. I don't think it's intentional either. I want t$ to get crushed but not because of false "accusations". The first explanation I can think of on why it seems to happen to t$ more often than other alliances is because they are currently in the position of having wars in which their aircraft and ground is getting crushed, so mass navaling kinda remains as the only choice of attack. On the other hand coalition b tends to do more airstrikes and ground battles and thus it happens to them less. So basically t$ may just do a lot more naval attacks. Whether that's actually the case or not, who knows, but I feel that it makes sense
  8. i'm definitely jealous.
  9. I think that lowering the profit per game is actually a bad fix. The money it currently generates per game may be slightly too high but not by a lot. The problem with baseball as I see it isnt that it generates too much money per click, but the fact that people can do this for hours when the game is really a turn-based thing and imo should be playable as such without earning 100 times less than baseball players. It's an issue of balancing and also game-design. Also, I wanna bring up a different approach to fix the issue that I'm not necessarily in favor of but that I think is at least worth mentioning: Don't nerf the payout per game but buff it and instead make it like a you can only play 1 game every 10 minutes thing. Like lets say just to bring the concept across you can only play 1 game in 10 minutes but you earn $10m from that single game, its basically the same income that it currently generates but its something you dont need to dedicate hours into and something that botting would be useless at because every human can easily click a button every 10 minutes if they are online. Essentially it would reward checking the game out every once in a while. I'm not actually in favor of having $10m be the number and think it should be way way way way lower, but the point is there is ways to keep it equivalent to what it is now, but makes it less of a scripting and waste your life issue.
  10. there is no punishment at all. you keep everything you have earned and a suggested part of the solution may very well be to refund all costs that went into upgrading stadium and team. certainly nobody is asking alex to remove your earnings.
  11. raiding and trading both dont generate new stuff from nothing. those are a competition, in the case of raiding its competing in war and trading is a strategic thing as well, there is loser and winners in it because it isnt generating anything.
  12. what a moderation headache tho, right alex? Since according to Alex these people arent even using scripts there seems to be either issues with script detection or it is game-breaking even without scripts. Well the 13b and 9b put my 4b raid loot to shame.
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