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  1. Lol something about goons announcements hit home so well
  2. TCM sees the Abbreviation of TMC and thinks to itself this shrub lord needs to get good if they want to name themselves something Similar to TCM
  3. This post is my new favorite Aku post love you Akuuuuuuu
  4. It was fun Ruling the UnOriginals for 4 hours however I have returned Home To The Coal Mines
  5. Join the Mines after you make those micros merge into your micro lel Absolutely it will happen but keep it down we cant let them know that 4 out of 6 of the alliances that make up this bloc are Weeb based
  6. When do u grow so sensible Was it after you left Noctis behind
  7. We Recognize we are raiding and ya its going down Shakira Hips are shaking And it's the end of the world as we know it With That TCM and GPC recognizes war with The United States and The Crimson Entente till the demands of 1 selfie with a Popsicle getting sucked by a Koala is presented and the small sum of 500mil is mutually paid for by them both
  8. Valid insights I agree lol No offense but City Count does matter and Acadia is a stagnant alliance with the worst leader
  9. As an alliance leader who sits at 100/100 to help his members often times I might at some given moments host a series of games to get a few mil to simply help myself rebuild after an attack on my nation so simply put I'm extremely against the idea because it's also just a clicker game I would prefer to do when I have a few boring hours in my day
  10. @Maelstrom Vortex Ok kiddo I look forward to watching you burn Afterall insulting my Friend's old alliance and an alliance I still have friends in I very much don't appreciate and frankly I am the Coal King of the Coal Mines I could careless what a overgrown lizard has to say that would perish if they ever came to my Mines
  11. I guess the germans forget what has happened everytime they went north sad the Nazi Germans North Africa Forces cant learn from there brothers who fought in Russia. @Skae
  12. @Evernt pls understand why @Maelstrom Vortex If you dare insult Typhon again or proceed to make rude annoying comments to them I will intervene as for my alliance politely grow up and stop having a massive ego you annoying kid
  13. I'm still waiting to hit maddog damn being patient is hard
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