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  1. Typical leaks and common info please post something more juicy next time
  2. Hope you all have a good day XD
  3. tried following didn't work

  4. This is what i have come to expect sadly I hope all sides get peace soon
  5. Simply put it took you several days to act and it took you 2 more to make a reason as to why you did furthermore I didn't attack first nor do I have thier bank and you didn't remotely go after the guy who admitted to using it as an alliance kick starter your targeting an accomplice not the guy who stole the thing and who currently has it expecting me to care enough to give you anything which I never will Now then Politely Commit die as the popular memes support for you dont even know what is going on besides what you're drugged out ally SixSadistic66 told you a man who admitted to being on cocaine during the granting of gov perms to a member who was in his alliance for 1 day and he prior willing accepted him as Econ you supporting a really really dumb ally and an alliance that has lost its entire bank 5 times now and has been couped 3 times in a single year and several more times before that
  6. Na fam theres numerous ways to win a war lol clearly militarily I am having a issue with overcoming the sheer numbers y'all have if it was just us and pantheon we'd have won easily 70 Vs 69 I guess now it's more like 300 VS 69 And to be frank you'd never get what you wanted because you fail to understand I ain't got it to begin with so this war has always been a victory in my book your demands can never be fulfilled your goals are pointless and mean nothing hence its impossible for you to win at this point you have proven my point in the fashion your war is A Falsehood and B pointless. Also AO reset happened I'm trying to claim a territory for my guild so this can take a back burner Love Your picture also the war is fine not very important either can repair whenever it ends so we chilling
  7. First off love the meme Second off in Unit attrition we been doing fine against pantheon till they called a extra hundred some odd friends in now we are pinned I never said TCM would lead the charge to us winning I'm still paying a few loans back lol my alliance has now been rolled 3 times the difference is we give zero F***s I guess I'll just openly raid them all they know they aren't getting paid lol
  8. We can build enough for example I have over a week of biege I can build max air easy
  9. The Coal Mines formally Announces its surrender to Motky The following terms are TCM admits Motky is the Waifu of Coallomite TCM shall surrender the 60k Coal it managed to secure from Panth bank strictly to Motky waifu of Coallomite TCM shall grant Motky a channel in TCM server to post anime stuff Called Motkys place This surrender is strictly to Motky The rest of Pantheon is however not peaced May Coallomite bless and Guard the Mines during the rest of the war All praise Coallomite and his waifu Motky The original Post was edited by Alex please Visit the The Coal Mines Discord server to see the Original
  10. I actually Honored part of a different treaty and what you expect the Bloc need to pull all sides of our star
  11. Na fam 2.5k infra peace builds are superior and better over all however that's peace time in war time it has adverse affects it takes a good some of cash to get a buncha pop to 2.5k builds hence when you burn them it's a hella nice stat pad
  12. Nope I didn't just pointing out if it wasn't for the high infra we,d be positive
  13. Didn't say anything about treaties hon and I'll have the member issue under control soon also losing is debatable 2.5k infra builds does that lel remove infra damage we 1bil positive He is a inactive largely so meh he'll just log in and repair post war he is used to getting rolled by Kertchtog
  14. And mate you know me I dont give up thanks tho didn't think we ever were Buddies warms my heart knowing we are XD Sorry dull boy we got a treat in store Also your coordinating sucks only reason we got hurt was your member count
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