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  1. this is Our first alliance post to get 4 pages awesome work @Evernt now then to cutting out good quotes and stuff from the salt here
  2. @Nizam Adrienne It's all good I'm just enjoying the conversations and trying to learn from some of the people who actually state something worth learning from XD.
  3. @Epi i did enjoy that who wrote it though lol
  4. we came to exist from boredom of being part of some overgrown micros if you did not put your snout so high and gave a damn you would have noticed on the 47th day of TCM we sat at 50th place and BK i`snt gonna hit us they arent as special as some extensions of kertchtog however i`m glad that i have met a lot of new people from this occasion some people i`ve met still drive my mind to thoughts of how did some you get so big and how many of others looked down on you now how many of those others look down on people just like others treated them i guess this annoying over confident stance the nerds of this game take is way they die so hard sometimes i was once like you all however i learned its so easy to put in your place and took such a lesson to heart now i refrain from insulting people just for leading small alliances cause sometimes those small alliances are better ran than big alliances as proven during TF and NR Vs Panth a top 10 alliance proven numerous times before this as well
  5. i mean our micros enjoyed talking smack and sh.tpost.ng memes and songs as well we left because the war is pointless and we enjoy the fact we are climbing towards top 50s with no one caring to the confederation bloc this is the perfect time for organizing i mean i simply wont pay a price they give sides that i was told no terms will be pressed
  6. We did stop lol and at start we didn't beige Love ya epi 😜
  7. Gorge from BK knew about us i heard about the attack prior to it and requested help plus i`m a regular on Factory Fresh gotta tune in to hear some mr, booty rap
  8. blame me i wanted to make the original post more pretty love ya Fraw Fraw HA started this buddy no biggy they admitted it
  9. Frawley shhhhhhhhh let them be dull don`t give em ammo
  10. also House Arryn didnt beat anyone we got white peace aka mutual acceptance of man this war is pointless why are we wasting time talking to eachother lets leave that to alliances who are older with inflated egos
  11. ya but they actually said it will have no terms we added some stuff to add flare while the original terms are a vague surrender
  12. cool story lol ill give gorge puppy dog eyes
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