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  1. I was originally not going to comment by I feel slightly inclined to putting the VMed ppl on blast is not really cool cause they most likely informed their alliances. In addition attacking peoples character or personal life's is not exactly a good quality but if you intend to highlight some my poor qualities I suffer from sometimes I welcome you to keep attacking firwof and his character . I have made it clear he is ego driven and overly emotionally invested, he picks to many fights and, hates on others to often, while ignoring facts but calling him anti lgbt Is a bit extreme as I am gay and, have had many at length talks with firwof I personally find those accusations to be oddly OOC driven and incorrect altho, I will state he is annoying and his political beliefs are brain numbing please insult people correctly and with a level of accuracy.
  2. Long ago it was decided TCM would survive off of coal thank God we don't need this meat or bread you all require
  3. I got banned from RON for being homophobic it happens now pardon me im messaging me boyfriend
  4. This is a development and reminds me I should avoid the forums
  5. Always good to get paid for doing nothing
  6. I'm bored and can't seem to work a desire to play this game like I used to.

    I've always had moments in my life that I became obsessed with certain things and its functions often this is fueled by social interactions.

    I'm lacking that nowadays not gonna lie feels lonely a lot and the entire reason TCM was made and stayed was to sate my longing to be around people.

  7. I'm sorry to inform you that the Coal Mines no longer makes coal we make food now. Here is a recipe for your endeavors: https://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/food-network-kitchen/christmas-coal-candy-3887315
  8. Nice theme and good luck on the AA
  9. While I do believe cash injection to be a useful thing for new members and, I believe it'd be a good way to play catchup I also, completely agree with making projects more accessible.
  10. Oh look a war *goes back to farming*
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