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  1. Enjoy the peace! You guys did far better than Dark Brotherhood would have!
  2. Here is too some long overdue war stats for this guy! 🍺 https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=117392
  3. Hi Ripper! I have missed talking to you, we should catch up sometime. Please refrain from bringing me into a thread I don't care about, thanks!
  4. What has DB done in all of it's existence? We hit you because your pixel hugging was becoming legendary and we heard you had some nice cash. Thanks for paying for our cities!
  5. On a somewhat related note, Will it be possible to get stats for this @Frawley?
  6. Hi friend! I would like to refer you to our official spokesperson: @Prefonteen
  7. I would like to say that I'm very disappointed in all of you. A celebration of burning pixel huggers turned into an anti-NPO thread. T$ are good and loyal, they just don't need friends like you. You won't fight for your allies and you threatened to withdraw from Knightfall because your untouched alliance began to receive nukes. Nobody needs friends like that. Look at your own actions rather than blaming everyone else.
  8. I look forward to your excuse this time @Yoda
  9. The Penitus Oculatus are an organization which answers to the Emperor. Our primary task is protecting the Emperor, and as such, we are elite bodyguards. We will use anything necessary to fulfill our task. Our Purpose: Penitus Oculatus Agents serve a number of tasks. They are tasked with discovering spies within the Empire through tact and their mind, but they can also be tasked with stealing, poisoning, stabbing, injuring, or murdering targets to serve a greater cause. Inspectors are involved with investigating crime scenes, such as when someone related to the Imperial family is kidnapped. They are also able to send out scouts to investigate events or places that might threaten the Empire. Another part of our duty is ensuring the safety of the Emperor, the prince, and other members related to the Imperial family. Government Lineup: Commander: Darth Revan Administrator: Cypher Inspector: Zygon, Darth Ataxia, Avakael, and Viseli Special Spokesperson: Prefonteen Discord server: https://discord.gg/fRWqrt3 But wait...We have just started a quest!
  10. I look forward to the theme of the next alliance you make, keep em coming. 100th will do the trick.
  11. Thanks for the confidence, papa roq.
  12. It's okay House Arryn, as soon as they experience any sort of damage they'll beg for peace. Squash that pathetic alliance
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