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  1. Wiggum is the most useless mod to ever have been a mod in the entire history of the internet. 

    1. Nukey6


      And while he's at it wash my car

    2. Wingawoo


      And while he's at it, Unsquireify Nukey

  2. This is an example of lying to cover up a long history you are entirely aware of
  3. Because you dont have enough infra for me to bother nuking. Plz buy moar.
  4. KKKT are not all nazis. KKKT have plenty of them. Everyone in KKKT is at the very least a sympathizer. Their shit has been told to admin time and time again for 4 years, and admin decided not to do anything. All admins are at the very least sympathizers. There is no moral leeway with naziism. If you are not against it, you allow it, and thus are for it. Good job being for it, morons.
  5. Its not the world, theres a reason so many vapid bigots congregate in this haven Alex made for them. They love this tiny little pond where pathetic inbreds like horsecock and shifty can feel like sharks instead of the insignificant minnows they are in the real world.
  6. Im reasonably certain you went through this whole thread and came away still thinking Im the bad guy for calling racist trash racist trash instead of seeing that youre in a racist trash alliance and thinking "hmm, I probably shouldnt be in a racist trash alliance if Im not racist", so you must be a shitstain too.
  7. It is entirely on topic. And stop giving me warnings for calling racists racist or Ill have to assume youre on their side.
  8. Heres why youre a racist idiot: Your alliance is racist, and whether or not you identify as a racist, you dont care that youre in a racist alliance, dont care what your racist alliance has done, dont care who it has done it to, dont care that those people are still in and still leading your alliance. That makes your actions support racism, that makes you racist.
  9. You mean people like my friend Queen M who you racist blights upon society chased out of this game by constantly harassing her with racist shit all over discord including in my alliances server because she had the gall to be a black woman, to the point where Bluebear even told me he was glad I was going after you idiots because hes a white nationalist and you were making him look bad?
  10. Heres the thing, for you absolute morons that cant figure it out. If you want to fight all the time, there are alliances like Arrgh that arent built upon being a racist trashheap that still fight all the time. Theyve got some people like bluebear in there to keep you happy if racism is still your thing, but it isnt the raison d'etre of the whole alliance. The only reason to join KKKT is because you want to circle jerk other racist trash about how fun it is to be racist trash.
  11. I dont consider this fun at all. Im disgusted your trash alliance remains a part of this game, disgusted some of you willfully fight side by side with white nationalist trash while adamantly denying you yourselves are despite years of evidence to the contrary, disgusted that some people among you who arent white nationalists dont care at all that youre giving power to that trash by aligning with them. Im not arguing with KKKT that KKKT are racist trash, that was proven 4 years ago. Im just trying to find out if youre so incredibly stupid that you dont realize youre in a cesspool, or if youre one of the trash youre rolling around in. Seems to certainly be the latter.
  12. Thats not the channel Im talking about then. Im talking about the one where you all sat there with your stormfront friends laughing about all the discord channels you were having people spam images of Jews getting massacred and black people getting lynched. Shifty knows damned well what I mean. If you wanna keep pretending that shit is ok, less power to you man, will tell you where you can stick it.
  13. I thought you said the last message in it was from december? Still though, couldnt even fill half a forum page with screenshots from it that arent full of racist trash you all spout to each other. Nice of you to take a bit of time away from jerking off to thoughts of throwing people out of helicopters, hanging Jews from meat hooks like your Iron Guard best friends loved to do, and horsecocks personal favorite, reenacting the Frontier Wars. At least youre hiding it now and trying to recruit people who dont know about your bullshit, rather than the the shitstains like this you used to bring to this community in droves
  14. Yeah, good vibes. Go ahead and post more logs from that chan to show people what your definition of good vibes is.
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