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  1. kosmokenny

    An Orbis Chronicle: The Fall of Buorhann

    Some day I will have my fight against the hippo, fair and square.
  2. kosmokenny

    Rose Treaty Annoucement

    Im glad you realized you were unworthy of being tied to WTF.
  3. kosmokenny

    Breaking News from the Shifty News Network-Fark hospitalized

    Shifty News Network is fake news bullshit nazi propaganda.
  4. kosmokenny

    Terminus Est Invitational

    And Nuke Bloc did you a favor by making you feel like big strong powerful e-peen having shitstains. Oooh, so shiny, so impressive. So gud.
  5. kosmokenny

    Does this qualify as a ragequit ?

    The South will rise again! Oh wait, no it won't.
  6. kosmokenny

    Terminus Est Invitational

    I remember a time when I tried to convince TKR this was the way to go, but they couldn't break themselves of their inner need to bully people much smaller than them.
  7. kosmokenny

    A Message from Roz Wei and Roz the departed

    Thats funny. /Go suck Aquamans dick, Black Vulcan //You dont get it because youre a fricking noob ///Bringing slashies back
  8. kosmokenny

    Ape and NK

    I complimented your ability to shitbag your way into easy wars on targets a fraction of your size, yes. You skillfully do that, over and over and over again, while parroting the phrase "git gud" to your enemies as if there was any way for them to fight you successfully at the odds you give them. Youre like those trophy hunters that go to Africa and shoot a giraffe from their land rover to feel big and strong and in charge of the world. Youre so shiny and impressive.
  9. kosmokenny

    Ape and NK

    Yeah, coordinating your EMC so you get to use them as meatshields and act honorable coming in to roll a 25 man alliance really makes you stand up gentlemen and not complete shitbags.
  10. kosmokenny

    A Message from Roz Wei and Roz the departed

    Calling out Buorhann as the worst of the blights here is rather extreme. Hes not one of the racist shitbags, or even in the Acadia class of collaborators. I mean, we have the incel shitstain nazi brothers of NSR running people over in Toronto and shooting up Waffle Houses and high schools, doesnt do anyone any good to lump Buorhann in with em because hes a prick.
  11. kosmokenny

    Ape and NK

    Its your fault youre cowards and pathetic enough to pull that shit. You spent a year with NB tied to you wanting to use us as your meat shields, then we break away and you dogpile on us because we were no longer of any use to you. I had a lot of talks with Lordship and Smith about how distasteful that bullshit is, and they knew it was true. Then they hand over the reigns to lesser people and you immediately pissed away any respect you earned in the fair wars you fought long ago. Is anyone even left from those days, to know how to fight a fair and fun war?
  12. kosmokenny

    Ape and NK

    You really are a special kind of stupid. You cowardly shitstains sat there salivating waiting for fark to counter, eager to throw your 100+ at our 25, and jumped fark as soon as I hit TCW. Please, go frick yourself.
  13. kosmokenny

    A Message from Roz Wei and Roz the departed

    What a bunch of fricking hens you stupid shits are. Cuck cuck cuck cuck cuck. Now I want chicken.
  14. kosmokenny

    The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

    Are you one of the original nazis, or have they brought more of you here like I said they were going to do and nobody wanted to listen?
  15. kosmokenny

    The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

    Eat shit, nazi

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