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  1. I for one am excited for what our new weeb overlords bring us. Welcome to PnW
  2. What is this talking about? OP hasnt included any tags so I dont know what this is talking about? Did someone lose their bank again?
  3. Im sorry wht? are you saying a bunch of 200 score nations are gonna join the war? I mean ok
  4. Sorry I didnt understand this. Why would NPO say "Okay job is done you may leave now? "
  5. @Roquentin idk if you know this but you have better things to address
  6. I think theres one with "Anti proliferation". I think you get it when you destroy a nuke with spies
  7. aye good luck for the rebuild lads o/
  8. cough cough @ everyone This is a just a reminder that you are all playing a game, and that behind each screen is a living, breathing person with feelings. I hope that everyone can be respectful of each other, even when we disagree, and realize that while this is a competitive game, there's no need to take it to a personal level. Be kinder to each other. We can all work together to make a better, friendlier, less toxic community by having compassion and respect for one another.
  9. You can do this DB! Have a good fight y'all and remember: this is a simulator game. No salt no harsh feelings
  10. WhErE'S tHe TaG??? hOw Am I sUpPoSeD tO tElL tHe WhAt'S gOiNg On?
  11. @Alex can we have a [Micro] tag for micro alliance announcements?
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