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  1. Hope to see some great DoWs from you guys ❤️
  2. I dont really know whats going on. Just came to say "that time I got reincarnated as a slime" is a decent anime and worth the watch. The AMV used ep 24 I believe which doesnt have much to do with the story. Excited for s2
  3. inb4 sean anthony posts DOE about new alliance in Alliance affairs
  4. Ok. What would you like me to do with this information?
  5. Suspected multis should go to Game_reports. I dont think anyone here wants to deal with this lol
  6. Welcome to the game. Join an alliance is the best way to learn and contribute to the game o/ glhf
  7. I for one am excited for what our new weeb overlords bring us. Welcome to PnW
  8. What is this talking about? OP hasnt included any tags so I dont know what this is talking about? Did someone lose their bank again?
  9. Im sorry wht? are you saying a bunch of 200 score nations are gonna join the war? I mean ok
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