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  1. Alucard Hellsing

    Shifty News Network-Poach me like one of your French girls

  2. Alucard Hellsing

    Avalon’s Avarice

    inb4 they all merge
  3. Alucard Hellsing

    Shifty News Network-Pepper

    Before t$ After t$ Bruh....pls
  4. Alucard Hellsing

    Shifty News Network-Pepper

    pffft haha tbh idk if t$ didnt get involved you two would talk the same shit you're talking rn. Im still suprised you're bragging about hitting a 14 man micro and still need help from t$. Lmao either way, we were due for a roll so its alright.
  5. Alucard Hellsing

    USC Nation Lore (United Hoods Minister)

    First time I’m seeing someone put E F F O R T in their bio lol nice one!
  6. Alucard Hellsing

    Ayylamic Forces clash with KT & Friends

    Ayy lmao
  7. Alucard Hellsing

    Martian (MDA)

    I wouldn't really recommend angering bloodthirsty warmongers in the middle of a war by spamming alliance affairs.... Here's a quick way to help yourself out of this situation: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/delete/ np
  8. Alucard Hellsing

    Yo, Blodiac

    This is sad
  9. Alucard Hellsing

    And Another Oooonnnnneeeee...

    First gimme dem dislikes
  10. Alucard Hellsing

    Silence of the Gods

    Looking forward to working with you all!
  11. Alucard Hellsing

    Announcement from THC

    Glad to see this up! Congrats!
  12. Alucard Hellsing

    A last re-brand ... Lordaeron is Lordagone,

    Skip to 2 days later, Cornerstone splits back into Lordaeron and Cs. Let the shitposting continue
  13. Alucard Hellsing

    DarkBrotherhood makes more Bad Company

    Yay new treaty !
  14. Alucard Hellsing

    Lordship's Wrath

    First yess!!!!!!
  15. Alucard Hellsing

    Radiant Coronation

    "To love the journey is to accept no such end. I have found, through painful experience, that the most important step a person can take is always the next one." Hail Lordship Hail CreepyLurker Hail TKR good luck ?

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