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  1. Well there you have it folks. Akuryo, the village idiot of Orbis has spoken and we are none the wiser.
  2. It is actually really surprising to see how often people misunderstand sarcasm on here. It would be fascinating to do a mental health assessment of the players here - for sure everyone is deranged in some way, but I bet we are overrepresented in some categories...
  3. Sorry man I was just kidding around lol
  4. If you don't mean it, just don't say it in the first place. If you were just joking, it was just a joke, so no apology needed. If you apologized, it was either not a joke, or you literally lost control of your mouth. The fact that you apologize makes me never want to deal with you again.
  5. That's not what's happening here.
  6. Well we are off the rails now and in firm troll territory now that Frezasan shoed up. Dude, you literally post nazi stuff all over discord, and I have constantly argued with you about your racism. I kicked you from Yarr, along with Cobber (Bunyip), et al for exactly that reason. I certainly do commend you on your mad troll skillz - level 11 stuff for sure. Anyone who doubts me is welcome to come to Hell's discord, and I will open the rooms where I have railed against racism for years. @Alex, please close this thread.
  7. I am back and my perspective has not changed. I think, though, you understand what is going on here. Should there be one standard, you either have to condemn Harry AND me or neither. And that standard would be for using the word White in reference to a colour block and nothing more. If you want perspective on racism, then almost everyone in this thread except Harry and me are guilty. Hence my recommendation to remove colours that can be easily confused with race. The Black colour block was until recently named "TKR Sucks Big Black Knights".
  8. Well, the harassment certainly doesm but you may not be aware of the history, and no, the expression is no longer racist. Furthermore, it was a reference to the White Colour block, and Alex already ruled that that was what Harry was talking about - I do not expect a double standard. To put this in context, Harry's move came less than a week after George Floyd was murdered, and just as global protests erupted.
  9. This was the outcome of Harry's reporting me for trolling. Then came the embargoes and harrassment and now this. Knock it off, folks, and try to be more sensitive about the world around you even if Harry can't. My comments here are in line with @Alexguidance on the meaning of the colour blocks, but I think it is beyond the grasp of the younger people playing this game..
  10. I did not message you first. You embargoed me.
  11. I was not bragging - it is a fact. I m literally the most well-traveled person have ever met. I teach at U of Glasgow and Warwick Business School, and they fly me in from Montreal to do it. I would have accepted Harry doing that in error if he admitted it - might have been an honest mistake. The problem is that everything he has done sine then suggests he is trying to hide being discovered - the right thing to do would have been to take pause. Perhaps you can explain it to him - I was literally having fun with him because we have a mutual friend and they have been trying to recruit me for more than a month now. I am 100% correct here. Really? When was the last time? Sadly, I clearly know more about it than you and of the two of us, I am not the one with the condition. I do volunteer work for autistic college students.Let's just leave it at this: I am right, and you can do your own research until you realise that. OK Reported
  12. How? Alexio15 was given explicit instructions to not contact me, and has now breached those terms. If you knew what he and his fellow harassers did, it would blow you away. I kept my side of the bargain - he has been sending my in game PMs all week, and I let t slide, but now it is clearly enough. Well, I am an educator so you will have to take my word on it. And perhaps research it yourself. It will help you a lot, even if you are high functioning. And BTW I dd not mean it in any negative way - I did say I was being serious about that comment and mean t. Not something I would joke about - my 9 year old son is autistic.
  13. Cool, so maybe you can advise him. Nothing wrong with autistic people - I actually suspect most people are on the spectrum somehow. But can you confirm thatnut understanding humour and sarcasm in particular is a tell? What on earth do i have to apologise for?
  14. Atleast racism s not one of them. I have fought racism my whole life as a member of 4 races. When people ask me where I am originally from, I answer, "Earth, how about you?" Ok here the proof of the breach of terms @Alex
  15. But that was a different expression, and you were the first to use it. I shot back at Harry for his exceptionally insensitive timing. The fact that he persisted rather than take a pause suggests I may have been right. This kind of argumentaton s commn among racist on Fox News - do something then deny it was racist. Is that what Hrry was doing, or will he admit that he was wrong and insensitive? People are literally rioting in the US and the UK about this... Have you seen the news?
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