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  1. Let me be your guide to usersub...
  2. I did not. What you did was reprehensible, and you did not get that I was actually doing you a kindness. You are just clueless. You too were told to drop this, but you and your alliance keep bringing it up, PMing me, harassing me on the forums...etc. So, just shush now - I would rather be alone than keep company with people like you who skirt the grey areas just to have someone to cling to... EDIT: Just had to come back and re-state my complete shock at how you got everything so completely wrong. I mean, like, WOW! Epic stupid.
  3. Looks like I won this thread. I just keep winning,
  4. It is as ironic as it is tragic that she is Canadian too.
  5. The Bully War. It’s positively bully, I say.
  6. If you want to root out systemic racism, and violence, you have to look to the roots and not just the symptoms. Inequality, economic repression, and an overwhelming strain of racism in the US is the cause of all of this - and it results in a lack of representation. The US looks like South Africa did in the 80s, and these issues are simply not present in first world nations. I am all for law and order, but for it to be sustainable, it must be just. BLM and ANTIFA are a reaction to something, not unlike the American Revolution was a reaction to something. It is also ironic that the 2nd amendment in the US (ie right to shoot your neighbours) was meant to deter a British invasion or to prevent a tyrant from seizing power - yet all the hardcore gun nuts today are supporting a guy who is eroding the few freedoms Americans enjoy. Rather than represent the people contained within the US borders, he is representing a loud, violent, racist, dogmatic, and highly intolerant armed minority. If the US has another civil war, and I am certain it will one day, it will be to throw out democracy in favour of empire - may as well cut your teeth now, because Americans will have become the very oppressors whose yoke they threw off in their revolution. Here is a great article by one of my favorite artists, Nick Cave. His comments about both extremes are spot-on. https://www.theredhandfiles.com/why-do-you-write/
  7. Actually I am exceptionally intuitive, but you don't grow by staying in your safe zone. This place is made of pixels, and as I mentioned, I use business sims in my work. I always tell clients or students to go ahead and try things they would not do IRL, because that's what simulations are for. I am super tolerant of free speech as long as it is a conversation - this can be achieved IRL, and no one gets up in my grill IRL because I am huge and fearsome looking with scars on my forearms and face - I look like a hit man in my fedora. Here is some intuition for you: Insanity is rare in individuals but common in groups. Folks like this can't follow anything more than your last comment, and their only objective is to get a rise from someone. This is the ban list from the last 48 hours on my server: Any advice on how to sort this out? These are the worst trolls of Orbis, and they were all under the roof of MS - I had previously kicked some of them from Yarr for racist trolling, and joined MS at Mars' insistence in a moment of doubt at being to harsh on them. I was right the first time around. It is hard to cradle a love for free speech when it has become a dog-whistle to the far right these days, and I just hae having to ban people because the only thrill they get out their empty lives is to make base insults.
  8. It is true. I used to do intl business development for Oracle, FedEx, Network Associates, and then was responsible for training Goodyear's sales force in EMEA (1000 sales people in 27 language groups). How did I wind up here? My primary means of training is through complex web based business strategy simulations... I am old as dirt, and there are some things I wished I had never seen or experienced, but what does not kill you makes you stronger. I knew you were a cat. I was not addressing you. If I were, J would have written in meow. You are even more if an idiot than me, and that says a lot. Just look at your seething.
  9. Not really. It's made of carbon and has a wicked paint job with flames and shit. I can really move with it, and go the distance thanks to the application of advanced materials. You can't really afford it on a carpenter's salary. T'was more than a joke. I was trying to do him a solid due to my long relationship with some FP members. Just clueless.
  10. Thanks. Yeah I guess it is. I have gone down this path so long, I realized I became as callous as some of the people I sought to excise from Orbis, and in the end became indistinguishable from them. I am now captain of my destiny, living deliberately, and willing to be the fool for it. This is what Orbis needs and will still be standing when my current woes are at an end.
  11. Kind of. And it is only a part of my history. The context of why I am doing this at this time and in this form, coupled with my personal motivations is meant to cut through all the half-truths, lies, trolling, not only from others over the years, but from myself. As idealistic as it is presumptuous, I foolishly tried to fight fire with fire to make the world a better place. The deep seated need by prejudiced people to justify their lack of experience, education, and closed minds by converting others is actually stronger than the prejudice itself, at least online. That is what pusillanimous minds do. I was once told, back in my RIA days, to never argue with a fool, for they will just bring you down to their level and beat you with experience. Now I will try to fight fire with something else, not out of a need to convert people to my way of thinking, but to not surrender the field to small minds. Rather, to bring like minded folks together who, like me, feel isolated, and who actually far outnumber hateful people everywhere, and to let that call its own attention. I stated what I stand for and against, in personal terms, in about 300 words I guess. Like anyone else, I am a whole lot more complicated than a few hundred words. The friendship I alluded to in my OP is restored, but at a great loss to Orbis.
  12. It's really not. The last time nationalism was a big thing, we had 2 world wars. Now it rears its ugly head again, and how is the outlook? Just look at what it has done to Iran or the US, for example. "Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel" - Samuel Johnson, 1775 What 'racist bullshit'? I have only ever spoken out against it, and counter trolled racist trolls. And, apparently you give a shit.
  13. Indeed. We still possess the deeds to the first 13 states, and are waiting for the squatters to politely leave. Actually we are more of a northern trophy bride. You know, better looks, a moral centre, but everyone knows who has the dosh. I also want to add that I am very excited by the nVidia RTX 3000 announcement today, and am pissed that I have to wait until Sept 24 for a 3090 - I just fried my rig...
  14. Yes indeed it is everywhere. The only relevant question is whether you condone it or work against it. When I watch the news and see people blowing themselves up or bombing someone from 30,000ft, or shooting their neighbours in the street, I am filled with dread and shame at the dreams and inventions that might have been. What do you find odd about it coming from me - I have made my mark and been marked for fighting this for many years. I even went into the thick of it to try to root it out at the source. In real life, I deal with prejudiced people every day, and work to overcome my own prejudices with every interaction, whether with a new culture, religion, race, whatever. We can't help having pre-formed opinions, and they can actually be handy in an emergency. But is it not more profitable to appreciate the individual before you than the group you think they represent? By the way, a member of your family came over this morning to stay for the next few years. Her name is Ryzen 9 3950X, and she is beautiful.
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