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  1. Yeah I played around with the 6K while I had it. I will remove 9 now. Much obliged for the rewind.
  2. Yes exactly - I only wanted to take the city from 2k to 4k. When it hung, I should have closed the browser instead of refreshing. Not sure if it was the game of network lag, but I have FTTH...
  3. I already reported this nation as a possible multi, and he was found innocent. I respect that decision despite his frequent associate with multis, so I don't want this to be interpreted in the wrong way. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=132252 If you see his Nation Activity feed, sometimes his nation is called "Ethereum", and other times it is "ethereum". I check up on him to stay out of range since I am concerned he was going to methrage against me again for no reason, and noticed this. Probably not a big deal, but it looks weird, and when compounded with the fact that all of his messages duplicate, I thought it was worth reporting as a bug.
  4. I tried increasing a city to 4K infra, and the page hung. When I refreshed, I had 6K infra in that city! Any chance to reverse that - it was absolutely not my intention to build that much infra...
  5. Not a big deal, but I have noticed something recently: - my alliance seniority and my alliance's age do not match ...Yet I joined Yarr (co-founded it) from its first day and never left even for a minute. Furthermore, the discrepancy is increasing - 3 weeks ago it was off by one day, and now it is off by 11 days...
  6. Well, thanks for the entertainment. Your meltdown was epic.
  7. It was not your money. You literally provided no proof at all. Furthermore, Leyaul claims the entire sum was his, so one of you is lying. You are just a spoiled brat who is throwing a tantrum because you did not profit from his graft. In fact, by your actions, you caused yourself to suffer and are now pretty much the village idiot. BTW thanks for the boon - we just collected our money. Thank you! Come again!
  8. No, I was explicit and clear. You misunderstood.
  9. False. I gave you a deadline by which to offer peace, which you did and then renegged on by withdrawing it. We never discussed when it should be accepted by - we were just waiting on our inactive to get back online.
  10. There certainly was when you were only fighting 3.
  11. We ceased fire while waiting for the third man to come online. My only expedtation was that you would keep your word. You chose to withdraw peace twice and fire nukes. All you, baby. BTW war is not your thing. You're as bad at it as I was at raiding.
  12. Do your research - I know it is not ypur strong suit, but try. We have yet to see the cheater's funds. Not one penny yet. We will get our reps tomorrow from Rose, who has not denied holding Leyaul's ill-gotten gains. We don;t want to ZI you - there is a lineup 10 ranks deep of people who can't stand your ridiculous behaviour. Since your have effectively declared war on civilization, and are holding a lot of nukes, and even landed one on me despite the fact that Yarr is in NO WAY INVOLVED AT ALL IN ANY OF THIS, there is a collective understanding that you need to be put down and kept down until you grow up or find your meds. This situation is 100% your making, and Yarr is literally the only victim here. If Leyaul gets his name cleared by admin, then add him to the list. Next time something like this happens, heed my advice. In the meantime, thanks for the entertainment and the stats (which are apparently currency among some folks), and rest in the knowledge that Yarr will buff out the scratches by tomorrow with the funds you claim without proof are yours.
  13. We don't have his money. Rose does, and will pay us out of that account. in addition to your self inflicted damage, 200 mil will come out of Leyaul's deposit, so great job at resolving you issue. All of this could habe been avoided if you came to me and asked for mediation. Or accepted my offer to mediate, dewpite attacking 2 of our members. Or kept ypur word on our agreement to peace out. The list goes on. Dude, it's just pixels. If you have forgotten that, take a break from the game. I have been in your shoes before as well, but at least I took the time to gather my evidence - it is the reasonable thing to do.
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