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  1. Beige used to be 5 days to a week if i recall correctly. Everytime you were beiged it would reset to the full amount.
  2. No this is a horrible idea now that beige has gone away. Beige was a defenders friend, it hypothetically gave time to rebuild troops. Now there is no wait between the end of one war and the beginning of the next. We should not hurt the losers more.
  3. For sure will be a success...
  4. Viselli

    Code go brrrr

    In my case I lost all my money, which is why my cities are unpowered
  5. Viselli

    Code go brrrr

    I lost 90 million and it says all my cities are unpowered even though I have the resources to power them.
  6. If you think that's subtle then try this: shut up. Can we have this thread closed since it's just another one firwof managed to dig himself a grave in at this point.
  7. I would like to thank Firwof for once again demonstrating why downvotes are needed
  8. https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=4937 Same with the Camelot alliance page and the Camelot Acronym
  9. Unfortunately my dear rawr it was not
  10. I may or may not have suggested this 2-3 times now
  11. Personally I think that is too low, maybe 25-50% of your max per day. It gives incentive to blockade to stop people using the black market, and right now ships are the most useless unit in the game.
  12. On top of the rebuy though right? Not instead of your rebuy
  13. That is true a cap would limit the "pay to win" aspect. I didn't think it was needed as an alliance would have to coordinate buying the units at once and I assumed for an alliance the size of the top 20 there would not be enough supply for the demand. However I could be wrong. What type of cap would you suggest?
  14. Yes selling troops to people would make the alliance affiliations interesting. It could lead to further CBs or some of your own allies or people in your alliance selling troops to the people you are fighting
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