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  1. The difference is the spy satellite being changed means its not what we purchased. If it was just a price decrease/increase, I wouldnt have a problem with it. I bought the spy satellite specifically for the extra damage on spies, if that gets changed then the project is no longer what many of us purchased. Additionally, projects have rarely, if ever, been nerfed so people cant claim we should have been prepared.
  2. The problem is as of right now the spy satellite justifies the price or at least is worth the price. It is one of the most expensive projects and also one of the most effective. I agree with you that there should be a refund if it gets changed as it hasn't had a chance to be used much and was bought with current expectations. I don't recall another project that has got a nerf like the proposal
  3. You dont get the spy satellite for killing units you get it for the spy vs spy effect. This will make a very expensive project almost useless, changes the plane/tank meta yet again after only one 10 day war, and makes needless other changes such as 10% increase in ship vs ship kills However, the project timer and treasure changes are welcome
  4. Id say keep the timer reset at 4 credits for each. building 6 cities seems way too powerful.
  5. Thank you for doing a temporary solution while the new ones get thoroughly tested instead of giving us an untested system great change!
  6. Come to Camelot we have ice cream!
  7. Maybe I missed something but how does this prevent people from declaring war then activating their beige preventing counters from being sent?
  8. Viselli


    Weve tried many times to get more sports and unfortunately every time Alex has said no. He's even said he regrets putting baseball in the game. I doubt we will get more sports although I'd love for an Olympics or world cup to be added
  9. Beige used to be 5 days to a week if i recall correctly. Everytime you were beiged it would reset to the full amount.
  10. No this is a horrible idea now that beige has gone away. Beige was a defenders friend, it hypothetically gave time to rebuild troops. Now there is no wait between the end of one war and the beginning of the next. We should not hurt the losers more.
  11. For sure will be a success...
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