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  1. Viselli

    Treaty of Amicus

    But its fun to say amity
  2. Viselli

    Baseball into Soccer

    I disagree Alex I think it is important in nation-sim. The World Cup has a huge impact every 4 years. If you tied an "international tournament" into the economy of a nation and depending on how well they do they could get a boost in income. It would encourage players to spend money on their team as well.
  3. Viselli

    Battlefield 1

    you get to be a pidgeon
  4. Viselli

    Valyria Held Hostage, Will Send Ransom

    https://www.gofundme.com/2sxbddjx Will the kind citizens of Orbis help us in our hour of need?
  5. Viselli

    Valyria Held Hostage, Will Send Ransom

    I'm not sure we can handle them alone, they are a scary alliance
  6. Viselli

    Valyria Held Hostage, Will Send Ransom

    Uh oh, with APEX raiding us I might have to jump into vacation mode soon
  7. Viselli

    Ransoming and Converting Spies

    I like it, if you have the intelligence agency project it could change the stats making it easier to convert spies or harder for them to escape.
  8. nation name: Sotan nation link:https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=38428
  9. Viselli

    nation got deleted

    I logged on at school and everything was fine. When I came home, my nation, Sotan was deleted and my username and password did not work. I never gave my password to anybody. May you please restore my nation? My nations name was Sotan, ruler Viselli, and i was a member of Sparta. this is a link to where my nation used to be https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=23639
  10. Viselli

    Nuclear perk suggestion

    It could be a targeted emp where it destroys all powerplants but nothng else.
  11. Does anyone else think it is odd that the light sabers are cutting down trees but when Rey hits Kylo Ren in the face he gets a little scratch but seems to be mostly ok?
  12. Ummmm.... Han solo is not a sith, the sith are wiped out along with the empire. Hans son is a force user of the darkside. For the record the movie is fantastic, I have already seen it twice.
  13. Viselli

    A Matter of Opinion: Network Trading

    I agree this needs to be adressed. I play with a couple of friends at school and we try to be very careful about how many people us the wifi, cellular data, or only play at home. We dont do any trading but it could still get us in trouble.

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