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  1. I saw it mentioned somewhere else but it would be nice if it was notification next to the nation name just like the blockade symbol.
  2. We already have scaleable beige. It used to be a set amount of time but now beige is added per war lost
  3. Well it says hes a Dr. and no one lies on the internet so I say hes pretty successful
  4. I agree with most of this but that would also ban recruitment bots, since they automate the in-game action of sending a message. Until Alex implements the "recruitment bot messaging system and allow alliances to pay for it through Credits" then I think recruitment bots should be an exception from the rule.
  5. Ya this needs to be talked about more. Obviously if someone hacked the game they should have been banned but falsly accusing someone should also carry punishment
  6. I agree any money transfer bots should be banned. However I am fine with the war reporting bots, the recruitment bots, and the trade tracking bots that keep track of trends of average prices. The difference between money transfer bots and the others is that the others are not an essential part of a core game mechanic. One can keep track of wars declared on your alliance, or trade trends without affecting the game play of others. Recruit bots already have rules around them (no spamming, messaging people in alliances, etc.) Money transfer bots on the other hand affect the game play of more than just the user, it also affects potential attackers who have to log in to attack a nation to try to loot the nation or alliance bank.
  7. So this should end the thread? Maybe BK should apologize for making false accusations?
  8. So should we start a thread so BK can apologize for false accusations?
  9. He did but we aren't allowed to talk in the report. And my point isn't if he made a private complaint as well, I assume he did, but since he also made a public accusation then it's the duty of BK gov to provide proof to back up their public accusations.
  10. If you publicly accuse someone then you have the duty to the public to show public proof. Your alliance could have made a private accusation to Alex in private messages or on discord but decided to go public. Y'all went for a public accusation therefore you have the responsibility to provide proof to the public.
  11. Many bots, like a recruitment bot, needs the email and password of the nation to send out the in game messages. Same goes with bank bots if you want to transfer funds. From what I understand from this thread someone is being accused of using the bot (which is legal according to the game rules) to kick people from the alliance. This action is not against the game rules as using the bot is not against the game rules.
  12. I completely agree the max amount of raw buildings should make the same amount as the max amount of manu uses
  13. I thought the admin bot is the one that logs in
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