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  1. Yeah, but I realized I was addicted to the game and decided to come back lol
  2. Yeah, learned that the hard way, I have been told in the past that I have had an ego when making alliances by multiple people. I am trying to get better with that. 110% You don't like the flag?
  3. Last Resort Blah, blah, blah We exist now. Yes we know that we suck but we have to start somewhere No one cares but here is our theme-ish When darkness descends upon the world, there is a beacon of light. A place of happiness and joy. The Last Resort, the tropical resort in a dystopian world in which people can escape the darkness of the world and enjoy life. Our tropical beaches and amazing rooms are to die for. Escape the grip of reality and party in the Last Resort. The rest of the world is like hell on earth while we are standing strong as heaven on earth. We give economic, militaristic, and intellectual aid to all of our members. We try to create a chill and friendly environment. Thats about it, sorry for annoying you with this Protected by Golden Phoenix Coalition https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=6240 https://discord.gg/xCbhSm7
  4. Or you could make it so being the leader of an alliance adds a very small amount of score so that way, there wont be 0 score offshores
  5. Everything good must come to an end, I have enjoyed this game and the community that was with it but I decided that this is my time to leave the game. This 553 day long adventure has been amazing but it is my time to leave the game. I am going to tell a little story, I was just a kid starting high school, I was a nerd and I felt alone. I didn’t really have friends but I started talking to two guys and I found this game. I told them about it and we bonded over the game and a while passes and eventually they stopped playing but by that point, I had fallen in love with the game and its community. I always felt welcome and saw many friendly faces. Fast forward a while, and I am still playing this game as a Junior in high school, most likely going to college next year, etc. I started growing a bad rep though and I ended up being a jerk to some of my ingame friends. Then I decided that this is the right decision. Thank you everyone for an amazing 553 days, I have enjoyed it so much and it has been quite an adventure. I would like to thank a few people in particular (I have talked to all of these people in dms about this stuff): @Simmons#4158 He has been an amazing friend to me and he has stuck with me through thick and thin. Back when we were in Sunray 1-1 together, we were government together. Overtime we became good friends. @MinesomeMC#6969 He has been an amazing friend too and although me and him have fought numerous times, he has been great to me. I remember when me and him were just Camelot prots together and getting pissed at Sean Anthony for being stupid (He was another Cam prot) so me and him plotted against him and it was fun. We have been friends ever since. @Epimetheus#0222 When I was newer to the game, he took me in when I tried my first real attempt at an alliance and aided me numerous times. He has been so helpful to me throughout this time. There are many others but I don’t have the time to list everyone but what I will do is say this: Thank you to all of you who have been kind to me or have helped me along this adventure. I am officially deleting my nation and who knows, maybe I will return again in the future. I feel like I am forgetting some stuff but its whatever. Tl;dr - I am quitting the game
  6. As the coleader Of The Golden Phoenix Coalition, I agree with this
  7. Blue Alantians should merge into The Institution ;)
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