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  1. I also have all the proof of your blatant slander against me to try justifying the AMV ban; so sticking with the lie will only hurt you more.
  2. @Alex To repay all donations made, you blatantly, you slander me with lies to try justifying your ban over an AMV & other lies. I don’t like people who take my money, then slander & ban me for no good reason. I want all money I’ve donated refunded or an apology for slandering me; along with all bans/strikes removed. If you do neither I’ll never forgive you & rip off reports /bad reviews posted everywhere I can think of whenever I have nothing better to do is likely. I can be vengeful & spiteful towards those who wrong me with no remorse or correction. Can also be very
  3. Reupload of video exposing "Interrepublic, They cover up Pfizer genetically modified AIDS virus which leaked and spread. interrepublic also backs Bayer which knowingly infected consumers with the AIDS virus. Bayer as a derivation of the Nazi war machine IG Farben created As well as creating Heroin. But Bayer is considered common pain reliever thanks to Interpublic" Interpublic, already infamous for their role in HIV coverups also involved in controlling the Chronavirus Narrative. (The bought for fake news reporting we have today was largely started by Interpublic) https://investors.interp
  4. Cosponsors Who Withdrew Date Cosponsored Date Withdrawn CR Explanation Rep. Van Drew, Jefferson [R-NJ-2]* 05/01/2020 05/15/2020 After this Blog Post, the one Republican who had Co-Sponsered it withdrew from it. Was a recent Democrat until this year. We do recognize he realized his mistake here and consider this bill dead.
  5. Also can give reasons many of the strikes were not justified from my point of view, but I'm willing to just accept it as is and move on if unbanned.
  6. I've learned my lesson and wish to be unbanned from the forum. My leader name is Anarch, but that's being used by another forum account (Which can be changed to anything). It was my bad accumulating enough strikes, even if I didn't know I could get a strike for my final one. Although I've learned & mostly wish to contribute with suggestions to make the game better & won't push the limits of the rules; as well as respect the decisions of the moderators. I appreciate this ban appeal being considered. I don't about my rep negative & fine with using this account. Fine with go
  7. We're up to 32 members and rising. Double since my last post in here. Join Today! https://discord.gg/hS5qrPg https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=7204
  8. The Democrats have introduced a new bill in order to introduce a system of contact tracing & quarantine without due process modeled after China & other authoritarian regimes. If that wasn't bad enough, they've introduced the bill with the number of the beast or anti-Christ. These Democrats know exactly what this number means. Its been reported before many of our elected officials are part of secret societies which take part in Satanic Rituals, but now the Democratic Leadership isn't keeping their Satanic Agenda secret at all with the overwhelming number of Democratic Co-Sponsors signin
  9. We're currently at 16 active members and rising fast. We plan to make it into the top 50, join to help make it happen sooner. https://discord.gg/hS5qrPg https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=7204
  10. As we enter into the future, people have a lot of time to think of the nanny state & whether it does more harm than good. As many see themselves needing to resort to government welfare with the economic shutdown; people can also evaluate our society as a whole and shift away from government beyond nation defense, disaster relief and other services a centralized entity would be useful for. For those at the bottom of the economic latter with their limited funds being devalued by inflation & no income with the shutdown; how much longer will the lower paid massive keep working.
  11. Libertarian/Anarchist Nexus brought many alliances together against a common enemy to liberty; Elysium may serve as a nexus in the future if an authoritarian threat creates the demand. Our ties with most alliances are very informal, but we’re willing to make situational alignments with most & think an environment where low tax alliances are a viable option matters. Elysium has a low rate of only 5%, which is almost nothing compare to most of the big alliances. Part of what makes the game interesting for players is optimizing their nations to edge out their income, which is taken away
  12. Elysium is the Spiritual Successor to Kingsglaive & Libertarian Utopia. Libertarians who mention this promo & haven’t requested grants within the last few months can cap their taxes at 5%. (Current Rate) What makes Elysium different from other alliances? We’re a Libertarian Alliance, but don’t prevent non-libertarians from joining. Better to convert them with time if those who aren’t libertarian yet want to join. However Libertarians are our target audience!
  13. Utopian Libertarian Society. The Future is Here. Welcome to Elysium. Prohibition an outdated concept. Citizens enjoy complete freedom over their own nations. Member rights include, Low Taxes. Members who haven't got a city grant for at least 2 months & remain active may request 5% max taxes. Grants. Members who remain active can request city grants if under 15 and put in line for the next city grant when funds are available. Allies with Libertarian/Anarchist Nexus (LAN), Noosphere & Deathly Hallows Alliance Link: https://politicsandwar.com/alliance
  14. I've suggested before Heir only be able to coup a leader if they go inactive, but fell on deaf airs. The community prefers it the way it is now, although the Heir position can be disabled & just not used.
  15. Well, I'd be happy to be proven wrong if you guys haven't fully decided on the Unjust Path & establishing a Global Hegemony using pure brute strength methods. Although almost just missing Mushroom Kingdom to have most of the leadership from CnG together again, with Pre-Karma NPO not much different than the Unjust Path anyways. Would be happy to be proven wrong; although somehow I doubt GOONS would last in a world without an absolute hegemony.
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