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  1. I've suggested before Heir only be able to coup a leader if they go inactive, but fell on deaf airs. The community prefers it the way it is now, although the Heir position can be disabled & just not used.
  2. Well, I'd be happy to be proven wrong if you guys haven't fully decided on the Unjust Path & establishing a Global Hegemony using pure brute strength methods. Although almost just missing Mushroom Kingdom to have most of the leadership from CnG together again, with Pre-Karma NPO not much different than the Unjust Path anyways. Would be happy to be proven wrong; although somehow I doubt GOONS would last in a world without an absolute hegemony.
  3. Winning is how it would be rationalized, what happens to everyone in Coalition B in the case of failure this war? Do they really have an alternative even if they don't know NPO/GOONS endgame here & suspicious of it? Is there any way for NPO to come back from this? I'm thinking those would be on their consideration list.
  4. You guys are doing a great job with your reputation attempting to introduce me to the concept of a joke in response to a joke you guys are unable to understand; even having it spelled out for you.
  5. Wouldn't expect goons to get a joke even when its spelled out right in front of them.
  6. I'll admit you guys had a reason for taking the nuclear option & feeling this war became all or nothing. Although still would like to see people come around in support of Liberty and opposed to tyranny at the end somehow. Although happy endings don't usually happen with luck, lol.
  7. Alpha will have a hard time ever recovering from this political move, other than as a loyal Roqbot if the Unjust Path succeeds this war. (Hard to imagine them reversing course on taking the Unjust Path with them at this point)
  8. Only when you're harassing people by sending creep things & trying to force those views on others. Otherwise live and let live.
  9. Was a joke regarding your IC push for everyone to be gay & on board with the communist agenda...
  10. For those who don't get the reference,
  11. Guess just in case NPO needs upper tier support if any other alliances might be thinking of getting involved would be my guess.
  12. Democracy usually fails unless the sheep are led by a benevolent ruler, but good luck with that.
  13. Libertarian/Anarchism wins for the ideal world always; since anything which involves freedom & some might misidentify as being related to communism at all would still be included. Hopefully GOONS have abandoned any support of Communism & their Gay Only Policy after recent PR Disasters. Being straight should never be a crime or "wrong".
  14. No treaties from Kingsglaive at least while attached to GOONs. Unless maybe they adopt a more Anarchist/Libertarian theme and evil purified; I’d maybe think about it. Maybe it’s fate we met one last time on this world so I can guide them toward the path to Nirvana.
  15. Gay is mandatory in GOONS, so sounds believable. Edit: This is all I really have evidence wise of their policy, but guess I'll throw it in so I have some "supporting evidence". (Hopefully not taking it so far as sending people packages in the mail though).
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