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  1. What about looting? Does that still exist?
  2. The money from these to trades wasn't credited back after the glitch was fixed. Show rows starting at Selling Nation Buying Nation Date Offered Offer Return Status 1) Forrests Critters Critters Grumpy Old Bastards Westerosi Tyrion Lannister The Immortals 06/08/2020 01:19 pm 900 4,459,500 (4,955 ea) Accepted 06/08/2020 04:35 pm 2) Forrests Critters Critters Grumpy Old Bastards LumbardLand Benj The Void Touched 06/08/2020 03:54 pm 800 4,010,400 (5,013 ea) Accepted 06/08/2020 04:35 pm
  3. What version of EMC is this....3rd....4th?
  4. Playing to win and playing to destroy the game are not the same thing.
  5. You know what old Jack Burton always says at a time like that?
  6. Ripper doing the bAmBooZle...
  7. Fraggle multi confirmed
  8. That’s what Orbis gets when everyone has a 6 month NAP......
  9. You were one of the few I liked in this game. Bocephus is sad.
  10. Rolling Rose? Come on, that so 2015, 2016, and 2017....
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