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  1. You know what old Jack Burton always says at a time like that?
  2. Ripper doing the bAmBooZle...
  3. Fraggle multi confirmed
  4. That’s what Orbis gets when everyone has a 6 month NAP......
  5. You were one of the few I liked in this game. Bocephus is sad.
  6. Rolling Rose? Come on, that so 2015, 2016, and 2017....
  7. Taking Out the Garbage War.
  8. OP is a genius. This suggestion has my full support.
  9. As the night progressed, Zim and Dryad’s drinking took a turn for the worse when someone put a bottle of tequila on their table..... “hmmm this stuff is okay, but something is missing” said Zim grimacing at the taste of the brew. “I agree” said Dryad searching the room with his eyes. “Aha!!” cried Dryad. “I see that salty assed horse somehow managed to sneak in here. For once, I’m glad to see it”. The two moved to where the horse stood, alone and crying. They rubbed their glass edges in the salty tears and returned to their table. “Ah, that is what was missing. It just needed a little salt” said Zim tasting the brew again. “Here’s to the future” they both toasted, their salt lined tequila glasses clinking.
  10. You should call your next alliance Jump The Shark
  11. Looks like it time for @Yosodog to get the OG’s together and make another run.....
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