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  1. Critters

    DoE of The Dixie Union

    Perhaps a.....confederation....of sorts....
  2. I wish I got to go to the upside down so I could see the Church of Evil Bocephus in all its terrible glory.
  3. Critters

    An Orbis Chronicle: The Fall of Buorhann

    Accusing Partisan is always a high percentage bet though....
  4. Critters

    Change The Name Of The Game.

    Don’t do that!!! Ignorance is bliss around here!!!
  5. Critters

    Maintain Balance?

  6. Critters

    Nude and Powdered: A Journey to Space

    Kastor dislike = we must be doing something right
  7. Critters

    Dynamic Consolidation 2: Electric Boogaloo

    That’s a very theme-ist statement Jroc
  8. Critters

    Dynamic Consolidation 2: Electric Boogaloo

    Why would we sign anyone?
  9. Critters

    The Ayyslamic Caliphate posts

    Rose FTL.....
  10. Critters

    Live from Baghdad-Shifty News Network Reporting in

    Partisan is the protector Pantheon deserves.
  11. Critters

    Live from Baghdad-Shifty News Network Reporting in

    Why just watch one train wreck when you can watch two?
  12. Critters

    Live from Baghdad-Shifty News Network Reporting in

    I feel the only option here is to split into Pantheon and Guardians of Olympus....
  13. Critters

    Join the Club! (NOW OPEN)

    So we could have private or closed clubs? Who would control the membership access, whoever made the club, or admin? Would mods still police these clubs? Would the clubs still have to adhere to sheepy’s forum rules even if they were controlled access? This could be cool if we could escape the admin generated groupthink that occurs here now. Otherwise why bother?
  14. Critters

    The candles burn the brightest.

    No, that was me.

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