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  1. Critters

    I see something... purple!

    Hey, next time run that shit past James before you post.
  2. Critters

    Rose Goes Public!

    Red next to black, a friend to Jack. That's about right i suppose.
  3. Critters

    Paperless Treaty Web - Upper Tier Alliances

    I will counter for TEst...ahem, that is, assuming I’m not hitting them in the first place...
  4. Critters

    Shifty News Network-Pepper

    Please do. Your public demands it! ETA: also use 100 words or more.
  5. Critters

    Shifty News Network-Playing Favorites

    There is nothing fun about TKR.
  6. Critters

    A MDP with the Mighty Atlantic

  7. Critters

    TEstleration of War.

    Great video Maia!! Bocephus is pleased.
  8. Critters

    Make wars more frequent

    How about after 60 days without a war a nation’s income drops 5% every seven days until they have a war? The timer restarts after their last war ends.
  9. Critters

    Happy Fourth of July!

    USA!!! USA!!! USA!!!
  10. Critters

    DoE of The Dixie Union

    Obviously you’re not a golfer....
  11. Critters

    DoE of The Dixie Union

    Perhaps a.....confederation....of sorts....
  12. I wish I got to go to the upside down so I could see the Church of Evil Bocephus in all its terrible glory.
  13. Critters

    An Orbis Chronicle: The Fall of Buorhann

    Accusing Partisan is always a high percentage bet though....

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