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  1. Abbas Mehdi

    Into the Sunset

    Wait wtf. You can't retire. Will miss you a lot Ogaden. Hopefully you stick around on discord servers. Best of luck man.
  2. Abbas Mehdi

    War Stats

    That's bait and yes we are a bit ashamed.
  3. Abbas Mehdi

    Something big is happening...

    Goodluck in your wars.
  4. Abbas Mehdi

    A WiFi DoW

    Banned is many things but lacking balls is not one of them. Guy just wants to make a bang, lets give him a warm welcome.
  5. Abbas Mehdi

    Hello from Alexandros o Megas

    Hey Alexandros man. Good to see you here. We gotta do that chess rematch someday in pw now.
  6. Abbas Mehdi

    Look, Listen, and Learn: A TKR Joint

    People who know me know the fact that I hardly ever post on these forums and just casually go around liking posts or on occasions posting a meme here and there but I do feel I should make a reply to what you have to say here. Thank you for your honest responses and while I do not wish to doubt your intentions I am just awed at how much it lacks foresight. Let's start with you claiming to protect upper tiers from fighting each other without an IQ split. Mate that is the entire argument you made against IQ for their mid tier consolidation, why can't people call you out on it when you make the same rhetoric they made. You want to woo NPO with some spectacle while they are parading around believing their own fake sphere split narrative, I don't mind you doing that but then coming up with paperless agreements at the same time you go around telling people to leave their own consolidation has a pinch of hypocrisy. I am not saying your intent is malicious, it could very much be sincere but you are wearing these horse blinders that is even blocking you from seeing inconsistencies in your own narrative. I specially liked the part where you claimed that you are against Nuke bloc kicking down the barn door before addressing mid tier consolidation and calling it premature. Did you also consider it premature when you discussed with tcw and kt your plans on addressing upper tier consolidation after you make "relevant member from IQ" leave. Again goes back to my statement about horse blinders. Just take a lesson from people like Partisan who have been leaked on sharing conflicting narratives to people in private and you are the second in command of the biggest alliance in this game, if you tell one person one thing, a third person is 100 percent guaranteed to know what you are also telling the second person. Stick to a narrative and be consistent with it for yourself and for your allies. So lets assume with some God given miracle an alliance like NPO that has for several months now told you they have drawn a red line and they won't leave IQ under any circumstances. You will have a Sphere that contains your core allies Pantheon, The Commonwealth, NPO, your peripheral ties contain Knights Templar and their allies who you were talking to about addressing upper tier consolidation post NPO joining and then there are some paperless agreements you have with tS and CoS. You are telling me mate that is a minisphere? Are you gonna do a split with them as well and we will start calling this game agar.io. Every time you make alliances leave their spheres you will make your sphere smaller or just call it a win for dynamism? I still can not even believe you guys are still thinking Roquentin is gonna do anything on any level without IQ being part of the equation. After leaving your former allies in particular allies of the bloc Bad Company and Nuke bloc, the circumstances of which are already so questionable thanks to the damage control you did that you even went back to Bad Company for a treaty only recently and expected some to just say yeah sure let bygones be bygones and we can all move in together again. Mate like who do you think you are outsmarting here or if you aren't then why do you not see anything from the perspective of the people you cut off. And after cutting them off your biggest move to work for dynamism is to jump in when Polaris comes to you for a chance to hit arrgh. Forgive me if I feel disappointed but I at least expected you to hit a major alliance with enough defensive slots to be considered a blitz if you truly wanted to build bridges. I am just impressed by the fact that you think rolling 12 people in arrgh can build bridges with IQ peripheral alliances, I really lack that type of optimism. Mate they are laughing their ass off in the back channels at the capital you burnt to roll people that are so irrelevant to the political game. This last paragraph really made me laugh. I don't think you want to aim for hegemony but you definitely want to prove something and you keep doing these questionable things that make me think Roq doesn't even have to do any work anymore considering whenever he makes a disappointed face you are ready to say you are wrong and I will prove to you how wrong you are. Any actions you did after the split is what many consider sunk-cost fallacy. On your quest to prove Roq wrong about your intentions, you split from EMC, burnt bridges with your former allies, even when he is saying there is a red line that he will not leave IQ you are still telling us you will get "relevant IQ alliance" to join you. Its reached a point where you don't want to or can't pull out anymore that you are doubling down on it. Its the classic sunk-cost fallacy. I am willing to say even the attack on arrgh to build bridges is part of the political equation in your head in regards to the sunk-cost fallacy. Maybe Polaris has shown they no longer want to be tied to IQ alliances but seriously that still doesn't achieve the goal of you setting out to convince "relevant IQ alliance" to join your minisphere or even make their own sphere for that matter. You laid out a plan that you could have done to make sure you at least have some bargaining chips to negotiate with "relevant IQ alliance". According to yourself you not only actively handicapped yourself so you could appeal to the koolaid Roq served but you even antagonized the people that stood up for you as an ally. Again goes back to sunk-cost fallacy. By any objective metrics they are aware that their economics is suffering in low tier consolidation and their membership is suffering as well. Only NPO has been able to benefit from IQ with their per day revenue at 400 million cash and 25k refinement of each resource except steel with -17k with a -300k food deficit. No one in IQ is even 1/3 close to those numbers for resource even during peace time but they want to be allied to NPO so what kind of an offer can you make to NPO that they can simple accept to abandon their clique and their thriving economy and their low mid tier consolidation. You can not even make an offer to economically and internally struggling alliances to leave IQ much less thriving ones. Forgive me if I think Roquentin is more pragmatic than you. Time and time again some IQ alliances have told you their alliance success is in line with IQ success so I don't know which part you are ignoring and which part you are accepting. Like sure polaris likes you and aren't invested in IQ that much and might even jump with you but that doesn't achieve anything you set out to do. If 22 people fighting IQ is persecuting them, a war they continue to claim is not even a conflict and they are just casually ignoring it then neither downvoting your most loyal ally's meme will instill confidence in them for your good intentions to change the game. Like sure I know small acts matter but how would you pitch that to an IQ alliance, "look I downvoted my own ally's meme just to make sure you guys know I am not bullshitting to you about my intentions". Yeah that's gonna be something they will say "good job, yes you are doing things that show you are genuinely interested in working closely with us for the betterment of the game" and they for sure aren't laughing their asses off at you pandering to them in such a petty way.
  7. Abbas Mehdi

    For my friends in IQ

    Actually IQ as a whole didn't have a non bieging policy. I fought on the front fighting pantheon who we had to biege cause they were upper tiers. And as you say this is a non-traditional war, my question was addressed to an alliance leader who would be well aware of the military strategy of the entire alliance.
  8. Abbas Mehdi

    For my friends in IQ

    You want to eat away our military and not biege us at the cost of the 10 percent infrastructure damage to your nations? Is this a standard operating procedure not to biege us cause I didn't know that. If it is true then please let me know.
  9. Abbas Mehdi

    Terminal Jest rep farming episode 2

    I mean why not?
  10. Abbas Mehdi

    The Seventh Crusade

    @Kastor do you want me to start asking you questions on the forums now?
  11. Abbas Mehdi

    Rose Update

    I mean i think that was the first positive thread derailment I have witnessed yet.
  12. Abbas Mehdi

    The Purple-Ice Upgrade

    Congratz on the upgrade guys! Always nice to see upgrades occur showing the rise of new alliances.
  13. You should make an alliance, it’d be amazing

    you could force all your servantslaves to join it

    then just blackmail the rest of PnW to join it


    but name it...


    get all the treasures for that sweet .001 alliance income boost


    then pay people to get those same artifacts, IRL, mail them to Alex and demand treasures be fixed 


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