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  1. Should we get a betting pool going on whether changeup is gonna go pooball? What are you hiding mate, out with it.
  2. Haven't praised a BK treaty announcement in a long long time. Congratz to y'all.
  3. Considering I was part of the original tJest that compromised of barely 24 people that attacked IQ with 700 nations in it and did 45 bil damage like 3 years ago or so when plane casualties were actually high and whales could be suicides into, I can tell you that using terms like rank 9 or rank 1 or rank 62 does not exactly do anything in a game that was war ranges as a key component of its gameplay. And I know you all know this too considering you were trying to get schrute to pay up after declaring on them if they wanted to be free of your "skirmishes". If you want to raid around and have fun
  4. Join MI6 or die. Or die after joining.
  5. I take that as a personal attack. We are a proud city.
  6. I always thought $yndicate could never fill the shoes of Jessica Rabbit ever again after she went away, as her name and $yndicate had become almost synonymous. I was so wrong to think that, as you became the bedrock of $yndicate that cultivated it for the past years on their ascension. You have been a great friend to me in this game and out of this game. We shared some crazy stories together and I legit do not know how to honour you for this announcement as I typed and retyped this post. Enjoy the fish dude, you have earned all that Canada has to offer. I hope this allows you more time for us
  7. Lol that camelot one took me a whole minute to stop laughing.
  8. My condolences and congratulations to Benfro. A long and prosperous tenure you had Adrienne. Goodluck to your future endeavors.
  9. Good to see you back apeman.
  10. This is a camelot recruitment thread. Nothing to do with Rose. If you have any recruitment messages for camelot. I suggest you post those.
  11. It's great to see you all finally hop over. Welcome to Orbis and goodluck with your time here. You have a great protector to show you the ropes.
  12. Yeah atm we are just collecting api keys for the bot to use, replace and then day change reuse. This just makes it sensible for different alliances to govern properly rather than trying to keep a list of api keys of nations to use.
  13. Oh not at all. Considering I had to forgive the guy multiple times, that's just something I would never do.
  14. Eumir you were a tax farm and then deleted before the war started. So idk who sent you to troll but I for sure know you arent crying here about CoS. If you are concerned on my behalf though then I really appreciate that but I feel fine now that I can grow my cities again and rebuild my warchest. Maybe if you are really aggrieved you can go nag the people that took reps from CoS for their surrender.
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