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  1. Abbas Mehdi

    War? What is it good for?

    Chaos is a ladder
  2. Abbas Mehdi

    A Valid CB

    What have you done with the demented dude that went by the name Wilhelm?
  3. Abbas Mehdi

    A Valid CB

    Well well well Lordship. It appears we meet again.
  4. Abbas Mehdi

    Viva La Revolucion!

    Be afraid Saddam Ripper Hussein. Be very afraid. You detonated a nuclear weapon upon the nation of Graveland led by Ripper. The attack destroyed 484.00 infrastructure in the city of Stone, and killed approximately 48,337 people, you monster! You also destroyed a hangar and a drydock, plus 18 aircraft, plus 5 ships.
  5. Abbas Mehdi

    The Soup is Hot

    Damn. Shifty gave this to me 2 years ago
  6. Abbas Mehdi

    The Soup is Hot

  7. Abbas Mehdi

    The Soup is Hot

    Interesting fact.
  8. Abbas Mehdi

    Big Change In Fraggle Rock

    Abbas Caliphate. I shall fund the rise of the caliphate.
  9. Abbas Mehdi

    Prayer, Please.

    Thoughts and prayers for you, Cino. Get well soon!!
  10. Abbas Mehdi

    Where we droppin bois?

    There is no tactical genius anywhere. All he said is don't sit on your asses and take it. Dish some out when you have so many nations you can dish out to.
  11. Abbas Mehdi

    The Victory of The True True Vanguard

    Cynic is the true founder of Vanguard.
  12. Abbas Mehdi

    The Dissolution of Vanguard

    Well I hope you met all your goals. Goodluck in your future.
  13. Abbas Mehdi

    Tales of the Space Cantina

    Please don't hurt me master. Your wish is my command.
  14. Abbas Mehdi

    Project timer off

    Update: the city timer is showing I need 121 turns to buy a new city but I am still able to buy new projects.

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