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  1. Abbas Mehdi

    SNN-Jump Feet First Into Hell

    You made them.
  2. Abbas Mehdi

    Brave and Beautiful Peace.

    Excuse me but you are already on my side.
  3. Abbas Mehdi

    My last request after deleted my nation

    I will be waiting to roll Empire of Spades and everyone of your bloc party noobs out of their alliance.
  4. Abbas Mehdi

    Brave and Beautiful BK

    Wise words I found on Facebook
  5. Abbas Mehdi

    Its time for a BK ayynnouncement

    I thought Dusty won? Congratz to Keshav on receiving the honour. Condolences to BK. My question is when will we rescue Gorge?
  6. Long time no see.
  7. Abbas Mehdi

    Birth of the Pantheon Liberation Front

    He is not but instead of trying to negotiate for his possible surrender and free passage, they are threatening counters for accepting a war deserter. That is a highly questionable thing. And this isn't just accepting it but slot filling too.
  8. Abbas Mehdi

    The soup kitchen is now closed!

    Very deep
  9. Abbas Mehdi

    War? What is it good for?

    Chaos is a ladder
  10. Abbas Mehdi

    A Valid CB

    What have you done with the demented dude that went by the name Wilhelm?
  11. Abbas Mehdi

    A Valid CB

    Well well well Lordship. It appears we meet again.
  12. Abbas Mehdi

    Viva La Revolucion!

    Be afraid Saddam Ripper Hussein. Be very afraid. You detonated a nuclear weapon upon the nation of Graveland led by Ripper. The attack destroyed 484.00 infrastructure in the city of Stone, and killed approximately 48,337 people, you monster! You also destroyed a hangar and a drydock, plus 18 aircraft, plus 5 ships.
  13. Abbas Mehdi

    The Soup is Hot

    Damn. Shifty gave this to me 2 years ago
  14. Abbas Mehdi

    The Soup is Hot

  15. Abbas Mehdi

    The Soup is Hot

    Interesting fact.

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