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  1. Abbas Mehdi

    Big Change In Fraggle Rock

    Abbas Caliphate. I shall fund the rise of the caliphate.
  2. Abbas Mehdi

    Prayer, Please.

    Thoughts and prayers for you, Cino. Get well soon!!
  3. Abbas Mehdi

    Where we droppin bois?

    There is no tactical genius anywhere. All he said is don't sit on your asses and take it. Dish some out when you have so many nations you can dish out to.
  4. Abbas Mehdi

    The Victory of The True True Vanguard

    Cynic is the true founder of Vanguard.
  5. Abbas Mehdi

    The Dissolution of Vanguard

    Well I hope you met all your goals. Goodluck in your future.
  6. Abbas Mehdi

    Tales of the Space Cantina

    Please don't hurt me master. Your wish is my command.
  7. Abbas Mehdi

    Project timer off

    Update: the city timer is showing I need 121 turns to buy a new city but I am still able to buy new projects.
  8. Abbas Mehdi

    Project timer off

    So I bought multiple projects without resetting city timer. As you can see, that seems a bit absurd. And I have not donated to reset the timer either.
  9. Abbas Mehdi

    SNN: Money for Nothing

    Are you suggesting he is not paying?
  10. Abbas Mehdi

    Very important Log Leak

    Congratz Paul.
  11. Abbas Mehdi

    New Players Joining Alliances

    Maybe we can do it for the duration of the biege timer, 14 days? The protection of the biege allows them to make the most of that time and make informed decisions as they are reading through the top alliance's application processes. This also addresses the issues of noobs joining micros and leaving biege to get raided.
  12. Abbas Mehdi


    He deleted 4 projects to buy the nrf Buorhann. It was worth it.
  13. Abbas Mehdi

    Global War Peace Terms - Discussion

    What was the counter offer made and the parameters for your description of war dodgers?
  14. Abbas Mehdi

    Slithering away

    Is he part of the terms to enforce for hitting vm during war time?
  15. Abbas Mehdi

    Can't spell leaks without SK

    No tenages and no ban on me in sk server. Not a valid leak.

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