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  1. Says the guy that made an alliance that can't function without him. FYI: It is not a compliment. Just calling every alliance you founded, frankenstein
  2. Do you believe the logs and evidence you have against Chaos government against N$O are sufficient enough for you to unilaterally get involved in the fight against tcw and its allies that are being attacked by multiple parties with various different priorities? The other question is have you presented or narrated the evidence you have to rest of N$O sphere? If so then why didn't you wait till the end of this war to pursue that as a united sphere action?
  3. This thread is just back and forth of people trying to force their cb into wars that are unrelated to their cb. Let's remember, the Dial up war started only and only because of sphinx leaking the plan of his plot to roll chaos and also trying to get ketogg rolled in the process. Every participant of this war in the side of chaos ketogg and rose have different interpretations of that log, some view it as a direct threat such as those in chaos, others view it as imperialistic and out of touch with reality. Even sphinx own allies called it the most stupid fa blunder in their entire pw playing career. People should ask sphinx allies why that is the case if they are not familiar with how those leaks are themselves a cb for sphinx and his alliance to be rolled hard. The Dial up war started cause of TCW leaks clearly showing a plot against 2 different spheres. I did not give a shit when ketogg hit chaos, nor did when tkr had a hate boner on bk, nor did when bk had the same boner against tkr. I have logs for all of that to prove it. But no need, everyone here knows who hates who. IQ was a threat to this game and their split was good for the game, now if we want to debate how IQ was a threat, well IQ is dead so no need to debate that anymore. The cb Dio posted against tkr is of tkr against IQ. Everyone in this game was plotting a rolling against IQ before any of the minisphere stuff, in fact IQ split cause of it as in their own words they did not want to be the punching bag and Roq said, bk claimed to want to grow outside of their conventional tiering. Since the IQ split chaos has been attacked and rolled considerably by ketogg, lost a whole ally of 140k score in the process too alongside the cheat stuff. Nothing is going their way since the war with ketogg started. Now people trying to extrapolate that tkr will pursue a war against NPO while it is fighting bksphere, sure thats a theory to have but people have already forgotten that tkr are forced into this fight by the very fact that they got peace from ketogg only to pursue this fight as there is a whole freaking screenshot of Sphinx detailing every little detail of his delusions of grandeur. When roq said he has no idea of whatever sphinx is cooking, I believe it and made sure that information is passed on to my alliance. What you guys are doing in this unilateral course of action cause of a cb of tkr plotting against IQ is win good faith and assurances in a coalition of low tier alliances in a losing fight so you have that insurance policy cause you do not even have enough trust in your current allies to defend you or aid you if tkr ever pursued a war against you. You wanted to roll tkr dude, could have done it post war too, no one was stopping you whatsoever, you don't even need a cb for that, its not like tkr has had the best FA rep in the past 2 years. The reason the tkr attack is now is just to keep face. In fact you were more likely to get a win against tkr post war then you are now. Now I know the cynicism of some in NPO and they might say tkr will generate a lot of influence post war and will be unrollable so rolling now is best, well its not like you are rolling tkr now either. Your entry into this war has 0 affect on tkr's viability or even tkr's war performance. All you did was actually made their damaged rep seem better than whatever this entry into the war is. This entry has 0 impact on the wider conflict except show some sort of camaraderie of being in the same trenches as your former low tier allies. You wanted to roll tkr as revenge for that IQ cb, well trust your own current allies to plot with you to do that, if you are in a losing spot then might as well lose with your allies than this gang of sphinx enablers.
  4. Lol love you too. Carry on.
  5. I am missing some context here but how did I end up in this conversation? I do have a big mouth but I did not know about any of this leak stuff until after the rainbow thread.
  6. Excuse me but you are already on my side.
  7. I will be waiting to roll Empire of Spades and everyone of your bloc party noobs out of their alliance.
  8. Wise words I found on Facebook
  9. I thought Dusty won? Congratz to Keshav on receiving the honour. Condolences to BK. My question is when will we rescue Gorge?
  10. He is not but instead of trying to negotiate for his possible surrender and free passage, they are threatening counters for accepting a war deserter. That is a highly questionable thing. And this isn't just accepting it but slot filling too.
  11. What have you done with the demented dude that went by the name Wilhelm?
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