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  1. People that keep putting Aurora as the alliance to hit will really only be hitting me, so go ahead and get familiar with my hole.
  2. Womp, womp!! SAIL was nuked not zeroed, it seems their opponents failed to realize they were still fully militarized and could more than handle a few 24 city noobs looking for a easy win....
  3. If yall wanted to be a raiding alliance just be one. There is no need for all the extra steps.
  4. I don't keep up with politics in this game and mind my own business but I thought this was funny. After taking 21 nukes to a 35 city nation, I now am extremely concerned about several hundred tanks....needless to say all 4 of his little spies died due to unforseen circumstances.
  5. There are enough players that creates content in their alliances and servers. I think we are placing to much of this responsibility on Alex. The game is normally lackluster during peace. That's a natural part of the game. There is alot of stuff happening in this game.
  6. While I do agree longer peace is needed instead of constant warfare (especially in 30 day intervals) , I don't believe war should be removed from the game. It is something that balances the slow politics that takes years to achieve any progress sometimes. Wars are fast and decisive like it should be. I can agree with the CBs being very shallow. There needs to be a bit more content, behind the scenes, of creating a reason to war. Not just "oh we happen to be in a different sphere let's fight". There was a period in this where wars happened for a real reason like a political grudge, groups of nations not honoring their treaties, secret treaties, poaching, debt owed, or even being very aggressive (economically, politically or militarily) towards too many other alliances. The reasons should be unique and catchy, not boring and bland.
  7. Once a war breaks out everyone has to stop producing and fully militarize. Then we have to stand around and wait till you stop fighting. That prolongs alliance growth and development, pausing production stops other spheres from outperforming the ones at war.
  8. This is insane. We just had a war barely a couple of months ago. At this point people need to see who really is behind the scenes creating conflicts. ODOO and WELP should have had a damn war while everyone else was at war. Not do it while everyone is enjoying 120 days of peace!!
  9. Usually people just wait until they can attack and kill all remaining resistance at once. For example, a ship attack and ground attack combined to kill 7 remaining resistance. If you don't score immense triumphs for each you do have to wait to eliminate remaining resistance. The norm is to make sure you have enough military to win Immense Triumph against the opponent.
  10. BRB creating an alliance called Terminus Golden Phoenix Coalition Est!
  11. Are you complaining about changes in the game that reflect an opinion some people don't like? You're a homophobic, racist, misogynistic, transphopic, eugenicist, Fascist, divisive, racist, homophobe. You should be reported, kicked out of servers, alliances and just banned. Just go!! (did I do it right?)
  12. Where are the people that I can declare on. This game is clearly broken, it's a global war.
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