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  1. I've indeed noticed that more has been let out than what Yammie took in from Skate.
  2. There's no need to worry about reasonable terms leaking, because there's no benefit to leaking them. As such, the refusal to present them as a whole is an implicit acknowledgement that they're no good. Thank you for playing.
  3. Nah. Given what leaked (I don't care for your "We DidN't PrEsEnT tHe TeRmS" excuse), I know I'm right.
  4. I was actually specifically referring to the Carthago meme. But yes, it was very much feigning. Especially given the behavior seen in private. >These two AA's that disprove such excuse are the exception. So convenient isn't it? That doesn't explain t$ even if such were to be true (it's not). You'll probably spout something about being questionable allies, which would be rich coming from you. Alas, I guess some lie, even if proven false the moment it's been written, out of compulsion.
  5. There would be no need for such a secrecy and/or piecemeal release, if the terms were reasonable. /Thread.
  6. Nah, you don't feign appallment for the moral high ground and then come around it. You especially don't call out others on memes and then seriously pray for that to happen to AA's that were not part of said narrative. t$ and it's allies being held to similar if not worse treatment in spite of having made no remarks of the likes is indicative that this is just a thinly veiled excuse. So yah, no. Try again.
  7. Glad to see that it was all pearl clutching all along.
  8. You're free to respond to him. But accusing him of something in a process he isn't a part of makes you look like a fool who has no idea of what you're talking about. In fairness, you had made that much clear a couple of pages ago already.
  9. The remaining seven days (wherever that may have come from) would've made 0 difference, given the behavior and the logs. But you're free to keep grasping at straws and citing Noctis as somehow being a voicer for us.
  10. Partisan's post had already addressed it before it was made.
  11. So ineffective that you threatened people over it, and had your narrative killed on it's tracks about who was stalling.
  12. I've got a feeling that "Thanks" will take a sarcastic undertone fairly soon.
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