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  1. Shiho Nishizumi

    Live from Baghdad-Shifty News Network Reporting in

    And more short-term, and given that anime seems to be such a despicable thing; when will Avien get the boot? This is quite the large amount of anime he's got on his nation.
  2. Shiho Nishizumi

    Live from Baghdad-Shifty News Network Reporting in

    Silly you. Of course Jan Orwell, with his astonishing 8 days of history, knows more about years-old history than you, a person that has been playing for the paltry sum of 1237 days. How dare you go against what such a knowledgeable and well-versed person has to say?
  3. Shiho Nishizumi

    Live from Baghdad-Shifty News Network Reporting in

    ''Things went from bad to worse in an exponential fashion ever since we took over. Should we examine whether we had a hand on it or not?'' ''Nah, let's blame people who haven't been in the AA itself for months now.'' 10/10 plan.
  4. And kicking/banning the people who were asked to help them out.
  5. Hopefully this won't be a repeat of the 1st time.
  6. Shiho Nishizumi

    News before it happens-Shifty News Network

    Who Me ITT be like: ''Wahh why can't our rivals do clear-cut propaganda to favor us? We're too busy playing baseball to afford new cities to be able to PR for ourselves in OWF!'' Seriously though @Who Me, the smaller groups are individual and unrelated entities. Them not liking you (not a hard thing to get them to do, given your bullshit ''WAHH WE'RE THE VICTIMS AND DER WELT IS OUT TO GET US'' narrative) is not a strong enough factor that warrants lumping all non-IQ groups up as one, particularly since plenty of AA's did not act upon that dislike when they had a chance to do so in the last global. Plus, such chart would be useless for conflicts that didn't concern IQ (which are bound to happen). So no, we're not going to make a chart that favours your narrative just because you keep whining about it. And perhaps if you lot stopped saying such dumb shit, people would feel a bit more sympathetic towards you. But nah, screw that. Better to just act in a condescending and insufferable way, while spouting nonsense in a thread that had basically nothing to do with us to begin with. It's them the ones that gotta approach us and kiss our feet, after all. ''BK best FA and PR 2017''. More like ''BKLUL''.
  7. Shiho Nishizumi

    Strategic New Player Growth and Retention Plan

    AA's won't be funding people 10 cities right away due to risk factor. Lifting the timer simply means that AA's have more freedom on setting their own timetables for city grants, and can exercise flexibility with it. We'll still see them boosting u to 5 cities and have the member stay at that range for a bit, whilst he gets accustomed to the overall feel of the game and it's mechanics. Once he is likely (or guaranteed) not to quit, they will fund the remainign 5 at whichever pace they decide to go with.
  8. Shiho Nishizumi

    Strategic New Player Growth and Retention Plan

    What about increased raw production bonus, alongside or instead income? Income is reliant on pop, which is directly related to infra, and at those levels they won't be having that much infra, thus reducing the effect of the income coefficient. Plus, raws would require them to sell it on the marketplace for the cash, adding a step of interactivity that would give them a(nother) reason to log in daily.
  9. Shiho Nishizumi

    Terminus Est Announcement

    Such metric is worthless, simply because it would be stupidly easy to circumvent that stipulation if your metric were to be used. No, ''mass ghosting'' refers to individual AA's, and the percentage of people that leave them temporarily to war. What can constitute as ''mass'' per each AA in particular would be up to debate, since say, 25% of a 10 nation alliance is different from 25% of a 80 nation alliance, but that's unrelated to the issue at hand (that being whether ''mass'' refers to collective AA's or individual AA's).
  10. Shiho Nishizumi

    Terminus Est Announcement

    Except the NAP forbids mass ghosting.
  11. Shiho Nishizumi

    Long Live the Queen!

    Good luck with whatever is keeping you busy irl TCL. I hope that you'll get to enjoy the immense freedom that comes with retirement :P. Best of luck with the position, and all that comes with it, Adrienne.
  12. Shiho Nishizumi

    A Message from Roz Wei and Roz the departed

    As a foe, he was insufferable. As an ally he was dependable. In either case he was tenacious and is unforgettable. Here's to you Roz. I wish you good luck with whatever life brings on your doorstep:
  13. Shiho Nishizumi

    And So the Dust Settles

    To be fair, I did misread the post. And the numbers kept changing because more people kept deleting lol.
  14. Shiho Nishizumi

    And So the Dust Settles

    Don't know. Ask CKD for more details on the matter. And well, as for the rest, if you guys were so sure that your updeclares were going to win you the war, then why did you settle for a WP instead? We all can play this little game. The truth is that, regardless of the rhetoric utilized on these forums, neither side was interested in dragging it out for another month or two. Each had their own reasons for that, but obviously the motivations for peacing out outweighed whatever (perceived or real) advantages each side had that could motivate them to fight further.
  15. Shiho Nishizumi

    Thank you, Inquisition Coalition

    Posturing over misleading stats (refer to War Stats 2.0) is worse imo, but to each their own. I'm seeing some IQ people taking the piss back, which I'm actually glad they're, tbh. Shit talking (which is what this thread is about, as I already gave my honest opinion on IQ in the peace thread proper) is always more entertaining for both parties when they just take it as that.

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