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  1. Apparently, neither KF nor 69 actually happened.
  2. They didn't even know in the first place.
  3. One of our guys overhearing some of your lot talking about it. There's also a contradiction here. Malal says that you can't be fricked to even bother coming up with terms, yet you say that you have them (but can't present it). Which one is it? If you're going to make a statement, at least make sure that you aren't contradicting each other mere pages apart.
  4. I didn't know that it ran on Windows Vista.
  5. You forgot NPO hitting their ally's prot in defence of a co belligerent they ostensibly have no ties with.
  6. Oh, no. The rest of the sphere also had no compelling enough reason to stop the war. I'm pretty sure that TKR and friends would've also preferred if it had gone a bit longer to dish out some extra damage.
  7. They can, but there's also nothing keeping those nations from keeping stuff in house as is either way (other than for the tediousness of applying/removing embargoes). The cooldown would result in a rotation at least.
  8. To be honest, probably 90%+ of my games were with Cloaca, so...
  9. If baseball is seen as a source of income (which, given the amount and nature of the feedback, seems to be the case), there's no logical counter argument to the idea of increasing payout and having a cooldown between games. Assuming that the payout is the same (which is the idea), there's no sensible reason for which you would want to spend more time for the same payout when you could potentially spend less time for said same payout. More to the point, such a format would make it more appealing, and have more people playing it. Given that newfound friendships is a plus pointed out by a few people, having more people playing baseball would be a plus, don't you think?
  10. Substantial enough to where we couldn't get on board with rolling BK until a log which substantiated weeks of rumors and intent dropped. Yes, having a good standing is a corner stone for something more substantial. That's the first step TKR had to take because our relationship was in the negative at the time. And yes, that's why I said "try". Realistically, complete lack of animosity (or even just rivalry) is not attainable. Doesn't change the fact that you'd want to at least not give a third party the reason to side with your rival/enemy over you, or just being neutral.
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