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  1. Investor Contact: Justin Media Contact: Dionysus SYNDICATE, INC., ANNOUNCES CHANGES TO EXECUTIVE BOARD NASSAU, Bahamas, 2020-01-19: SYNDICATE, INC., (NYSE:SCC) is forwarding this public notice to all shareholders, current and future, on the condition of the office of Chief Global Strategist. It is with deep regret that we have to inform about Partisan's resignation from the position, one which he held for fourteen months. His fifth tenure saw him begin with combatting an existential threat to all entities in this realm, and following the pacification of s
  2. He doesn't want that guy to be pestered by you incessantly, and thus be tempted to hand in his 72.
  3. Setting up what's basically mine fields is detrimental for the FA landscape for reasons which should be obvious. Hence, not good FA. There's not really any reason why they couldn't have been made public other than for people wanting to have their cake and frick it too.
  4. I don't disagree. It's obviously a rather considerable commitment which people have demonstrated to be unwilling to go with. Being frank here, it's not something that I can say to be surprised having seen people dip out on. What I'm (more) surprised about is the manner in which it happened, and some (albeit not all) of the behavior associated to such way in which it happened.
  5. I mean, talking about something that's for the purported good for the game does, by design, transcend any individual alliance and even sphere. It's not a complicated dynamic.
  6. We don't need to accuse you of it because you've already admitted to, at the very least, signing off on one (with there being more to it, I'm most certain). We also don't need to accuse you (for the record, the "you" transcends HM) of paperless because they've likewise been admitted to. It's simple fact at this point. Unless if you want to argue that SRD and Left are lying, in which case, go ahead.
  7. There's nothing noble in wanting to incur disproportionate infra turnover on the foe relative to oneself. Wanting no toxicity is good but it goes out of the window when labels start to be applied.
  8. I've noticed that you've been portraying yourselves as a sort of benevolent figure over the timing of the first feelers, and terms themselves. The former is anything but. The timing coincided with the ballpark where we largely maxed out on the damage taken, chiefly on infra but also loot petering out. There's nothing kind in wanting to keep the damage dealt to a maximum and sustained to a minimum. It is purely driven by self interest. To clarify, I am not faulting the attempt at it (it's a rational motivation), but to portray it as being anything but driven by one's own interest is laugha
  9. I SAW THE ORIGINAL. No it doesn't automatically strike when you use the tildes even though I wish it did.
  10. It being blanket was an insistence by your side. So that's on you either way.
  11. Your idol flat out told you that it had 0 impact in any way, shape or form. Because of course it wouldn't. A single member is hardly going to sway anything on his own AA, let alone sphere and certainly not other spheres. But I suppose that ignoring what he says because it's inconvenient with the head canon you've set up for yourself is consistent with the behavior you've displayed throughout the war.
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