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  1. Shiho Nishizumi

    Nazi flag.

    https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=160260 Not much else to it. Kriegsmarine flag which is in violation with the rule regarding references to nazism.
  2. Shiho Nishizumi


  3. Shiho Nishizumi

    Do we like war?

  4. Shiho Nishizumi

    Remove war

    "Please stop downvoting!" Universal reaction:
  5. Shiho Nishizumi

    Remove war

    I'd wholeheartedly suggest you to go buy Tropico 4 if you only want to hardcore nation build. It is plenty better for that and not very expensive, especially when it goes on sale. Alternatively, Nationstates as @Dad suggested. With that said, regarding the post itself... I'll start off by saying that 100 days is not a significant amount of time played. Most of the significant players have at least a year under their belts, many more than that, so arguing from a position of age is not going to work in your favor. With that said... Soldiers losses are basically irrelevant. They are mostly used as cheap cannon fodder. Tank and Plane stats matter more, full stop. Ships too. Soldier losses are also irrelevant because this isn't like, say, Hearts of Iron 4 where you have a limited manpower pool to draw from. It's dictated on daily quotas. And soldiers take the least time to max out too. Infra at 1k and below is pretty cheap. If it was genuinely hurting your bottom line in Arrgh, then you were either building above that, which was simply stupid in your part as it's not necessary to have such tall infra to raid; or your target selection was poor and the loot you got suffered as a result. Raiding is quite profitable (especially at ultra low city counts) if you're good at it. War is an integral part of the game, in case you haven't checked the title. War is also waged for the objectives of those who wage it, be those political, economic, or simply to have fun. War also happens to drive up activity in a game which otherwise you have little reason to log in daily if you don't actively trade, raid, or do govt work for. You don't win by any of the things you listed. The closest thing to "winning the game" would be by forming a hegemonic sphere (group of alliances allied between each other) which dominates it. But that isn't particularly fun because there's not really anyone to challenge you or to drive up political intrigue. Of course, getting cities, projects and infra (the latter to a reasonable extent) helps argument economic and military (infra not included for military; anything above 1ksh infra for military is a hindrance talking from a purely militaristic point of view) prowess, but without the proper coordination/skill to actually utilize them they are little more than a paper tiger which inflates your actual worth. Also, no. War is underutilized. Two Globals a year is quite a slow pace. Role playing is not a relevant factor for most people in this game. They tend to go with themes, yes, but what actually keep them playing is their interaction with other people in alliances they are in (or others) and activities within the game. War is one of those activities. There's a forum section in this game dedicated for more involved roleplay. I'd suggest you check it out. Approval in cosmetics and irrelevant. You can have -999999999999999999999999999999999999 approval and you will function just as well as a nation with 999999999999999999999999999999999999 approval. Also, realism isn't really the main concern in this game either. Things are set up with balance first, and realism second in mind. Already went over this, so I won't reiterate. With that said, no. Score on infra does nothing to argument your military capabilities if you've got enough infra to max aircraft (800-1000 spot). In fact, it's detrimental. What you think is irrelevant if you're basing it on personal experience. Not only because it is very subjective, but also because yours is extremely limited compared to what other people have. And you're certainly not basing it in actual knowledge because otherwise you'd know that being inflated NS wise isn't fun in actual war. It simply leaves you hanging up dry to get plummeted by people that have more cities than you. What exactly is the point of just hoarding what you produce and never using it? Especially when all you have to do is set up your production once, and log in every now and then just to make sure you have enough raws or food/uranium to not go starving or unpowered. It is simply unrewarding to do that, because you aren't proactively doing anything to generate that revenue. Exception being if you actively trade for a profit, in which case fair enough. Resource prices have also consistently gone downwards. The only thing that considerably counters that down spiral is war, due to lesser output and higher demand. Yes, waging war has it's costs. Especially if you foolishly overbuild in terms of infrastructure. Those costs are acceptable for whatever objective you are pursuing (already listed them). Rebuilding isn't that big of a deal. Often it's just a month, or month and half to get back where you started. Translation:
  6. Shiho Nishizumi

    What Do PnW Players Believe On Gun Control?

    Kek. A couple of years ago, my friend and I had thought of finding a loophole around the magazine thing and other stuff. Such as .223 being allowed since it's technically a .22 bullet or Cali compliant style of guns. Unfortunately the text does say that adaptions of military firearms are only gucci in .22 LR, so that fell on the wayside. In the meantime, criminals run around with homemade guns or stolen (many times from armories themselves) FMK-3's, Halcons and whatnot. There was also a scandal over police-issue handguns making their way into the black market too. You'd figure that those would be enough indication that gun control isn't really working, but apparently not.
  7. Shiho Nishizumi

    What Do PnW Players Believe On Gun Control?

    Nope. It's a years-long process, and knowing how this country operates likely charged up the ass. It'd be more cost effective to just buy a Garand. Also, I went back and re-checked the status of the SKS, because from what I recalled it was banned from civvie use unless the mag was welded shut so that it couldn't be swapped with aftermarket parts. I was wrong. They just lumped all of the SKS pattern rifles as exclusive "Armed Institutions" (Police/Gendarmerie/Armed Forces) weaponry, regardless of it's condition. So there's no working around that.
  8. Shiho Nishizumi

    What Do PnW Players Believe On Gun Control?

    (Had written it on mobile first, then passed it onto my laptop for better structuring and other stuff. Hence the white text). Pretending that the guns are the (sole, at least) problem, and therefore banning them would get rid of the problem is nonsense. Criminals would simply source from the black market, homemake, or resort to knives or other cold weapons, the latter which is a pattern among the countries the U.S. is compared to. People who're feeling really suicidal are just going to take the pills, leave the car running in a closed environment, meet the noose or go take a bath with the toaster. Taking the guns will just stop a few; actually caring for them will save a many more. (Before you bring it up, I have no issue in comparing Argentina and the U.S. in this regard, because it's about gun control in general. Furthermore, those pushing for it themselves tend to ignore the significant differences that exist between the U.S. and the countries it's often compared to [European nations in general, and Japan in particular]. Comparing the U.S. and Argentina because it's the countries whose gun legislation I know the best of, and it's easier for me to find info on either).Just as a reference point, in Argentina, we have pretty hefty control (need not only a permit [and training], but also a copy of either your salary's receipt, or net commerce earnings [so no, jobless folk or criminals don't have easy if any access to them]. No self-loading rifles outside of .22LR's and fixed mags [basically only M1 Garands; SKS's got banned by name]. Technically two different licenses [one allows for .22's and .25 ACP, plus I believe 16 gauge. The other allows for the rest outside of .50's and whatnot]), and we have 6 deaths to firearms per 100k people, while the U.S. has 12 per 100k. It sounds great, until you realize that Argentina has a fraction of guns per 100 people that the U.S. has (10 vs 112, likely bigger gap nowadays since it's a 2007 report), and that Argentina's homicides with firearms ranked at 44,5% versus the U.S.' 37.3% (in 2016. Different dates because this is what I could source). And you have to consider that 32,2% of the gun-related deaths in Argentina are unknown in motivation (means that the actual homicide rate, albeit unknown, is higher). (Suicides not covered due to a lack of reliable sources that set apart which for who. The best I could find is that hanging is the most common for both sexes, and then it's guns for men and poisoning for women for 2nd favorite).So, what's the reason for the higher firearm homicide rate in Argentina than the U.S., in spite of the gun control and far less guns in circulation, both in totals and per 100 people, you may ask?Socioeconomic factors (we undeniably have it plenty worse off than the U.S., to be fair), too soft of a penal code to dissuade criminals from committing crime, gun control itself (unlike as claimed here, guns have a far bigger role in self-defence than as stated. Elaborated further below), plus legislation, hampering law-abiding citizens from being able to properly defend themselves, powerless police force due to how the laws are set up (between both, ALWAYS pick the one the U.S. has without a second doubt) etc, are why.I could continue on the comparisons, but I've made my point clear. Gun grabbing doesn't translate into direct drops in gun violence. You need actual, long term solutions to fix violence, be it gun based or of any sort. For the U.S. in particular, those would be to work on the mental health and the socioeconomic gap that exists there, at least for a start. Gun control is, at best, a cheap band-aid. Addressing health, education and economy is what will truly make a dent on those homicide and violence rates.Also, something that most people tend to forget when arguing about the subject; the role of firearms in defensive situations and thwarting crime. Contrary to the negative feels some may have in that regard, it is a statistical fact (study here), that even on the low ball counts, the general agreement is that they stop as many crime attempts as they are used for crime. Higher figures suggest that they are used twice or thrice more often for self-defence than crime. Another page which sources directly to govt reports: It is frankly dishonest to pretend that these don't matter, when it is a mere fact that guns have a sizable role in allowing civilians to fend off criminals and defend themselves. Arguing about gun control without factoring in the instances where they are being used to do good would be akin to arguing about cannabis regulation/ban without factoring in the medical benefits it has going for it. Correct. More people remember about Columbine than the Boston bombing. In one hand, yeah Columbine netted more deaths. However, it happened nearly 20 years ago, while Boston only happened 6 years ago, and Boston did amount to three figure injured, a number who also lost their limb/s. Not to mention that it was done in the middle of a pretty well broadcast marathon. Columbine also symbolizes the fruitlessness of the AWB, on that note.
  9. Shiho Nishizumi

    SNN-Achilles Last Stand

    Scared of being rolled. He admitted to such in PnW's discord.
  10. Shiho Nishizumi

    The Hobo Express - Part 7

  11. Shiho Nishizumi

    War Morale

    Sup. Argie here. English is my third language, yet I still put more effort into constructing proper sentences than you do. For starters, it makes it easier for others to understand what the frick you're trying to say. Secondly, it shows that you're putting at least an ounce of effort into it, rather than just shitting it out there. Thirdly, to consistently type out like this can and does lead to bad habits later on. You've got no excuses for your appalling, kindergarten-grade typing. As for the proposal itself, it's nonsense. Firstly, as others have pointed out, Pyrrhic is still a victory, and it's coded as such in the resistance damage where it deals a reduced amount but still deals some damage in that regard. Utter failures are net neutrals for resistance so there's that too. Your proposal is inconsistent with current systems. Secondly, this notion that only defenders should benefit from war morale is nonsense. Both in real life and games, war morale goes both ways, or do you seriously think that events such as the quick fall of France in World War 2 didn't have a boosting effect on the German morale and war support? Thirdly, it wouldn't even achieve what you're seeking due to material disparity, unless the guys that are gang-banging on the other guy are that incompetent or that outmatched, in which case they would still have a hard time regardless of war morale. If you're having problems with being constantly gang-banged, either join a better alliance or improve your own. Don't waste Alex's time with such worthless additions. The above took exactly 5 minutes and 13 microseconds to type out, for the record.
  12. Shiho Nishizumi

    "The Die is Cast"---SPQR is Here

    >SPQR. >No yearly elected consul duo. What kind of counterfeit Republic is this?
  13. Shiho Nishizumi


    No. You'd be asking it to be exploited by keeping people slotted nearly infinitely. By design, ceasefires would need to be an exception to the slotfilling rules because otherwise, people would end up being punished for using a mechanic on it's intended way. Even if Alex were to put a hardcap on how long you can keep the ceasefire in effect, it'd very likely be exploited within those limits. That aside, it'd be an useless mechanic. If one side has the definitive advantage, there's no incentive for it to take the ceasefire when it can just steamroll the other side. As for those who're fairly even, then what exactly are you accomplishing? Being able to just build up on the parity? For all intents and purposes, people can do a similar if not nearly identical thing as you're proposing by peacing out and then redeclaring war. The main difference militarily would be MAP's, which if anything would make the restart of the war more interesting. So no, Alex shouldn't waste time coding this because, at best, it's an useless feature that'll only be used by clueless individuals, and at worst it'll be exploited as a way to legally slotfill, which would very likely end up with it's removal due to a massive influx of reports. So at the end it'd be wasted effort.
  14. Shiho Nishizumi

    A farewell, a new charter, and our new government lineup!

    IIRC, it was after CoS sent their own counters.
  15. Shiho Nishizumi

    A farewell, a new charter, and our new government lineup!

    You have much brighter recollection of the events than I do . The way I recall it, Yui had to organize counters because the Olympian of MA was MIA, the counter's timing and organization was all over the place (only Monika declared at the stated time), and then the Pantheon counters got rolled in turn. That's where it had been agreed to to avoid an escalation if memory serves me right.

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