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  1. Back when I was being headhunted by several alliances, this one was the only one that hadn't tried to secure me with cheap trinkets such as city offers, tax exemptions, or the likes. That spoke volumes to me, since I don't think that an alliance that's confident on what it's got to offer needs to resort to such methods. I wish more alliances realized that there are plenty of people who aren't drawn it by those tactics, and that trying those on them will just have the opposite effect. I'm thankful that the alliance, leadership and membership alike, welcomed me and my little group (one which was simply looking for a good place to land in) the way it did, with practically no favoritism or strings attached to it. I'm also grateful for the vote of confidence cast on me at the time, of which you were one of the main casters as acting COO, especially given the context. That meant infinitely more than, again, the things others attempted to pass for an offer. I'm certainly looking forward to it, and hopefully helping with advice, much the same way me and certainly others were helped with.
  2. Investor Contact: Justin Media Contact: WANA SYNDICATE, INC., ANNOUNCES CHANGES TO EXECUTIVE LINEUP NASSAU, Bahamas, 2020-07-14: SYNDICATE, INC., (NYSE:SCC) is forwarding this public notice to all shareholders, current and future, on the condition of the position of Chief Security Officer. Effective immediately, Shiho Nishizumi will no longer be the acting CSO, with Gray taking over the position in his stead, and Golden Pope filling the position of Vice President of Security. Finally, Ghost will replace Golden Pope in the position of Director of Security. Both Gray and Golden Pope are internally trained officers, deemed by the former CSO to be more than capable to fulfill their new positions based on their performance in both day-to-day operations and past major endangerments of the company's assets. Ghost is an equally able officer with a similar in-house track record who acquired his training prior to investing in SYNDICATE, INC., but was able to seamlessly mesh with the current structure. This decision is being made after much deliberation and planning with the Board of Executives and the Security department. As a thank you gesture to Shiho, the Board offered him an advisory position within it, which he gladly accepted. He'll still retain his equity within SYNDICATE, INC., since recent failed projects entrepreneured by former associates of his demonstrated to him that going with the old and reliable is the best course of action. Both the Board and Shiho are optimistic with this new lineup, and confident that they'll be able to expand upon the foundation laid by their predecessor, and with it, the Corporation's projection and financial prospects. We thank you for your time, and hope that this is enough to address any concerns. Shiho Nishizumi Former Chief Security Officer About SYNDICATE, INC., SYNDICATE, Inc., based near Nassau, The Bahamas, is the world's leading gasoline, aluminum, steel and munitions distributor for a wide variety of peacekeeping and humanitarian activities. Wholly-owned SYNDICATE, Inc. subsidiary brand/s include ENTERPRISE, Corp., (NYSE: ESC), which provides opportunities for growth, development, and outreach for exceptional candidates throughout the globe, The Rohirrim, a rising equine research and breeding firm, and Prima Victoria, a corporation with extensive contacts and knowledge in former British-held colonies and dominions. For more information about SYNDICATE, Inc., and it's activities, contact WANA, Chief Global Strategist.
  3. That's up to each individual. As far as I'm concerned, IQ top brass gets 0 chances while more middle management people need to work for it. Time isn't enough of a rationale to let go of especially when you factor in their reaction after moderation.
  4. On the first war where they had the actual capacity to do so, moreover. KF was different due to the different groups in it. They also flipped a profit from their racket. As if cheating to win wasn't bad enough.
  5. "AA's that can't fight an 8 month war don't deserve to exist" was literally a line spoken by them to justify the treatment not only to foes, but also allies which didn't kowtow to them. It's not my problem, or fault, if through your ignorance you stumbled upon it. The truth of the matter is that a war of such length in any capacity is extraordinary, and going like "lul imagine struggling over not building infra/cities" is grossly misrepresentative of why it wasn't a good experience for people during it. As for FA; yes, virtually all of the major players were plotting one throughout it. It doesn't change the fact that the experience was quite unpleasant (to put it mildly) regardless of that.
  6. You should be looking yourself at the mirror for basically parroting NPO-esque lines.
  7. Lose 75% of the alliance you were a founding member of and see it ultimately disband in part because of the war, and you will probably see the why your sentiment isn't shared.
  8. Yea no. If that was the case, they'd have been ground into nothing by the end of GGF, and people would've behaved plenty differently in the wars that followed. Certainly would've happened at the end/aftermath of NPOLT after all of what had transpired. Instead, blanket WP's were offered. Which the main IQ alliances declined and subsequently deleted. Such was their decision, not anyone else's.
  9. They didn't leave due to that; they were already in the process of packing up by the time Alex whacked their offshore for cheating their revenue.
  10. You clearly don't remember when Dynamic was asking for payment from his protectorates.
  11. There's always a number of people who leave every war due to the shock value of that sort of loss. It's unfortunate, but unavoidable. I doubt there was much (or any) of a loss of long standing members due to the war, specifically considering what Dryad alluded to; NPOLT, if nothing else, tempered a bunch of people. It's awesome for the one padding. The one being padded on? Not so much. Important distinction to be made. Whilst it'd be nice to have them be of more use on these sorts of situations, the problem is that it's a bit difficult to balance conventional military which is being used in unconventional ways, and still have the conventional aspect be balanced. As a matter of fact, when conventional got "rebalanced", it is exactly the unconventional aspect thereof that arguably got shafted the most. Probably unintentionally at that. It's also not the only option. Unless if your foe is literally maxed on his 5553 (which is never the case), there are ways to go about in pretty much every war. It's mainly a matter of whether you know how to do it number one, and can be assed to do it number two. Though yes, turreting is obviously the most straightforward and foolproof of the options.
  12. Having the tools at hand doesn't mean that they'll be used. E.G. TCW during that 10 day skirmish. It mainly boils down to whether the leaderships deem it worthwhile and viable to continue. Of which the mechanical viability of it isn't the sole, and sometimes, even the main reason for such a decision. Either way, deliberately crippling the tools so that a conclusion to a war is forced isn't the way to go. It's much better for said tools to be available and for the people that'd be resorting to them to decide whether it's worthwhile to go with, than just shaft them from them altogether.
  13. It was floated at one point, though I presume it went nowhere. I do agree that making imp killing isn't really the way to go. Lose your mil imps, and if you don't want to refit at the loss of your econ, and you're basically left as a turret which isn't the most engaging thing ever, and isn't something everyone is necessarily able to do either way.
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