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  1. They didn't leave due to that; they were already in the process of packing up by the time Alex whacked their offshore for cheating their revenue.
  2. You clearly don't remember when Dynamic was asking for payment from his protectorates.
  3. There's always a number of people who leave every war due to the shock value of that sort of loss. It's unfortunate, but unavoidable. I doubt there was much (or any) of a loss of long standing members due to the war, specifically considering what Dryad alluded to; NPOLT, if nothing else, tempered a bunch of people. It's awesome for the one padding. The one being padded on? Not so much. Important distinction to be made. Whilst it'd be nice to have them be of more use on these sorts of situations, the problem is that it's a bit difficult to balance conventional military which is being used
  4. Having the tools at hand doesn't mean that they'll be used. E.G. TCW during that 10 day skirmish. It mainly boils down to whether the leaderships deem it worthwhile and viable to continue. Of which the mechanical viability of it isn't the sole, and sometimes, even the main reason for such a decision. Either way, deliberately crippling the tools so that a conclusion to a war is forced isn't the way to go. It's much better for said tools to be available and for the people that'd be resorting to them to decide whether it's worthwhile to go with, than just shaft them from them altogether.
  5. It was floated at one point, though I presume it went nowhere. I do agree that making imp killing isn't really the way to go. Lose your mil imps, and if you don't want to refit at the loss of your econ, and you're basically left as a turret which isn't the most engaging thing ever, and isn't something everyone is necessarily able to do either way.
  6. Meh. It's a dirt cheap project, and unless if you literally just got it or it's always failed you since acquiring it, it's more than likely to have paid back and then some. Also, one of the proposed changes is for missiles to destroy 2 imps and for ID to halve that, so there's that. RNG (which is ultimately what 'surprise' is) is a fairly lazy method to add a variable, and such variable is more often than not just frustrating. It's also hardly a 'surprise' when every other shot is statistically set to not land.
  7. People who are bombarding are very well capable of fielding such, because if you're spending MAP's bombarding you've already got it in the bag. Meaning, the ships aren't actually at risk of being sunk. I don't see a problem with it not being perfectly round, since it could just be rounded up or down. Much the same way how PB works (you aren't recruiting 1.1 ships, for example). It'd also be going off the value of 15 ships rather than 3 drydocks. You'd be surprised at the value of having to reslot the improvements time and again (me knowing that because they make for good nuke cash i
  8. Eh, the 75% he mentioned tied to city count is good enough. Make it too cheap and it's just overpowered due to the value of the improvements being destroyed. Especially considering that currently, best case scenario is a 60% chance if you have tactician and the other guy has pirate. Considering that the loss of military improvements would force a beat down nation to respec to something lower and lose it's economic improvements, it's only fair that it costs the winning party a fair bit to cause such destruction in the first place. Especially since I suspect a bunch of it would be done as n
  9. It certainly should, if it is to go through. And yes, it should be pinned to city count rather than navy possessed or drydocks possessed at hand because otherwise it'd be easily gamed.
  10. Uh. 50% less or more rss usage and less infra killed is meaningless if one ship can destroy those two improvements just fine. It'd completely [email protected]#$ over raiders and people fighting uphill since hundreds of improvements could be destroyed at the cost of pennies.
  11. Investor Contact: Justin Media Contact: Dionysus SYNDICATE, INC., ANNOUNCES CHANGES TO EXECUTIVE BOARD NASSAU, Bahamas, 2020-01-19: SYNDICATE, INC., (NYSE:SCC) is forwarding this public notice to all shareholders, current and future, on the condition of the office of Chief Global Strategist. It is with deep regret that we have to inform about Partisan's resignation from the position, one which he held for fourteen months. His fifth tenure saw him begin with combatting an existential threat to all entities in this realm, and following the pacification of s
  12. He doesn't want that guy to be pestered by you incessantly, and thus be tempted to hand in his 72.
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