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  1. Right, falling back to your old "literally fighting a war is actually cooperating" narrative again. Meanwhile your behavior towards BK still somehow isn't cooperating, of course. Soz m8, I'll just write mockery in the quote field for ya now
  2. He used the words "TKR has fought both AK and KT in the last few months, while [Kosmokenny] has done nothing but kvetch". Your nitpicking falls apart faster than usual considering the point he was making was that TKR has fought both AK and KT more than Kosmokenny has. so obviously orange man bad.
  3. Okay, so, wait, I'm confused here... You're pissed off that BK... paid your members... to spy on our coalition? If you declared war on our coalition persuant to a defense treaty with NPO, then first off you need to look up the term 'defense', and second off why wouldn't you be expected to take action in a tier that you have unique coverage over?
  4. I dunno, who outright attacks their current allies during a war? On like six different occasions in that single (albeit very long) war? Without the courtesy of cancelling, or in some cases without even considering the treaties defunct?
  5. Hypocrisy isn't irony; getting warned for spamming warnings however is.
  6. So, none of you have yet become one. Please stop trying to backseat mod.
  7. I'm honestly not sure if this speaks badly of Goons, BK, both, or neither. For once in my shitposting career I genuinely don't know who to call a slave
  8. That cuts like twenty ways on this forum ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  9. Yeah, no, I'll believe it when... ...Goons salty? I'm almost convinced... y'all got me good right there either way then ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  10. Says the alliance that's made more moderation warnings than the entire mod team put together.
  11. Not even close. They didn't put in the required tag; worse, there is no possible tag they could have put in the title since there is literally nothing of substance in the OP whatsoever.
  12. Ah yes, that's fair enough for the soldiers but you can absolutely be zeroed on spies, from full, within 6 minutes. As for the others, if someone's got a single ship then for hecks sake just pop 'em with two ships lol. Either way, the terrorism needs a buff. "Terrorism needs a buff" -Scarf 2019
  13. So, everyone with at least basic war experience knows that not all spy operations are equally important or powerful. Outside of (hilarious) incompetence or questionable motives, spies simply aren’t used to attack infrastructure or soldiers, while they are astonishingly powerful when used to assassinate spies and critically useful in tight war situations to shave off aircraft, tanks or ships in preparation for a major offensive. However, everyone is vulnerable to 3 aggressive spy operations per day, regardless of the actual damage potential of those operations. My suggestion is to rebalance that mechanic to account for the different utility of spy operations, so that more devastating spy operations can be used less but more limited operations can be used more often against the same nation. Mechanically, everyone would have 12 ‘defense slots’, while the spy operations would use a number of those slots based on the type: Hit aircraft: 4 slots (exactly the same as now) Hit tanks/ships: 3 slots (1 extra hit if all are used against steel based military) Hit soldiers: 2-3 slots (Hitting soldiers is weak, but permitting 6 shots might open the door for people to literally be zeroed from full in a single daychange, so idk) Hit infra: 1 slot (infra hits take two off the top, as I understand it. That’s stupid useless outside of absurd whaling scenarios, and even then there’s the war range mechanics enabling punching up with missiles and nukes, let alone conventional units) Hit spies: 12 slots (it’s absolutely ridiculous that an early lead in the spy game is as insurmountable as it is. Even considering IQ’s incompetence, there’s clearly a balance issue there. It’s also not great that people can be utterly crippled on spies in the middle of the day, let alone at a daychange.)
  14. I do agree with this, but let’s not forget that spy ops can be used to hit soldiers or infrastructure for almost negligible damage too, and those uses DO count to the defense limits. A much, much better idea would be something like changing the defense slots to account for damage potential; like everyone has 12 ‘defense slots’ but hitting aircraft eats up 6 of them, hitting tanks or ships eats up 4 of them, hitting soldiers eats up 3 of them, hitting nuke or missile takes up 8 of them, hitting infra takes up one of them, and hitting spies takes up the whole 12 of them (it really is ridiculous that an early lead in the spy game is just that insurmountable, and that would go a long way in fixing that particular issue).
  15. They clearly never graduated middleschool and are just looping through being 12 again and again ad infinitum.
  16. You do realize that any sensible military with way too much funding would absolutely explore the possibilities of biological weapons use by their enemies? It'd be utter deriliction of duty for the army not to check the possibilities of biowarfare agents, if nothing else for the purpose of defending against such weapons. The main reason that I doubt the military has any intention of using biowarfare agents itself for nefarious purposes is that they've already got more than enough resources and far better weapons available to do basically whatever. Besides, if depopulation was the point, all they had to do (note the past tense) is ensure that the arctic permafrost began to thaw. Mass extinction event, vast amounts of land submerged under saltwater, entire nations rendered landless. Sadly, overpopulation is a myth, so we'll all just end up worse off on account of the devastation. Yay.
  17. Getting 250b out of raiding, or trade, or swindling, banking, whatever, that'd be definable as "being good at the game". Getting it out of thin air? Not so much. There was never supposed to be a way to be "good" at Keno. Baseball was at least used as intended, even if it was scaled up to an unintended level of industry; Keno though? Na.
  18. So it's kosher as long as I'm not fricking a dude in the vagina...? r/woosh
  19. Ya got me there. I'm legit mad at you now, so you win ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  20. To be fair, there is always a very real risk of any country falling to those ideologies or similarly devastating ones. Taking it for granted that "it'll never happen here" is... concerning, and historically step 1 of it actually happening. If not steps 5-8.
  21. Corporate autocracy. Or if taken to its only logical conclusion, state of nature. That's completely bogus, m8; you really need to learn how the mathematics works out to enforce the problem even when action is taken to solve the problem. It is possible for what you describe to happen, and it indeed has happened before, but the end result is simply that the shattered remains of the disintegrated party are swallowed up by the newly minted party and the surviving opposition party, and we're back to a two-party system once again. Meanwhile, if an effort is made to break the two-party system that doesn't completely annihilate one party beyond relevance, either by conversion to a one-party state or the complete replacement of the doomed party, then the spoiler effect occurs and the exact opposite thing happens due to the non-broken party having an intact voter base, thus winning in a landslide. As for the media being corrupt, that's the symptom and not the problem: the problem is that it is an economic impossibility to avoid sensationalism, scare-mongering, and shenanigans.
  22. I'm not saying don't do a chess tournament, I was just responding to Noctis' mentioning some kind of 'anti-cheat', which didn't make sense to me, that's all 🤷‍♂️ I'd go for it myself but I'm awful at chess 😅
  23. You jacked TKR around for months, and you're doing the same thing here. That's not actually irony, that's just NPO being consistently pathetic.
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