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    Oh say, can you see, by the dawn's early light, What so proudly we hailed, at the twilight's last gleaming? Whose broad shoulders and bright eyes, through the perilous fight, O'er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming? And the von Habsburg's blue glare, the offspring bursting in air, Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there. Oh, say does that chin-spangled banner yet wave? O'er the land of the free, and the home of the brave?
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    Well this spiralled out of control fast....
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    Part 1 can be found here Problem: Improvements rarely get destroyed in cities. Nations whom operate at a low infra level while fielding large armies are able to fight for long periods of time without much monetary risk of nation damage while still operating at higher improvement levels. These improvements can be used to mine or refine resources that the city's infra levels should not be able to support. Solution: Damage Roll-over. The current damage formula for infrastructure damage caps at 1/2 of your total infra plus 50. What that means is if you have 1,000 infra in a city, and that city is attacked, the most infra you could lose in that city is 550. However it is very easy to kill more than 550 infra in a single attack, be it through a nuke, navy, or bombing. Lets say I was planning to attack that city with 400 ships, and my max damage was around 1200 infra. I spend a large amount of gas/ammo to launch the attack and I get a decent roll and do 1100 infra damage, but the cap system reduces it to 550, effectively losing me 550 possible infra damage. This is where the damage roll-over come into play. For this extra damage I destroy improvements. If we go by 50-1, that would mean I would destroy 11 improvements in that city. If we go 75-1 that would destroy 7 improvements. 100-1 I would destroy 5 improvements. Whichever ratio you'd want to go with works. In a long conflict eventually almost all cities in a nation fighting back at low infra would be forced to operate around the infra levels they are currently sustaining. Notes: These damage ratios can be tweaked for different units. Since nukes are devastating to buildings perhaps they have the most favorable output on damage overflow to improvements lost. It would give purpose to nuking a city with 700 infra. As air is an overpowered unit already (the only unit which can attack other units that cannot attack it back) the output on the damage overflow should be the worst by far. Damage overflow from ground attacks could gain you infra perhaps.
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    Hello again! It's your friendly neighborhood Italian Moose again. A couple of days ago, we formally declared war against Jolt66 and TDU in order to take back TDU and restore Jack Rackham to power. We are happy to announce that tonight, Jolt relinquished control of TDU to Jack's friend, Simmons, and surrendered to Legions of Venice. After TDU was in Simmon's hands, Legions of Venice accepted the surrender and plans to peace all wars. Legions of Venice has also signed a protectorate treaty with Simmons. Here is a victory poem: Violets are blue Blood is red We took back TDU Just like we said
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    I pledge my allegiance to the flag of the Leopold von Habsburg One Orbis under Community Outreach Programs With liberty and justice for all.
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    https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=623 https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=6060 I pledge my allegiance to the flag of the Leopold von Habsburg By the Old Chins and New With liberty and justice for all. Don't bang your siblings, kids.
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    I pledge my allegiance to the flag of the Leopold von Habsburg By the Old Gods and New With liberty and justice for all.
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    https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=4901 ? ?????? ?? ?????????? ?? ??? ???? ?? ??? ??????? ??? ???????? ?? ??? ??? ???? ??? ??? ???? ??????? ??? ??????? ??? ???.
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    https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=9411 I pledge my allegiance to the flag of the Leopold von Habsburg One leader under god With liberty and justice for all.
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    I am the best moose ever. All hail moose.
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    https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=60700 I pledge my allegiance to the flag of the Leopold von Habsburg Ein Kaiser unter Gott With liberty and justice for all.
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    I don;t know what's going on but a man with a gun told me to post this or else
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    Haha of course not, we're all very safe and happy here in the not-IQ coalition of dreams and happy fun times. I'm sweating profusely and twitching because it's hot in here. But since you have the nerve to criticize NPO, I'll be the first to say I was deeply sorry to hear about your imminent suicide via two bullets to the back of the head. No one could've expected it. Hail Roq! Hail NPO!
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    You forgot nations below city 27 aren't people, so our average city count is 27.7
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    KETOG hit due to the overall plot plus other situations going on during our war with Chaos. BK/TCW/etc were trying to butt in for some odd reason, and when we denied their assistance - they started to mil up further and sent out activity checks. Once the leak went out, basically that was the final straw - which confirmed a lot of our suspicions. However, I want to know what our plan was that Leo thinks. The fact it's so easy (Claimed by him earlier) and yet he's dodging it tells me they're not fully confident to support their speculation.
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    I thought we had a 50/50 chance at winning, and it was going to be game over if NPO and friends jumped in. To be honest I was surprised it went as well as it did before NPO jumped in.
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    Oh sh*t was I supposed to post something oh well little late. But anyways here is a flag of imperial japan with this strange boy on the front apparently it supposed to trigger Leopold idk but I’m all for that Huh
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    i care. everyone needs a stable alliance that can help them along in the game.
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    https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=1584 I pledge my allegiance to the flag of the Leopold von Habsburg One leader under the Almighty With liberty and justice for all.
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    NPO and BK all colluding and coordinating is consolidation, no? And again, you’re ignoring the very clear leaks, with a time period (mid-June) for the attack. It was leaked... a little before mid-June. Rose you could make an argument about, but Chaos and KETOG had 100% valid reasons to pre-empt BK sphere. And since I know you’re going to bring it up, no. Leaks about IQ from January don’t count since IQ disbanded, and Roq refuses to provide his “secret conversations/leaks” that he mentioned. FYI people don’t have all the time to read/argue with you on the forums, so please cut the crap. I know what you’re trying to do when you derail threads, and it’s honestly kind of stupid that you’d waste peoples time to save face in order to avoid the point. I’ll ask you one more time. What. Was. The. “Plan”?
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    I wanna make this clear before I even begin. I am a member of BK, but I am not a member of BK gov. I do not speak as a member of BK right now, I do not speak for BK, I speak as a player of the game who finds this an idiotic waste of words and I mourn for the cells that died during the time I read this post and types this response, for they died during a waste of time. Why is this even a post? What is the point of this? Not only is this is a ham handed attempt at fear mongering, and even if for some reason BK-Sphere gov IS worried about it, do you actually expect them to come out and admit it? Why would any gov member answer these questions? Also, if we are speaking of people who should be nervous, if you people and your constant whining that BK and NPO are allies and IQ exists, shouldn't everyone else BESIDES BK and the other members of your fictional IQ be more worried, since if IQ exists, members of IQ have no reason to fear one another?
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    Problem: Improvements rarely get destroyed in cities, no where near the rate at which the infrastructure that supports them gets destroyed. This creates an additional problem in that nations never really stop producing resources even during war, thus further saturating the market. Solution(s): Cities do not work as well when it’s operating above the improvement level it can support. If a city is at 40/20 (They only have the infra to support 20 improvements but have 40 from pre-destruction levels) improvements it operates at a 50% capacity, this capacity is capped at 50%. Thus if it was at 40/10 then it would still work at 50% but 40/30 would operate at 25%. What that means is you can only produce 50% commerce / refinement /raw production during this time. In addition to the improvement production rate decrease, when operating above the infra levels which your nation can support you improvements decay over time. For every 5 days a city is operating with more improvements than it can support one is destroyed at random (barring power plants) Areas to consider: Should this production capacity reduction impact military unit production -- This would likely lead to nations deleting improvements that focus on economy to keep an more functional military, or rebuilding infra. The complaint that this "punishes the loser", the loss primarily comes from reduction in income, as improvements are very cheap to replace. The real loss comes from lacking the production you had pre-war while you rebuild. Though this lessens resource/money saturation some. This limits the ability for the losers to fight back over long periods of time. This is somewhat of a blessing in that wars won't drag out forever -- well they might still but it makes it more costly for the nations with no infra lobbing nukes and such. The non-operational should possibly take effect after 5 days from the first infra destruction in the city. That way in a surprise attack those cities aren't instantly gimped, the reason for 5 days is that is the cycle of 1 war max time.
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    Hahahhaha... Sorry, Roq.. awesome as he is.. is not in my tastes. Pft.. Propaganda? I've been with the order 10 years. I'm fully indoctrinated by now. 1) Make CandyShi scream about the plan. 2) CandyShi and Us. 3) By talking about the plan. 4) Because it was entertaining. 5) When CandyShi reacted to the postulation of the plan. Actual plan: 1. They wanted to destroy us. we destroyed them instead.
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    Do they tell you to bite the pillow before Roq goes in Richard Gere style on your ass, or do they just do it live and dry? Your guys' propaganda bureau must have an actual brain washing machine.
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    Bla bla bla admit defeat, bla bla bla KERCHTOG bad no help, bla bla bla burn down gorge's house. Also i dunno who the hell Clarke is and i don't really care but apparently whatever they did was good and righteous. My shitty attempt at drawing and coronating gorge to come shortly. 1: North Point admits defeat to the forces of Coalition B (Memesphere), and pledges not to reenter the war on Coalitions A's side (KERCHTOG) or aid them by any means including treasure purchases, ghosting, holding bank funds, private resource trades or allowing any coalition A nation (KERCHTOG) to join North Point for the duration of the conflict. 2: North Point must state that it is their sincerely and dearly held belief, now and forever, that Clarke did nothing wrong. This statement can be made in an announcement on the Foreign Affairs subforum of the P&W forums within 48 hours from the posting of this surrender. 3: North Point agrees to send griefers to attempt to burn down Gorge's (James T Kirk) Minecraft house. 4: Akuryo and North Point agrees to repay his outstanding loans and other debts totaling $2.2b to Sphinx and TCW. Additionally Akuryo and North Point agree to begin interest payments the following week after peace, interest due date and interest rate will be agreed upon between Sphinx, TCW and North Point / Akuryo in private. In the event Akuryo and/or North Point default Section 7 of this agreement in considered voided. 5: Akuryo is to provide Yui with a custom hand drawing of Ellie in a field with flowers as an apology for making her sad by saying something very mean within 48 hours from the posting of this surrender. 6. North Point declares George (James T Kirk) as their true princess. North Point will further host George's well written and respectful coronation as their Princess in the Orbis Central (or Alliance Affairs) sub-forum in a new thred. These sub-forums can be found on the PnW forums within 72 hours from the posting of this surrender 7: North Point agrees to a NAP with all parties in coalition B (Memesphere) and any and all allies of coalition B, including new allies they may sign during the term of this agreement, for a period of 6 months, commencing once the rest of coalition A (KERCHTOG) has signed peace. Violation of any terms in article 1, will result in the NAP being voided. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Signed for North Point; Akuryo Signed for Black Knights- Emperor: Aragorn Viceroy: Taco & Tiber Archduke: Curufinwe, Gorge, GreyOps, Starlight, Amaryllis Signed for NPO - Emperor: Roquentin Signed for tCW - Prime Minister: Sphinx Chief of Staff: Purplemoon Signed For GoG - Star Lord: Seeker Ravager: Cino Signed for Acadia - Directors: TheNG and George Clooney For UPN: Prime Minister - Matt2004 Signed for AK - Khai Jäger, yo Kreigsherr Signed for Carthago - Suffet: El Chach Signed for Solar Knights - KiWi: I am signing this so I won't be fined Signed for Yakuza - king of multi's: Elijah Mikaelson Signed for Camelot - Epic King: Arthur Ferret: Epi Signed for ODN - OsRavan Signed for BoC - Dusty, Epsilon, Herr Cabal(MTG) , Project 11 Signed for United Socialist Nations - Premier: DarVolt Commandant-General: Oceanic Diplomat-General: Matrix Signed for Polaris - Emperor: AlmightyGrub Regent: QueenPhoenix Signed for The Hanseatic League - Count of Erfurt: Putmir Vladin Count of Schleswig-Holstein: Chris IV Count of Wismar: Charles Seeker Signed for InfoWars - macky g(Peggy) Razgriz24 (Rusty Shackleford) NMA(Boomhauer) @Yui I told you it would be bad. The brown thing is a tray of brownies
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    So basically Dixie won 3 wars against itself.
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    TDU isn't a stable alliance. Yet. I plan on helping them make the alliance stable. My inital goal was getting TDU back for Jack and the rest of the good people in the alliance. Now my goal is to make it better and make it successful
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    Hurah! Another great victory for the Legion!
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    Everybody trying to make peace and here is a moose, doing what nobody else could.
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    i had actual hope for discourse in this thread, but i have been disappointed yet again gg
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    You're right, thanks. Going to keep this short (this hasn't been proofread by anyone so forgive any errors or if i said something wrong) Bear in mind, the only reason Auctor is the "leader" is for him to "maintain the guinea pigs' bank," because I'm inexperienced at this game mechanic at the moment. Keep in mind, I'm kind of "new" to P&W too. I may hold an old nation, but I never paid more than 5 minutes of attention to this game, until very recently (last last month at earliest.) No need to be scared =P We're all just friends playing a game. I'm pretty sure 90% of us Guinea Pig members will *retire* by the end of all this ( I mean, I don't even know how long *i'd* last,) but I set low standards. I notice a lot of people in this thread, especially those that say we'd destroy the entire low tier-- are giving us way too high expectations, I feel pressured to live up to them, but I don't think we can >_< but the idea sounds fun XD but in practice, Guinea Pigs is kinda a quiet alliance testing out game features (and I have my own secret personal goal in mind.) Not some ambitious undertaking to win a war for either "Coalition side" -- this one, I'd planned to stay out of from Day 1. Many people asked whether we'd join the war since we joined *in the middle of a war* and i said no. But I still have an "ambitious goal" .. Ok no more posts from me for now, bye guys
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    I'll say this as one of the FA head of an alliance allied to NPO though I'm sure this thread was aimed at their coalition partners rather than their actual allies, I honestly look forward to working with them. I think an important distinction to make here is that despite Auctor being the ingame leader, the inner workings of the alliance essentially makes them independent but with some NPO guides. We never had a similar antagonistic thread when NPO initially migrated to PnW despite being sensed as a threat to the current meta due to their size and moreso due to their actions on other games because they were protected by half the game (tS, Rose, UPN, Alpha and others). So why are we starting to target alliances now that they're protected by the opposing coalition? They can just as well move away from NPO and establish something else or they can remain with them. Either way fresh air brought to the game is very much needed.
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    1. There are ~ 150 nations with NS > 100. Those are the ... "active" ones. More will be coming, but the rate has slowed already, and most of those that are coming won't be playing long-term. If those 150 nations stayed active, then in an year or two they may have a bigger political impact, but for now, not really. 2. From what I understand, this isn't an NPO invasion from another game, but an invasion from some weeb server guided by NPO, so the weebs aren't glued to NPO based on some loyalty factor. As time passes with them under NPO's protection, a real relationship may develop. If anyone is concerned about them serving NPO's interests in the long term, reach out to their members now. A few have already switched to other alliances like Arrgh (probably on their own). 3. If this invasion is indeed not from another NPO branch, then guess what, concerned AAs are not at a disadvantage at pulling off something similar if they really wanted to. I'm certain there's a bunch of people with some access to a mass of people online they can invite into the game. More people playing is generally a good thing for the game. 4. Does this impact the war? Coalition B has already achieved total military victory, while it will never (not within several months) catch up with Coalition A's net damage because there isn't much left to destroy anymore. Coalition A is only doing OK in the lower tier because so much of it has been pushed to the bottom. The weebs could potentially help somewhat in that area, but can't do anything more than hasten the conclusion of the war. So, no, Coalition B won't collapse out of fear of some weebs in order to save the egos of a dozen or so Coalition A leaders.
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    bro u just posted cringe bro u r going to lose subscriber
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    There’s 100+ pages at this point arguing about the cause of the war on other threads, so no need to infect another one with points already stated. Interesting you pick a fresh thread to start when you gave up on the others though. Trying to dodge something?
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    Well then I guess we’ll never leave since they can come to us when they are ready to submit. We’re fine where we’re at.
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    "Certain things" Interesting. What are these "certain things" about which you're so concerned on behalf of BK-sphere? What does "total victory" mean to you? BK has been pretty clear on the terms they want: admission of defeat, an NAP, and some meme terms. If KETOG's definition of "total defeat" is having to admit you've lost, then you have bigger problems than brave and beautiful BK. BK was the one who was hit in the first place, if you'll recall, so they didn't "allow" anything here. I think we've moved past denial and anger and on to bargaining now. That's good to see. KETOG and Chaos didn't give BK or NPO the benefit of the doubt regarding IQ. Prominent members of both started spouting paranoid conspiracy theories about IQ's continued, secret-but-obvious existence as soon as it dissolved. lol Your nation is in Empyrea, so yes, you're part of the KETOG sphere. You're right though, your arguments are fallacious on their own.
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    Guys, it's official. IQ existence has now entered superposition.
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    KERCHTOG scum trying to spread divisive propaganda
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    Seb, how could you do this to me (again)
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    I'm not worried. What those certain few members of the New Pacific Order have done is invite their friends to play. We should all be doing the same thing. Remember, the last game most of us were in was mostly built on invasion alliances from all sorts of weird parts of the internet, not just other similar games. There are short and medium term political implications from the presence of GPWC, but they won't be able to simultaneously isolate themselves from the wider PnW community and have a significant political or military impact on the wider game. The people who stay interested will branch out and form their own opinions. Even the NPO and NpO became separate, eventually.
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    Perhaps you can't read, since Buor decided to bring it up in connection to the thought of Kerchog surrendering. Perhaps you're so desperate for any sort of victory that you latch onto anything for the ability to have a "win".
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    The most informal and dirty we can get. We are now looking for controversial personalities, reporters that don't care, and meme makers that let it hang. (Tight wads need not apply.) https://discord.gg/9PgaPBy
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    Yes, as @Pasky Darkfire said I'm just the middleman allowing us to vote on all of y'all's ideas. And as I've stated before not all of these are solutions, in a direct form that is. Rather some of them are conceptual as I explained in the post above yours that can prompt a discussion about solutions. Right now all of the sides are beyond the point of discussion, so just acknowledging that we might share some common values is literally a step in the right direction. I've had conversations with you personally along the same lines where I listen to you to understand your viewpoint and values, attempting to find some place where there is common ground. Solutions are ideal (and some of those choices are genuine solutions), but just realizing that maybe we all have a distaste for toxicity or share an interest in something else is good too. Maybe afterwards we even find those solutions. As for the "none of the above," I honestly feel that everyone can like at least one thing if not then choose the lesser evil and make it clear here in our discussions. No one should be claiming any mandate or political purpose here, and if they do I'll call them out (as I already have if you'd like to check my post history). This vote has no weight besides showing the views of the community. You are welcome to vote, not vote, support the result or disavow the result. In the end, I just hope you just take a look at the results and do with it as you will. The blind poll was purposeful because there is conclusive evidence that public voting changes people's views. I'm taking a class right now in college about public opinion and polls, and Australian ballot is the way to go to avoid the effects of social pressures. Also, ideally I was hoping popular support would be a good place to start, but I can make the voters name public with the check of a box. Give everyone a day or two to finish voting, and I'll consider it. This is kind of why the results are blind. But also you can quote me on this: no one is being forced into anything here. You're not beholden to anything besides what you agree to do as I've said in different words above to Edward Also, as a note to everyone please get as many people to vote as possible. Members, gov, leaders or even unaffiliated players are all welcome and should vote because ideally we want as much diversity and numbers of people as possible.
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    I don't personally know you, but my fam is in SOUP so - sad to see you leave, unfortunately these games don't usually have that steady mech change to keep people interested (and weirdly nobody is smart enough to make a 'better' sim game) - so you get that stagnation and bored feeling. Best thing to do is to just kick it with your community/friends on discord. The game is what it is. For me, through my time here, being a mod and interacting with the community was great, being in my alliance chats or other community servers keeps you engaged - it all comes back down to people in the game and not the game itself. If you do take time off, come back, check to see if anything changed (or just chill on discord)!
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