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  1. TheNG

    Shifty News Network LLC-Gone in 60 Seconds

    IQ is in the quantum realm of alliance blocs, simultaneously existing in two states - as a mass of mid-tier nations unable to fight properly or harm the upper tier and as a hive-mind of coordinated nations inexorably advancing upon the whales to consume their children and end the game as we know it. How is this possible? Well....
  2. TheNG

    Shifty News Network LLC-Gone in 60 Seconds

    Yeah, you know what happens now. I'm sorry Partisan, but once the code words "leak," it's merger time...
  3. TheNG

    Shifty News Network LLC-Symphony of Destruction

  4. TheNG

    Shifty News Network LLC-State of the Union

    Oh boy, here we go again....
  5. TheNG

    Shifty News Network LLC-Leaky Faucets

    C'mon now Buorhann, let's not scare off a potential member of the No Tanks Gang. Now that it's *current year*, all the cool kids in Orbis know that ground forces are for boosted-up noobs and pixel huggers who probably just log in to buy credits every month. Not us in the No Tanks Gang though, we rule these mean streets like Sheepy God intended, with beige and airpower. REPRESENT!
  6. TheNG

    Shifty News Network LLC-Leaky Faucets

    For those fine folks who don't want to read through the whole thread, never fear, for I am here to help! I have created this pictorial tl;dr which I am confident summarizes just about everything. Thank you for your time.
  7. TheNG

    Shifty News Network LLC-Leaky Faucets

  8. TheNG

    Shifty News Network LLC-Leaky Faucets

    And spoken with such confidence too. Even in leaks IQ can't catch a break smh
  9. TheNG

    Avalon’s Avarice

  10. TheNG

    Grumpy now averages over 30 cities per member

    Well, that depends really. On Taco Tuesdays it's good fun, the cafeteria food is great, everyone has a laugh, y'all know how it is. Then the rest of the week when you're forced to forge more steel for NPO's stockpiles or hunted by BK in the arena to determine the best candidates for mergers, it isn't as much fun. Really does build character though, or so I'm told. But hey, I've gotten distracted. Congrats on becoming even more bloated and functionally irrelevant GoB. All this time they told us GPA was dead, but really it's been here all along...
  11. TheNG

    Shifty News Network-So far, so good, so what?

    Everyone has to have a talent. 😘
  12. TheNG

    Shifty News Network-So far, so good, so what?

    Hah, now that's a false flag if I've ever seen one! Nice try Roq, but I'm on to you now. Reset the counter boys!
  13. TheNG

    Shifty News Network-Antisocial

    Sorry hun, but we live in a post-dynamism world where the currency of political machinations and intrigue has lost its value. Coups, bank heists, and the like just won't cut it anymore, the cheap thrills of relevancy are dead and gone. To become truly relevant, be saluted by nations large and small, you either make memes... or you live long enough to see yourself become one.
  14. TheNG

    Shifty News Network-Antisocial

    tfw you just wanted some quick cash but now BK is bending you over and prepping the probe. It really do be like that sometimes
  15. TheNG

    Rose Goes Public!

    Damn, y'all are still complaining about IQ existing and Syndisphere 2 Electric Boogaloo, but the real threat is right there under your noses. The Micro Alliances Sphere (funny name for a sphere by the way, but I mean who am I to judge really) Just look at this, combined score already exceeding that of EMC's and a mind-boggling level of tier consolidation that makes the low-tier their permanent dominion. Gaze on that in jealousy NPO! That's not to mentioned that their sphere leaders are so slippery and skilled at FA that they've assembled a huge coalition and I don't even know who they are!! Goddamn, one day they'll have had enough and will roll out on some poor fools. It'll be a slaughter, I didn't sign up for this! Fortunately, I'll be hitting VM before that happens, you saps can deal with this one.

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