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  1. And So the Dust Settles

    C'mon guys, don't be mean to Felkey. Poor guy just found out TCW was selected to merge into BK next, because they did such great work hitting Nuke Bloc for IQ a couple weeks ago. I'm told it's a great honor to be chosen to add your strength to the collective, but I guess some don't see it that way.
  2. And So the Dust Settles

    You know, I didn't particularly care about how long the NAP was, but now I'm glad that 6 months was accepted, because this salt is wonderful Since this option was so bad, I guess all the non-IQ people who fought in the war should've rejected it....or kept fighting to try and get better terms....or given another counteroffer.....or you know, not accepted it. But devious IQ got into their heads and forced them to do it guys! They're the real victims, Roq and his mind control are a threat to us all! Also good war overall, it was fun.
  3. Fight the System Brothers

    Ooh, what's this? A bonus! This one's for @Abbas Mehdi
  4. Fight the System Brothers

    As you know, I have dedicated my life to finding out the truth behind the politics of Orbis. Now I have made two new discoveries, that I share with you all now. Nothing that you know is true, join me in uncovering the secrets of this world (and new meme formats) And this one will be no surprise to the most woke war stats folks!
  5. War Stats 2.0

    Shoutout to my man Roquentin pulling 18 hour shifts to *inflate stats* this war. This stuff ain't easy folks, IQ actually would've only done $10 in damage without his hard work.
  6. Congratulations to Roquentin

    Just because SHEEP like you guzzle up the SLOP shoveled out by the NEW WORLD ORDER doesn't mean nothing is wrong! Only the MOST WOKE gov in Bad Company can even BEGIN to piece together the monstrous depths this conspiracy reaches! STEEL is just the BEGINNING, I've been working for years, gathering evidence, making the CONNECTIONS! It's begun to appear before my eyes... I just need more time....MORE TIME!!!
  7. PW War Cycles

    No. NO! You tread a dark path Buorhann, you must turn back now. That is always how it starts, first it sounds like a good idea to sign one IQ alliance. Then you must sign another, and another. Then your members begin succumbing to Roquentin's corruption, babbling endlessly about planes and 100% taxes before they are replaced with robotic replicas under his control! Soon you have to kick all your members above 16 cities, sign double MDPs with all IQ AAs, and even laugh at Seeker's jokes. There is no stopping the cycle now, your alliance merges with BK and Roq's ascension ritual gains strength! I have barely escaped with my life and sanity thus far, but I fear for the world. Everyone must keep hitting IQ, lose, and pay them 10 billion in reps to stay out of the upper tier. That's the only way to stop the cycle!
  8. Growing Strong DoE and DoW

    Just when we were having so much fun with Rose, they brought more friends!
  9. The Fire is Very Warm

    Nonsense, with their timely and insightful intelligence gathering, SK has been IQ's greatest asset in this war. Who else can so reliably serve up your enemy's war plans on a silver platter?
  10. EMC-Nuke Bloc War Propaganda Thread

    Really, don't we all wonder that at times? Also, we have GPA, stats posturing, and secret treaties all in one place. This thread delivers.
  11. Say something good

    abbas tolerates far more of my shit than he has a right to and Rose let me crack 50 nukes launched. Also this war has been good to my like count and (say it with me), pixels are temporary, e-peen is forever.
  12. - NPO Humor Production Facility 217, Orbis District, 2018 (colorized)
  13. I... I think I may have just peaked folks. Nowhere to go from here...
  14. War Stats

    Leo, you really need to control your bloc-mates. Fixing the stats to make themselves look good is a pretty heinous offense. Think of all the poor people who totally didn't buy tons of steel on the market no sir whose wars are totally ruined because NPO cooked the books!
  15. If only you ingrates bought more credits, then this wouldn't have happened. - This comment brought to you by Red Road Entertainment LLC