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  1. I made it in five minutes after Leo posted the link to this lol
  2. tfw when all of KERTCHOGG has four months of nightmares about IQ, but they finally wake up and it's so much worse. also when they form IQ 2 but forget about you:
  3. If it's any consolation to the shattered dreams of Coalition A, I really wanted the civil war to happen too. 😞
  4. Inspired by the peace talks thread... 😛
  5. I can't get through the day without at least once a) being called a toxic shitlord by Thrax b) ruining someone's game experience You will not take this from me.
  6. TheNG

    peace talks

    So this thread is a prime example of why letting your idiot members go on deranged forum rants is rarely a good thing. Never go full Scarfalot kids. I'll just bring this bad boy back out since it amusingly still applies.
  7. An easy mistake to make! That arrow is actually pointing to my incredibly stylish jeans, woven from the finest guinea-pig fur of a thousand GPWC nations, and which are perfect to wear during a fulfilling day of granting minor miracles on the forums and transforming infrastructure into war stats! It is interesting that your mind went to my wang, but worry not. It is only natural to be so impressed, when gazing upon a superior lifeform!
  8. Who among us had not been challenged and seen in that moment their chance? A single opportunity, burning bright as the Sun, amongst the meaningless drudgery of their lives in which they can step up and make a difference. Change the world, improve their meagre lot and that of those around them. Many let this chance slip by, unable or worse unwilling to grasp it and dedicate their full strength to seeing it through. But what of those who do, those dauntless few who know it is their time and seize the moment, striding forward to claim their destiny no matter what awaits? When the moment comes, the awful truth burns them to the core: They never had a chance at all The universe does not care for the lives and struggles of insignificant insects, and neither do the greatest of its inhabitants - those who weave with the fabric of humor and snuff out forums with but a thought. Perhaps you will learn this lesson when so many have not, and when your moment, your chance, your opportunity comes, will you take it? I hope not.
  9. Sometimes the greatest things can begin as beautiful accidents. Take this afternoon for instance. R&R was just going for a walk, when they fell down the stairs right into the BK slave pits. After taking stock of the new labor, it was decided this is not a rollable offense. Thenceforth, Coalition and B and R&R are proud to announce they have signed a Non-Aggression Pact. The length of this NAP shall be the remainder of the present war plus six months. Let the celebrations commence, and please check your downvotes at the door. Thank you for your cooperation!
  10. So... let me see if I've got this right. "Anime Nazis" are now worse than "Nazi Nazis", since the latter are your best buddies. You heard it here folks, straight from the man himself! Make sure not to leave your uniform behind when you leave VM Thrax! Honk Honk!
  11. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=1722&display=bank The great birds of The Terapin Federation have journeyed long and far on our quest to find the best memes or Orbis. Indeed, after such a long and arduous journey, some among us wondered if we would ever reach the end - the ultimate meme. Tired, we rested in a quiet spot, a peaceful guardian site. Wait, what is this? Money? And food too? Lying unattended, where anyone could take it. An unfortunate soul must've dropped it. Well, a stroke of luck! Our journey can continue, freshly fed and funded! Thank you, kind stranger, for your donation to the Build NG New Cities Fund!
  12. If it makes you feel any better, I was crying the whole time too.
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