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  1. tl;dr: Something Camelot something war something Clover Kingdom. Drama over, hugs, move on?
  2. 33 planes vs. 37 planes + 33 infra + 15 ships 41 planes vs. 56 planes + 40 infra + 17 ships that's > 2x the $-damage if you want big plane kill counts, target aircraft
  3. Soo ... the attacker destroyed a whole bunch of ships as well as more planes? How is this imba?
  4. Re: score ... i don't really like the changes. I would have preferred for lopsided casualty ratios to be addressed instead of stratifying the tiers even more. Re: military, i don't love the new system, but it's better than 100% air meta.
  5. 1. How is 5 max Uranium mines any less-random than 3? 2. The main benefit I see is streamlining builds. 3. Since the # of raw slots increase, high-infra builds will be more-likely to be able to afford the slots to get to +50% production bonus than would others. 4. These changes will probably decrease raws prices (and manu prices down the road). 5. I don't see this negatively impacting smaller nations directly. I've never bought into the idea that new nations should produce raws and not manu, since the barrier to entry to producing manu is rather low (a cheap project), and since manu is less slot-restricted than raws production. edit: "more slot-restricted" -> "less slot-restricted" bc sleepy
  6. I would personally benefit from this project. So would anyone downdeccing in a global. Whether this is good or not is subject to debate, but calling it "Pirate Economy" isn't telling the whole story.
  7. Mid-infra builds can sustain double-manu or raws-manu with current pollution levels. Mid-infra builds are improvement-slot-limited and can't easily take advantage of the extra pollution space. High-infra builds are largely pollution-limited. This project loosens up those limits significantly. It's not the case that "This one is designed for late game/high infra, the other is designed more for mid game/mid infra. " It is the case that this one helps whales a lot more than it helps mid-tier, and the other one is practically out of reach to anyone but whales.
  8. Your cute animu pfp is attempting to influence me into not insulting your "alliance". Wouldn't it be more-accurate to call this a rebrand from Ronin? At any rate, good luck and godspeed to whale tier.
  9. Almost 15 years in and you still haven't fixed that acronym. You'll fit great in Orbis!
  10. All these with the exception of the raw resource improvements disproportionately benefit whales. Again.
  11. My only concern with implementing changes to fix this "bug" is that that's going to further strengthen offensive spying, which is something which in my opinion needs balancing in the other direction.
  12. Embargoed because CoA was protecting EM. Unembargoed because EM left CoA. As of today, you've been playing for 1,708 Days, and it isn't obvious where the money came from?
  13. OK... so the lesson the 1000s of rule-abiding players are learning is ... you can break the rules ... as long as you cooperate with Alex after he's found enough evidence to ban you. In that case, there will be zero (0) consequences for their bannable actions. Right?
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