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  1. Rossiya lends our full political support to this endeavor. To those who find the name itself racist, read up on Rossiyan history - the White Army were the good guys fighting the contemptible, godless, plebian, communist filth Red Army. Unfortunately the lowlife rabble won, leading to decades of starvation, military incompetence and disaster, and abject poverty and corruption that Rosiya is still trying to recover from today. Long live the White Army! Death to Communists and Social Democrats! Or... are these guys Confederates?
  2. Let's see.... fully-upgraded, $20k a game (afaik it's more than that), $14k a game after tip (usually 30%, not 50%) ... 10 seconds per game (generous assuming organized session), that's $84k/minute = $5m an hour, with another $2.2m for the away player who is probably playing a few people at a time at a quicker pace than 10 seconds per game (less clicks). If you organize this, this is almost guaranteed income. With that in mind if Alex had proposed this 1 month ago, I too would have disagreed with this proposal. The problem is that whereas baseball used to be a hobby for a few, it's now becoming a way to play the game for more. Re: Trading (active trading, not just dumping surplus resources once a week) compared to baseball: tl;dr: it's a lot more risky, is beneficial to others, and is necessary for the game as it's currently structured with continents and resources and improvement slots. Trading does not need to be highly profitable... it only is because there are few traders for reasons best discussed elsewhere (and IMO reasons that should be addressed, because as it stands it's an annoying winner-take-all system where the guy with the highest-position trade makes A LOT of $ and everyone else often makes nothing). And whether or not trading is profitable has nothing to do with Baseball being something else than what Alex wanted it to be.
  3. This may be one you have to bite the downvotes and go ahead and nerf/remove ... people will be very pissed but your argument is sound - what was supposed to be a fun gimmick has become a powerful money-making machine. Not only powerful, but "safe" from the game's perspective... and not only that... but potentially unhealthy for some users.
  4. I agree this needs addressing. Everything gimmicky makes me cringe. Not a terrible idea. Saves a lot of headaches. Helps out new AAs and micros who don't have experienced staff + not enough staff to reliably manage their bank. That's good because it reduces the barriers of entry to the political aspects of the game, helping us keep more new faces over time. Okay..... in principle not too unreasonable, but creates headaches ... does NOT simplify alliance mechanics... for starters, who gets to keep their money safe in the bank? What would the limits be? What happens to the resources as nations go inactive or leave the AA? That these quantities were seriously considered as a reasonable discussion starting point is very troubling. The reasons have possibly been addressed elsewhere. Not counting gray nations would be unfair to those who get beiged frequently and would result in headaches for banks who are managing their resources near the cap. Yup. And in the rare cases that an alliance bank is looted for large sums, it's not the incompetent who caused the loss that gets hurt, but the regular nations who had no realistic option but to keep their stuff in savings. Or you can, you know, add a mechanic that allows alliances to actually win wars. Then they wouldn't last the months they currently are. For example, significantly increase the chance of improvement destruction (after the current war ends so it doesn't skew the balance). More-or-less. The tournament server isn't a good place to test this because relatively few nations play there, those that do aren't representative of the game's population, and the difference in speed may have additional impacts for testing a change such as this ... I'm not saying there is a better place, but that any data from there should be carefully evaluated before in light of these differences drawing conclusions. As to picking cap values, (1) These are a reasonably proxy -> https://politicsandwar.com/world-graphs/graphID=19 https://politicsandwar.com/world-graphs/graphID=23 https://politicsandwar.com/world-graphs/graphID=18 You could start off by converting those to per-city values, and then determine how much you want to keep "safe", i.e. 50% or w/e. And yeah the quantity values may need to be adjusted automatically from time to time. (2) Alternatively, you could say "X days of Y" should be safe, for example -> 20 days of raws (lead, baux, oil, coal, iron) to run full manufactories, 10 days worth of buying military units per city (so, per city, 50 * 5 * 10 = 2500 steel for tanks + 25 * 1 * 3 * 10 = 750 steel for ships, 3 * 3 * 5 * 10 = 450 alum for planes, etc.), enough $ to rebuild 0 -> 1500 infra per city, 20 days of food sufficient to feed a 2k city, etc. .... And none of this would prevent hiding a bank in a nation out of score range.
  5. Given current mechanics as long as an AA keeps its membership, there is no "fall" of alliances as people can just rebuild infra post-war. People keep their cities and their land, and Infra rebuild to 1.5k is cheap, and up to 2k is reasonably doable within a short timeframe. Stockpiles may take some time to rebuild and there's been a massive opportunity cost, most-likely exceeding war damages, but that's about it. The three big Knights alliances will do just fine in the long run. No major AA "fall" has happened or will, but many of the mid-tier (tier as in power, not average city count) AAs have been slaughtered on both sides. If anything this war should be "Militiafall", "Peasantfall", "Plebfall", etc.
  6. So there is *no* way to stop unwanted trade offer spam?
  7. Another casualty of the Danish school system. "the warm, the richly coloured, the infinitely friendly world of soma-holiday. How kind, how good-looking, how delightfully amusing every one was! "
  8. I've embargoed a guy and he keeps being able to send me private trades like this: Why is this happening given that he is embargoed?
  9. The more they can't fight, the more infra they produce; the more infra they produce, the more improvements they have; and the more improvements they have, the lower resource prices are for everyone. Also, KERCHTOG won't NAP because it's afraid if it does NAP it won't be able to hold it long enough to unload on BK again and will instead have to unload on Fark, and after unloading on Fark it will take it a while more to recharge to unload on BK, and that's unacceptable.
  10. “Varmint! Varmint! Hurry, bring the gun!” Yelled Father with a panicked voice Remembering what they had done, He didn’t want to give them choice. For Father knew the Fox too well, its mischief and its foul smell, and was determined to prevent the varmint’s possible ascend. But this was not some ordinary Fox, cunning and with mischief in its mind, it was unlike its cousins so maligned, but instead submissive, looking kind. Ears floppy, tail wagging, a domesticated darling. Father pulled the rifle to his eye, aiming at the Fox’s face, but right before he gave it grace, the little Fox released a cry. Father froze and looked away, this small one he couldn’t slay. Rifle lowered, hands spread wide, Father called the Fox inside, The tired Fox complied. At the fireplace it laid, Sleeping, hours there it stayed. In the morning Fox awoke, to the smell of rabbit smoked. After finishing its meal, Fox had something to reveal. “Father, you have saved me!” Fox yapped and Father stunned, “Please hear my plea!, “the story of our kind so shunned!” “There was once a Fox named Pooball,” Fox began his story, “Many he appalled, with his actions sorry.” Father yelled “I know, he had some gall!” “What you don’t know is what happened after,” Fox cried out with great sorrow, “We foxes innocent of crime, were headed for disaster.” “Once we fled from Nova, we spread in all directions, Yet everywhere we went, we did not receive affection. But after endless misery and rejection, Soup Kitchen gave us no objection.” “The cooks were friendly with their smiles, and they helped us through our trials. “We have finally found peace!”, we thought, But we found out it was all for naught.” “For Mongols, Teutons then attacked us, vile creatures full of cuss and puss, Many foxes were then flared, Only the submissive ones were spared.” “Then the filth stopped attacking… Instead of peace came orders so nerve-wracking. So few Foxes had remained, their coats blood-stained, Their minds strained, their expressions pained, Yet again sent to battle to be maimed. “Cruel mistress guides our fate, we were told to storm the gates of hell, but Black Knights beat us and impaled our foxes on their stakes…” Fox went silent, tears swelling in its eyes, its gaze empty and quiet in its pain. It did not cry. “Only four remain, That I am one of them, I am ashamed.” Father listened to this intensely, and felt empathy most immensely. He told Fox it could stay and that for it he would pray. One silent night, as Father slept in bed, “The time has come”, Fox said in its head. Father and his fireplace it left, but left a message, which read: “Father, this world I have not fled, but merely recovered from my dread. I shall find my foxes and restore the dignity they had before. Thank you for the burden that you faced, for giving me a home and fireplace.”
  11. I guess I missed it out of sloth. There, it's back.
  12. Seven deadly sins: pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath, sloth... Keep dying out of pride, we'll be happy to oblige.
  13. Only those who hold these negative feelings can put them aside, others can't do it for them. No peace is an option too. The more attrition happens, the less "white peace or death" matters.
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