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    A Seperate Micro Affairs Section

    What defines a micro, and how do you police forcing them to not post in alliances affairs when they are an alliance and might have affairs. There are threads on the front page which were started a month ago and also have most recent posts from a month ago. If the thread was a hotbed of activity, or there were daily AA posts from alliances about "lesser" activities then maybe you would have a point. Maybe. Just because it doesn't involve you or larger alliances doesn't make it unimportant. If anything these posts allow you, apparently elitists, to see things happening that you wouldn't normally which if anything strengthens the case for them to exist there. View this as an opportunity to see what up and coming alliances might be worth a damn. Do you realize how much of a prick you sound like? Please don't make worthless posts in the suggestion forum. It gets annoying filtering through the garbage people like you who don't belong here post. You have no understand of what quality content looks like and shouldn't have a place posting here. If anything we should create a subforum for people who post suggestions no one wants to see so I don't have to be bothered viewing it. Instead we can focus on suggestions that matter, the important stuff. How do you know why they don't post? Are you making assumptions or have you had details conversations with micro members/leaders about this? If so please post those links to me privately so I can verify the validity of your claims. Also I find it hard to see how relegating them to the "kids table" of forums isn't insulting itself. And there's nothing to prevent people to come in and flame them anyway. Like you said, it'd be a spot people can come in and view for a laugh, like they're here for your entertainment. tl;dr No. You're an asshat.
  2. Prefontaine

    Alpha Recognition of War from Oblivion and Arrgh

    I am indeed a filthy hippy these days. I disgust myself.
  3. Prefontaine

    Alpha Recognition of War from Oblivion and Arrgh

    INH is well experienced at fighting members of the now defunct nuke bloc. Be careful when he does roll over, it's a trap.
  4. Pure brainstorming here, I'd like to find a way to make treasures more meaningful in terms of dynamics for the game. Right now their completely random with no real meaning. Sure the bonuses are nice but they don't inspire any sort of politics (they were originally created so people would go to war over them) outside of large alliances buying them off some lucky small guy who randomly got one. Here's my quickly patched together idea: Make it so every month an alliance can "invest" in treasures. Weigh the risk/reward and they can dump X amount of resources or cash or such into a dumpster. That dumpster then spits out a treasure to the alliance on that color for each investment. So if like 3 treasures, a, b, c would spawn on black, as a black sphere alliance you would invest into treasure b, 100M worth of resources to try and get it. This way alliances on the same color would talk to each other and try to wheel and deal on who gets what. It gives some meaning to the mechanic.
  5. Prefontaine

    The Big Recap

  6. Prefontaine

    Changes to "Low Cost" projects

    Problem: The price tag for projects used to mean something as the game was first growing and scores/economy's were low. Now many players can easily afford smaller cost projects with far less than a days income. Projects are supposed to be big purchases. They're attached to the city timer, they should be a bigger deal. Solution: Make the lower cost projects scale based on City count by a multiplier Increase all resource components to a minimum of 1,000 (If something cost 500 Steel, it would become 1,000) Increase all cash components to a minimum of $5,000,000 (if something cost 3M it now costs 5M) What this does: If your city count is 1-9 the cost will stay at the base level (multiplier of 1). If your city count is 10-14 your multiplier is 2. If you're city count is 15-19 your multiplier is 4. City count of 20-24, multiplier of 6. City count of 25-30, multiplier of 8. 30+ city count 10x. 40+ city count 15x. This scales the cost as your city grows. Many of these projects improve the production of cities and should reflect the size of the nations they impact. Taking a look at "Arms Stockpile" this project costs 125 Aluminum, 125 Steel, $4,000,000 cash. Under the new system it would cost the following base level 1,000 Aluminum, 1,000 Steel, $5,000,000 cash. ~$9,000,000 total cost City count 1-9 cost: 1,000 Aluminum, 1,000 Steel, $5,000,000 cash. ~$9,000,000 total cost City count 10-14 cost: 2,000 Aluminum, 2,000 Steel, $10,000,000 cash. ~$18,000,000 total cost City count 15-19 cost: 4,000 Aluminum, 4,000 Steel, $20,000,000 cash. ~$36,000,000 total cost City count 20-24 cost: 6,000 Aluminum, 6,000 Steel, $30,000,000 cash. ~$54,000,000 total cost City count 25-29 cost: 8,000 Aluminum, 8,000 Steel, $40,000,000 cash. ~$72,000,000 total cost City count 30+ cost: 10,000 Aluminum, 10,000 Steel, $50,000,000 cash. ~$90,000,000 total cost City count 40+ cost: 15,000 Aluminum, 15,000 Steel, $75,000,000 cash. ~$135,000,000 total cost Projects that would be considered "Low cost" Arms Stockpile Bauxiteworks Center for Civil Engineering Emergency Gasoline Reserve Intelligence Agency Iron Dome Ironworks Mass Irrigation Missile Launch Pad Propaganda Bureau Uranium Enrichment (Questionable) Other things to consider: Obviously the multiplier can be tweaked, and the base cost can be as well. "Mid-cost" projects might have to be bumped too, by perhaps on a lesser modifier, Something that only goes up by 1 either phase, or doubles ever 15 cities. Mid-cost projects would be International Trade Center Nuclear Research Facilitiy Uranium Enrichment Program (Questionable)
  7. Prefontaine

    Changes to "Low Cost" projects

    You're entirely wrong and just making wild assumptions. Using my city for example, if I had maxed munitions factories (which I should at least be close to if I'm getting a project for it), that would be a .9 per turn increase (50% bonus), per factory, per city in munitions productions. That would be ~1.3M bonus profits a day. Which would be ~41 days before a full ROI. At 35 cities you're looking at a 47 day ROI.
  8. Issue attempting to address: Nothing too major, cities populations currently cap out ~1500 days old. One that's a long time. Two, cities shouldn't stop growing. Three, provides an chance for new players to grow faster. Four, providing another new project to roll out with resource costs. What it does: Increases population growth by 100%. A city would now cap out its population in 750 days under the old cap. Provides an additional population bonus at the time of purchase Was thinking either current infra x 100 or just a flat amount, somewhere between 10,000-50,000 Increases the cap on max population by 200,000 per city. What's it cost: 1,000,000 food 10,000 gas 10,000 steel 10,000 munitions 10,000 aluminum Total cost: ~121,000,000 in the current resource market
  9. Prefontaine

    PnW Holiday Happiness: Charity in the Nuclear Winter

    Guess we better get to working on that stupid idea of "water as a resource" in game now to celebrate.
  10. Prefontaine

    Quality of Life Improvements

  11. Prefontaine

    Treasures - Random idea that might be trash

    Apparently you weren't around when I used to spam suggestions to the game more often than I am currently. Alex stated he was going to put more effort into the game this summer and I saw that as an opportunity to offer ideas that can get implemented. I'm not sure where this seeming aggression towards it is coming from. I've a wide variety of knowledge in games like this, as do many others. Lots of people have been speaking to him about ideas. In regards to me being a mouthpiece, I have always been a mouth piece. Look at my post count and upvotes. I talk. I talk a lot. I've also never been afraid of "heat" or have shied away from a debate. The thing I've learn in dealing with Alex these last 4-5 years, you're not going to get ideas across well that he doesn't give a fark about. Your Mirv/Laser defense projects might be great ideas, but he might not feel they have a place in his game. I get the frustration that comes with having your good ideas ignored -- you don't know how often that has happened to me (see: perks for example). However just because my ideas are gaining traction where yours may have not is largely to do with me talking to Alex and asking him "What changes are you looking to make any why". Finding out what he wants to work on and then trying to work along with him to get it done. Your ideas will be better received if they're ideas he wants to work on at this time. That doesn't mean ideas outside of that scope won't happen or get completely ignored, it just means its far less like to have any sort of priority. I'm not entirely sure as to why you're seemingly so pissed towards me about things, and again I encourage you to reach out to me privately. This will be the last time I address you on this thread, or others about this topic.. Please stop derailing my thread away from its intent.
  12. Prefontaine

    Treasures - Random idea that might be trash

    Many of my ideas and suggestions get rejected by the person you claim I'm in control of. The ones he's willing to do get put into a public setting, and then go forward. One of these first changes was city costs which has yet to be introduced and may not be due to the feedback given. If you have further concerns, feel free to contact me via PMs or on discord. As stated previous this thread is for discussing changes to treasures, not dirty laundry.
  13. Prefontaine

    Treasures - Random idea that might be trash

    Right. This thread is for discussing/brainstorming changes to treasures. Please stay on topic. To address your... displeasure? over my ideas getting more traction than others perhaps you should direct that to Alex directly?
  14. If you look at it as an individual trying to pay this off the moment its an option, yes it's daunting. It's the same price as their next few cities combined, though it does make the next city itself free and pays itself off a few cities later. This game, however is a team based game. You should be in an alliance by the point of 11 cities. That alliance should be helping you grow. It's much easier for an alliance to pay off this debt to help their nation grow quicker which makes them a more productive and strong member of their alliance. Alliances often run city growth programs in one form or another. If you spent the couple hundred mil in a player growing when the project comes out your alliance saves the cost quickly over their next few city purchase.
  15. Prefontaine

    Advice for those getting a loan

    Vultures. All of you bankers are farking vultures.
  16. Prefontaine

    Quality of Life Improvements

    There's a lot on here. Would you mind going through each section at pull out what you think is the most important 1 or 2 from each area? I know lots of these are small changes, but still putting them all on a list at once when I bring it to Sheepy might scare the wool off of him. Thanks for your effort.
  17. Prefontaine

    City Discount Project

    This suggestion is in conjunction with making cities slightly more expensive by adding a resource price. This project will exclusively cost resources, and lower city costs dramatically at the time of purchase. The purpose of this project is to make cities easier to buy in the long run, and allow for newer players to catch up to the city counts of older players while creating an increased demand in resources. City Planning Project Reduces city costs by up to $50,000,000 Can be purchased anytime after you have 11 cities Cost: 10,000 Coal 10,000 Oil 20,000 Aluminum 10,000 Munitions 10,000 Gas 700,000 Food These cost totals work to be around 165M for the project with the numbers Sheepy provided me for "desired" market prices. This project will have nearly paid for itself after 3 cities in that environment. In the current market you're looking at about a 120M price tag, so it's fully paid off at 3 cities and netting profit. The reason this is only available after 11 cities is because city 12 is the first city above $50M. with Manifest destiny the city cost would be $0 after this project. Advanced City Planning Project Reduces city costs by up to $100,000,000 Can be purchased anytime after you have 16 cities Requires City Planning Cost: 10,000 Uranium 20,000 Steel 40,000 Aluminum 2,000,000 Food These cost totals work to be around 306M for the project with the numbers Sheepy provided for "desired" market prices. The current market costs put it around 223M, again making this project having had paid for itself after 2-3 city purchases. Like the previous project, city 17 is the first city above $150M (50 mil already taken off for basic city project) thus after both of these projects are purchased city 17 would cost 21M, or 12M with Manifest destiny (assuming sheepy applies MD to the pre-discount %) EDIT: To be clear, these project bonuses stack. With both cities will cost $150,000,000 less
  18. Prefontaine

    Some Thoughts

  19. Prefontaine

    Some Thoughts

    Like I told you privately, I will echo publicly. It's a good read. Too often people forget that we're not required to be the people we are in real life here. You can be a bad guy here, but a nice guy in real life. There are different aspects of RP, some RP in the RP forum, some embody a character. There is also a side note I'd like to make, echoing a conversation I had with Lordship some time ago. As a leader, you can feel boxed in from time to time. You don't want to make moves that risk the enjoyment and prosperity of the dozens, if not hundreds of people you lead by taking them down a risky, or ultimately losing path. I get that, it's why I left Guardian in this game. I felt the members wanted to play the more safe route politically and that prospect bored me. Sometimes though you just have to do it, and it's not an easy thing. While winning war after war is more fun than losing war after war, especially with the boring war mechanics we do have, winning all the time isn't fun either. Don't be afraid to take risks. But if you're going to be a villain, you have to take more care, and put more effort in than the good guys do. It's harder to be a great villain than it is to be the good guy.
  20. Prefontaine

    SNN-Too big to fail

    If only he stole 14b in resources to help increase demand as well.
  21. Prefontaine

    Pantheon workout routine to shave off all that extra infra

    This will be a bit of OOC, but I feel like the conversation has moved that way in this thread so it's effectively fine. I spent a fair amount of my time playing the villain role in PnW, whether you think I was good or bad at it personally, I've been given enough nods on the character I've played in this world and others to feel qualified on speaking on what it takes to play the villain. Insults? They're fine if there's substance to them. You need a narrative, a reason to be insulting this person/group. There needs to be more to what you're doing than showing off your trolling ability, or lack there off. It's about quality and not quantity. Knowing when to speak and when to hold your punches and wait for the chance to make that critical hit. Why throw 100 punches when you can get a better effect with 2-3 proper ones. You also have to have the well-being of the game in mind. Know that you're the villain, embrace it. People are going to hate you and you can't let that bother you. But you have to know your role is to eventually lose. The best examples I can give of it are TEst and TKR. TEst embraced it's "We're the enemy" role under me, we harassed people picked fights and played off of the two spheres for as long as we could until a large section of the game came together to smash us to pieces. At that point TEst split and formed some splinters. TKR was the villain after that happened, but didn't seem to realize it or want it. They did little with the villain role really. There were almost no major wars for a long period of time. Then, like TEst, a large portion of the game united to smash them. Had TKR embraced their villain role and flexed on people frequently it might have accelerated their downfall but it would have created more interesting events that we would still be talking about. I'm not saying TEst did things right and TKR didn't things wrong but more highlighting the differences in accepting your role and trying to go against it. I often hear people look back on TEst with some very exaggerated mindset, recently Thanos said something to the effect of "Don't think you're TEst suiciding into a bigger alliance", when TEst never really did that. When you embrace your villain role stories of what you did get exaggerated, there becomes this legend about what you were/did and people talk about the crazy things you did, even if they've been warped to events that didn't actually happen. I've started to ramble.. Anyway, what I'm saying is stories are made by the villain. You need a good one for a good story. Build your reputation, make some moves that cause people to talk about "hey remember that time that guy did that thing?". But if you're the boy who cried wolf, constantly trolling/insulting your words lose their potency. tl;dr Quality villainy over quantity of villainy.
  22. Prefontaine

    SNN-Too big to fail

    I feel like you need a hug.
  23. Prefontaine

    SNN-Too big to fail

    If anything I should be biased in favor of banks, I profit in game off of them. Here’s the difference though, I don’t cry about changes that may help the game because it might not serve my in game needs. If anything, you’re the one who’s biased, complaining based on your in game activities versus taking an objective look at it. You cant complain that a change is going to impact you negatively, especially in such an alarmist manner, and then cry biasses towards others. If you weren’t a banker, you wouldn’t give two shytes about a change where whales claim they would pull all their funds. And if you were a good banker, you would realize the possibilities and more diverse market might make your banking work ever better. And if you were an even better banker you wouldn’t let billions get robbed from your bank. But hey, what do I know? I’m not the guy who can’t take a joke.
  24. Prefontaine

    SNN-Too big to fail

    Clearly player run banks are a vital aspect of the game that we need to protect and design all updates of the game to avoid disrupting activities that serve the interests of so many.
  25. Prefontaine

    New Project: Population cap/growth increase.

    If the resource PPU increases over the summer, the price will go up.

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