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  1. Did you hack my discord? I swear some of that was verbatim from my DMs.
  2. Thread Expectation: Thread Reality: Also: Thanks!
  3. It will still have the City cap where it turns off. This is still meant for new players. 500k-1M extra a day is actually more than the RPC gave. This actually buffs the project. It will not scale with city count, same amount to everyone.
  4. Correct, you could have 10 active wars. We will likely have a new achievement for that as well. Since the acronym for the project is APE, might as well call it APE Mode.
  5. Pre has been replaced with ChatGPT. Yes. This is a project meant to help new players. Alex hath spoken.
  6. Made some updates to the OP. The multiple payment options for city discount projects have been removed. As the RPC project is largely causing the raw resource imbalance, the project will be switching to something that provides new players additional money rather than resources.
  7. Perks will have some boosts to those. We can see if there needs to be more above that level afterwards. What prices would you recommend?
  8. Well if there are suddenly a cheaper alternative, prices will start to rise as more demand for this resources occur while demand for the others decreases and possibly causes a dip in price. Lets say one raises 40M and the other falls 40M over all, we'd be right in the middle then. There should be some adjustment by the market due to shifting demand.
  9. I removed that from the list. A week after we've final approval form Alex. @Village I saw what you said in discord. 😘
  10. This thread is to suggest new projects to Politics and War. Please try and follow this design template: Project Name: Project Requirements: (If any) Project Cost: (Can be ball park or numbers/resources) Project Effect: EX: Project: Bureau of Domestic Affairs Requirements: Requires Government Support Agency Cost: $20,000,000 Food: 100,000 Aluminum: 10,000 Gas: 10,000 Steel: 10,000 Oil: 10,000 Coal: 10,000 Iron: 10,000 Effect: Timer for changing Domestic Policy reduced to 1 turn.
  11. Alright. Echoing comments from discord. Editing the OP with a 10% modifier on the loot percentage. If a player would loot 1% of a banks loot it's a 1.1x modifier. If they were going to loot 10M they instead loot 11M.
  12. My Copy and Pasting missed the last line. Been edited.
  13. First things first! The two major updates are being worked on by the coding staff, first are Beige changes and a general war overhaul most of which is outlined in that thread. There are some changes back from 2021 threads that are being included in this as well now that the improvement destruction system has been changed to accommodate for the changes to missiles/nukes and the VDS/Dome tweaks from 2021 which can be found about 2/3rds down in the OP of that thread. After that moves to testing, Perks will be next on the agenda for a major new content addition. The target for perks to be released is Spring of 2023. Once Perks are complete work on the next section of new content will begin with commodities. Note, the numbers in there aren't what will be in the final product, it's more about the concept. In between these we plan on continuing to make adjustments on existing content and smaller, less code intensive changes and additions while continuing to work on QoL changes. Now, lets get to the changes.: Reminder that this is the public feedback phase of content. Just because it's listed below doesn't mean it's definitely coming out as listed. Nations Leaving Vacation Mode will be automatically given a 12 turn (1 day) beige timer. This will allow for nations returning to not have the be around around at the exact turn their timer ends. Allows them to join an alliance and such should they need to as well. Spy Counts and Spy Odds will no longer be hidden or ambiguous. Players, through bots and API data have been able to calculate spy odds and counts with the current system. To allow all players, even those without bots, to play on an even field and reduce the API request and data scraping, this information will now be provided. Spy counts will be visible to all players. When performing a spy attack, odds will be shown rounded to the nearest percent. When a nation completes a bounty objective against another nation, but is blockaded, that player will still gain the bounty. The bounty will be in be deposited into the nation once that nation no longer has any active wars. This is to allow players to still earn bounties while blockaded, but prevents a nation from being able to exploit the bounty system to aid a blockaded nation still at war. Changes to Urban Planning and Advanced Urban Planning: These projects will have two different payment options. The first is the already existing one and the second option is outlined below with a focus on raw resources instead of food. Thus, if there is a spike in food prices the alternative option may be cheaper. If raw prices spike, the food option may be cheaper. This way players can balance cost options and more diversely spread out varied resource demands. Urban Planning Second Payment Option Coal 20,000 Oil: 20,000 Iron: 20,000 Bauxite: 20,000 Lead: 20,000 Advanced Urban Planning Second Payment Option Aluminum: 40,000 Uranium: 20,000 Coal: 30,000 Oil: 30,000 Iron: 30,000 Bauxite: 30,000 Lead: 30,000 Ammo: 40,000 Alternative Payment Option Removed. Changes to Pirate Economy Project: Pirate Economy now provides a 5% bonus to loot from ground attacks. New Project: Advanced Pirate Economy Requirements: Nation has won or lost 100 combined wars. Requirements: Nation has Pirate Economy Cost: $50,000,000 Aluminum: 20,000 Ammo: 40,000 Gas: 20,000 Effect: Nation has an additional offensive war slot. Nation gains 5% more loot from ground attacks. Nation gains 1.1x modifier to their loot (edit from feedback) from defeating a nation and the defeated nations alliance bank. New Project: Bureau of Domestic Affairs Requirements: Requires Government Support Agency Cost: $20,000,000 Food: 100,000 Aluminum: 10,000 Gas: 10,000 Steel: 10,000 Oil: 10,000 Coal: 10,000 Iron: 10,000 Effect: Timer for changing Domestic Policy reduced to 1 turn. Change to Resource Production Center. Renamed -> Activity Center Effect: Daily Log In Bonus increased by $500,000. If there is any daily log in streak above 1, Daily Log In Bonus increased by $1,000,000. This amount is separate from any other modifiers. Still has a City Cap of 15, and will turn off above 15 cities.
  14. Here's the problem. Each city you gain actually has a smaller percentage impact on your capabilities. City 1 -> 2 is a 50% increase military potential where as 19 -> 20 is only a 5% increase to military potential. As a nation grows each step in strength becomes smaller. Thus, making cities count for more score as a player grows is actually the inverse. A C10 fighting a C8 has a 20% advantage. That same advantage in higher tiers would be C40 v C32. Both can produce 20% more than the other. Now it's not as cut and dry as I'm making it, but it's not too far off either. The simplest solution to down declares is hard caps on how low a player can swing below their city count. We were working on a whole score rework, but the problem is to prevent major down declares you still need a hugely weighted city to mil to infra+other score ratio. Something close to like 15:4:1.
  15. RPC turns off after C15 so it won't impact whales/larger nations regardless.
  16. EDIT: These are average resources on hand per nation, btw. Since around the time of the RPC production of raws have hugely jumped and prices have adjust accordingly by largely reducing. The idea behind the project was to boost the income of new players passively. Even with producing more raws the price has subsequently fell off more than the increased volume makes up for. Thus, the following change is proposed: The resource bonus only operates while a player is above a certain level of activity. That threshold being in the poll. Effectively, whenever a player is above that threshold length of inactivity the project stops producing extra raws until the player next logs in. For example if it's 3 days, while a player's log in is under 72 hours then the project functions as normal. Once they go above 72 it stops working until the next log in.
  17. When you are the one being attacked, your defensive perks will kick in. When you are the one attacking, your offensive perks will kick in. This is for the individual attack, not the war declaration attacker/defender element.
  18. Some updates: Perk Priorities will be visible to all players. Active, researched, and researching perks will be visible by alliance gov. Permissions will need to be adjusted to allow/not allow for roles. Spy intel will show only what active perks a nation has. Suggestions about special achievement based open perks will be viewed for a future update. Want to focus on the base of perks for now. This Post
  19. The main restrictions to getting the perks is supposed to be time. The additional requirements aren't meant to be super-restrictive. If anything we question should the higher requirement projects be included.
  20. Questions for the community: Should perks be visible? Should only your alliance be able to see what perks a nation has? Should they be able to see all research, active, both? Should intel spy ops give info on perks of a target nation?
  21. Just all assigned perks. It wouldn't interrupt research progress. EDIT: The RP changes the prioritizations, it also wouldn't interrupt progress.
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