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    peace talks

    While I'm not a fan of the idea of public negotiations -- It gets messy -- your side might want to get together and make public what the terms for peace would be. I am a neutral party int his war, I've been spectating on and off and have some people on both sides I speak to about things. The public image being portrayed is that your side are a bunch of unreasonable douchenozzles in terms of peace. The reason the war is still going is because your terms for peace. If your terms are reasonable, and that metric will vary from person to person, then you take away one of the PR aspects in the war which you are losing in my opinion. If your terms aren't reasonable, well, I get why you wouldn't want them to be public knowledge which sort of further puts you in a place of continued losing that PR aspect. Also, if your terms are reasonable, and your opponents have been spinning that they aren't to some of their allies, you might see some of their allies look for individual peace.
  2. Prefontaine

    peace talks

    Damage ratios are a poor example of winners and losers in this game. Take Papers, Please. Terminus Est clearly lost that war. I personally netted about 2B in profits from loot (didn't get a big bank hit) and myself and several others had much, much larger damage dealt numbers than damage received. Over all TEst had positive damage ratios in that war because we had more targets with infra to destroy than we had infra to destroy in our alliance. Lets say each member had 1B infra to lose, and we had 30 members. The most TEst could have lost was ~30B. If there's 500B in infra on the other side, we can deal way more damage than it's possible for us to take. Damage ratios ca be a metric of how well your alliance performed, but definitely not if you've won or lost. The damage ratios in this war are also a little skewed. The biggest factor was Coalition A blowing up each others infra in a war just before this war (due to the leaks that war stopped). They had less infra to lose going into this fight so the amount of damages they could have taken were lessened by their own side. Coalition B has also been farming some soft targets arguably not tied to coalition A in attempts to balance some of the stats. All that said, I am actually curious of what the peace terms are. There's been a lot of alleged terms thrown around publicly, and I've heard some others privately. Wouldn't be a horrible idea to set some of the record straight.
  3. https://discord.gg/RArzxpS Have the ground work set up. Content will be slow as we start going.
  4. As someone who habitually went against whales, it's not the only way to beat larger nations. Planes are OP for the reason of they're the only unit that can take out other units besides its own type. If you win with planes you can kill any units. If you win with navy you can only kill ships. This dynamic needs to change, and has needed to change for a long time. The way to go about it is either make planes only kill planes, or make other things able to kill other things as well.
  5. The treaty web was made by Phiney. Stat tracker by Frawley. There have also been other players who have designed themes/plugins/color schemes. Stick around a while, your tfw will become a pretty standard one.
  6. Where are the people complaining about realism like in other suggestion type threads? How can players possibly play that many games in a single day?! Clearly the cap needs to be 2 games a day max. Athletes can't survive playing more than double headers on a near daily basis. And a 5 second delay? There's no way a game of baseball could possibly finish in 5 seconds. The delay needs to be 3 hours, at least. This needs to be more real. You're ruining my immersion.
  7. Would anyone be interested in making a cooking discord channel with me? One of my biggest hobbies is cooking and when you talk with other people who cook a lot you can learn plenty of little things they've learned from stuff they've made in the past. The channel would primarily be about sharing recipes and how to cook a dish, sharing photos of stuff, talking about restaurants and what not, and even cocktails. If there's even a handful of people interested I'd be down to set something up, we can even do like a weekly dish "This week lets try and make homemade Tikka Masala" or something.
  8. I have a simple fix to most of this dumpster fire. NPO and BK sign treaty. You act as though you have one in terms of this war, and neither of your alliances is paperless. NPO cancels tS treaty. You said you haven't been on the same page and the treaty wasn't really being respected. Don't keep allies who you don't consider allies. Accept your role. I like plenty of people on both sides of this war, but NPO and BK, you're effectively doing what you fought against in TKR. You’re acting like your split up, but you’re not. You’re trying to act like you're the victim, and not the hegemony. Who cares if you were or weren't plotting to go after another sphere and it got leaked. If you were, just own it at this point. If you weren't stop taking the bait everytime someone says you were. You're never going to convince them otherwise. This game needs villains, trying to take over the world is typically a villain thing. Embrace it. Don't hide from it. Take your turn atop the game but don't choke the life out of it for year(s) like previous spheres have here and in other worlds.
  9. For the record, I don't recall any war here on Orbis that peace talks started with an admission of defeat prior to a public announcement. Normally public admissions of anything, joke or serious terms, are discussed while the war is still going without either side conceding anything. One side can present a list of terms, item 1 can be "Side X admits defeat publicly", followed by any other terms to reach peace. If that first term is rejected, well at least the full list of terms is on the table to start negotiations. Maybe a side would be willing to accept posting a public surrender at the cost of a few other of the terms. Anyway, have fun sorting this dumpster fire out. Best of of luck to whomever the negotiating reps are. Oh, and grats on peace to the alliance this thread was about originally
  10. I jokingly posted about it before, mostly to poke fun at the Hippo, but each person who reaches 5k+ Maybe gets the option of having their own added.
  11. First, ZI is basically impossible in this game. Second, Yarr couldn't do it if we wanted to, eventually you'd be out of our score range. Third, I think all of the talk about what to do with you in the channels I've seen is along the lines of "He's offering peace now that he can't get enough MAPs before beige to launch another one" followed be some "no chance" type messages. Fourth, and this is the big one here. Most people view themselves, or their side as "the good guys". Not many people actively seek out the villain role. If you're thinking you're the good guy, you're not. You're not the plucky hero standing up to the evil-doers. Just because you're not the good guy doesn't make you the bad guy either. From what I can tell is you're desperately making moves to maybe save face, or some personal respect, or whatever. But you're all over the place. Your stances and statements seem to wax and wane with each hour. The people who have suggested you take a break aren't wrong. The best thing for you to do in this situation is accept that there are no real moves you can make at this point. Accept what has happened, stop lashing out in almost every direction and learn from what has happened. Let this go, move on, and remember...
  12. I'm not in Yarr gov, but I tossed your message into our members discord. The decision is up to @Buck Turgidson @cctmsp13 and/or @im317.
  13. For any psychology majors, this is what a mental break down looks like.
  14. @TheNG I need a status report on Clarke’s sister. This sounds like her style. Kinda like how your neutral themed bard wasn’t a person. Those were the days.
  15. I'm just trying to follow your train of thought. So you assume we bank for Rose. So you attack us because Rose pissed you off. Thus, dealing no damage to Rose. Nor doing any harm to their bank. So even if you're assumption is accurate, your actions do nothing to help your case. What I'm saying is even if you're right, you lose. It's not a good position to be in. Perhaps you should think about that. I was merely pointing out the absurdity of taking a stand against unprovoked attacks, while making them yourself.
  16. Yet here you are, attacking Yarr unprovoked.
  17. If the problem that is trying to be solved is preventing new alliances to be made to avoid bank offshore hiding. Make it so newly created alliances can't perform bank transactions for 10 days. It doesn't remove the problem, as in long wars like this alliances can have several players make a group of offshore alliances to shuffle things around in. However should an alliance get caught unprepared their bank has a higher chance to get hit. It's not a perfect fix, but it does address some of the issues without interrupting much else in the aspect of game-play. New alliances aren't typically that insane on banking right off the bat, and all they have to wait is 10 days.
  18. You were making it sound like you yourself made that much.
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