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  1. Prefontaine

    To whoever put a 50M nuclear bounty on me...

    You have to make art and display it for his sick pleasure, while claiming it's in good fun.
  2. Prefontaine

    To whoever put a 50M nuclear bounty on me...

    Thalmor bounty scandal 2019
  3. Prefontaine

    Lordaeron Announcement

    1) Your name is Noctis. Please continue to tell us at length about how much you don't care. You're starting to convince us.
  4. Prefontaine

    A Quest of Memes on Orbis

    And here I was hoping this thread was going to be a collection of memes from Orbis.
  5. Prefontaine

    Lordaeron Announcement

    It's how you know you're getting to him. Every time he does it, it puts a smile on my face, because you know
  6. Prefontaine

    Lethal Wheeeeew

    They've already given you the path to victory, @MinesomeMC. In the OP they told you it is not their goal for you to delete. That's how you beat them, that's how you show them. DELETE! Force the result of the war to be what they don't want and claim your victory!
  7. Prefontaine

    Purple Flower Garden Is One Today!

    TEst will bring the punch bowl..
  8. Prefontaine

    2018 P&W Award Voting

    Since you gave some effort, I'll give some effort rather than just rambling/trolling. The problem with the "awards" is it's too much about what the people running it want. It started with Kastor, who is one of the worst choices in the pool of people who aren't going to make it shit for the lulz. While I agree with you that having an informed panel is likely your best chance at getting accurate results for each category it's also a shit way to do it. The only real way is to run tandem voting, a panel of informed, and the general panel. Winner and peoples winner for each category. Or even each alliance gets to vote for a #1 #2 #3 and based on some alliance metric their vote carries a certain weight. Not to mention the nomination process is complete rubbish. Alliances that have no earthly right in both good and bad categories are there. People base yearly awards on what happened in the last few months. The process is ruined each year by letting idiots nominate. Enough constructiveness. This is a contest for idiots, run by idiots. I would rather not have my name anywhere on any ballot.
  9. Prefontaine

    2018 P&W Award Voting

    Or they just see the bullcrap for what it is and aren't afraid to call it that. The point of all of this was to allow for a big reveal surprise show for the radio stuff. Here's the problem, the only people who seem to want it are the people running it. Everyone else is seemingly apathetic or against it. Trying to run an event a certain way for the joy of the people running it, rather than the people partaking in it is a failure in the part of the people organizing (see: you all). This whole thing has been beyond miss handled from the get go and I doubt you'll see more than maybe 5 extra listeners to the radio show, cus guess what you run your radio show at a time when very few will stick around to see the big reveal of the awards. If anything people will just wait to see them announced the next day and then !@#$ about how it was rigged (which they would have done even if it was on the forums, just a little less so). So here's what you idiots have done. You've taken a pointless contest that really no one cares much about, because the deserving people/alliances rarely actually win, and there is NO benefit to winning or losing and have turned it into a fustcluck of a headache for the joy of the people running the damn event. Wake the fark up. I couldn't care less about the awards and even I can see how much you guys are screwing this whole thing up. It might've been a good idea in thought but when enough people (on your own side as you've pointed out) started !@#$ing about how it's being done, you might've realized you farked up. But no. You keep chugging along. How you are so oblivious to your own frick ups is beyond me. "HEY GUYS IT'LL BE FUN BECAUSE WE THINK IT'S FUN DOING IT THIS WAY". The thought never crossed your mind that you could actually be wrong.
  10. Prefontaine

    2018 P&W Award Voting

  11. Prefontaine

    2018 P&W Award Voting

    Man, there's a lot of TKR-sphere representation there.
  12. Prefontaine

    A PSA for @everyone that is @here

    I was pushing for war against them since before the war began. Before slot scarcity was a thing. I just wanted to see them burn. I actually stopped pushing after the first ghosting incident because I figured if they weren’t gonna do it then they wouldn’t ever. Sometimes you have to wait for near Christmas to get some presents.
  13. Prefontaine

    SNN: The Quick and The Dead

    He's clearly of sound mind. Also the link in my post is a link to the image in the OP about Operation Burger King.
  14. Prefontaine

    Terminus Est, Re-Declaration of War

    If by jimmy's being rustle, you mean confused by how dumb you were, then yes. But by all means, try to dig yourself out of the dumb hole you've found yourself in by claiming I'm mad. It will surely work and everyone will be fooled.
  15. Sometimes your old hits are your best hits The date, September 21st, 2016. The time, Just before the Orbis day change. A emblazoned Terminus Est steps out onto the battlefield once more. Over two years later.. Peace was never reached. Terminus Est hereby restarts the war which never ended. NSFW: LANGUAGE This time, you bet your ass you'll be flying that flag.
  16. Prefontaine

    2018 P&W Award Voting

    I did my part in voting for none of the people who should win in any category. #boycottyearlyawards
  17. Prefontaine

    Terminus Est, Re-Declaration of War

    being a cockroach, refusing to die. Do I really need to explain your own line to you?
  18. Prefontaine

    Terminus Est, Re-Declaration of War

    Wars Won: 15 Wars Lost: 49 You clearly speak from experience.
  19. Prefontaine

    Terminus Est, Re-Declaration of War

    Sarcasm is Ashland’s default setting.
  20. Prefontaine

    Terminus Est, Re-Declaration of War

    Nope. I’m just special. That and as INH said in his ascension post, I’ll still be making posts of this nature in the future. Nothing more than that. I’d find the link, but meh.
  21. I did not consent to these uses of the flag I did not make of the alliance I did not found. Nice work!
  22. Prefontaine

    The more the better

    Well, time to declare war and see how strong extra lines are.
  23. Prefontaine

    Terminus Est, Re-Declaration of War

    Yes. Did you have a point?
  24. Prefontaine

    Time to Play Hardball

    You’ve hung out with Kastor too much. Never letting a chance go by to try and recruit.

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