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  1. And I need you now tonightAnd I need you more than everAnd if you only hold me tightWe'll be holding on forever ..... A total eclipse of the heart And here everyone just thought our FA was too busy getting wasted to do anything.....well that may still be partly correct but we can be functional alcoholics when we put our mind to it. Happy to see this announced friends! 💚
  2. I'm getting a warm nostalgic feeling from this treaty, happy to see the upgrade boys!
  3. Except when Alex banned treasure transfers through predetermined wars he also said he would implement a feature to buy and sell them since he took away a key game mechanic that was used. We have been waiting months now for this feature that Alex promised us.
  4. Reliving the glory days of the Habsburg Era of Europe.
  5. So I think you're being a little melodramatic that the fact you can't make an alliance day 1 would turn you off and make you quit the game...again.
  6. You can raid enough cash to get to 3000 score in a matter of a couple weeks if you really wanted to, not to mention established alliances usually having great growth programs.
  7. The current autocratic regime stiffling free speech within the development team needs to be brought to an end. The totalitarian dictator Prefontaine must he toppled and with that a new era and prosperity and productivity. Only the true leader of the dev team Prefonteen can usher in such an era of explosive achievements and guide us to our future. #anyonebutprefontaine2020
  8. Monkey D Luffy answer for your sins! You have been working with the Purple Menace and the gang is coming for your a$$!!!!
  9. Can we just implement this? Great idea Shakyr - I can think of many many scenarios when having tool would come in handy verses only bulk import to all cities.
  10. REAL NICE BUILD YOU GOT THERE MATTY Such a great role model for your members to look up to. Less than 2 days into the war and this is what the leader of UPN does? The gang is not impressed.
  11. I've always thought wars with actual CB's have always showed a lot more merit and make things more interesting in the long run. Good luck to you folk in Swamp for standing up for what you believe in and may you enjoy your time in the battle ring!
  12. It was more the green on purple, you didnt get the reference!
  13. UPN's day of reckoning has come! Prepare yourself for some Tjest clapping
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