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  1. If any alliance deserves it, it's Camelot.
  2. Lots of E$ raids so they naturally have standing ground force....especially the lower tier ones.
  3. Epi is a classic case of someone being in a leadership position too long. Step down man and pass on the torch and see if anyone can put out the forest fire you started. ^ Also lmao as if you fooled anyone with that one Epi, you are a joke.
  4. The Enterprise No that isn't it at all? Not sure what you have been reading .
  5. SRD knew exactly what he was doing by posting that and I was giving the reaction they wanted. Our embassy with them has always been an interesting place and while T$ and Grumpy's views align on matter such as Green, They differ on many many things. SRD knows this. I'm not sure if any of you have ever dealt with him being on the other side but I think you would not describe him as a humble being. I dont play into that game with him as he knows exactly what he is doing by posting multitudes of comments like this. Did not expect to get log dumped today but here we are lol.
  6. Ahh looks like you slackers don't have your quarterly report ready to go. Crying independence isn't going to lighten your work load. Get to it!
  7. Third time's the charm, see you on the battlefield GoB
  8. Sorry I'm a bit late getting to this but as I have expressed internally I will proclaim for all of Orbis to see. Shiho I'm eternally grateful for all you've done in T$, a truly flawless run as an exec if I have ever seen one. You are one of the greats of this game and I'm glad that T$ could attract someone of your caliber when you were looking for a new place to settle down. Also obligatory thanks for actually sticking around T$ after stepping down, that is also a pretty exclusive club these days and we are happy to welcome you to the Exec Emeritus!
  9. Props to you guys for clapping back at Camelot doing the same old shady stuff they always do. Best of luck!
  10. So treasures are basically being monetized at this point? lol Funny play to get people to buy and redeem more credits. Im pretty sure in regards to treasures that people just wanted an actual treasure trading system since alex stopped treasure transfers through wars nearly half a year ago now and still hasnt released the promised treasure transfer mechanic that we were supposed to see "soon".
  11. Did you forget to add Rose to your time-lapse?
  12. You're sort of proving his point here dont you think Changeup?
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