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  1. Oh buddy, you should probably check with your superiors that this was ok to post...they might already be screaming and crying into a pillow over reading it hahahahah
  2. Last one I remember him trying it on was the Federation and the was back in 2019. He used to go on radio shows and brag about screwing over micros and stealing their banks. So to see him crying about the same sort of thing happening to him is quite ironic.
  3. I mean aren't you one of those players than joins micros, manipulates yourself to a gov position and then steals their banks? I really don't think anyone of your stature and reputation has any right to try to reprimand other alliances when I'm sure you've done far worse to allies and acquaintances alike. You are near as scummy as players get in this game from an IC perspective.
  4. No I'm actually curious. You want to make these bold claims in public that are based on what? Superstition?
  5. How is letting in some refugees from a war torn alliance immediately indicate aligning ourselves with KT? That is an example of not being pragmatic.
  6. I have an interesting history with KT. With that in mind, I am quite certain that this was a pragmatic move to let these specific members into the Syndicate.
  7. Very honourable stance! And I welcome our new friends and comrades to the battlefield to fight for injustice and freedom!
  8. What a glorious occasion this is. 2 equally glamorous alliances are coming together to form an impeccable bond! Belles of the ball indeed. I feel like such a forum darling right now. o/ The Immortals
  9. Still feel pretty ripped off I got silenced so fast while delivering my heartfelt acceptance speech for NPO winning Most Powerful Alliance. C'est la vie
  10. Congratulations to all the alliances who negotiated peace!
  11. CoS had one of the neatest memberships out of any alliance in existence. You guys were an asset to the community and there will be a void that will be hard to fill. I know many in t$ always had an almost attachment to CoS so this news hit us hard back at the HQ. I wish you all the best wherever that may be!
  12. I am at war this nation and would like to voice that I do believe he is warslot filling on this war: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/war/timeline/war=589085 Allied gov members in game and if you compare his offensive war on me vs against the mad titan - the bare minimum is being done in order to maintain the look of a real war. Let's not even get started on his defensive war here: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/war/timeline/war=588361 Which again is a war between 2 allied gov members in order to fill a defensive slot and ruin any chance of cycling the nation.
  13. Lol at all of the BK and NPO drones trying to call you immoral for even suggesting something like this could have been a possibility. Shame on you BK. You even tried to get someone banned in this farce you were trying to pull.
  14. I agree with #1 on George's suggestions. This current situation of bots and scripts playing the game and acting in for government members in some alliances needs to be changed. If captcha codes are what we need to make that happen I then I wholeheartedly agree with the implementation of them. The recruitment messages as a VIP feature or for the cost of a credit would definitely be a great work around. But if captchas are a fix for the banking problem then by not putting captchas on messages it could allow that feature to remain until something like that is implemented into the game. I look forward to api v2. Stuff with the API is generally not nearly as intrusive to game play. As has been highlighted, compiling and displaying info from the api does not actually play the game for you.
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