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  1. I'm with you on this one. ???????
  2. He was given what he asked for until his deposits dried up. Invest in T$ bank for safe, secure transactions!
  3. Him being funded by t$ is literally just me returning his deposits from when he left t$/the game mid war during knightfall. Parti-boi you are losing it.
  4. Leopold von Habsburg

    Fake Polaris Suffers A Severe Blow

    And everytime it's Theo that gets the loot. I call hacks!
  5. NASSAU, Bahamas, 2019-06-23: SYNDICATE, Inc., (NYSE:SCC), along with our partners in House Stark (NYSE:HSW), are hereby announcing an end into our joint venture in attempting to monopolize the whale oil market. Diminishing returns, stormy weather and an unforeseen iceberg or two have cut into margins drastically. Our investors no longer see the profitability in continuing this whale war, and thus T$ and HS hereby withdraw from this venture effective immediately. A more thorough investigation into the matter will be announced in the coming days. Signed for The Syndicate: Leopold von Habsurg, Chief Operations Officer Utmos, Chief Financial and Security Officer Sisyphus, Strategic Planning Signed For House Stark: Zygon, King in the North Revan, Hand of the King Signed for Guardian: Memph JtTeE Vanek Signed for Grumpy Old Bastards: Sweeeeet Ronny D
  6. Leopold von Habsburg

    Brave and Beautiful BK

    BK, You are beautiful no matter what they say. Words can't bring you down!
  7. Leopold von Habsburg

    The Final Great Job! Ft Alex

  8. Leopold von Habsburg

    End of the Great Sock War and Mr.Fox's last stand

    Pantheon to glory!!!!! Man anyone who knows me knows I love to gamble and play crazy odds on bets, but I NEVER would have bet on Pantheon actually winning the war (even if it was for unforseen circumstances). So congratulations Panth for actually defying the odds. Auf Wiedersehen Nova Riata 🤠
  9. Leopold von Habsburg

    5/31/2019 - Resource Duplication Bug Fix

    We don't have the capacity to delete cities.
  10. Leopold von Habsburg

    Nova's not so Secret War Update

    Pantheon going full on Guerrilla Warfare and I like it. VietPanth indeed, need to get Lieutenant Colonel Bill Kilgore on the scene to shore this up!
  11. Leopold von Habsburg

    Alpha - Oblivion War End

  12. Leopold von Habsburg

    Declaration of possible upcoming DOE of Que3f on Me Daddy

    Some person who impersonates a wendy's baconator told me that t$ is on your hit list. Oh and e$, he didn't discriminate.
  13. Leopold von Habsburg

    Pantheon workout routine to shave off all that extra infra

    Well actually, the cancelation period was activated 3 days prior to us announcing the treaty cut. We knew that, Pantheon knew that and now you do, congrats! Now to the topic at hand... uh good luck here Panth, hope you can achieve your goal here, whatever that may be.
  14. Leopold von Habsburg


    Woooo score! Finally got that corner office with the superb view of the Bahamian beaches. It was great being able to work with you for such a long time Tim (we were co-execs for around 7 months I believe!). Still debating how I feel about you plucking me from obscurity and making me do work but here we are. I'll still be bugging you for investment advice, you can be sure of that Utmos, you are a solid individual. Let's make great things happen!
  15. Leopold von Habsburg

    Syndicate INC. Withdraws from the North

    Hah as if we let a gem like the north go so easy. We are still just in the exploration phase of our investment. Just wait for when production gets going. Glad to see you guys get hitched! May your future together be prosperous and lucrative!

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