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  1. You came from Polaris, maybe you should simmer down and go sit in the back. Congrats on the expansion of the Hedge Fund. More assets is never a bad thing!
  2. I never realized but the tie breaker can just be us disregarding Partisan's vote. It's genius! Welcome to the Board, Shiho. I look forward to you applying your top notch portfolio to allow t$ to achieve higher and higher share prices!
  3. I love you all to the moon and back again o/ House Stark o/ Order of the White Rose o/ Aurora
  4. Not even worth arguing with Curtis, I have dealt with this one previously and hes a hardheaded fool. No reasoning will get through that noggin of his so I would save your breath.
  5. That explanation is weak @Alex especially the fact that you are blanket extending it to BK and GotG loans as those alliances quit because you took action against NPOs cheating. You did absolutely nothing to those alliances so I am not sure how even your prior reasoning can justify this action. People made a bad call investing so much with a certain group of alliances. We all knew there was some shady stuff going on with NPO and their farm alliance and people chose to ignore that or take the risk. It didnt pay off, oh well. If you think those people defaulting is going to destroy the player banking aspect of this game you are really out of touch with how this game is played. There were more than enough people not affected by this action to fill the void. That is certain. You are listening to a small group of individuals trying to protect themselves and their money. That is not good for gameplay and I call on you to reverse this decision and clawback all the stuff you've generated and given out so far.
  6. What a dangerous precedent it sets. We all know the risks on loans and lending out money and that is why people charge interest to help mitigate that risk. Also choosing who you deal with is key to a banks success. This isnt even a government bailout from say your alliance this is basically an act of god with money being created to compensate an already risky venture. Anyone who lost money with NPO and friends mass deleting should not expect to be compensated from moderation, that is absolutely ludicrous.
  7. Even on your way out if this game Leo, you are the same miserable being I've always had the pleasure of dealing with, at least I can say you are consistent. Good luck to any of the BK members who remain, i think you will be pleasantly surprised with some of the rich communities this game has to offer.
  8. Awwww Kris I knew we were friends thanks for sending your bank to an ally in an attempt to pay off your debt to us
  9. Just despicable of NPO but with their conduct these past few months this doesnt even surprise me that they would stoop to such levels to win the game. While i have some reservations on the leniency taken here, I am appreciative that action was taken on the lying, cheating perpetrators of this despicable action.
  10. Yeah I mean when you have Roquentin going around the forums screeching eternal warfare one can't really blame Alex for saying screw it and pushing through these changes.
  11. Now that's the real billion dollar question Great work Filmore, enjoy the cities my friend!
  12. Oh buddy, you should probably check with your superiors that this was ok to post...they might already be screaming and crying into a pillow over reading it hahahahah
  13. Last one I remember him trying it on was the Federation and the was back in 2019. He used to go on radio shows and brag about screwing over micros and stealing their banks. So to see him crying about the same sort of thing happening to him is quite ironic.
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