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  1. Leopold von Habsburg

    Liberation Time!

    KT please crush this rebellion as soon as possible. We don't need this spreading and the Enterprise getting any grandiose ideas for independence.
  2. Leopold von Habsburg

    The Hobo Express - Part 7

    Didn't realize when we accepted the hobos in and gave them stellar internship positions that we were merely a pawn in a much bigger game. Thank you for uncovering this conspiracy theory I will be sure to send the findings to our public relations team to create a statement ASAP. That aside they were great workers and it was a joy to have them with us for the week they were there. Safe travels hobos and may you hopefully find a safe haven somewhere...probably not Polaris though, seems like a hostile environment over there.
  3. Leopold von Habsburg

    API Discussion

    Just going to reiterate this request for the new year
  4. Leopold von Habsburg

    Cloudy Garden Party

    Solid treaty guys! It's very cool when protectorates grow up into equal partners.
  5. Leopold von Habsburg

    A farewell, a new charter, and our new government lineup!

    Fist it was a pleasure to work with you. You were one of the first of our allies I met and talked with in depth when I was promoted to government. I feel like we had some really good conversations and I will definitely miss that but I wish you the best in your off-time, enjoy it buddy! Looking forward to working with the new administration of Pantheon
  6. Leopold von Habsburg

    The Hobo Express - Cinco

    CoS? Just stay there.
  7. Leopold von Habsburg

    A Bold New Frontier

    When are you guys dropping that country western album?
  8. Leopold von Habsburg

    SYNDICARE PRESS RELEASE: Shuffling of Investments

    Did the announcement from mobile, didn't notice how big it actually was. It has been fixed. Thank you for the feedback
  9. SYNDICARE PRESS RELEASE: SHUFFLING OF INVESTMENTS NASSAU, Bahamas, 2019-02-19: SYNDICATE, Inc., (NYSE:SCC) is hereby announcing some changes to its Syndicare programme portfolio, under which the Syndicate protects, assists, and mentors smaller and/or younger alliances. The post war economy has been a time of reflection at SYNDICATE, INC headquarters and as a result we have decided to withdraw specific investments that are showing less than optimal quarterly growth and instead purchase stakes in some up and coming markets with great expansion opportunities. A recap of some of the changes to the Syndicare portfolio are listed below: December 26th, 2018: Our foray into the sector of organized crime was a bust and SYNDICATE, INC is announcing the dissolution of La Mafia and their place in the Syndicare portfolio. February 5th, 2019: SYNDICATE, INC cancelled our endorsement of Animal Farm and withdrew our minority stake in the direction of the farm’s future. We are confident our partners in Church of Atom will provide all the expertise needed going forward. February 19th, 2019: SYNDICATE, INC has reviewed the past and present performance of one of our earliest investments in the reformed Syndicare portfolio and found the results to be subpar. Our board has decided to withdraw our assets from the Federation to be reinvested in areas with higher growth potentials. Our partners in Pantheon will nonetheless provide all the care needed for the Federation and we wish them the best going forward. February 19th, 2019: SYNDICATE, INC has decided to pull all support from Dark Brotherhood effectively immediately from this announcement. A committee was established to assess the future investment potential and it was decided that the agreement had reached its maturity. This decision was a top priority for the board. Our stakeholder relations and investment teams have been hard at work brokering deals with markets where SYNDICATE, INC predicts lucrative investment possibilities. After extensive negotiations with interested parties, the Syndicare portfolio has been expanded to add two up and coming conglomerates with huge potential. We are pleased to announce the addition of Typhon and Aurora to the Syndicare family and hope to have a hand in their continued success. We would also like to announce our continued support for the Knights of Malta after a strategic merger happened with United Hoods granting us shares in this new endeavour. About SYNDICATE, Inc. SYNDICATE, Inc., based near Nassau, The Bahamas, is the world's leading gasoline, aluminum and munitions distributor for a wide variety of peacekeeping and humanitarian activities. Wholly-owned SYNDICATE, Inc. subsidiary brands also include League of Heroes, which promotes the safety and well being of all Syndicate employees through their rent a hero program, the Enterprise, a top tier academy for Syndicate associates which provides successful candidates with educational training and prosperity, and Church of Atom, which SYNDICATE, Inc., is a proud patron, their continued commitment to aid the less fortunate through faith and charity is a benchmark we should all aim for. For more information about SYNDICATE, Inc., and its activities, contact Hilmes, Director of Strategic Planning.
  10. Leopold von Habsburg

    It's Rough in Afrika

    I have some experience with both of these alliances and they both stick up for what they believe in. Great treaty guys!
  11. Leopold von Habsburg

    Ship Ship Plane Plane Nuke

    Literally thought the first global war I was involved in was never going to end. Glad that peace was finally worked out! Cheers everybody!
  12. Leopold von Habsburg

    The Hobo Express

    Looks like a blast, Gute Reise!
  13. Leopold von Habsburg

    Alliances that don't raid

    I think what the above post it trying to say is no, there aren't any completely neutral alliances. Most would require you to participate in an alliance wide war when the time comes.
  14. Leopold von Habsburg

    SNN: Money for Nothing

    It's like the least exclusive club out there. We are all █▀█ █▄█ ▀█▀ ▀█▀...in tCW discord.
  15. Leopold von Habsburg

    2018 P&W Award Voting

    The other big problem I can see with this system is that it's hard to justify an alliance the size of NPO or BK would have their vote count as much as TEst or CoS. By population alone it would have to be worked out where their vote would have more weight as they are representing so many more people. Also would we just cut it off at the top 50 alliances get a say? Top 15?

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