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  1. Things are about to get spicy. Great DoE GOONs and welcome back to nation sims again!
  2. This was the endorsement I was waiting for. Start investing folks, TEst is going to go sky high!
  3. Pirate rehabilitation is a thriving sector of Syndicare and our executive team is fully behind this venture and the (legal) profits it should generate. Godspeed TEst!
  4. Wow, I never would have agreed to something like this. T$ had no influence in that term. Carry on.
  5. Interesting turn? Unless you have some proof that this was the case I would appreciate you not preaching it as "breaking news" . T$ had nothing to do with those peace talks with DB. The only tie this has to t$ is that a few members went over there on their own accord because they wanted a little more action. Even if we were running the show with PO, their peace terms with DB never dictated they needed to rejoin the global so that was a straight up lie on DB's part there. You obviously have not dealt with DB much if you think they would go along with some plan to get attacked prior to entering another war hahaha.
  6. Well this spiralled out of control fast....
  7. Keep up communications between your respective alliances, defend each other against raiders and hold each individual alliance accountable for their performance both growth and activity wise. A vast majority of micros fail but I always believed that was due to constant disappointment, poor leadership and boredom due to being so small. If you can keep it interesting and actually have meaningful alliance interactions then maybe this will be one of those success stories. My optimistic comment for the day
  8. Glad to see this got sorted out. Best of luck to you folks in whatever the future has in store.
  9. He was given what he asked for until his deposits dried up. Invest in T$ bank for safe, secure transactions!
  10. Him being funded by t$ is literally just me returning his deposits from when he left t$/the game mid war during knightfall. Parti-boi you are losing it.
  11. And everytime it's Theo that gets the loot. I call hacks!
  12. NASSAU, Bahamas, 2019-06-23: SYNDICATE, Inc., (NYSE:SCC), along with our partners in House Stark (NYSE:HSW), are hereby announcing an end into our joint venture in attempting to monopolize the whale oil market. Diminishing returns, stormy weather and an unforeseen iceberg or two have cut into margins drastically. Our investors no longer see the profitability in continuing this whale war, and thus T$ and HS hereby withdraw from this venture effective immediately. A more thorough investigation into the matter will be announced in the coming days. Signed for The Syndicate: Leopold von Habsurg, Chief Operations Officer Utmos, Chief Financial and Security Officer Sisyphus, Strategic Planning Signed For House Stark: Zygon, King in the North Revan, Hand of the King Signed for Guardian: Memph JtTeE Vanek Signed for Grumpy Old Bastards: Sweeeeet Ronny D
  13. BK, You are beautiful no matter what they say. Words can't bring you down!
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