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  1. Leopold von Habsburg

    IQ/tS is winning, but are they having fun?

    I'm having a pretty good time with my wars and I know for sure all the small guys in e$ have tons of enthusiasm as this is the first war for many of them in their Politics and War career. There may be a disparity of available slots but I don't know most seem to be getting enough to keep them busy. We don't all feel the need to boast about our stats 24/7.
  2. Leopold von Habsburg

    Rose Fourth Anniversary Radio Show!

    Half a decade, you better be planning something big!
  3. Leopold von Habsburg

    Per your request. $yndicate CB talk.

    He put the brewskies aside and did it, thanks Partisan! Finally something to point people to when asked "why exactly did you go to war" .
  4. Leopold von Habsburg

    The secret reason for this war

  5. Leopold von Habsburg

    Nova Riata and Statesmen RoH with Pantheon and Allies

    I have him blocked on Discord because what he does verges on harassment at times - not someone I would want representing my alliance abroad.
  6. Leopold von Habsburg

    Grumpyhave teeth

    Orcas are in the same family as dolphins though. However teeth you do have, certainly no humpback whale that's for sure.
  7. Leopold von Habsburg

    Pontifex Atomicus Calls For An Atomic Crusade!

    May we all shake at the might of Atom! I hear the rumblings of devote followers running to the cause!
  8. Leopold von Habsburg

    Where's Felkey?

  9. Leopold von Habsburg

    When the time comes...

    Congratulations guys, glad to see this get pushed through!
  10. Leopold von Habsburg

    Amid Series of Scandals. Executive Officer Retires

    Which we all knew was his real calling hehe
  11. Leopold von Habsburg

    Amid Series of Scandals. Executive Officer Retires

    Well clearly I have some big shoes to fill, no question about that after this announcement I hope to do you and The Syndicate proud buddy.....and if not I'm really sorry!
  12. Leopold von Habsburg

    The rate of natural increase population

    English Translation:
  13. Leopold von Habsburg

    Wintry Thorns

    Tyrell and Stark together would have been an OP alliance in Game of Thrones had it happened. Very excited to see this live up to my expectations, congrats guys!
  14. Leopold von Habsburg

    Shifty News Network-Bad Omen

    Lol what a reach Shifty in that OP, last grant he has sent to him was over a month prior.
  15. Leopold von Habsburg

    Beige paradox options

    What if they made it so you lose your beige protection when you launch an offensive attack in another war? That way if a person was really screwed they could continue to turtle and not have more war declared and it still gives some leeway to inactives.

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