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  1. Leopold von Habsburg

    Declaration of possible upcoming DOE of Que3f on Me Daddy

    Some person who impersonates a wendy's baconator told me that t$ is on your hit list. Oh and e$, he didn't discriminate.
  2. Leopold von Habsburg

    Pantheon workout routine to shave off all that extra infra

    Well actually, the cancelation period was activated 3 days prior to us announcing the treaty cut. We knew that, Pantheon knew that and now you do, congrats! Now to the topic at hand... uh good luck here Panth, hope you can achieve your goal here, whatever that may be.
  3. Leopold von Habsburg


    Woooo score! Finally got that corner office with the superb view of the Bahamian beaches. It was great being able to work with you for such a long time Tim (we were co-execs for around 7 months I believe!). Still debating how I feel about you plucking me from obscurity and making me do work but here we are. I'll still be bugging you for investment advice, you can be sure of that Utmos, you are a solid individual. Let's make great things happen!
  4. Leopold von Habsburg

    Syndicate INC. Withdraws from the North

    Hah as if we let a gem like the north go so easy. We are still just in the exploration phase of our investment. Just wait for when production gets going. Glad to see you guys get hitched! May your future together be prosperous and lucrative!
  5. Leopold von Habsburg

    TUE signs KoM as Protectorate .

    This was always an issue when we were protecting them. I guess having just Pantheon wasn't enough?
  6. Leopold von Habsburg

    Careful, it's Soup!

    If I was the other side I would salt their fields and irradiate the rest. Production will plummet and their patrons will flee en masse. Let's see them run a soup kitchen through that! #Capitalism In all seriousness enjoy the fight everybody and try to look for the positive aspects a war offers you :).
  7. Leopold von Habsburg


    Aw man this one hurts. Rose were one of our first allies I got to know when I was ushered into the t$ triumvirate. Had some good times with you guys and I truly do cherish all the times we worked together. Don't be a stranger please. That being said the Tulpenmanie has been proclaimed by the great and very dutch Partisan in our market reports the Enterprise is receiving at their headquarters in Amsterdam and for the sake of our bottom line- we had to drop the Greek roses for this very exciting and lucrative business opportunity. As usual, it's just business.
  8. Leopold von Habsburg


    Protectorates kind of come to you, you don't really have to work to get those treaties haha
  9. Leopold von Habsburg


    It's something we told them we'd do and we are sticking with it. The 72 hour cancelation clause is a minimum. Like has been previously stated Pantheon has been dealing with their internals for the past little while and their FA has taken a back seat. I'm not exactly a huge proponent of grace periods but in this case it was warranted due to their lack of allies and If Pantheon doesn't use this month to get their affairs in order and prepare for the inevitable well we can at least say we tried.
  10. Leopold von Habsburg


    AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands, 2019-04-07: SYNDICATE, Inc. (NYSE:SCC) has announced a formal home for subsidiary fund THE ENTERPRISE (AEX:ES) in Amsterdam. Previously dispersed among several world offices, the listing of a second corporate headquarters in Europe for THE ENTERPRISE will provide synergies for further collaboration in the world marketplace. Amsterdam was the winning finalist from a diverse group of candidates; speculation regarding insider trading among certain former executives, and the presence of a lively “entertainment district”, will not be commented on at this time. While results from the direct listing of THE ENTERPRISE onto the AEX have yielded extraordinarily high returns on investment, an initial cost was required to consolidate several distributed offices into one location. In order to fund this consolidation, SYNDICATE, Inc. announced a major divestment in capital for religious organizations. SYNDICATE, Inc. gave formal notice of investment partnership withdrawal with KNIGHTS OF MALTA (MSE:SMOM) with immediate effect. In addition, a seven hundred and twenty hour notice of termination, effective from the time of this post, was given to PANTHEON (NYSE:PAN). While this only leaves one religious organization (CHURCH OF ATOM [NASDAQ:ATOM]) that SYNDICATE, Inc. patronizes for the time being, this current divestment in religious organizations does not reflect an official policy stance moving forward. About SYNDICATE, Inc. SYNDICATE, Inc., based near Nassau, The Bahamas, is the world's leading gasoline, aluminum and munitions distributor for a wide variety of peacekeeping and humanitarian activities. Wholly-owned SYNDICATE, Inc. subsidiary brands include the Elysian League, which designs, markets and distributes tank and missile materials, and Top Gear 2002, which continues to test the limits and boundaries of speed and motion. For more information about SYNDICATE, Inc., and its activities, contact Hilmes, Director of Strategic Planning.
  11. Leopold von Habsburg

    TGH-T$ protectorate

    I'm honoured that such a militaristic bunch has our backs.
  12. Leopold von Habsburg


    I'm never going to complain about more Canadians in power! Excited to work with you Zevfer
  13. Leopold von Habsburg

    Liberation Time!

    KT please crush this rebellion as soon as possible. We don't need this spreading and the Enterprise getting any grandiose ideas for independence.
  14. Leopold von Habsburg

    The Hobo Express - Part 7

    Didn't realize when we accepted the hobos in and gave them stellar internship positions that we were merely a pawn in a much bigger game. Thank you for uncovering this conspiracy theory I will be sure to send the findings to our public relations team to create a statement ASAP. That aside they were great workers and it was a joy to have them with us for the week they were there. Safe travels hobos and may you hopefully find a safe haven somewhere...probably not Polaris though, seems like a hostile environment over there.
  15. Leopold von Habsburg

    API Discussion

    Just going to reiterate this request for the new year

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