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  1. souparmon

    The World Task Force

    Join WTF! I mean wtf could go wrong?
  2. souparmon

    Change of Scenery

    best luck Fraggle, won't be the same
  3. souparmon

    Happy Independence Day

    For real, don't be stupid
  4. souparmon

    What Makes A Good Alliance?

    I would up vote you twice if I could.
  5. souparmon

    Let the trolling commence.....

    Congrats FR! Here's to a speedy rebuild! 🍺
  6. souparmon

    Always & Forever

  7. souparmon

    Always & Forever

    For @Rebekah Mikaelson One word. lol
  8. souparmon

    Horse-Farkers Inc.

    I welcome our new horse overlords!
  9. Brutal war, right next to the Fark/WTF war!
  10. souparmon

    Bloody Horsemen

    Had to be defend, got hung out to dry as the saying goes
  11. souparmon

    Bloody Horsemen

    Well played Horsemen. We've been meat shields and it sucked. We don't play that stuff anymore
  12. souparmon

    DoW-Reverse Card!

    I hereby disavow any knowledge of this war and am sending several barrels of my finest whiskey to WTF as an apology. J/K let's dance @Globoid
  13. souparmon

    Fark Announcement

    Them be fighting words!

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