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  1. souparmon

    Royal Orbis News

    I vote epi for interview
  2. souparmon

    Royal Orbis News

    Interview Connor
  3. souparmon

    Happy Nukeday, Fraggle

    Whiskeyland knows how to throw a party! We will be there!
  4. souparmon

    Happy Nukeday, Fraggle

    I know I bought your nukes, and infra, and cities. Be nice troll, I have been ignoring you, go back to couping TGH Edit! He already had nukes and itc when he joined Fark. Obviously from stolen bank money looking back.
  5. souparmon

    Happy Nukeday, Fraggle

    That's when nukes get fun!
  6. souparmon

    Happy Nukeday, Fraggle

    I'm in
  7. souparmon

    Alliance relevance rank!

    That's an uhmm, interesting approach..
  8. souparmon

    Shifty News Network-I don't want to set the world afire...actually yes I do!

    We didn't renew our treaty with NK partially due to killzbob, but several other reasons as well. I wish NK the best on their recovery from this mess.
  9. souparmon


    You'll be missed. Hurry back!
  10. souparmon

    From The Desk of Wembly Fraggle

    Run, Hide! I bet Fraggle remembers
  11. souparmon

    Horse-Force ODP

    Congrats! Friends of our friends ect
  12. souparmon

    Let's Dance!

    I really do not understand why you are so mad. It has explained to you several times. Get over the TRF/SGM thing.
  13. souparmon

    K.o.B DoE

  14. souparmon

    Historic Orbis Moment

    Congrats Frags!!! Very awesome achiement!

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