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  1. Oh thanks. Didn't know it was already reported. Obviously it's BS and still needs addressed.
  2. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=146719 This nation is using the same type of thing as "in vacation mode" picture and has an different picture of his nation posted in description making it seems as he is smaller. Obviously trying to be deceptive.
  3. @Hassan Esteemed individuals of Orbis, It is an honour to announce the MDoAP between The Federation(TF) and Golden Phoenix Coalition(GPC): 1. Mutual Defence The Federation and Golden Phoenix Coalition agree to a military-oriented treaty that assures parties that they will defend each other from foreign conflicts as well as having a non-mandatory option to support each other in wars of aggression. 2. Sovereignty The Federation and Golden Phoenix Coalition acknowledge each other's sovereignty and will endeavour to not interfere with each other's internal affairs 3. Intelligence The Federation and Golden Phoenix Coalition pledge in the interest of optimal defence for both alliances to share pertinent intelligence when it would benefit mutual defence aims and to not share intelligence detrimental to the other. 4. Foreign Aid The Federation and Golden Phoenix Coalition agree, due to strong relations, to optionally send aid to each other. This may include resources, loans, grants or other agreed products. 5. Communication We need to talk. Real talk. 6. Party Emergency Plan Golden Phoenix Coalition and The Federation may hold parties in which strippers are provided, but if the cops show up we will need to hide them and bring out the emergency preacher. 7. Cancellation The Federation and Golden Phoenix Coalition agree that if each party wishes to exit this treaty before the specified period a 168-hour notice is mandatory. Signatures The Federation Kosta, King and Duke of Foreign Affairs Golden Phoenix Coalition MinesomeMC, Emperor Tl;dr TF and GPC upgraded their treaty
  4. Love you regardless, you are a good guy!
  5. Everybody trying to make peace and here is a moose, doing what nobody else could.
  6. souparmon


    Actually not even bothered. Howdy!
  7. Write it in your diary and put it under your pillow at night. (I'm full of myself tonight)
  8. Man I sure hope you aren't calling me a pixel hugger. Everybody with any knowledge will tell you Fark and myself don't give a damn. We sat out this one just to make people like you salty.
  9. seems there is a bunch of owls here
  10. The alliance that just passed AK in score.
  11. Congrats on the recent merge Reb, looking good! Keep being you!
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