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  1. I already said most of what I'd say to you in DM but well done for writing this. ❤️ If you do take a break, I'm sure you'll be ready for a purple office and Ellies everywhere but otherwise, I'll be good and look after everything. *Hugs*.
  2. Yui

    The End

    Bye and good luck. Take some cake for the journey. 🍰
  3. Poutine! You great big moo...I was worried about you!
  4. We love you. Good luck with the rebuild. ❤️
  5. As it happened in Purple Yui-Land... War breaks out: People start fighting: The end.
  6. Rainbow, I had made you a special blob the other day and everything! Also, this thread needs more cake.
  7. Hope you feel better soon. Thank you for the fun you bring with signature message. ❤️
  8. This is very sad... I can try and send some and hope it arrives in time...
  9. Always. It just kind of became my role here. Last time a pony...what will it be next?!
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