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  1. I'm glad you'll still be around on Discord and stuff. And your nation will still be there if you want her. You've always been an active part of alliances you were in and you're fun to hang around with so I hope that continues even though you don't have an active nation. Until next time. *Hugs*.
  2. Sorry to see you go but good luck with everything.
  3. I'll still be around for you. *Hugs*.
  4. I already said a bit in DMs but you've always been great to have around and always up for fun but a serious wise word if needed too. Still friends wherever you and I'll be here for you. Ellie too! ❤️ Look after yourself and your family, thinking of you all. We will be here when you want us.
  5. I'm sorry to read this. Thoughts are with all his friends here and his family.
  6. An Ellie stamp on your loyalty card coming right up.
  7. Deal! You might even get some extra Ellie cakes thrown in if I'm being nice.
  8. Hey Alexio ❤️ You could have just asked if you wanted some cake but never fear. I can make deliveries!
  9. Yui

    World Ellie Day

    Yay. I loved seeing all the posts. The last post about the person travelling all that way to give the animals water. 😭 Thank you everyone. Ellie is very happy. Hope you don't feel sick from all the cake! 🍰
  10. Today is a very important day! Not just for me but for ellies all over the world. It is World Elephant Day - a day dedicated to the conservation and preservation of elephants everywhere. Ellie started out as just one elephant - a purple elephant trying to make her way and bring some happiness in the scary planet we live on. Now, the original Ellie represents all elephants and it is with this in mind, I invite you to celebrate elephants with me by grabbing some of your favourite cake (coffee and walnut here) and posting your best Ellie pictures in the thread below. Normally, I'd invite you to join me in Purple Flower Garden for a big party too but well... next time. If you are interested in finding out more and how you can help the elephants, send me a message either here or on Discord. Thank you :)
  11. Awww. That's brilliant! All minnnnne. Hahaha.
  12. You'd better be dropping by PFG for cake soon!
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