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  1. That's sad but everything has a season... If you do decide to leave, I hope you find a new place to hang out without some of the stress that this place brought in recent times. I'll always be to your friend and that doesn't change because you leave the game. You know where to find me! For Ellie! \o/
  2. ? That was so beautifully written. *Sends you off with provisions for the journey*. You will be missed. Thank you for always being kind to me. <3
  3. I already said most of what I'd say to you in DM but well done for writing this. ❤️ If you do take a break, I'm sure you'll be ready for a purple office and Ellies everywhere but otherwise, I'll be good and look after everything. *Hugs*.
  4. Yui

    The End

    Bye and good luck. Take some cake for the journey. ?
  5. Poutine! You great big moo...I was worried about you!
  6. We love you. Good luck with the rebuild. ❤️
  7. As it happened in Purple Yui-Land... War breaks out: People start fighting: The end.
  8. Rainbow, I had made you a special blob the other day and everything! Also, this thread needs more cake.
  9. Hope you feel better soon. Thank you for the fun you bring with signature message. ❤️
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