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  1. Yay. ❤️ Cake for everyone! And Ellie too! 😊
  2. Yui

    F.U.N. (TCW Parody) - JKell

    It was quite funny. And yep, we are coming back. 😊
  3. Yui

    Ship Ship Plane Plane Nuke

    Excuse me. Don't give them credit for my thing!
  4. Yui

    Ship Ship Plane Plane Nuke

    All in the contract!
  5. Yui

    Ship Ship Plane Plane Nuke

    Yay! Next time...even more ponies!
  6. Yui

    Global War Peace Terms - Discussion

    Your Ellie appears to have misread the signs. Please report to Yui for further direction.
  7. Yui


    Oh shhh. The pair of you. This is a nice thread someone else made and you are hijacking it. *Throws the first purple thing she can find at you*. Please refer to my signature if you need further assistance.
  8. I appreciate all the people who tried to make it better this year. You put a lot of effort in and that shows so thank you. This is the third time I've been a runner up in the same category with people just voting normally for me so I'm happy about that.
  9. It does feel very odd.. And Greenmoon doesn't have the same ring to it.
  10. Thought you would like it. Purple is still better but...green is nice too.
  11. Update: I've just purchased a green jumper/sweater. This is a brave new world. Green!
  12. Really tricky question! I think it depends what for too. I wear darker purples but light shades work better on walls...
  13. Purple Flower Garden was once a dream in the mind of a certain Purplemoon-Yui. She carried this dream with her for many years. Much later, she met a certain Cupcake and told the Cupcake of her dream. Others before had said the dream was silly but Cupcake didn't. Eventually, the time seemed right to try to make the dream happen. Purpley travel a long way to make Purple Flower Garden and once the place was chosen, she invited Cupcake to join her. Today, they have been there for one whole year. The Two Dorky Weebs (as one supporter affectionately named us) would like to invite you to celebrate with them. To get an idea of what would and should be at the party, we got some ideas from others: (Disclaimer, if we visited you to get ideas and you aren't mentioned here, or if we didn't drop by this time, we apologise... we were a little high on icing sugar the last few weeks). Everyone is invited! You'll see there's a definite theme... Ellie is ready! Some guests had very specific ideas ~ (Thraxy might not know it yet but he'll be leading the marching song!). Bring your stuffed animals too! Work in progress: Anyone offering to help with this one? Always. ------ Thank you for being with us today and to all our friends for supporting our dream.
  14. Yui

    The classy lads of TKR and TCW

    I feel like I need to serve tea and crumpets to counter this...

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