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  1. You have no idea what you're doing and why you're doing it and what the consequences are. You're just being random af and could have saved yourself every word and letter in this ...whatever it is.
  2. Odin

    Daily Leeks

    U post too much, shush.
  3. Put CN in a bag and thrash it with some Clubs. The game is dead and so are the players inside. This game here has always been superior in every regard, and I'm sick of seeing any connections to it, and especially alliances. You can now thank me for my kind words. 😛
  4. Now we can voice our discontent in the Moderation forum with a thanks. Thanks!
  5. Nation Link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=19196 Ruler Name: Captain Bezzers Nature of Violation: - Alliance Embargo, accusing 30+ him unknown people as Ethno-Cleansers and giving out the ooc info that he can recognize them by smell alone. What a weird hobby.
  6. I'm still in 2011 with my i7-2600k, but next year it will be a Zen 3 and i'm quite gleeful that Intel gets thrashed by AMD now after they ripped off their customers with ~8? refreshs and still dare to shove a i9-10980XE on the market instead of just lowering the prices for what they have and going back into a long R&D slumber.
  7. Odin

    Since it's in

    Since my friends get attacked and striked for things like saying "homophobic" or "racist", i want to clean my embargo folder a bit for the use of the term "Nazi", which iirc contains both homophobic and racist and probably a bit more. Also saying that i feel bad doing this because i actually do have the skin to simply not care about it, but we appear to have an eye for an eye situation here with the mods and admins being used as a weapon. I know these things are to be reported, but it's not like it's a new wave of rudeness. These have always been here and haven't been reported because we aren't made of glass. We get to hear those words outside this safe space. And have to deal with it like the wo/man we are. It's simply the difference of really feeling insulted and happy to be insulted so you can write another strike post. And i don't think cases of "homophobic", "racist", "literal fascist/nazi", "literally socialist/commie", all with OOC context, have been rare so far. Why don't you add a slur filter to everything if we're not allowed to be confronted with "evil" words, and instead let people walk into the strike trap? Nation Links: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=50741 https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=59401 https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=181461 https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=178512
  8. lol, Diablo 4 got already crushed by the Path of Exile 2 announcement. Edit: Bit too much fanboy influence from me. Hated Diablo 3, but visually, they went with D4 back to the roots which is promising. I can only hope they can create another great work like Diablo 2 back then. It's not done with adding mounts, we had that already way back then in "Sacred".
  9. Screenshot should be self-explanatory.
  10. This here was much more interesting tbh
  11. I think removing the swatstika below the palm tree doesn’t change the fact that it’s the source material. In that context it does, Pika. The AK flag used has an Iron Cross with "Afrika Korps" written in it and a Palm in the center. The Pic you have posted is a Palm with a swastika. Remove the damn swastika from there and it's a simple palm. Source material of the swastika is btw from your home region. I take you can't read at all. Or trying to search for problems where there are none. Where is even your personal problem with AK? I can see why you defend KT, and i help you doing that, but, my dear ex-alliance mate. If you suffer from seizures right now because some pictures on our alliance page are too hardcore, then please contact an admin. So? I admitted already that AK is connected, right in my first post in this thread here. I also said it's not indictable word anywhere in the world. Big surprise, we even have https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Field_Marshal_Rommel_Barracks,_Augustdorf Rommel barracks here (still that name, still in use.) Not everything you assume as bad is actually bad. Do a simple google search for Afrika Korps War Crimes. I see you know how evil the Nazis were, you can read up here then: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Allied_war_crimes_during_World_War_II . Yes, i know, a bit whataboutism, but only throw stones when you're free of sin as well. Ah right, you're Chinese. They were initially allied with the Nazis with support of von Falkenhausen. Current Mainland chinese are practically Nazis, ask anyone from HongKong. And gg for complaining about the flag design.
  12. And i think it does. It makes it a simple palm. The flag itself is based off the Third Reich war flag, which is based off the Imperial Navy flag, which is based off the flag of the Teutonic Order, which is based of the Cross of Jesu with an imperial eagle on it, which itself again has a roman origin. What's your problem with AK? I don't see a AK member anywhere riding the "KT man bad" train? Shout out to KT here, you're the good guys We boot when we boot. Our decisions to boot members isn't influenced by NPCs.
  13. One can find negative connotations everywhere if one wants. Great White North. Sounds like a Nazi plan as well. And some here are right, Afrika Korps is of course a product of the Third Reich, and some of our artworks are based on it. In that context AK could be conflicting with the "No Nazi related" names rule. But the Afrika Korps wasn't a political SS Unit, but a branch of the Army. See Wikipedia That name isn't forbidden anywhere. We're not using a Swastika or any other forbidden symbol as well. Using here german laws, which are the hardest anti-nazi laws world wide. By the standard of treating the word "Afrika Korps" as a political name of the NSDAP, we can as well treat the word "Luftwaffe" the same. Both have their origin in the time between 1933 and 1945. Luftwaffe was re-used and is still the name of the current german air force. Let the tears in your eyes for a moment. Africa and Corps, those word combines can't be the reason some here are unable to sleep in peace right? If so, please DM me, and we can talk about it, even about a rename. We're very tolerant in that regard and will find a solution together. I for one find the Mongol theme extremely offending. They offensively attacked the Knights Templar first, and no one complains about that, because... uh... Because it doesn't matter. As i wrote in the beginning. You can find everywhere offensive things if you want or if it's you hobby as Internet Warrior. And the child slave thing that Migraine wrote... It was stupid bullshit, written by 1 member of an alliance. Even tho it serves to enhance the bad reputation of an already super evil organisation, i'd prefer to treat people as individuums, no generalizing everyone
  14. Look at the Map. Different Battleground.
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