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  1. Ketog, Chaos and Rose, each completely non-aligned to each other, can join a war together against a common foe, with CB "BK and N$O planning a war against them". ✅. Alright, everything's fine until here. N$O, a bit alligned to BK due to the treaty-web, is not allowed to declare a war against blocs, that used "BK and N$O planning a war against them". ❓ Where is the logic behind that? Doesn't need much brain matter to know who would have been rolled in the next or a bit later in the same war.... While I indeed condemn the content of that leak, attacking two smaller blocs like that, that original war itself has never happened. It was a "What if" case, if "Surfs Up" never had happened. The reality was another one: The first mentioned alliances, instead of dealing with it diplomatically, decided to use their low Infra situation to completely sweep over BK in an Offensive War. None of you know how tight the bonds between N$O and BK really were until it became necessary to bond again together, since the CB was one that was only a coin throw away to simply affect the other one. Any further complaints about the righteousness of anyone's war entry is by now just plain salt. Salt especially over the ingames war mechanics that can't simulate a "Desert Storm". The initial Blitz was nicely executed, really well done. I wondered sometimes if the 25% downdeclare range still exists. But in the end and finally coming to the topic of this thread: This war will go as long as we need to kill all the pixel-hugging whales on your side. Thanks to Ketog here for thinking they're an advantage. Against whom was this dual-joke idea of Guardian/Grumpy directed? As you can see, they're nothing but useless baggage starting round 2 if there's no counterpart on the enemy side. ...Happily building cities at war (from trade income) and bunkering up while the rest of you is bleeding.
  2. Case 1: So if anyone would have renamed their alliance to "Strean Investment Company", after Strea deleted Version 1, they'd have gotten their bank looted instead? Case 2: In case the above one wouldn't happen, would it if Strea joins them as a member before getting beiged? Tough luck indeed, but who in their right mind would guess that the unique alliance ID is the less important (between name and ID).
  3. Odin

    Broken forum pip.

    It is animated when you click on it and get redirected to the imgur page. It probably doesn't accept animated .png files here tho.
  4. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/unique/id=162840 https://politicsandwar.com/nation/war/timeline/war=443380 https://politicsandwar.com/nation/war/timeline/war=443392
  5. Odin

    Boring game.

    But we already got an April fools day joke this year 🤔
  6. @Will Grab a history and geography book before you swagger with your US highschool NPC knowledge.
  7. You need 4 nuclear power plants for 1800 Infra. Thank me later, cheers.
  8. 14 = 14 words, was described here previously. We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children. Pretty sure Thalmor only asked Queen M in in a subtle way to protect white children together. He even used the term "our people", to not only include everyone, but to promote the socialist values of his intention. Not sure what this sentence alone could mean otherwise 🤔 Btw... racism isn't directly against the rules, only harassment and nazism. 88 is pretty obvious, and a strike can be seen as justified (according to the rules). Seeing racism though, in combination with either the words that are behind 14 and behind 88 are pretty farfetched. Anyone here that says we shouldn't secure the existence of our people and a future for children that have a white skin color? Come on, guys, anyone? Let's see who's racist here. And while "Heil H*tler" is nazism, no "race" should feel insulted by that. That's clearly, at most, a subjective feeling. Real Kindergarden here, get some backbone and counter-bounty Thalmor with some hidden BLM or MLK lines or whatever, i'm sure he won't break down at home, drowning in his own tears.
  9. Lots of SJW filth and basement crybabies posting here. It's a fine theme, good luck.
  10. >Nuke Support You already lost by writing this sentence. And looking at your lineup, i guess KT is enough without allies to handle that. Shots fired. DEUS VULT! :D
  11. The reason why i don't bother with this shithole SJW forum anymore since long time ago, kek. Stay well, friend, or stay in the Discord :^)
  12. ALLIANCE CATEGORIES Alliance of the Year: NPO Most Powerful Alliance: TKR Best Military: Guardian Best Rookie Alliance: Entiti Rorupurei Best Flag: Guardians of the Galaxy Best War Flag: Dark Brotherhood Most Active Alliance: Black Knights Most Honourable Alliance: Pantheon Most Improved Alliance: Arrgh Best Diplomatic Team: Rose Best Economic System: Arrgh :3 Best Recruiting Staff: NPO Best Propaganda Staff: Guardians of the Galaxy Best Alliance Growth: Dark Brotherhood Best Forums: GoG Alliance Most Likely to Succeed in 2018: Rose Most Immoral Alliance: Stratagem Most Controversial Alliance: Stratagem Best Alliance for New Players: Esquire Templar :^) Most Missed Alliance for 2017: TEst PLAYER CATEGORIES Player of the Year: Partisan Most Powerful Player: DragonK Best Alliance Leader: Manthrax Most Controversial Player: Queen M Best Player Sig: Geralt von Rivia Best Player Avatar: Shifty Stranger Best OOC Poster: Rozalia Best IC Poster: Anneal Nicest Player: Ameyuri Funniest Player: Shifty Stranger Most Active Player: Apollo Player Most Likely to Achieve Greatness in 2018: QueenShaxxy Best New Addition to the Community: Uvoxyuwin COMMUNITY CATEGORIES Best Wall of Text: (provide a link) Best P&W Forum Topic: (provide a link) Biggest Controversy: Funniest Event: Most Entertaining Discord Channel(Please don't include Slack): Pantheon Best Treaty Announcement: (provide a link) Best Declaration of War: (provide a link) Biggest Meme: Largest E-Peen: Best Villain: Kosmokenny Most Hated Poster: Queen M Most Missed Player (Player that has gone inactive/quit): Prefontaine WORST CATEGORIES Worst Alliance of the Year: Lordran Worst Military of the Year: UPN Worst Diplomatic Move: Sparta xD jk Most Inactive Large Alliance: Acadia Alliance Most Likely to Fail in 2018: Worst Player of the Year: Queen M Worst Alliance Leader of the Year: Park Worst Treaty of the Year: (provide a link) Worst Forum Poster: Worst Nation Setup: Madden, lmao Worst Fighters of the Year (must have fought in 2017): - Alliance Most Likely to get Rolled in 2018: KT
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