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  1. That was an incredibly poor defense. Better take yourself some time to solve the task i gave you, no one pushes you here for quickshots. Remember who started the last war with leaks. -.-' Technical limitations. If you want some smartphone scroll chat screenshot thingy, i could try adding one.
  2. That's not my ID, right? You (CotL) claim i've leaked and confiscated my stuff. Let's stay on topic. Lory didn't deny he was doing it. And Changeup personally said that the leaks aren't problematic at all. It is me denying having a part in leaks. It's actually your task here right now to prove my involvement, otherwise you can CapsLock even more words and Lmfao around, that doesn't increase your logic by 1 percent. Those leaks aren't helping, nor do they exist, to get my stuff back. They're public to show what kind of trash you, and your CotL Gov Club are. The fact that i didn't get messaged -once- by anyone about leaks before i got moved out of NP Gov and Membership shows that there was absolutely no interest from your side to patch the situation. Why? So you could have edited or deleted your text? It was also the full context, fully unedited. It's not just me and Sphinx that can confirm this. Don't try to spin stuff here, you're very poor at this. A lot of those actually got paid out already. That's no private data, bank logs are public ingame.
  3. Wrong, it's communism. His people died of Hunger. QED
  4. It's easy to changes values in a way that a max of 10 wells/mines produces the same amount as previously 12. Imo, i still like the old idea more with removing building caps. Each mine or refinery can simply add 5-10% production bonus without cap, but decreasing bonus efficiency (like having multiple treasures).
  5. Zlatan ist the best Football player ffs
  6. My idea would be: Alliances would need to have 100% of the score of the highest score player ingame (Currently Fraggle @ 17700 score). If they're not fulfilling this, they get a 3 day timer to solve this problem (get more people into that alliance or get on Fraggles level). Once the timer is up, the alliance automatically dissolves and the loot ends up in the hands of the highest Gov member -or- split between all members. That would improve the community by letting new players not mold away in the trash alliance hells, while also making the hot potato game even hotter.
  7. Taking a warn for the (german) team by posting here. He surely deserves a strike for some things on his bio. But we shouldn't go to the point of banning/striking for the use of "Adolf" without any connection to the famous german leader. The name is historically charged, yes, but it is just a name and thus there are others bearing that name, for example and most prominently, King Gustav II. Adolf of Sweden.
  8. Odin

    What comes next

    [ You sound like a Drug dealer, man. "First Chapters are free, yo! Next 10 chapters requires a nation. To read chapters past 50, we'll need you to install a Proxy, so you can control even more nations at once. Also, ask your friends and family to help out, yo!"
  9. You have no idea what you're doing and why you're doing it and what the consequences are. You're just being random af and could have saved yourself every word and letter in this ...whatever it is.
  10. Odin

    Daily Leeks

    U post too much, shush.
  11. Put CN in a bag and thrash it with some Clubs. The game is dead and so are the players inside. This game here has always been superior in every regard, and I'm sick of seeing any connections to it, and especially alliances. You can now thank me for my kind words. ?
  12. Now we can voice our discontent in the Moderation forum with a thanks. Thanks!
  13. Nation Link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=19196 Ruler Name: Captain Bezzers Nature of Violation: - Alliance Embargo, accusing 30+ him unknown people as Ethno-Cleansers and giving out the ooc info that he can recognize them by smell alone. What a weird hobby.
  14. I'm still in 2011 with my i7-2600k, but next year it will be a Zen 3 and i'm quite gleeful that Intel gets thrashed by AMD now after they ripped off their customers with ~8? refreshs and still dare to shove a i9-10980XE on the market instead of just lowering the prices for what they have and going back into a long R&D slumber.
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