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  1. There is a true victor. The enemy is only in denial. NPO is very accustomed to multi-year duration warfare. Coalition A is welcome to resist as long as they see fit. We will be more than happy to keep them under our boots for that duration. Truth is, I don't have to be at war, but I seek it anyway. Coalition B has room to rebuild while Coalition A is held under. We are the victors. A failure to acknowledge this will only prolong the suffering. But you know what? I like war.. sooo.. please.. keep resisting Ketog. Every minute I'm detonating pixels, my smile gets broader. Literally my CN nation motto.
  2. Wanted to apologize for my crappy performance kicking your butt. Weekend came and I went to sleep *chortle*. Oh well, there's always round two. Curse it.. someone already picked you up.
  3. Check the unit counts.. that'll tell a more accurate current story.
  4. Given others have genuinely attempted such in the past.. we take such threats quite seriously. Until they mellow out and come party with us. It's surprising who has ended up in our ranks over the years after trying wholeheartedly to annihilate us.
  5. Furyion rumbled, "Kerchtog is in flight. The invasion proceeds as intended." Maelstrom smiled, "They don't even realize that it has only begun. I will begin consultation with my peers across the multiverse. Lets see who we can get to cross the planar bridge." The hive opened up its connections as dozens of versions of the entity known as Maelstrom strewn across the void of space time quietly began to discuss a single world with others.. a world that was beautiful, young.. filled with the drama of life and conflict they craved. The only question was.. how many would answer?
  6. Except that last line.. is literally what happens every world we touch. If it were not grounded in history, you'd have an argument for him, but truth is truth.. people hate it when a greater coalition destroys the sovereignty of theirs. The salt always flows. We're always underestimated.. but those that recognize that it isn't merely trickery that makes Pacifica strong, but cohesion, unity, the ability to assemble and deploy effectively a coherent force.. they get to win with us. We make each other sovereign. If it were solely tricks.. or manipulation, we might fall apart.. but.. we don't.
  7. Well, I was Emperor on one of the Worlds we went to. They even put me on trial for.. well.. running rough shod over the international community there. Fun times that. So at least I can say I make my own kool-aid before drinking it.
  8. Hahahhaha... Sorry, Roq.. awesome as he is.. is not in my tastes. Pft.. Propaganda? I've been with the order 10 years. I'm fully indoctrinated by now. 1) Make CandyShi scream about the plan. 2) CandyShi and Us. 3) By talking about the plan. 4) Because it was entertaining. 5) When CandyShi reacted to the postulation of the plan. Actual plan: 1. They wanted to destroy us. we destroyed them instead.
  9. Oh no, there was no meaning for them to lose it. They were chuckling quietly about how they might disband us... we have the posts saved so we can look at them every time we go to negotiate as a reminder as to what we're dealing with here. To them, the FAN treatment would not be enough.. fortunately for them.. I am also not the one in control of negotiations.
  10. Hrmm.. I had not even noticed that. What I will say is that I know several Pacificans, myself included, have influence that is far reaching beyond this game and I would not be surprised if more communities do not get pulled in. I also know we're not even close to our core membership body having a significant fraction present here. The hard part these days is just getting folks interested in playing a text based nation sim.. or to add another to the litany.
  11. I wonder if I am considered part of this "Invasion" given I've only arrived in the past year and a half or so myself, only coming truly active in the last few months. If so.. Bad news folks.. a few of us are hard core members with almost a decade of Pacifican activity under our belt, so don't get your hopes up on too many conversions and those of us that are such.. are ridiculously loyal. And there's no particular performance in any particular game that will sway that loyalty. The NPO could implode here, I'd still be there for them.. anywhere. They are my trench brothers and sisters..
  12. 1) He has no reason to answer. 2) But watching you get flustered seeking answers you are not entitled to is so totally hilarious. Leo's discretion if he answers, but if I were him.. I'd let you stew.
  13. Everyone'd love to know the plan of their enemy. Doesn't mean they get to. *chortle* I beg to differ I am on topic, just in a way you truly do not appreciate.
  14. You know.. it's like both sides formed coalitions to protect themselves.. *philosophic pose*. So what you're saying is.. everyone colluded to form groups in their own best interests... funny that, how geopolitics works in a nation sim.
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