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  1. Except in the court I might have the benefit of a jury without biases, no?
  2. I can understand that desire, that'd be up to Alex of course, but I could still see a potential for abuse. It'd also make the current ban and remedy in recent moderation action somewhat hypocritical as essentially a service/good as incentive for membership/participation that is alleged to have monetary value was alleged to have been exchanged off-site was the cause of the recent set of bans and moderation actions. That said.. no difference between supposedly providing novels and definitely providing steam keys except the latter is absolutely confirmed to have occurred. I say alleged becau
  3. Except that the very words were that it was not illegal behavior. So no, they didn't. And this is why the rules change is so essential. If it is stated the only permitted transactions for an in game benefit must occur through the purchasing system of the site.. you can't be any more clear than that. You guys do what you want, I am only here to hang out. I have no real love of my nation here.. it just is. I am only telling you how you can prevent this mistake from recurring and make Alex's job easier. By making sure the rules are in an unquestionable state as to their intent with no loop hol
  4. They did.. someone clearly has not read the logs. It took them a while into the convo, but they did pretty much fess up to all of it as they were pushed and the nature of what the complaint was was clear. See Frawley's and Roq's explanations. They did also explain why they thought he had cleared it.
  5. Yup... they knew they'd get "caught", they thought it was legal. Since you like to spin, not read, and only respond to the points you like.. you get a participation trophy and no further response.
  6. You are such a spinster. 1. Alex did not think deeply enough into what he was allowing passive permission for. He indicated it was a known mechanics problem and probably should/will be nerfed. This happens in games alll the time. And yes, min/maxers exploit those mechanics in the existing rule-set.. legally.. until the dev fixes it. There was no indication the act was illegal by the fact it was said it wasn't a moderation concern/problem. 2. I indicated/showed nothing. That content is already in Alex's logs. 3. You obviously do not read as that is not at all what happened. He did fina
  7. I did nothing.. and I did say that both parties are in the wrong. Also explicitly NOT a moderation issue. There's a difference in an exploit and something that needs nerfed. This was not an exploit. This was a mechanic allowed to fester, then corrected and people punished for it who rightfully had a reason to believe it was within current acceptable bounds. That is the truth of it to anyone not reading through one lens or the other, setting aside all preconceptions and biases and simply reading for details.
  8. It was pretty much spelled out.. verbatim. From the logs. I see that as a Mechanics.. not a moderation issue...
  9. Your problem.. Sir, is I did nothing. Nice try. You go re-roll.. being a 0 suits you better. Gah.. you got me.. baited into another reply. YOu win this time. Heck I thought you already had me on ignore. I usually can't expect you to be rational.
  10. Sir, you re assentially biased hubris incarnate. That said.. my reply other than this will be accordingly silent other than : "Read the logs and try to pretend you are not aggressively anti-NPO and think OOC, unless your bias extends beyond character in which I have no cure for that." Reiteration: I am thinking as a game administrator would. I am offering you an ounce of prevention to prevent a future world of additional pain from another source. That is all. I will not be responding to future posts in this thread as of this point. As I said, no horse in this race. Improvements will happen.
  11. The rules are not clear. I have given a translation where they are. I have explained why they are not clear in my suggestion.. And if they were clear, I do not see why Alex has a hard time with his on interpretation of them 5 months ago. His own logs, when you actually download that html, put it onto a desktop, open it in a browser in a way that you can read it.. (because the XML formatting will drive you batty in text format) will actually tell the whole story and an unbiased third party looking at it with an open mind will see how they were literally.. Talking right past each other. Al
  12. There is no rationalization. I have said there are problems on both ends of this. If hubris on both ends repeats. then this problem will repeat itself, just with another party. You may mark my words on that, and I will look forward, but with the regret of foresight to my prophecy being fulfilled. I submit that Hero has ignored the post from other Pacificans that they did have a conversation with Alex about this very thing. Their understanding passed like ships in the night in a midst of a fog with neither recognizing the other. Take my wisdom.. or don't.. and suffer. The change is simpl
  13. Wanted to note I've done my final edit and am finally happy with the verbiage. So feel free to post your thoughts. I won't be changing the OP from this post on. They used a loophole.. wrong on them. The loophole, however, did exist. This closes the loophole so it cannot even be vaguely interpreted in any other way. It makes it so the terminology of the rule more fits the spirit of the rule. Also, Alex, you have my sympathy in policing the piranha.. that's what these communities are, vats full of them. Tearing at each other and anything they can make go boom. If they find a crack they wi
  14. It's more on a clarity philosophy. Rules must be clear to be precisely obeyed. I have put a suggestion up for your consideration. What has happened is a clear failure to communicate. This can be corrected by making sure the language leaves no question as to the only means of proper cash/benefit interactions with the site.
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