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  1. Maelstrom Vortex

    Battle of the Western Delta

    ## Published Information as part of known Imperial War Policy as an in character reference to the effect of your actions on diplomacy.##
  2. Maelstrom Vortex

    Hello World.

    Maelstrom nodded, "Humanity may have to learn its lessons the hard way if it blames me for the lesson taught." He waved the diplomatic team in to escort Drago to his flight out of the country. He also waved the culinary team in to prepare Ivan's body for dinner. Thessian and all Imperial presence was withdrawn from Jerusalem.
  3. Maelstrom Vortex

    Hello World.

    Maelstrom leaned his jaw onto his claw. "Ivan. It was a box, covered in gold. If it held any real power, I wouldn't be currently sitting down on it, minted as coin. You wouldn't conquer anything with it. The only thing you would have achieved would have been becoming an even greater international pariah and a wanted man. But all harm that you could have done to yourself has been ended with its destruction and the aftermath will fall on me. Ivan.. go home to your people. Let Drago rule. Relax." He looked to Drago, "You are a sovereign, stand up right. Go home, lead your people. Make Jerusalem an internationally protected city for all peoples of this world who have faith. Do not make me have to burn all the religious places and artifacts of earth in order to prevent their being fought over. For I will, if need be. No more blood.. not for Jerusalem, the Haj, Riyadh, understood? Solve your problems peacefully, or I will destroy your problems so you have nothing to fight over."
  4. Maelstrom Vortex

    Hello World.

    Ivan, Drago, and the Ark were shuffled in before the Emperor and Bismarck as they watched the other events unfolding in the middle east hours later. Bismarck had been allowed to retire to quarters while awaiting their arrival. After all were organized before the dragon the media were welcomed in. "Hello World. I am Maelstrom, Emperor of the Dragon Empire. With me today are Ivan Salazaar and Drago of Salazarstan and ambassador Bismarck of Prussia.. and most importantly....'" with a careful slash of his claws, Maelstrom opened the box was opened revealing the Ark of the Covenant within. "..the seat of your god." He gave a pregnant pause before continuing, "Humanity has a problem. an obsession over possessing places and things that in the natural order, belong to all. This particular object is a symptom.. a tribute to an entity whom, if real, you would be unworthy to even consider worshiping, let alone to be in it its presence. Your wars and squabbles disgust me. And so.. I shall show you the solution to your problems." He called forward from the shadows of the room a pair of men carrying molds from the imperial mint of Dragonisia. He looked into the camera. "His will be done.. and yours defied.. if you truly believe in him, I am executor of his will. You are not worthy of this artifact any longer." He lifted the Ark carefully in claw and then breathed his flame onto it while holding the ark over the molds.. the wood, would burn off on live tv and the gold would pour into the liquid molds.. forming orange hot molds of molten metal coins. After the ark was fully render to ash and the gold molds filled, he pulled the coins out and put them on the hoard he sat upon. Then, he looked into the camera. "Find your peace regarding your places and items of culture, or we shall find it for you by incinerating anything you fight over." The broadcast cut.. and no doubt there was about to be outrage all over the world. He then looked to Bismarck, Ivan, and Drago. "Now.. regarding this dispute over control of Salazarstan. I will be here to mediate and arbitrate.. you need to talk this out." He glanced to Ivan, "I knew you from the prior world. You served Lady Pacifica. I expect to hear from you justification for your past actions. Be honest about your words for I eat liars. What was your intentions in the region known as the Middle East?"
  5. Maelstrom Vortex

    The Hunt for Ivan Salazar

    ##To be continued int he thread.. Hello World.. ##
  6. Maelstrom Vortex

    Hello World.

    "While I appreciate the sentiments of your endeavor.. It has stirred in my memory that I know Ivan. He is not of this world either, but of mine. I am actually bringing him here to discuss what he has been doing and apparently I am informed there is some form of artifact with him." The dragon tilted his head. "They should be arriving within 4-5 hours based on trans-Atlantic flight times from that region. The Red TIps should keep them safe as for Drago and Salazarstan, I say wait to see how the situation on the ground plays out before acting. Being rash results in unnecessary conflict and I may have other ways to get this situation under control." Maelstrom continued to flick his gaze between the monitors and Bismarck. The ambassador may notice as he looks at the screens that Maelstrom's eye motions are actually issuing orders and commands to various parts of his government without even a word spoken. I was as if someone took the HUD display for an Apache helicopter had been redesigned for the purpose of governance. There was real-time data streaming in on the national economy and every so often Maelstrom would flick his gaze to the screen and nudge the interest and tax rates to lock in the growth of the GDP at a stable 4%, the changes implemented and applied empire wide in mere minutes.
  7. Maelstrom Vortex

    The Hunt for Ivan Salazar

    The dragon lifted drago gently and moved him onto his palm.. the back of a super-sonic flying dragon was no place for an sheltered human being He would be gently lifted and put into a small pocket like compartment on the dragon's chest,. There was a window, air conditioning, and even music. Back in Dragonisia, few knew it, but dragons actually provided air service between airports instead of aircraft so this was not unusual technology for them. ##Secret## The dragon would lift the box containing the ark with both his fore-claws and take to the air. He would be limited to subsonic speed til he could reach the airport and transfer both Ivan and the Ark to a cargo aircraft that was escorted through Salazarstan air space from over the Mediterranean by Red Tip fighters. The Red Tips were dragons who were the top aerial fighters of the Empire. The edges of their wings were highlighted red to warn hostiles away. The flight would land, the Ark and Ivan both would be loaded aboard. They would take off, returning to the city of Dragonisia (Formerly Washington D.C.) with the cargo. after refueling with a tanker mid-route over the atlantic.
  8. Maelstrom Vortex

    Eva is a dim light

    As humans we are rarely alone in others sharing our opinions, regardless as to their state of correctness. Maybe that's just me, therefore, is a non-sequitor to any point ever made. I did not share your PoV. You were not going to change that PoV. That PoV has still not changed.. and therefore.. discussion would literally be a waste of all of our time. Also, if the rp stagnates.. it's the fault of those who simply are butt-hurt their PoV didn't win the poll and they therefore can't control everything by mere bandwagining.. the rp continues even now, despite your assertions.
  9. Maelstrom Vortex

    Random Geography

    Canals, yes, but I prefer we not redraw the world map except by in character effort unless it is the one we start with.
  10. Maelstrom Vortex

    The Hunt for Ivan Salazar

    "Your people may go. You and the box shall be carried by me." He lowered his claw flat to the ground, "We have an idea of what is in there." Even as he did so a the Vulcan cannon that hung from beneath his rear lower jaw, pointing forward under his muzzle's chin, swiveled between Ivan's escorts as it partly spun up. It did not fire, but held them at a distance. "Other than their release, the terms are non-negotiable."
  11. Maelstrom Vortex

    The Hunt for Ivan Salazar

    The 210th wing flight lead, code named Alpha, had finally spotted the group and landed with a thud on the street in front of Ivan salazaar as he made his way along the escape root towards Syria. "Ivan, the Emperor of the Dragon Empire demands your appearance in his court. You may bring that box with you. Are you willing to comply peacefully?" The loud speaker on the side of its head piece interpreted for the growling rumblings of the dragon who spoke in Imperial Draconic.
  12. Maelstrom Vortex

    The Hunt for Ivan Salazar

    The strike team at the air port received word from Thessian that Ivan had gone missing. He could not have gotten far. Each of the dragons went to the temple and broke off in search patterns 120 degrees apart. The three would fly compacted, wave magnitude incrementing, sine wave patterns propagating outwards from the central vertex at the temple in Jerusalem insuring every inch of terrain was covered in their search. They had been thoroughly briefed on all the candidates, even to the point of knowing how each one smelled. So like sky-borne blood hounds they searched outwards at dizzying speeds their snoots and their facial recognition software on their combat cameras, paying very astute attention to the ground below as the population of Jerusalem got to see the once-in-a-lifetime and eerie view of combat suit clad dragons with the insignia of a foreign power flying at just a bit over roof top levels at just a little below sub-sonic velocity. Their suit engines roar filled the evening sky as the bombers of super powers had in eras past. The 210th Wing had yet to fail a mission, they did not want to start now. Thankfully, dragons are really.. really good at hunting.
  13. Maelstrom Vortex

    An new start

    Reply We are most definitely interested. The Empire views any ideology that sees violence as a valid means of distribution as anathema. Get in touch with the Foreign Ministry for further collaboration. Regards, The Emperor
  14. Maelstrom Vortex

    Hello World.

    "Hrmm.. I am simply establishing relations with this world and trying to get humans to behave with some form of civility. The kerfuffles over their faiths are quite annoying and troublesome." He glanced back to Bismarck, "What are your thoughts on the matter?"
  15. Maelstrom Vortex

    An new start

    Maelstrom abruptly realized, he had seen this Ivan Salazar on the prior earth. He had wonder why it stirred his memory. He called upon Thessian in Jerusalem, "Inform Drago, that I demand the presence of Ivan Salazar to address an urgent matter. If you must.. have the strike team extract him. Try the diplomatic route first. This human was on our prior world and I want to know how he got here." Thessian gave a nod of acknowledgement, "As you wish your excellency." He relayed the orders to the strike team through his headset and told them to be on standby. Thessian then turned to Drago as he stood in the Temple, "Maelstrom knows Ivan, he has demanded the man be moved to the City of Dragonisia, that they may talk. Where may I find Ivan?"

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