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  1. With the bulk of his adversaries air and naval forces dispatched, the Emperor made his way to the fronts, his 60 foot form intentionally and deliberately shook the ground. His combat suit was active with several milimeters of composite and reactive armor as well as two Centuriuon CWIS mounts bracketed to rings on his horns. He was effectively walking warship. As missiles streaked across the front line, intercepted by his worn defenses, his maw opened and a column of lightning opened through the enemy ground troops as the attack on Ollyland began in earnest with a focus.. on driving into the nearest city and its financial institutions and bringing its treasuries and reserves to the ground, and into his own forces possession. "Once you loot.. Raze.. we want them inoperable for the next wave." His command boomed across the battlefield like thunder. Small arms fire hit him from all direction. Periodically a bullet would find a weak point in the joints and penetrate to a gush of his own viscera, but he just kept moving.. he wanted his people to feel safe again and the sure way to do that was to put the enemy down and get them to the table.
  2. Wars upon wars. Dragonisia had seem them before, and now they had come again, beset on all sides by adversaries tended to be when it grew the most."Charlatans all. They know not what they fight. The Dragonisians seemingly knew no end for when they were fallen simply more would be sent to the front. Dragons in their jet suits and with missile payloads under wing and belly, blotted out the skies and swarmed their would be aggressors, rending their air-fields and setting their armored columns to light, making way for the diversity of lessor biped races that constituted Dragonisia's ground forces to press forward. The Pacifican war machine would not relent.. would not waver.. ever. He watched his troops fight and die.. age and seeing the same scene so many times before had left his heart and mind callous to the struggle to survive which was war. When ideology set upon ideology until one was ground into obscurity. He quietly shook his head. "When they will learn the way? They should just all submit, they will be better for it."
  3. Hah, that'd actually be pretty cool for it to increase naturally like that. You're right, such limits shouldn't exist. After all, that's what alliances are for, you think this is absurd, but I think the game would rebalance itself politically in line with the new reality. I agree. open it all up. Resets based on a genuine nuclear winter could make things extremely interesting, especially if we allowed for spec ops teams removal of nukes or the destruction of production facilities. Totally for the anti-aircraft gun projects and the coal global warming debuff, after all, I'm a nuke nation. Go nukes.. It'd make for a much more fascinating scenario, that's for certain. I've played nation sims for over a decade. You seem to think a 9 month project or wait time would put me off, it wouldn't And I like to think there are others like me who are long term planners. You seem to think these things would hurt the NPO or our planning or our methods. Thus why you hit on these topics, or maybe you genuinely are suggesting these.. either way, they work for me because I know one fundamental fact when it comes to the NPO: We will thrive whatever environment we are put in, we will adapt. My only complaint about this one is we have had to adapt to soldier spam cheese. Then again, I suppose this is a good way of making the game playable by a broader base. Enable no-plan simplistic players a grind method as an out to retain relevance. To each their own..
  4. Well, that's the thing about balance? What is it really? To me it's arbitrary. Realism is not arbitrary. Realism works on known functions of actual nations and attempts to emulate them.. and since the game is Politics and War I was under the impression it was what is sought. True, it's a game, but at the end of the day, why do we play? To arbitrarily pump numbers to be better than the next guy or to emulate nation states? In reality, nations get curb stomped all the time by the great powers, there is no sense of balance.. and pirates are pretty much refined to small sections of the African coast. Well, they get curb stomped til the next great alliance comes along and undoes that. Hegemony flux through history. I don't have anything against Arrgh, pirates have their place in the world.. but to think of them as ever being anything other than bait for a greater fleet or power isn't balance, is simply a distortion of reality in an attempt to prop up a few people on bad mechanics. To me, I could not justify my nation built on such strength, I'd leave the game because i'd feel like I'd been cheating the system to be relevant. If I am in a game that somewhat attempts to emulate international and political interactions, I expect some degree of accuracy in the simulation, but as I said, to each their own. Arcade States is fine.
  5. I have no objections to that either! The ones that got carried away are some of the good ones.
  6. Except many games that are extremely successful are antithetical to that statement. I can cite several, but I respect the work done here not to advertise. The only one I have mentioned in passing has a complex battle system but a fairly basic economy, but is mostly dieing or dead, was Nationsgame. It had complex war systems and the game was crazy exciting, people had to actively man battles for up to a week. It was also somewhat brutal in that regard. *chortle* I'm not saying take it that far, I am saying improvements can be made. The only reason it isn't dominant right now is because it was a pet project, not a full blown enterprise, and after a time it was somewhat abandoned by its creator.
  7. I am well and content that the projects be used as multipliers of effects, but it isn't tech level. Not even close. Not even a real solid indicator of tech progress. I mean I believe you and I both know that not every missile system is the same. I'd like to see you conduct AA operations with a V1.
  8. Absent that, your last statement would be true. Except there's no real tech measure in this game to establish who is mickey mouse.
  9. 10 Million is not a massive population base for an army.. at least not in reality. At least with the tanks and the aircraft you have to take into account cost and do math to decide if an attack is even worth it, because on troop spammers.. who have crazy low infra.. and yet somehow support millions of people, it never will be... I guess someone likes living in fairy-tale land. Daisy cutters and A-10s.. Guess you weren't alive for gulf war 1. Historical homework for this discussion: Look up the events regarding the highway of death.. and then you'll understand what air power actually does to un-escorted troops and ground equipment: Here's your quick summary: "During the American led coalition offensive in the Persian Gulf War, American, Canadian, British and French aircraft and ground forces attacked retreating Iraqi military personnel attempting to leave Kuwait on the night of February 26–27, 1991, resulting in the destruction of hundreds of vehicles and the deaths of many of their occupants. Between 1,400 and 2,000 vehicles were hit or abandoned on the main Highway 80 north of Al Jahra. The scenes of devastation on the road are some of the most recognizable images of the war, and it has been suggested that they were a factor in President George H. W. Bush's decision to declare a cessation of hostilities the next day.[6] Many Iraqi forces, however, successfully escaped across the Euphrates river, and the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency estimated that upwards of 70,000 to 80,000 troops from defeated divisions in Kuwait might have fled into Basra, evading capture.[7]" At least you can be honest in saying you're trying to distort the game to fit your agenda. I'm just going by history.
  10. Given it's wrong, there's an easy escape. I am biased because every other war sim I've ever been in population meant something and troop count was directly related. Here there is no such relation. Has the fact that the wars appear to manifest that way brought it to my attention? Definitely. But it's possible to observe something without it directly generating a bias. It's also possible to argue that observation on its own merits, which is what I am doing. I'm still up on my overall war damage, my performance is not bad as some might seem to think it is. Also I'm currently in a position where some loss is literally expected and anticipated. There's always going to be a cost to keeping people buckled under your thumb. How much skill does it take to buy troops and just shove them at people? That's what gets me. Other than time of day and number of barracks it's a ridiculously simple but effective strategy... that should be neither. Modern wars simply do not work that way... and never will. Seems a lot of people here have been claiming I am lazy or some such.. But.. isn't it lazier to spam a single unit type over and over again.. than it is to actually stage.. you know.. more complex strategies of which.. all are more complex than troop spam? Add a single tank.. still more complex than troop spam. I have to mock the strategy because though it is effective.. it's totally worthy of the meme... is there an infinite soldiers meme? If there isn't I need to so spawn one now. Maybe just one of an army of clones going "hup hup hup hup".... OOh, nevermind, got the perfect one.. When you realize your soldiers are ESO Pcs: Eternal in number, Resurrection, and fighting against the big-bad they will never quite defeat.
  11. If your point was not merely in mockery of the discussion simply because it originated from me as a member of the NPO then you have a good one and as I've said previously, I am open to discussions about a population cost to all unit use.. this includes nukes and casualties caused by them though the aspect of casualties of war hadn't been addressed. By this account every method of attack should include non-combat casualties in the target cities. The way you phrased it did not appear of serious intent. You are right in the way the game handles nukes dishonoring the victims of the only two nuclear weapons uses in history. However, I think for this to be set up right then it has to account for size and yield of weapons. It's not impossible this has been done in many a game and there's no reason it could not here. That too, would also accelerate war conclusions. Well, you also have a good, but different point as to what also causes wars not to end. If there is insufficient motive or reason to end a war, it may simply not be ended. We exist in a world where you cannot kill off the enemy as in the real one, a mere willingness to survive in an abysmal state is more than sufficient to keep some players going and their nations recovering. That said, unlike in reality where you can literally kill an enemy holding a grudge against you or make it so costly no one wishes to continue, that's just about impossible here. There is no easy remedy to the latter situation which wouldn't make either the game die, or a lot of people outright miserable. I hate to think of Admin as forcing arbitrary "war-loss" measures and forcing peaces between parties, but I cannot think of any other solution that doesn't require systemic artificial manipulation in the presence of such wills. Automatic forced alliance level loss after set parameters are hit. There's also the problem that such parameters would be controversial, debatable, and potentially arbitrary as sometimes wars will be turned around with sufficient diligence and time. It may be easy for some to dismiss my suggestions as the mere ramblings of a Member of the NPO, but those that know my history know I've actually assisted with authoring a war system for a game similar to this one. I have a minor in economics as part of my Masters in Information Systems as well and almost sought special accreditation in game-theory. I've contemplated war system development for game designs since SSI was still a thing and if I could do graphics and web dev with any level of artistic expertise I might well have made my own game. My favorite part of P&W, for example, is the bid-ask system of economics. I would favor a more complex economy, but this one does the job and beats most out there. I would also like to observe that if we go by the WW2 measure.. that Dresden and Tokyo firebombings killed a much greater many people than Nagasaki or Hiroshima, so the scale of all attacks would need to be intensely evaluated given that modern conventional arms have also substantially upped lethality. We also may want to consider differentiation of nuke types as a neutron bomb purely hits pop, em purely hits infrastructure, and a dirty bomb causes long lasting devastation.
  12. Sort of my point. When the enemy won't conclusively concede............ there is no motive to end a war. Ever. There is no reason to avoid eternal warfare. There are thus no new wars, total stagnation.
  13. Notes to self @CandyShi and @Deulos are to partisan to take part in reasonable ooc discussion of game mechanics. They only know how to attack other players based on IC perspectives instead of debating the war mechanism outside of the lens of the underlying world politics. I will thus, discard their statements as such biased positions and not reply unless commenting improves and there is merit-able feedback and criticism to consider other than, "NPO BAD" "NPO JUST WANT TO ENSLAVE." As for the rest of you suggesting that the same be applied to all unit types, Totally would be in favor of such a re-balance. I want to just see population actually mean something than be a seemingly arbitrary number that is the descriptor of a city and an economic state. I'm not even sure if population factors into current economic and tax calculations or if it is driven by purely infra and structure calculations, but if so then the fatigue on the population almost certainly would also impact the economics as well if so.. which is also fairly realistic. You lose a baker on the eastern front, he's not making any more cookies. I'm not sure it would necessarily make the pace more slow. Think about the current state of the game where things run into limbo due to eternal warfare due to some simply not wanting to capitulate... Imagine game where wars ended and totally new other conflicts were allowed to begin because people had no choice but end them as they were strategically exhausted in a more comprehensive manner. Those arguing because I am NPO I would want this to make it easier for NPO.. are clueless.. as we have already effectively won. Technically I might be arguing against our dominance IC, except that I trust us to master any systemic configuration we are presented.
  14. I love how everyone's go-to-excuse for a bead mechanic is , "Oh, you just can't kill it so you want it to stay dead because you can't commit.".... Lame. Try harder... that's not it. The complaint.. legitimately.. is that isn't how it works in rl, and here you miraculously have an infinite supply of soldiers. if you're okay with that.. and we're okay with that as a community, fine. I just don't like the arcade-feel to warfare. I've been playing nation sims for nigh on two decades+ now.. if fighting wars were an issue, I'd just leave.. I haven't. I love wars. I just hate badly done war mechanics. You know who had a magnificent mechanic, it just wasn't properly attended? Nationsgame. Incredible war system, customization of units, initiative considerations that weren't purely driven by what time of day you got on... BATTLES, not wars.. would last days. Don't get me wrong, PNW has its charms, it just can be better and it's not because I want an easy way to annihilate you. It's because it feels.. Cheap and dirty. To me it dishonors the value of real infantry.. of human life.
  15. As it should be? I mean in my opinion if you exhaust your nation's manpower that's literally all you should have left. The argument for ending prolonged wars is probably more sound in that troop replacement is a long term issue. You should have a base level of natural regeneration to offset casualties, but it shouldn't be something that is impossible to overwhelm, because in reality, that is how it works. Manpower is not an infinite resource, not even close... its' value is trivialized in this game.
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