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  1. The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

    Okay, there is at least one intelligent primate among the bunch. It recognizes my superior intelligence.
  2. The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

    Dear Human Morons still debating Capitalism Vs. Communism. Greedy humans kill within both systems because greedy humans corrupt both systems. Humanity has not found a way to properly balance between the wealth/distribution disparity in any economic system to date because people will always find loopholes to exploit any human made system. Therefore, your argument is irrelevant. Blame human nature, not the system of governments as either would work if the systems were perfectly adhered to. Problem is, they will never be followed perfectly. Anything else is propaganda, consider yourselves enlightened. Humanity has a higher probability of obliterating itself, than ever properly governing itself. DRACO VULT! Maelstrom Vortex, Dragon of War Ender of Irrational Arguments (primarily between stupid primates).
  3. Hello World.

    The humans that met them on the ground as part of the diplomatic delegation provided the hotel passes they would need. Indicated the meeting would take place at a conference center near the capitol building lawns, and that dinner would be provided there as well with a number of items to choose on the buffet and drinks would be provided as well. Unfortunately, there were no Prussian brews currently because there were no formal trade relations with Prussia yet, but they hoped to change that soon. Thus far these were lower level diplomats and organizers. They were to meet the heads of state and the diplomats at the Capitol. "We would have had it that the Emperor himself would have greeted everyone who arrived here.. but.. his presence actually endangers those present in the airspace so he stayed at the capitol."
  4. Important ODN Announcement

    Hey OsRavan, good to see you again on another battlefield! A bit late to this war. Hope to fight again by you soon.
  5. Hello World.

    The delegation from Lumia would be welcomed in like manner as the delegation from Prussia. All would be gathered at the airport to begin a motorcade to the heart of the former District of Columbia.
  6. Hello World.

    As their flight would approach Dragonisian Airspace a couple of very large dragon-shaped aircraft would pull up along side of them, with windows near the front that had.. giant eyes peering out at them. They would be escorted along the pre-desginated flight route. Any deviation might result in an incident.
  7. Hello World.

    Maelstrom read the reply and raised an eye-ridge. So his wasn't the only people to escape the fate of the prior worlds. He penned the letter personally in the High Dragonic that Mogar's interpreters would easily be familiar with by now.
  8. Hello World.

    An invitation was sent via human couriers to the four corners of the earth, to every power encountered on the explorer's path. To meet with a new sovereign power that was emerging on the coast of North America near the Virginia Territories. The couriers carried a simple request. Please send a representative of your state with information about your state and its culture. The place of convention shall be the former territory of the District of Columbia in front of the old U.S. Capitol building where you will be greeted by our combined head of state and government. The city has been renamed New Dragonisia and you may arrive at the Dragonisia International Airport. All representatives are encouraged to bring their own personal security, though we will also provide for safe passage and diplomatic immunity and safety as with traditional conventions (and here came the disturbing part) to this world. The Press of all nations was also welcome to attend the event and there would be no restriction on journalistic freedom.
  9. Incursion - First Wave

    The Infantryman gave a formal salute and returned to his side of the bridge with the information, submitting it to diplomatic officers. The next time the infantryman returned (poor guy, lets give him a name), Pfc. Jessup Mathers had so many print outs he had to have a robotic mule help haul them. The cds had been replaced with high definition imagery, charts, and scientific explanations he couldn't hope to grasp written in the standards of the Faraway Realms. The report summary was as follows: *Content Revisions complete, final document.
  10. Incursion - First Wave

    He requested a current book on English as spoken in Faraway to make certain there were no misunderstandings or syntax differences from the English spoken in the Mirror universe in order for the Empire to be able to comply with the request in a proper manner. A book on common slang for Faraway would also be appreciative to prevent any accidental mishaps in technical terminology, giving an example of "Sticking the plug in the wrong socket." As innuendo.
  11. Incursion - First Wave

    Virginia, West Virginia, and Kentucky were secured after the flood came through the gates. The throngs of Empire flooded the lands til they filled to capacity. ##Back on Bob, all languages spoken between the dragons is the growling, snarling, and hissing letters of the tongue of High Draconic. While periodically punctuated by more recognizable syllables it was worse than German for its use of heavy consonants and perhaps the ultimate in growl-ly tone.## The Emperor prepared to cross. He was 353 years old. His beloved, Koudoawaia Vortex, at 307, would be joining him. Maelstrom checked on his parents, Emperor Emeritus Stratus Vortex, who was well into his 700s, and his beloved MidnightTempst Vortex who was into her 660s. They were ready to cross. They were nearing the end of their lives, but they had no choice. Outside, the sky was growing brighter every day as enormous amounts of energy were being pulled back to the center of the birthplace of the universe. The planets' overall surface temperatures were soaring. They brought through the records of the Empire on a set of crystalline disks that were powered by photons and of enormous storage capacity. As they were departing, they knew there would be some staying behind who simply would not leave the homes they had always loved. Maelstrom turned to give a farewell address to his people in their beloved language, High Dragonic. Translated: "My beloved, for in this dark time, all must feel the need of a companion. My beloved people. Those of you who are strong enough to brave the end of all things in this universe, I wish you peace in your final coming days. You understand more than any of us, the value of your remaining time and your lives. You have sufficient provisions supplied to last you well beyond the inevitable, so eat, drink, be merry, love and be loved. We will miss you all, and know that your legacy will live on through us who go before you. Our heart breaks knowing the separation this will bring, but perhaps the Creator will see fit to unite us some day. As of this time, any who were under contractual obligation to any entity are free from all legal and debt bonds. May your gods watch over your souls." With that, he stepped through the portal into a new world. ##Virginia## "So where are we, General?" The Empress asked as she looked around at the strange new land, her black and white tuxedo patterned scales glinting in the strange yellow light of their new star. "They call it, Virginia." Furyion replied as his crimson scales cast a blood shadow across the ground from the refracted light. "The humans have been very productive in this land. Roads are pretty well built. We're learning of their world from them rapidly. They have introduced us to quite a few things since we've been here. We've already found adequate replacement for our munitions powders and explosives in the caves in this mountain range. There are also some nice chasms and cave networks that would make some relatively comfortable cities for us." MidnightTempest put her hand on her daughter-in-bond's shoulder. "I think it's lovely, the change in sky is quite interesting." "I'll still miss home." Koudoawaia sighed, her visage dour. Maelstrom shook his head gently at her distress and wrapped a wing over her. "It will be alright. We will thrive here." Furyion was handed a dispatch. "Hrmm.. seems this world does have sovereign powers. A hominid nation called the Faraway Realms has requested proof of the disaster from which we have originated." He looked to Maelstrom. "The reports seem to indicate their technology is approximate parity to our own.". "Send them the press video of the changing sky in time lapse and the readings from our deep space satellites showing the cosmic background radiation being red-shifted to extremely high frequencies. Let them see the constellations and stars that are not their own. Have our astronomers do a complete write-up. it's not like any information from that universe will be relevant soon. It's collapsing at near-luminal velocities." The Emperor instructed his general. "Yessir, I'll relay it to our science council immediately." He saluted with his right fore-leg across his breast to his shoulder with a moderate bow. ##At the border outpost## A lone, unarmed, human infantryman would cross the Brent Spence bridge to present the report to officers on the other side in a black briefcase. He would ask if they would like any message relayed on his return. The case would contain an optical laser disks. Some things where trans-dimensional so long as what we called "light" existed. CDs were one such phenomenon. It was in unencrypted hexadecimal, though how to read the content may take some time to decipher. Even the spare operating system disk included would be useless as it would be incompatible with most earth systems as there was an entirely different industrial standard. ### This post is complete with final content edits. Grammatical edits may occur later if errors discovered. ## @Just Monika
  12. Incursion - First Wave

    Tarsk saw the Archons reaction towards the child and was somewhat relieved. Inwardly he thought, nearly as brutal as our Emperor. The dragon crawled back across the bridge in its armor and when it rose gave instructions to lower arms and move out. They had the rest of the former Kentucky territory to absorb. Word and video of the dragons activity in the region began to pop upon global public internet services where permitted. But Inter-dimensional empires being established in anarchic regions is just conspiracy theories... right? ##Soundtrack for the world's rising awareness##
  13. Incursion - First Wave

    The Dragon folds its left arm across its chest to its shoulder in a sort of salute. "Your request will be answered. We will be drawing down from your borders to a simple border guard as your own. Be aware though that the ongoing operations across the border to secure the region may still induce some turmoil. We apologize in advance, but will do our best to keep disruption to your state's operations to a minimum. We'll be willing to set up line communications between our government branches whenever you are ready with any particular protocols you feel necessary, simply let us know when you feel that time has come and you are ready. For now, I go to have the report prepared." One of the refugees, a small human boy stepped forward and pointed at Tarsk and screamed at the top of his lungs, "One of those THINGS, ate my Daddy!"
  14. Incursion - First Wave

    Tarsk settled back into a sitting upright position and stated, "Well met, Hannah Hanobel Hazelwood. Do you prefer declaration by name or title? I personally have no preference. Commander, Tarsk. I'm not one concerned for recognition of status outside of my own command structure." He studied the border guard. "Am I to conclude this river is your natural border then? If so, we will respect it. But now on to why I am here." "My expeditionary force is part of a much larger body that is passing into this world from a Mirror Universe. It's a lot like yours, but with major differences, including in its basic physics. We had advanced technology, but.. most of it doesn't work here and we've been put back to the age of turbines, motors, and early information technology. Our universe, is starting to die. It is collapsing in on itself having reached its maximum potential expanse and has started into the "Big Crunch". We, are refugees. Our backs are up against the wall, and we fight for our survival. Due to the fact we are from a mirror universe, many of the individuals coming through will be duplicates of those from your world. We're doing our best to separate them out. Needless to say, the shock has induced a resistance, the resistance has induced fighting because no one wants told what to do of course and so.. you have refugees on your border. That, we apologize for. They simply aren't handling the situation.. well. Since they fire on us, we force them out." "In due time, as much of our empire as our gates permit will be evacuated to this realm. This includes the arrival of our council and the god Emperor himself, may his blessings be upon you. It appears we are destined to be neighbors."
  15. Incursion - First Wave

    Tarsk had crawled to just shy of the end of the bridge, where he could stand without smacking girders and got upon his hind legs. At this point there were no weapons visible other than his natural adornments, no missiles or guns visible on his profile. With a couple of blinks of his eye, his lower jaw cover on his helmet retracted and he spoke, his words were translated into English and re-broadcast by speakers just behind his jaw plate, but to them the original spoken words would be indistinguishable from flurries of growls, snarls, and hisses punctuated by regular sounding words but that matched no known language on this world. What they might understand in the English conveyed was, "I am Tarsk, Commander of the 10th Imperial Expeditionary Force of the Dragon Empire." He seemed to look over the border guard, "And this doesn't look like the typical rabble militia we encountered on our journey here. I assume you are part of a sovereign contingency? I will intrude no further. Might I have the pleasure of your name and identification? Then perhaps we can discuss in more detail what is going on to your south."