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  1. Maelstrom Vortex

    The Invasion of Orbis by the Star Dragon Empire of Dragonisia

    Furyion handed the dispatch to Maelstrom, "Next target has arrived. It's BEPU of Aenir. The only advantage they have on us is troops" Maelstrom snorted, "Do a courtesy once over of their soldiers as a salute and then go to full naval bombardment." "They're also nuclear armed," Fury added. "Tell me of any detected trajectories." His brother nodded, "Won't you like like.. eventually explode internally for eating those thinngs?" Fury canted his head. "I mean I'm the fire dragon here.. you're the fricken storm dragon. How are you eating more nukes than me!?" "Black hole for stomach." "Uh.. huh... alright then." "Maelstrom within a maelstrom.. it makes perfect sense you know it. Maelception." Furyion just shook his head, "That's just.. bad." Maelstrom handed a letter to the imperial courier.
  2. Maelstrom Vortex

    Global War Peace Terms - Discussion

    I don't even feel satisfactorily fed yet. *Picks teeth with the bone of a fallen soldier.*
  3. Maelstrom Vortex

    The Invasion of Orbis by the Star Dragon Empire of Dragonisia

    Maelstrom quietly oversaw the rebuilding of his military between the wars. The last one with the "Warrior Princess" had gone as planned. They had eaten a few missiles, but nothing excessively severe as a nuke as in the last war. Quietly, the Emperor roamed among the rubble of his cities, helping coordinating temporary housing for the displaced. "Do not worry. Your sacrifices are not in vain. We are prevailing. Pacifica will win the greater war." His majestic form brought hope to the populace.. there had been wide broadcasts of him devouring the nuke that had struck the nation in the last war. The images had been caught from security and weather cameras from beyond the city and the blast. The Dragon Cult had gained many new follower among the bipeds with the worship of Maelstrom as the state incarnate taking a new fever pitch. The Planeswalker Wyrm knew, however, that he was not a god of any sort.. but did not care to dissuade them either. He returned to his throne in Dragonisia city after having seen to the housing of the displaced, building plans prepared for the post-war period. Advisors took instruction on every detail of the reconstruction of the cities. Every detail was scrutinized and micromanaged. They weren't just going to rebuild.. they were going to further perfect. That was Maelstrom's method, every blank slate is an opportunity for new creation. The top soil in Liak was scoured and the top inch removed, stuffed into barrels.. and put in a mountain bunker storage center. Other top soil was shipped in.. to more quickly reduce the area's radiation. Furyion stood by Maelstrom's side, "Any idea who our next target will be?" He inquired. The Emperor, jaw resting on fist shook his head as he rested on his throne. "At the rate we get them we may not have another.. but I wait word from the Order's central command as to our next action. So far it's been quiet. I've heard peace is being negotiated." Furyion hrmmed, "Seems like a fairly short conflict." Maelstrom shrugged, "Just breeding ground for another if it's not sufficient in its results. We shall see."
  4. Maelstrom Vortex


    It never fails.. *laughs* Arbitrary nation RPs just don't work among non-clique groups. Only is successful among centralized groups of friends with an extreme level of trust, an intent on story-writing and not competition. Even then it can strain.. One day you folks will learn to embrace the game itself as cannon.. then maybe.. just maybe,.. you'll have fun.
  5. Maelstrom Vortex

    Global War Peace Terms - Discussion

    All three of the above are true. Here is what I think the solution would be that makes everyone happy: 1. A cost must be paid for all war-dodgers.. intentional or not. 2. That cost can be paid by the war-dodger or the alliance collectively at their discretion. They know who has and who has not been a coward more than anyone and it should be at the discretion of the alliance of which the war dodger is a member as to who pays the toll, they collectively.. or the war-dodger personally. This solves the dilemma of war-dodgers not being accounted for and allows the alliance host to treat the war dodgers on a case by case basis internally.
  6. Maelstrom Vortex

    Global War Peace Terms - Discussion

    You are correct, it doesn't force it, but it allows the organization of compliance. A document prevents misunderstanding and thus re-conflagration. it sets guidelines and clarifies terms.You have to operate more on trust, you have to come to mutual understanding and different cultures and dialects and cultures often have different terminology for the same meaning or words with more than one meaning. When it comes to ending a war properly in a means meant to fully settle it and prevent reconfiguration among a large set of bodies, while trust may work on one to one, the document will be a superior implement simply in regards to broadly accepted terminology and communication. Treaties have value. What usually happens when there is no document is that the peace does not last as long as either party intends over some simple misunderstanding resulting in a total re-conflagaration of hostilities and both sides then point at each other. The fault usually lies with the poorest communicator. A document that is well written and established and agreed upon, prevents that occurrence and limits the potential shuffling of blame. I respect that you want to govern based on relationships. I've done such before. I've also know what that kind of governing leads to. People can, and do.. use it as a weapons by intentionally misinterpreting terms to their advantage. I think everyone wants to avoid that here.
  7. Maelstrom Vortex

    Global War Peace Terms - Discussion

    Greetings again Princess of War, Last time we met it was on a battlefield. I think your concern is the stigma associated with dodging a war. I think no such stigma need attached to the term. There are a number of reasons war dodging may have occurred, cowardice being only one of many possibilities including issues affecting the personal lives of various heads of state that prevented their participation. But the truth is, whatever the reason, they dodged the war... thus the title is accurate. Regards, Maelstrom
  8. Maelstrom Vortex

    Global War Peace Terms - Discussion

    When compliance is to be expected a formal document is almost always required. I've seen this first hand. It also helps track compliance.
  9. Maelstrom Vortex

    Global War Peace Terms - Discussion

    This reminds me of what I did to The Communist Bloc during the great war on Petram. The war dodgers got it worse than anyone else. Going paperless is the ultimate form of trust between allies. However.. I think such is a dangerous prospect if you are at all imperialistic.
  10. Maelstrom Vortex

    The Invasion of Orbis by the Star Dragon Empire of Dragonisia

    Maelstrom quietly sat in his office on his hoard, watching the war raging while sipping diet soda... a call came in on the black n' blue phone. He picked up, Roquentin asked, "We have another target for you. You still hungry?" "Always. Who am I after this time?" "The nation of Nazara. It's lead by the 'War Princess' of The Knights Radiant. We thought the dragon of war might have something to say about that tile." Roq's smug could be heard across the line. "Hrmm.. you're right.. I might." He looked to his aids who were already shuffling to get his flight suit ready.. the routine had become so common in this war. They were sure to wear radiation protective gear after the last battle.. the suit was still glowing. Mael penned a letter to Princess Adrienne Kateri Isabella Azeneth, "Rawwr.. here comes a hungry dragon. This means war.. btw." He handed it to an aide, "This letter is of vital importance, make sure the diplomat delivers it with courtesy.. and while wearing full ballistic armor." He flew in with this troops on the first day. They took out most of the enemy's air force in the first sweep, the enemy suffering a 5:1 loss ratio. While airstrikes pummeled the town of Dirsu. The ground operations saw a 10:1 loss ratio of troops as the army pressed into the city of Esperanza, looting what they could. Only 20 tanks were lost.... and surprising to Maelstrom.. there was a distinct lack of enemy armor. In the meantime, in the cloak and dagger world.. agents of the Empire had killed 3 of Nazara's remaining spies. Leaving it open to gutting from external forces. Mael sighed as he watchedit fly over, "Is this is really what is left of my enemy.. that their best would give this poor of a showing? As he spoke a missile rose in the distance en-route to the Dragonisian city of Kirasanct... "Well.. at least they still have spirit. We'll have to fix that." The navy surrounded the coasts of Nazara and shelled the city of Erji, rendering external support impossible. Dragonisia once again controlled the air, land, and seas. Maelstrom noticed new tanks were starting to roll off the line.. his favorite 'snack' at least in terms of his appetite for destruction. He landed in his flight suit as his air wing accompanied him. Cluuster bombs echoed around the Emperor as zirconium-titanium alloy coated gauntlets lifted composite armored tanks.. and then crushed them under the force of hydaulic-augmented dragon strength. "Erase as many of these tread-bearing insects from the earth as you can manage," He ordered the wing, "then gut the factories!" The first day of combat neared its end.. even as tracer fire, artillery rounds, and missiles flew through the night under the careful watch of thousands of night-vision goggles.
  11. Maelstrom Vortex

    War Stats - Knightfall

    You sure can tell that I took a nuke and couldn't return the favor.. owch.
  12. Maelstrom Vortex

    Lower Resistance Damage

    Nation States? Who even plays that anymore (well, a lot do but they don't mind the lack of a war system.. I can't stand a lack of conflict)? Those weren't from me. Wrong game. Nations States doesn't even have a a significant war or ranking system. My nation isn't even active there any longer. Try nationsgame.. and that was true.. a long time ago. Besides.. if you think I ever take myself all that seriously.. you really do not know me all that well. If you're summarizing, at least get the games straight. I don't mind mockery, but it at least must be in reasonable quality. Have I said stuff like that? Definitely! About nation states though? Nope.. it totally would not make sense. Try rank 6 in cybernations and the world-eater of Petram. But hey, haters gonna hate. Now.. about the war system.. have any useful commentary? Advanced warning: You cannot shame the shameless or insane. I totally am that awesome. It's never been an act.. well.. not entirely.
  13. Maelstrom Vortex

    Lower Resistance Damage

    I regret having left this world (Orbis) when it first began because the system was so rough then, but at that point Pacifica hadn't been taking it seriously. Should have stuck to it. You were Typhoon then, I remember that name clearly. Good to see you in another realm. We seem to want the wars to last a full 5 days or until there is a clear defeat. Sub-units won't dramatically affect pacing unless they are allowed to. The pace of those wars was less determined by the units themselves and more by the fact that units could be repaired on the battlefield. THat's what caused the wars to last weeks. PS. If you're reading the rp I'm writing about my wars.. Mael's suit is a dragon-type gear-hound brought from Petram.
  14. Maelstrom Vortex

    Lower Resistance Damage

    I have been summoned from the depths... who are you? What were you called there? I helped voluntarily author the war system in that game, proposing changes that lead to its evolution into a random roll type warfare. It evolved into more complex distinct units with specific capabilities and counter capabilities. What Akuryo has said is correct, the longest war ever in that game lasted an entire real-time week and was staffed by the players 24/7 in 8 hour rotations in the NPO to make sure our nations were never unmanned. I consider it it one of the greatest logistical successes I've ever had in such a game. We defeated automated systems rigged to guarantee our defeat. What killed the game was less the system.. more the fact there were easy exploits and script kiddies were allowed to run amok automating every aspect of the game to their benefit, resulting in a human player alone being unable to be successful on that world. I left when I realized it was heading in that direction and the whole thing basically self-destructed.But I am happy to say, I reigned there for a year undefeated in battle.. ever.. out of sheer force of Pacifican will. Pacifica didn't only not ever lose a war there.. it never lost.. a single battle during my reign. Despite two world wars. I also accidentally dismantled Pacifica there when I left because they had no mechanism of transferring alliance ownership easily among players. Another HUGE flaw that should have been addressed at the beginning, but never was. Happy to know someone remembers my golden days other than me. It always has been my opinion the war system there was not flawed. It was the lack of proper administration which fundamentally undid the world because the administrator had it as a side project without any true unbiased moderation staff to successfully reign in the abuses.The war system, in fact, in my eyes.. was a masterpiece if it had been better implemented and executed. If a similar system were implemented in a method where the battles were on a case-by-case or singular instances rather than an ongoing process that had to be managed by all involved, kind of keep the current turn based setup, but creating unique units.. that may in fact work well. It would reduce the demand on the players to be ever present, while providing a diversity of combat options. Maelstrom Vortex, Dragon God of War, Former Emperor, NPO - Petram
  15. Maelstrom Vortex

    The Invasion of Orbis by the Star Dragon Empire of Dragonisia

    Furyion looked to Mael on the way back, "Roq said that our allies already forced the enemy under protections.. finish the war.. do you want to return with me?" Mael just rubbed his brow ridges in a look of disbelief and disgust."Again? No.. go on Furyion.. take the navy and the army in and wrap this up. Try to secure some of their nuclear assets while you're at it. Where is the discipline?!" "Very well, sir But.. just remmeber, I had to hold you back too!." "Nieon(Brother), Just... go.." He grumbles.. "Get this over with. I am executing quite a bit of restraint right now." "Uh.. yeah.. love ya Nieon." Fury knew when Mael lapsed into the old tongue that he was ticked and left in haste. Furyion returned to the front, commanding strikes on the cities of "Slunk Shrine" and "Chicken Coop" resulted in heavy devastation. The armies returned from secured nuclear plants with weapons grade Uranium and the contents of an arsenal. The cities were torched. The nation of Roz Wei lay in ruin in their wake.. the forces of Pacifica and her allies having ravaged it.

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