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  1. we have a discord role called "Khrone's Warpiggies" and use the green color in-game so it's pretty bemusing for a sec, thought this was ours xD Nice theme
  2. Think of "baseball" like a "job" if you're too lazy to go to work, you shouldn't make money nor should you complain about "those people make money for working. Remove their jobs! Reduce minimum wage" Meanwhile, Whales (30+ City Nations who make between 20-100+ million per day (without fail) in "income revenue" for doing nothing) are like Stockholders who live off their free dividends' income, which are more money than baseball at zero the work. (Baseball at least takes hours to make the money whales get for doing nothing.) - Sorry for the analogies (I simply really wanted to make the real life comparisons and this thread gave me an apt opportunity to.)
  3. Well it is a game and you gotta take risks. it's like a gamble you should take when you're bored and want something to "happen" (not everyone trusts the casino bar owner but still takes a risk, some win.) kinda a bad metaphor (since if you ask me I find Frawley quite trustworthy) but still conveys the point. essentially this argument sums up to "okay, Epi is fair about holding the collateral bond $ to the percentage of organizations who *don't defect* from the deal. However, in the end I still don't trust the issuing party." Well that's why it's called a gamble when you don't have other options. or just make do. good luck deciding XD
  4. Congrats Ty ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ Still one of my fave alliances/leaders though not a fan of the overused "game killing" rhetoric That's so meta but good luck with everything else ~(*≧▽≦) Oh right, that means we're at war now, too be gentle pls (T▽T)
  5. Thanks for the peace treaty and hope you do well in the future ------------ (I'm bored now, does anyone want me to do their emotes? message me )
  6. Thanks for the peace treaty ^they didn't surrender, they just didn't want to join YOUR side of the war, as they got tricked into it. (admittedly not by you specifically, but you should respect their decision)
  7. If you mean in general, I agree actually the entire Coalition B discord server was logged by George and posted by someone, whose name I forgot, onto the forums (OOC info included) before they all got smarter and redacted all the OOC info. I believe a similar thing happened here (without the forum post) but I'm not sure. With a Coalition A server (that's where I assume the leaks about George came out about breaking into BKnet. Ok James you can say "George already had an account so it's not breaking in" but apparently the BKnet admins say, "dummy account he wasn't supposed to have/access to, backdoor"... either way, eh.) anyway yeah I'm against discord logging unless it's *really relevant* to me (for example, if my boyfriend is cheating on me by flirting on another discord server I'm not in, lol. <<<<<not speaking from experience I swear ) but it's still something I feel icky/iffy about and , yeah I relate to where you're coming from
  8. If you're talking about me, well the one I read was a chatlog of a verbal battle over in-game money xD It didn't have IRL info I did wish for "cool it" though
  9. @keshav @elijah I have full logs but can't be arsed to check, you two need to get over that fight. Keshav dropped the F Bomb a lot (like "F that") and Elijah said an extremely savage OOC attack at the end there. this fight happened weeks ago and luckily it was confined to DMs only and literally nothing came out of that due to the wise use of the block button by both parties but dredging that onto the forums, lol eh. Just don't make any more OOC attacks in the future. if someone's stressed and hotheaded, step away from the computer or put down your phone , say "brb" for 20 minutes or longer. (Cooper and I have been working on some advisory guidelines that can help at least somewhat with that, though I might write something else a bit more straightforward for the bad at reading people.)
  10. ONCE AGAIN, all evidence points to Gorge breaking into BKnet, an off-site program that didn't belong to him, in order to steal the bank. If George was innocent why would be bank all the stolen assets immediately within a 7 minute timeframe of receiving these assets while Leo was completely out/moving all day? And don't be so cowardic to deny that by saying "no proofs." THAT IS THE PROOF, along with logs of Gorge claiming that he has the ability to steal BK's bank and ban all BK members just a day or so PRIOR to, exactly that description, actually occurring. All the evidence points to Gorge but: But why are all the anti-BK people trying so hard to deny that it's Gorge?? ALEX won't take any actions to reprimand, ban, or reverse Gorge's actions-- even if it's openly stated to be Gorge or Gorge confesses. Reason (and I actually support Alex's pro Gorge ruling:) Alex does not give a sh*t about off-site technology. He APPROVED/LEGALIZED the programs, he encourages it by saying like "anything that makes the game more convenient to play, go for it" however, that's not on-site so he doesn't care if people's off-site programs get *breached*. Wanna know why? It's because it didn't occur on his hardcoded servers. It's not Alex's responsibility to investigate every single programmer's security breach, in case PnW has 10000 coders who all get their programs breached, that's not on Alex, he has many vacations a girlfriend a house a car and has to run PnW itself, and also young, full time job, and the only admin (out of 2) on PnW- he's overworked. so for Alex sake, I don't expect Alex to ban George for something that happened outside of his website as for George yeah you did it oh well Offsite program breaches = still bad though , but in a "not actionable by PnW" standard though that does make me concerned This is along the same logic as "would Alex ban a nation if that nation's user hacked or phished another nation's discord account?" Obviously Alex would NOT, what happened on discord is discord company's concern. That doesn't make it right so yeah the moral of the story is, don't touch other people's programs without their permission xD They're not yours. They worked hard on their code. it won't get you banned from PnW that's for sure but that doesn't make it right PSA to all coders: Alex does NOT care if ANY of your off-site technology (Discord bots, stats websites, FORUMS, discord servers, anything outside the site,) gets hacked or breached, so make sure to spoof your security good luck
  11. from classmates/school when I was really young
  12. thread is rly cute xD
  13. No, they were not done from "Leo's devices." That implies the reporter of faking being hacked, and in fact, several people especially those who are anti-Black Knight biased, accused Leo of faking being hacked for attention. However, Leo did NOT fake it, as given Here is proof or rather logical deduction: Look at the timestamps in the following screenshot: if Leo did this to himself, then George wouldn't have banked it right away. The proof is that George banked it. The reasoning is: If George didn't do it, then why he would bank Leo's resources so fast? Also Leo was not online at the time, and does not have any technological knowledge on how to boot members through BKnet (if he wasn't a bad-at-tech caveman, he would be handling his own Bank equipment instead of giving the bank password to George). So it's not like the SUSPICION is baseless. Proofs: However, there's no point in trying to put all the blame on Leo for "false accusing George" because there's no point (Anyone in his position would've thought that and would file a report asking Alex to *Check*. A report does not guarantee an accusation.) If George got framed then sad to hear that (although that's one hell a coincidence + the banking,) but if George did it, then no point in trying to hide that George did it, because not only is pretty incriminating ^^^^^^ HE OFFICIALLY GETS TO KEEP THE MONEY. Alex would have ALLOWED the "BKnet hack" to happen since it didn't happen on-site, it happened off site so Alex thinks that's their own fault for having bad security. So basically, protect your cybersecurity for your offsite tools, guys. I support Alex's ruling, he can't investigate every single hack that happens outside of his site/jurisdiction. HOWEVER: I believe George "did the right thing" returned all the money to Leo, so I don't think it matters anymore and it's worth dropping it. (however, even if George didn't return the money, since this happened on BKNet, Alex wouldn't have forced George to return the money or ban George.) Also, someone did it. Funds don't move on their own xD unless the AI took over the world)
  14. Can you clarify whether the hacker who accessed Leo's account was from a residential IP address or from a remote IP address (Aka the IP of the website that must've sent it)? This post without that additional detail implies the reporter of faking being hacked.
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