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  1. lol LoD Anyone like my theme can have my codes (or copy this color)
  2. No need to spend any development time, but should probably reduce some of the Timers a little bit more and that's it ❤️ (it won't be OP with the current Game Limits per day) -- particular for Away players. it seems to me that all the Away players just quit so I'm not getting any games except the occasional new gullible Away player trying it out then getting bored. ---- Also lol, there are multiple Discord Servers and Community groups centered around your Baseball feature, which I don't think you expected but it's what it is XD Well it's fine now anyway good luck
  3. I'd rather the throttle be removed instead tbh since everyone's going to fight to play Aways now that Aways is 2 seconds while Hosts/homes are 5-10 seconds
  4. I'm playing 9 people right now, and that's 5 second per person So for ONE person playing Home Games, they have to wait 45 seconds minimum for his turn to play *1 game*. Sadness when you limit the Away player's games. That's worse than 5 seconds. EDIT/UPDATE: Thanks ❤️ Let's test it EDIT 3: Just a suggestion, but how about 1 second (or 1.5 seconds)?
  5. Why don't you get a life instead of judging others? Besides I don't play that much >_>
  6. Please get rid of this crap V_V This helps me cut my addiction (the games limiting the amount of time I spend on baseball per day) but I don't want it to be 5 seconds, that takes longer than necessary and discourages people.
  7. And also just really worry because Baseball is *dependent on 2+ people* playing, so if the Aways player (whoever it is, doesn't matter- can be anyone) gets too annoyed by the 5 Second Limit, and is playing 10 Home Players, who also get 5 Second Limits I worry I won't get to achieve my 1000 Games Milestone for the day, because the Aways player gets frustrated and quits. Come on, 5 Seconds per game for Away games, really... And I thought as a Homes player, I had it bad. This will take far Longer than 5 seconds to get a game then. EDIT: This 5-second-per-click Baseball Game is MIND-NUMBING BORING
  8. Alex come on, just cap the games, but who's going to spam refresh a million times to deal with the ANNOYING 5 second cap. Host games are already too slow due to Server Lag (and a ton of Host players waiting on 1 Aways player- which also adds on more time before you get a game.) We don't want MORE intentional lag. I will compromise and deal with the 1000 games per day limit , but I don't want to spend EXTRA 5 SECONDS per GAME on this. That doesn't make my life better. It takes more of a time sink on Baseball than I did in the past.
  9. No that does matter. I play Both. While I prioritize Home Games, when all the Aways players are offline and I want to play, I take initiative and play Aways if no one's playing Homes and I want to "Start activity for Baseball" already. But I don't care about that, I'm annoyed by the 5 second cap. It's so slow D:<
  10. LOL Yeah, it's more profitable for the first 1000 Games to all be Home Games, then they swap to Aways when they only make 10%, but someone has to make the first sacrifice. Also, the 5 Second thing is so annoying, I don't know if I'll stick with it. We will see.
  11. I see, the 1.5 hour makes me feel better. Funny: I'll try to rush in those 420 games as fast as possible before the timer is up =P Edit: Okay, this 5 Second thing is going to take some getting used to.
  12. Wait, hold on. Those 680 Games I played were all Away games, which meant I only earned $700 bucks per game (not fair.) I could have been earning 20 thousand if I did all Home Games. Does that mean if I play 420 Home Games right now, and I play any more after that, I only make 10%? If so, then I should have made my first 1000 games all Home Games, and then play Aways after that. Other than that, I don't mind the 1000 Games Cap, since that aligns with my School Life. However, I just wish I didn't get shafted for TODAY'S GAMEs. lol.
  13. Some people like "World Building" their nations. There are plenty of Pacifist alliances. For example, Farkistan, Fighting Pacifists, Guinea Pigs, and so on. Well this sucks that Alex has a "very certain view for how his game should be" but it's his game XD And this actually, someone made 25,000,000 billion off Keno. Baseballers make a fraction of that.
  14. damn lol you got me there /trademark alex roast
  15. lol some people don't Raid or Trade. It's hard to get them interested in this game without baseball (which they like,) so maybe this game isn't for "pacifist nations" then?
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