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  1. Do i have to yeet myself before i join? or does that happen after joining?
  2. Rosier

    War Sides

    weird. they took me this war even though i started it on BK's side.
  3. Rosier

    So...What Now?

    water down the salt before the show starts please.
  4. there are "knights" on both sides though 🤔
  5. KERCHTOG scum trying to spread divisive propaganda
  6. @MinesomeMC Stop boollying people.
  7. using the score argument when you have not taken part in the war is LOW. even for a pixel-hugger
  8. so the coalition with -243 billion net damage claims to be the victor. kk
  9. TL;DR: he's upset that BK attacked his alliance.
  10. i got an achievement that's not on the wiki page. Active Login for a week consecutively
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