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  1. join my alliance and bring people with you so i can use your tax money for poker games.....i mean so i can have plenty of friends!
  2. goodnight buddy. I'll beat you at poker another time probably about as long as it will take Pantheon to be a serious alliance again
  3. You just have to sign your soul over to me and we will get your in right away
  4. Hello there. Bill the Moose is back. I declare the existence of Redemption which is basically just a refound of LoV. So welcome to the party. And now a poem: Roses are red Pantheon is gonna get creamed Leave your alliance And be Redeemed I am a great poet ain't I? Anyway, thanks for reading.
  5. I like this. The question is, should it radically increase score or just a little? What resources would it use to make bio weapons?
  6. it seems everyone loses their minds if something good happens to anyone but them. whiners
  7. It was fun hanging out. You need to come back soon so i can beat you at poker some more. I'll miss you, buddy.
  8. How about we stop removing fun aspects of the game? So what if people win big? That's the point of the lottery. Lose a lot of money for the chance to win big. Keno adds a game mechanic that kills boredom with a chance of getting your next city.
  9. I think we should all send Noctis and Rebekah 500 Fark Fun Bucks apiece from each of us
  10. please give me some. I want some of that good shit so bad. I wanna get fricked so bad that I am so dumb i frick up royally
  11. I literally just found out about this because I was given no heads up. Also good luck rolling UA. Nova Riata tried doing that and got shut down fast and Nova was a lot bigger than both of you at the time.
  12. I know that a lot of fights have been picked by you over the last month or so. I know you've been rolled. I know TO is probably gonna get rolled by someone because of this too
  13. Noctis.....buddy......you've always been nice to me. But dude, you are dumb ass frick. And Rebekah is dumb as frick for supporting this. No offense Rebekah. I love you dearie!! Also maybe next time TO should give their good ol buddy and ally BILL THE fricking MOOSE a heads up that they are going to war. Thanks and goodnight
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