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    *thinks about all the times "rolling" and "Acadia" have been in the same sentence* *laughs nervously*
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    I'm lost with no tag in the title Sheepy pls help
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    When you're on top of the game, when you're winning, you should set examples. Show people what you're truly about. Make people realize that even with your triumphs, you are not tyrants. But I guess that doesn't matter to some people. Meh.
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    Imagine thinking you're hot shit for couping a micro hardly anyone cares about.
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    Indeed, how will we ever understand what this topic says without the helpful use of tags such as [COUP]? Why I say, just thinking about new players struggling to understand this makes me weep. May tags ease their suffering.
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    This is a little different, this is IronFront's participation award for Dial-Up. (has a 10 second refresh) Also - just felt necessary to say this, this is just a game regardless of how invested you are, this is just memey propaganda. I don't hate anyone here in the game, I love my SOUP people they are some of the greatest friends I have here, Akuryo im sure is a nice person too - this is all IC as it should be. Much respect for all in the war o/
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    I heard we’re doing a favor for an old friend and keeping this fight going until your military reputation has been restored. Get comfortable boys, this’ll be a while.
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    The logs you dropped of TKR thinking on hitting IQ earlier this year before they supposedly disbanded and your arguments for NPOs involvement here. Sounds like you’re shit out of luck then! Either get rolled by your paranoia of KETOG or get rolled for lack of subservience to NPO/BK!
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    Expect a cease and desist letter of any reference to Vanguard from our lawyers in The True The Vanguard. Any further attempts and we’ll pursue legal action to the most extreme.
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    2nd this, (If tags do get added...Grumble Grumble) Also Petition to have a tag for micro news, [SEAN] should do nicely for that. You know your alliance is stable when people are fighting amongst themselves to coup it.
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    Just as a general reminder, a much quicker response can be had if you use the report feature rather than trying to tag us in posts. This thread is from 2015 and it's being locked now.
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    Credit to @Pika for the creation
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    So who exactly was the gov member of TKR they slotted? Because from what I can see the only attacks after the Empreya wars finished when they exited the global war from your side, are against Arrgh and Queen Anne Revenge. None of which I can see being listed as TKR government so your slot filled a TKR gov member is urm questionable...
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    If I remember correctly the percentage is 10%. As an example if the total war damage was $20million you'd get the following: Draw would be 8-12million net damage each Victory would need Net damage to be above 12million Defeat would need Net damage to be under 8million.
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    Some players don't understand the war mechanics either. Or the game, but they're still welcome to play. more players = more fun ~~ @Pasky Darkfire & @Chapsie Great, one of the best back and forth i've seen in these forums 👍
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    I still have that Flag somewhere. Anyways. 30mil? Time to raid?
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    Ok if you start replying to shitposts seriously what am I even living for anymore. But tbh, I kinda want people to put in the half minute effort to read topics. It'd be cool to have actual forum tags, though, the ones you can easily flip through. At some point a giant repository of DoE's/DoW's/etc would be a cool addition to preexisting P&W politics documentation. Edit: looking at the topic Alex created, the reasoning was basically "players don't understand what people are saying in their threads so they need tags to explain that", which... yeah.
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    Acknowledging that micro announcements aren't always the most interesting or coherent posts - that does not make their threads a free-for-all. Keep it civil in here or I'll be coming down your chimney tonight.
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    No we actually did restore our military rep. See people thought we had faulted but we've just redoubled our efforts to master the Zapp Brannigan style of throwing wave after wave of our men Infra at the problem until it goes away. But serious though yes we've got a lot of work to do but tCW has made some great improvements from the disaster of Knightfall, and when I said "Improve our military rep" it was directed more so to allies since I wanted us to be more than just a meatsheild to absorb damage and so far we're on our side 2nd in damage dealt this war, 2nd in offensive wars declared, and our unit kills are spiking. But I don't deny we've got a lot of work ahead of ourselves but at least we don't have 25% of the alliance hiding in VM anymore.
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    Please also add [THREAD] to the title. It must be signaled clearly that what we are reading is indeed a thread.
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    Is that really necessary to say to a new player that's played the game for literally a day?
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    disclaimer: since the stat track is down i don't know the exact numbers - it's probably less than 600 bil tho
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    Not only are you a terrible forum poster you're also a necromancer of old threads. You couldn't hold a candle to the Roz Wei of old that rolled my old alliance many times.......for shame.
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    "unga bunga?" Glad to see KT and TGH are still keeping their old traditions alive. But since you agree, now just get your allies to sell some of those units and come play with us, so we can have a real party!
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    KETOG, Chaos, and Rose nations trying desperately to build tanks and ships to get above 5k score and hide be like:
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    Yeah but except the US military actually has planes, unlike a certain group. Was a good meme though, ;,,P
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    Alex, please add [GARBAGE] as a tag in future, coz this post was a really tough read.
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    Hello I'm new around these parts. Looking forward to learning the game and becoming a part of this community. Also anyone that gets the topic title reference gets a pat on the back. You all have yourselves a wonderful day.
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    I think he's alright. A little fun on the forums keeps the boredom away.
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    Only true Big Brained Individuals will get this
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    Aren't TGH just an oversized micro at this stage? So I doubt they'll have much to say in their surrender talks as its mostly just major players who do the talking. Considering the Hippo loves his stats I'm sure they'll love these:
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    🙋‍♀️long live GPC
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    Over time there has been several occasions the idea of adding space based projects or improvements and so on to the game. Sheepy stated he wanted to add somewhere around a dozen projects to the game so this is an attempt to add what others have pitched to the game to what Sheepy is currently looking to add. Mind you This project is more of a gateway project to the other projects. There are 3 projects that may be rolled out with this project, with more possible down the road which is why this project does little by itself and is a gateway project. Space Program Cost: Cash: $40,000,000 Uranium: 20,000 Oil: 20,000 Iron: 10,000 Gasoline: 5,000 Steel: 1,000 Aluminum: 1,000 Effect: Grants access to space based projects Additional Effect: Increases income per turn by $100,000 (1.2M per day)
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    Change the name Salty Seamen or.... bust
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    Personally I think it's one of those things that should be added anyway. If it doesn't increase server maintenance or whatever, I don't really see a reason not to.
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    VIP costs 1 Credit / 60 days. It's like $2.50/mo, not $40, please don't make ridiculous exaggerations. I don't allow the use of scripts to automatically buy infrastructure, but I understand that I can't stand behind and look over the shoulder of everyone playing the game to make sure they're not using such scripts. They're against the rules, but there's really no effective way for me to enforce that particular rule (unless you'd like to use a captcha everytime you buy or sell infrastructure.)
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