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    When you're on top of the game, when you're winning, you should set examples. Show people what you're truly about. Make people realize that even with your triumphs, you are not tyrants. But I guess that doesn't matter to some people. Meh.
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    Expect a cease and desist letter of any reference to Vanguard from our lawyers in The True The Vanguard. Any further attempts and we’ll pursue legal action to the most extreme.
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    I still have that Flag somewhere. Anyways. 30mil? Time to raid?
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    Ok if you start replying to shitposts seriously what am I even living for anymore. But tbh, I kinda want people to put in the half minute effort to read topics. It'd be cool to have actual forum tags, though, the ones you can easily flip through. At some point a giant repository of DoE's/DoW's/etc would be a cool addition to preexisting P&W politics documentation. Edit: looking at the topic Alex created, the reasoning was basically "players don't understand what people are saying in their threads so they need tags to explain that", which... yeah.
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    Please also add [THREAD] to the title. It must be signaled clearly that what we are reading is indeed a thread.
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    Today, 24th of July year of our lord 2019, I am happy to announce that Sri Lanka 001 and Blue is officially a pair of married couple tbh idk wrf is going on,. It has all started 5 months ago when Sri Lanka 001 declare his love to the beautiful Blue with a sweet romance letter: "I wanted to take the time to tell you just how much you mean to me. You’ve become a rock in my life, something solid and secure I can lean on. Knowing you’re by my side makes me so eternally grateful, that I can hardly put it into words. I had felt happiness before, but nothing prepared me for the happiness I feel when I’m with you." After the love letter, the love between both sides is like a match thrown into grassland, can not be stopped. Despite the global war going on, despite all the retardness Sri Lanka 001 has posted, Sri Lanka and blue continuous to love each with no doubt about each other. And just by 10 minutes ago, blue asked Sri Lanka to be her husband which Sri Lanka happily accepts. And now Sri Lanka just wanted to say a few words Love is found on the battle field of two passion driven hearts. I am thankful for every chill and every goose bump I get, simply from the thought of being in love. Every day that passes brings me to a closer understanding of love. Love provides two hearts with the ability to grow together as one. With love, I am capable of awaking each morning. Drama filled lives and sadistic crimes put me in fear of the unlived life. The love I have to look forward to wipes away those fears, making me feel so thankful. So I want to thank blue for sticking with me so long. And I hope we can be together forever. And we, me and blue, want to thank you for whoever is reading this. We are grateful for your supports. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=65542 https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=129454
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    Let them peace out, rebuild their infra and then stab them in the back. Brave and Beautiful BK.
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    Welcome to the game, eh.
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    All I'll be eating is your theory (basically cheese)
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    Smash!ng the like button. Welcome to the game
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    @GreatWhiteNorth Welcome to the game!
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    Only true Big Brained Individuals will get this
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    The fact you used Without Me makes me proud of you my boi @MinesomeMC
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    Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.
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    No idea where this came from, but cool. Less to do on my part then!
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    Shhh it’s ok the other alliances will reach out and do the real negotiations we get it you’re a real tough guy.
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    Over time there has been several occasions the idea of adding space based projects or improvements and so on to the game. Sheepy stated he wanted to add somewhere around a dozen projects to the game so this is an attempt to add what others have pitched to the game to what Sheepy is currently looking to add. Mind you This project is more of a gateway project to the other projects. There are 3 projects that may be rolled out with this project, with more possible down the road which is why this project does little by itself and is a gateway project. Space Program Cost: Cash: $40,000,000 Uranium: 20,000 Oil: 20,000 Iron: 10,000 Gasoline: 5,000 Steel: 1,000 Aluminum: 1,000 Effect: Grants access to space based projects Additional Effect: Increases income per turn by $100,000 (1.2M per day)
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    Change the name Salty Seamen or.... bust
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    Yeah asking people to draw art for mistrades was definitely comparable to deliberately trying to run people out of the game. I'd ask if you ever get tired of being full of it but I already know the answer.
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    At least there aren't any frickable planes in this one
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    Stop crying because Fraggle is more relevant than you.
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    ...I mean, at that point, what's a protector for? Whatever the meaning of the word, if they've demonstrated activity and willingness to fight then all that's left is technical instruction and experience, and then they'd be as invulnerable as anyone else. So why should they settle for a crap deal when they deserve an actual relationship?
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    Well percentages are a more accurate measurement in this context - if you're a 10 person AA and 3 people go into vmode, it represents a larger portion of your membership (30 percent) than if 4 people go into vmode from a 100 person AA (4 percent), even though the number from the 100 person AA is larger in absolute terms. Saying one AA has 3 people in vmode and the other has 4 wouldn't really capture the impact that people going into vmode have on their respective AAs, so it's not so much clickbait as contextualizing the figures (which is actually the opposite of clickbait, so perhaps I wouldn't do well in that industry after all 😛)
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    I fundamentally disagree (which is why the war ranges are set the way they are, and also why you can always declare on the next 10 ranks above you.) Allowing you to down declare an equal range as up declare makes it too easy to stay on top. The game is perpetual, and no one should be able to remain at the top forever. This aspect of the system is designed intentionally to prevent people from being on top for too long. As for increasing the score from aircraft, I think that's fine.
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    Also you could just let everyone access it instead of charging $40 a month for a feature that should've been deployed years ago.
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    Telecommunications Satellite: Requirements: Space Program, International Trade Center Cost: Cash: $40,000,000 Bauxite: 20,000 Uranium: 20,000 Oil: 20,000 Munitions: 10,000 Steel: 10,000 Aluminum: 10,000 Iron: 1,000 Lead: 1,000 Effect: Increases the commerce rate in each city by 2%. Increases the maximum commerce rates in cities to 125%. Reduces city improvement upkeep by 10%. Reduces resource production upkeep by 10%
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    Military Satellite: Requirements: Space Program, Propaganda Bureau Cost: Cash: $20,000,000 Munitions: 30,000 Oil: 10,000 Coal: 10,000 Iron: 5,000 Lead: 5,000 Bauxite: 5,000 Gasoline: 5,000 Uranium: 5,000 Effect: Increases the the number of Soldiers, Tanks, Aircraft, and ships you can recruit per day by 10% [make sure when stacking this with propaganda bureau it rounds up. If someone had 1 shipyard they could only produce 1 ship a day, this would give them 2, but if they had 5 ship yards it would still only give them 6 to build each day]. Barracks can house 250 more soldiers in each barracks, factories can store an additional 25 tanks in each factory, Aircraft can store an additional 2 aircraft for each hanger, Dry docks can store an additional ship for each dry dock. When you declare war on another nation, you start with an addition 10 resistance. Additional effect: When an attack would take you to 0 resistance or lower for the first time, it instead takes you to 1 resistance and gives you the option to surrender and end the war if you no longer wish to continue. Surrendering causes the same effect as losing the war from an attack. This option can be turned off if you wish the war to end the first time you are reduced to 0 resistance
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    Spy Satellite Requirements: Space Program, Intelligence Agency Cost: Cash: $20,000,000 Uranium: 20,000 Oil: 20,000 Munitions: 10,000 Lead: 10,000 Iron: 10,000 Bauxite: 10,000 Gasoline: 5,000 Effect: Allows the purchase of an addition spy each day. Increases spy attack effectiveness by 50% (if you would kill 100 planes, you kill 150). Spy attacks against you are 15% more likely be detected (not thwarted) [Stacks with Arcane war policy if that war policy impacts this]. Reduces costs of spy operations by 20% Additional Effect: Gives an addition spy attack each day that can be used for only gathering intel.
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    They were never a good long term strategy to begin with. They're vengeance weapons, used when defeat is certain but you want it to hurt. The fact that they are even less viable of a strategy isn't particularly relevant as they were never a viable one to begin with.
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    I suppose folks like Moonshadow have a quota of one to each side. Non IQ has Moon Shadow original, and IQ has Pheonix, Moon Shadow lite. You will note that while the original bases their salt off of conspiracy theories, the lite version flourishes on flaming people with their salt, and being utterly incapable of properly comprehending the written english language. Frankly, both of you ought be hit with a gag order, you're making your respective alliances look bad.
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    And he even thinks he won the forums! Menny is not so easy to beat. 😛
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    The people he's talking about don't use them. You can't loot nukes, genius.
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    Whatever my tactics might be Max, i'd suggest ya spend less time whining about how better and special you are compared to everyone, like some pathetic low-self esteem teenager, and more time sitting quietly and watching. Maybe you'll learn something! Can't accuse me of no fake wars that burned all our infra! Nor of higher tiering, being massively larger, nor of fighting in a tier our allies controlled until very recently. No, i'm afraid you simply just suck that much, whatever tactics you got. Having 2200 infra in every city, burning my entire warchest, entering late and going down early, have done absolutely nothing to stop me from singlehandedly doing half as much damage as your entire alliance. I'm not even a whale! Your largest guy is a mere 2 cities behind. Now sit back, shut up, and keep watchin. My encore's about to begin, and it's very rude to speak during a performance, you understand. <3 I should have put less weight on it as an NPO thing, and more as a personal thing. Multi-polar world is an interesting, but very fragile concept. It requires everyone involved to be playing with it in mind, and i suspect it's death is not far off. No sense in giving up trying while the heart's still beating though.
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    Smh sphinx I use dark theme and all the text is black.
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    Nope but if i hold it real close I can barely read it. Nice copypasta edit lol. Let all fear future copy pastas of it.
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    No, what you all think is stupid. There will never be a true multi sphere landscape in this game, never has and never will. One sphere will always end up being hegemonic or larger and that will always lead to spheres joining together to take them down. This simply is the same as the current status quo. I don't sit here with rose tinted glasses with false hope that it will change anything.
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    More like we're still a micro and mostly in the low tier, which until recently you outnumbered us in like 7:1. Yet despite that, what your math leaves out is that 76% of our damage was done in the first 10 days. We actually averaged over 1b/day until most of the alliance got pinned down. I'm sure it'll rise again as you all lose control of the low tier. 😁
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    lol just a new empyrean member paying respect
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    Thy one and only Panzer has couped Vanguard and taken their very small bank of 30 mil 😛 My partner in crime being Hood, Vanguard is big dumb and our members were either inactive or insubordinate. so diddle doo, vanguard is big ded p.s. long live Panzer boi 😘
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