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  1. This is the problem right here. YOU'RE leading the alliance, and praising the fact he can't fight. What sacrifice did you guys make? I'm only pissed about the fact micros like yourselves are allowed to live when all you do is become a plague in a game, sitting idly while a war happens, never adding anything to the game. At least if you had stayed in the war you could've become competent or learned a thing or two. But I understand my friend, sit on your ass and claim you sacrificed something for the war effort.
  2. Because Interstellar is an upstanding war alliance that all of Orbis wants to work with.
  3. Wasn’t that like 5 days of fighting? Jesus, disband.
  4. Who cares about the stats, it’s all about who dies They had been wanting to join for a while last I recalled, we just asked them to wait so they wouldn’t suicide right away. :).
  5. I believe cockbloc is the correct name sir.
  6. Still haven't come for me, my statement stands.
  7. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but >not all of us have no life and spend our time on this game trying to make money. What does this even mean, my head hurts. ooh, well obviously. But tiering doesn’t work like that.
  8. So you’re just going to halt the complete growth of everybody else? Sounds very enticing for 10 City + boys, especially whales who won’t be built on for years to come!
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