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  1. Hopefully not as big as the idiot who was apart of TRF
  2. What's worse is the devastating wardecs all the infa :((((
  3. This isn't drama, just a well orchestrated mess. And I agree, this was unnecessary, but why you not add fuel to the fire? I like him regardless.
  4. Wasn't this mad man calling us war dodgers in his thread?
  5. Medellin wishes BK the best of luck moving on ❤️
  6. If this is what you get from us being dropped, we aren't. I'm just laying out the hypocrisy and pointed out how they've done the same, and to some extent we've handled way more shit from them, before being unprofessional and suddenly dropping a protectorate over some hurtful words. If you think we're pissed off, you're wrong. I'm excited to see where we'll end up, and whatever the outcome is, we are ecstatic.
  7. All you'll get is Gatorcock in Medellin.
  8. Trying our best, in the current stale game we're having. Please do the courtesy of pushing some nice peace terms in return
  9. Let me get my member milled up, and you both can have a classic 1v1 like two good boys, if you're down.
  10. So, Fark dropped my alliance (The Medellin Cartel) on the grounds of disrespect. Which I'm finding amusing to believe since we never disrespected them? So, as you know, this kind of behavior should be expected from a micro, and uhm... a surprise coming from Fark? Sure, a member shitposted and called them trash, but does that really suffice reason to drop a pact? Also, not to mention we're a small poor little micro with no vision, right? So, you shouldn't of taken too much offense to us insulting you. We clearly didn't know Fark well enough, we launched prematurely actually, and only did so because Kitschie (Our then FA head) was besties with Soup. Clearly their friendship was more important, and over time, Souparmon seems to have offered Kitschie a spot in Gov. We had a misunderstanding over a members identity, since I had assumed it had been an old friend of Kitschie and I, and it's 100% my fault for not checking who it was but /shrug I find it funny. Kitschie got pissed off, thinking we had accepted a female in. She got mad, due to the fact she wanted to ALLOW females into the alliance herself exclusively, over members voting like the usual. NOTE: we don't even know if this member is male or female, this is all implied over my mistake, which I told her like a million times but she ignored me. This of course, eventually developed into a full blown issue, and only popped after a member of ours spammed "lol fark is the worst suck alliance in this shitty menus game please get our quality alliance name off your alliance page I'd rather be associated with the tramp girl swamped with aids than fark" Ironically we had already informed Fark that his shitposting would probably lead to somebody like Kosmo being triggered and wanting to hit us, and he said it was fine. We would figure Fark would be aware it was just banter, and that I would figure they were used to this name calling, considering most of Orbis does it. I would realistically make this longer and give more reasons as to why we feel disrespected, but I don't realistically care enough.
  11. Alright, since you wanna shit talk Medellin I'll make a forum post too. We've tried to stay as quiet as possible about this, and we've been shitposting but you clearly wanna continue disrespecting us, so sure.
  12. God damn, that's a whole 21 days you're giving us. I was estimating it to be less than 24 hours. 😕 Thanks for your high expectations.
  13. Hey shifty, how's it going Yes, we shit posted too hard and they dropped us, it was a good meme.
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