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  1. Ryan1

    Resource-for-resource trades

    You could just replicate the current trading tab, but instead of the PPU column it would say something like 'In Exchange For' .
  2. If you're going to war, at least write a readable DoW.
  3. Ryan1

    Resource-for-resource trades

    P&W is already slow enough, what's a little extra lag? 😉
  4. I think it would be a good idea to do trades where you can offer resources in exchange for other resources globally. Currently, if I would like to exchange 2K bauxite for 1.5K gas, I must do a personal trade offer giving away the 2K bauxite for 0 PPU, then wait for another trade offer giving 1.5K gas for 0 ppu. Also, if you trade with the wrong person, they could just take the 2K bauxite and not give you the gas in return. The current system of resource exchange is risky and inconvenient. Furthermore, the current system isn't true 'trading' where you give one good in exchange for another. To that end, I think there should be a tab on the trading page for 'Resource exchange', where you can simply put up a global offer of 2K bauxite in exchange for 1.5K gas. It could be accepted by anyone with no risk of you being conned into giving away resources for free.
  5. Ryan1

    The Knights Radiant

    Join TKR, home of an active community, mentors, and guides for new members! We also have over 8M net damage and 5th place overall this war!
  6. Ryan1

    Shifty News Network LLC- Get Stuffed This Danksgiving

    Screenshots please!
  7. Ryan1

    Name another war! - Ask Alexio Edition

    NPO's own stats list BC as part of our coalition. If this is gonna be considered separate, then I second Ask Alexio.
  8. Ryan1

    The Underground DoE

    I'll correct myself: Even if an alliance had a starting base of 10-15 members (which is what we consider a micro) it didn't immediately become the massive, 100+ member behemoths it is today. I agree with that. Obviously TKR wouldn't be anywhere near where it is today if Infinite Citadel had no idea what he was doing. Every alliance that has a hope of becoming successful needs a good leader to keep it from dissolving into uncoordinated and inactive chaos.
  9. Ryan1

    The Underground DoE

    Good luck in Orbis guys! Before you say that, consider that every alliance in Orbis began as a micro, including NPO, TKR, and KT. BK didn't just spring up with 150 members, neither did Pantheon or T$. Everyone has to start somewhere, and here that is as a 'micro' alliance.
  10. Ryan1

    How does one make profits in baseball?

    Let yourself get rolled and start fresh. Baseball will take a month of playing constantly to start making a profit.
  11. What I think is most likely to happen is this: 1. Nuke bloc counters for TRF due to their treaties 2. Guardian/TCW/TKR counter for TRF because they fought together in the 69DW. I suppose a combination of the two could happen, but that would likely mean TRF is on two different sides...Uh-oh, I'm confusing myself again.
  12. This could get interesting...Fark (on SyndIQ's side) has a MDP with TRF but Oblivion (also on SyndIQ's side) is attacking TRF. Meanwhile, Guardian has an ODoAP with TRF and TKR/TCW fought with TRF in 69 Day War Wow...even I'm confused now.
  13. Should the wiki people count this as part of the Global War or as its own thing?

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