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  1. Ryan1


    Oh shit. Decent poll @Mad Max, but it has been polluted.
  2. Ryan1

    Do we like war?

    Looking back, it's amusing to see him say he is smart, remotely correct, liked, and use the silent majority, when I'm seeing posts with 50 downvotes. sadly this was the only interesting thing that's happened all year
  3. Ryan1

    IT HAPPENED @everyone

    24 hours! Get your pitchfork emojis ready! Remember the great life of Jonas.
  4. Ryan1

    Careful, it's Soup!

    I'm gonna go back to watching Emperor Jonas post with popcorn in hand.
  5. Ryan1

    IT HAPPENED @everyone

    First, if you haven't turned off @everyone, you really should. I come to the people of Orbis with a joyful message: EMPEROR JONAS HAS BEEN BANNED FOR MULTIS! LET US REJOICE! HALLELUJAH!! In memory of the late, great Emperor Jonas, I am announcing his funeral/no war rally. At the update (8 PM EST tomorrow) we will gather on the PW main server to honor Jonas and let Alex know how bad war is. Extreme sarcasm is required to attend.
  6. Ryan1

    Noobs Guide to avoid wars

    Thank you for this. May I suggest the removal of full military? It implies war.
  7. Ryan1

    Emperor Jonas: The Poll

    @Emperor Jonasyou are truly nonstop entertainment.
  8. Ryan1

    Emperor Jonas Is Right

    HE TOOK IT SERIOUSLY LMFAO @Filmore nice idea. Who needs war anyways?
  9. Ryan1

    Do we like war?

    Not again...
  10. Ryan1

    Remove war

    Guys, stop being so mean. obviously war sucks and pixelhugging is the way. I mean, who needs war, amirite? sarcasm, I love war.
  11. Ryan1

    Remove war

    Wtf...No. Just no. Typical TFP pixelhugger. War is what keeps this game interesting.
  12. Ryan1

    I'm bored, here's a little poll

    BK-tCW treaty is very interesting IMO, especially just 2 months after Knightfall. Times are changing...
  13. Exactly what the title says. We should be able to buy 100 (or any other number) infra for all cities at the same time, or automatically set the amount of infra per city to 1500. (or any other amount) There would be a box saying how much it would cost. You could go into individual cities and be able to buy up to a certain amount of infra instead of having to type in the amount you want.
  14. Ryan1

    Do Ayyliens and Whales mix?

    Very disappointed in the ayy lmao turnout.

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