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  1. It's kind of hard for me to leave...I deleted my nation, but still occasionally check up on discord/the forums. Lucky for me, I saw this and have a chance to nominate Sketchy for the LUX prize. Sketchy is truly an outstanding individual in Orbis. He is so kind, thoughtful, and is dedicated to making BK feel good about itself. Considering how much BK has been boasting lately, I think we can all say he's been successful. I nominate him for the LUX prize. Just remembered Caspian is from Camelot. I'll be shocked if the winner someone from his corporation (Beacon Inc) or Coalition B.
  2. Oh, the times RyanK and I had in Empyrea. Yeah, you're all stuck with Fake Ryan now, sorry!
  3. Thanks for the support everyone. I totally support Caspian XII's idea for the LUX prize. To be honest, the community is getting more toxic, probably due to the war, and although it wasn't why I left, it could certainly affect other players.
  4. So lately I've found myself spending way more time than I should spend at my desk using my laptop, and it's begun to get in the way of real life. I simply can't find enough time and lately I've found myself screwing up/missing irl things because of discord, gaming, and especially PW. (which I've come to enjoy. but play wayyy too much) I missed a close friend's graduation party due to the Surf's Up blitz, I screwed up prep for a meeting the other day because I was being an idiot and sitting on discord until 15 minutes before, and I could go on about this. I've realized I need to step back from it for a while, and while I may come back eventually, it won't be for a long time. It's been an awesome time, I've enjoyed the company of several alliances, and I've met many great people playing. Special Shoutouts @Haris - You were my mentor in TKR and one of the most light-hearted, funny, helpful people I've ever been around. o7 @The Royalist - Oh, the times we've had in Empyrea. Thanks for allowing me to be government, it was a great experience. @Hassan - Have fun with ONF. Start a ping war for me. @Potpie99 - You were always willing to have a friendly chat with me. Good luck as TGH government. Rose - I wasn't a member for very long, but you guys were awesome. You were supportive of my decision to step back and for that I am grateful. TGH - TGH was also great. Buorhann is a great alliance leader, and all you TGH guys are lucky to have him. Empyrea - Oh, the fun times we had. From ping wars to spamming national anthem, you guys were always fun to be around and were absolutely hilarious. Nomination for most entertaining discord channel. TKR- Although it didn't end well, I felt truly at home at TKR. You had the best community I've ever seen and someone was always around to chat. Nice knowing you all.
  5. How dare you disturb the Roz's shrine!
  6. Ryan1


    Maybe a hurricane could affect all nations in a given area, or alien invasion and plague could enter different nations.
  7. This is a tough question. Changing it so it's harder for the underdog to fight back (making wars shorter) seems like a good thing, but with the current politics in Orbis it only makes the BK hegemony more powerful unless a big chunk breaks off.
  8. Diomedes running the show? 9 days.
  9. I wouldn't mind having some new "frick you" features in PW, that could happen anytime and just get you to log in and fix it. Here's something that I thought up a few weeks ago and have finally got around to posting them on the forums. A national disaster would typically happen every few weeks irl, though if you're unlucky you could have several in a week. They would add some more relevance to in-game dates. It would cause several different types of damage to your nation, ranging from a small infra/improvements loss to the destruction of a city (cities would never get completely deleted, but they could be decimated) Here's a list of national disasters. Seasonal Events: -Ice Storm: An ice storm knocks out power to 2 cities for 8 turns and only happens in the in-game months of December-March. 50 infra damage in affected cities. There is a 1/480 probability of it happening each turn during those months. -Tornado: A tornado does 400 infra damage to one city and destroys five improvements. There is a 1/750 each turn chance of it happening in April, May, and June. -Hurricane/Typhoon: A Category 1/2 hurricane does 100 infra damage to two cities, knocks out power to those cities for 4 turns, and destroys one improvement in each city. There is a 1/720 probability of it happening July-October. A category 3/4/5 hurricane does 200 infra damage to two cities, knocks out power to those cities for 8 turns, and destroys two improvements in each city. There is a 1/960 chance of it happening each turn July-October. Lower Probability, Year Round Events: -Earthquake: An earthquake does 400 infra damage to one city, destroys 6 improvements, and knocks out power for 12 turns in one city. The damage is halved in two other cities affected. There is a 1/2900 chance of it happening each turn. -Tsunami: A tsunami can only happen for the first 12 turns after an earthquake, although there is a 1/18 probability of it happening each turn during that time. (You can only have 1 tsunami) It does 200 infra damage to one of the affected cities and destroys two improvements. It knocks out power for an additional 4 turns. -Nuclear Meltdown: This is probably the worst disaster: A nuclear meltdown destroys an entire city of infra, all improvements, and renders the city uninhabitable for 30 turns. There is a 1/3600 chance of it happening each turn. -Alien Invasion: Maybe this is the worst. An alien invasion does 600 infra damage to 4 cities and destroys 6 improvements. There is a 1/4200 chance of it happening each turn. -Plague: This is pretty bad too. A plague starts out in one city, with a 1/4200 chance of it happening each turn. But after it strikes one city, there is a 1/60 chance each turn of it spreading to another city. It lasts for 5 rl days, reduces revenue in affected cities by 70%, and kills 25% of those cities infra (there isn't an easier way to kill just people in PW.) Add more suggestions below!
  10. When you hit me, you had 7 and either 2200, 2300, or 2500 infra in those cities not to mention completely inconsistent builds. Join a decent alliance with competent gov and learn how to actually play. Beige discipline is a very important part of wars, especially in a dogpile like this. You've definitely seen me around, I'm everywhere in PW. And my nation is Hammonasset, though your history may not go back that far.
  11. @Alex Do you see how horrible and out of place [DoE] looks?
  12. First question: PW will be dead except for one surviving alliance. Second question: Playing the next big nationsim that comes out.
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