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  1. I’m almost jealous.
  2. I swear that was the most hilarious thing that happened that month.
  3. Congratulations on the post, Valk! I would say “called it”, but I think pretty much everyone knew it.
  4. Agreement with the post’s content aside, part of me chuckled really hard that you effectively said “Facts not feelings, !@#$”. Never thought I’d see the day :3
  5. I’m probably late (as usual), but it’s good to see you posting again.
  6. Yea my big saber makes me feel pretty smug too
  7. Enjoy peace. I hope you have a nice rebuild.
  8. Good luck on the rebuild, mate
  9. I’m ok with this.
  10. Jokes on you, I filed all the appropriate forms and waited three business days before joining.
  11. I don’t think Rienne’s that old. please don’t kill me
  12. Charlie really outdid himself. This is awesome.
  13. If it doesn’t include something to the effect of acknowledging who the best waifu is, I might actually be a bit disappointed. Thanks for posting this, it gave me a couple chuckles ;D
  14. I see we’re back to the old “NPO players aren’t actually players guys they’re just drones” shtick. Steve isn’t NPO, and he definitely hasn’t been agreeing with everything Roq’s done. But I mean, it would take giving a shit about what’s been said rather than who said it for this to matter, right?
  15. Some people have weird role models.
  16. Solid post. (And holy shit you delivered the burn real hard)
  17. It is a shame GPA blew up all that time ago (man, I never thought I’d say that), otherwise I would have recommended Goon Order of Offending Neutral Squealers.
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