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  1. More often than not, our policies have had to clash, but I’ve always held respect for the steadfastness with which players like Ogaden have conducted themselves with. May your ship always sail, even if you are to land on my shores. Arrgh!
  2. New does not equal impotent. They perform excellently and I’m sure they will... rise further into the air.
  3. Hi, I've been away attempting to regain control of the realm beyond the Great Server. I haven't attempted to dispute anything in his post, because I really don't believe it's my place. All I'm saying is, don't let insults detract from whatever point you're trying to make. If I remember correctly, an individual from the opposing coalition offered me similar advice a long time ago. They were right to point out what they did.
  4. You’re really not doing yourself a favour here. Even if you’re trying to “win the rhetorical point”, the sheer amount of ad hom’s render your attempts distasteful for the reader. Consider taking a few steps back.
  5. And for those who can’t, stop posting altogether. Or continue, everyone likes feeling better about themselves. Either works. e: before everyone jumps like a shark on me, I’m really only here because the terms are hilarious. I’m honestly waiting to see the next 6.
  6. ...probably suffering from anger management issues, too. Insofar as neutrality is concerned, I would say the correct argument to be made is to do with sustainability, and not invulnerability by virtue of preclusion from combat. A truly successful neutral alliance would work nonstop to make sure its safety net included actors from different corners and somehow maintain that bipartisan connection without being dragged into one part of the political spectrum needlessly. Even if you were to be hit, having friends in high places would allow you to maintain momentum to some degree or the other. I personally would argue that true neutrality is ultimately meaningless given the subconscious effect apparent “friendships” have on decision making. People have long memories, and it would be a truly monumental undertaking to maintain such a clean record (on both the alliance and individual level) that you’d never attract predatory attention. Also, hello. Haven’t posted properly in quite some time.
  7. Discord has a DM function - you’re welcome.
  8. He means Lord A A Ron. Common mistake.
  9. What Alt said. I’ve been an inactive mess of a Pacifican but even I know just how much time he has to put in for his RL; hell, anyone who’s ever gotten the opportunity to know him will say the same. Here’s what’s truly impressive though: despite spending about twice as much time as most people working, he still manages to invest his time maintaining and improving the stats site. But I mean, some people don’t change I suppose.
  10. I swear that was the most hilarious thing that happened that month.
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