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  1. Spaceman Thrax

    Big favor Orbis Community

    I downvoted two. I was going to downvote this one to even out the OP, but then I realized this post is also terrible, because this thread is not about honour, it's about ass. So I found another one to downvote as well. Mind how you go, hippo.
  2. Spaceman Thrax

    Purple Flower Garden Is One Today!

    Happy Birthday! I'm still hoping Moon goes postal someday.
  3. Spaceman Thrax

    2018 P&W Award Voting

    Uhh think you missed my point. I was saying "using your premise that it is unfair to exclude people based on having a forums account, why did you only collect nominations from people with a forums account"? You didn't message people in game until after the nominations were done, so now you have a vote that only has partial representation on who people may actually vote for, do you not? I didn't suggest you should change it midway through the vote. I suggested you should have used the same methodology from the start. Which you probably would have thought of, if you had the super-representative pnw brain trust you claimed to. : )
  4. Spaceman Thrax

    2018 P&W Award Voting

    Just for the record. The tone of this post is a pretty good example of why I didn't trust you to run the awards, and the fact that you have some people who volunteered to help you doesn't change a single thing about that. You're not valuing community input when you're stacking a team with people who are either malign or naive, then claiming that they're representative of the community. Also, it makes no sense for you guys to make a point about hosting the voting offsite when you did the nominations on the forums. Edit: Everyone agrees with me. Literally every player in the game. I just hosted a vote for it, and it was unanimous. I hosted it off site, but given the fact that even you voted that you agree with me, Kastor, I expect you to address these concerns immediately.
  5. Spaceman Thrax

    A Syndicate Press release: Whats up and Goodbye

    I did this once! It was on your old forums. Classic Partisan, being so vain he omniretires just to get more sendoffs.
  6. Spaceman Thrax


    The foundation will be pleased to note that I have already gunned down multiple instances of SCP-784-1. Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals.
  7. Spaceman Thrax

    Happy Spacemas!

    Happy Spacemas! On this day, which has been hallowed since yesterday, we anoint ourselves with ceremonial spacetallow and go on chemical-assisted journeys across the cosmos. We offer you the gift of Spacemas, the holiday that you can celebrate by just kinda doing whatever, then deciding it’s holy. Our commune’s members wish you swift solar winds, and have been diligently carrying out the holy rites throughout the past year: Seb has been covering his nude body with powdered gold, and then rolling about in a pile of defunct currencies. Albus Dumbledore has been spoiling books for children. Ripper has been quietly expanding his family of Greek warriors, and carefully watching his calendar for some reason that is probably totally benign. Cazaric has been admiring his own body inside his newly completed mirrored wangcube. Azrimalos has been teaching his kids the TRUE meaning of Christmas (pain). Gideon Lorr is retrieving church relics from the compound mystery spot. Critters has been buying an altogether unreasonable amount of ammunition, and designing Bo’s all-hippy diet. Redarmy has been absorbing government cynicism and redecorating his festive gulag. Goomy has been just generally being more sane than anyone else in the Church, which is disconcerting in itself. Spaceman Thrax has found a new kind of adhesive to huff for the holiday season. W has been boycotting Spacemas because he doesn’t like the regional dub. Utz has been decorating his truck with a festive napalm launcher. Joe Stupid has been contemplating the nature of stupidity, and making his peace with the venerable, volcano-dwelling imbecile spirits. Bloody Boatmen has been staying with the bloody boat. Nietzschelloo has been preparing the butt roast, which is just a butt. Snuffles has been pooping all over the yard. Katie has been g8, tbh, unlike BOYS (rme, smh). Captain Bezzers has been literally simulating the deaths of everyone else on this list. CPT Nixon has been stockpiling bacon for the new year. Ichabod Crane is continuing his one-man war against modernity. TheSnipe has been taunting Hades’ soul and celebrating his final victory. Lene Hau has upped her toll rates as the villagers begin to catch on. Black Rook is more than prepared for this stupid year to finally die. Syrano is quietly plotting his revenge. Master Antony is spending more time in his skull garden. Burnchurch has been wondering when he is old enough to get his share of wisdom, and assuring the rest of us his name is just a cheerful homage. Abbas Mehdi is celebrating another year of no one figuring out who put Xenu up to it. Maia has been decorating the Spacemas vestibule with cheerful blood splatters. Bradley Davis has been hiding in his shell and not escorting scorpions. Torshiro Mifune is bringing Uncle’s word to the heathen people of Saturn. Jack is hunting down his doppelgangers for a climactic showdown. Luke is currently between universes, and cannot take your call. Steuart Geharon is fitting in way too well, and it’s frightening. Packanimal is saving up to finance another round of name changes. Lord of Puns is trying to figure out how you make a pun out of a holiday that is already a totally made up word. Malinok swears the place looked like that when he got here. Vexz better celebrate, or we’ll never let her out of the basement. Ezio Auditore has been wondering why he got himself into this. Happy Spacemas, from our family to yours! TL:DR: Hope everyone's having a good holiday season! Also: goofy stuff.
  8. Spaceman Thrax

    The Oasis that was?

    Barto's putting on a clinic, yet again. Keep kicking ass AD. Wang War Veterans don't have to answer to anyone.
  9. Spaceman Thrax

    Victory Royale!

    Is this you saying "well if you run your mouth a bunch, you should get hit for it"? If so are you aware you are Seeker?
  10. Spaceman Thrax

    Nuclear Power Plant Meltdowns

    Yeah this idea isn't going to accomplish what it is supposed to. High city count players will pretty much invariably have the resources/infra to be able to just swap improvement types. So the end result is just going to be another wrinkle/complicating factor in developing builds.
  11. Spaceman Thrax

    Round 4 at The Great Fire

  12. Spaceman Thrax

    Global War Peace Terms - Discussion

    I appreciate the response, but here's where I'm coming from. TCW was on your side regardless. I know you also tried to make agreements with tC. So. Putting intentionality aside in why you got the people you did, it's still clear that you would have "your side" be at least Guardian, TKR, tC, Grumpy, and, via TKR, TCW/Tesla. That is a virtually unassailable, IQ-like upper tier grouping. To counter it, we had to get the jump on you, use virtually every available alliance remaining in the political sphere, AND still initially lose. Some elements of IQ claimed they didn't want to result in such a game-stifling grouping when they made IQ, but that didn't stop them from doing it.
  13. Spaceman Thrax

    Global War Peace Terms - Discussion

    Me personally on the Grumpy term... the point I'm hoping gets hit with that one is "if you are going to unflinchingly tie enough upper tier alliances together that you are effectively making an upper tier version of IQ, you should at least take ownership of the fact that you've done that rather than purport to be paperless." It hasn't really been debated as far as I know, but that's where I'm coming from, at least.

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