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  1. Shifty News Network: The Cold War expands

    My point was that people need to be held to their own standards, not mine. Buorhann is saying "don't make racial jokes with the intent to offend people, unless you're Arkiri and are willing to apologize and wait three weeks to do it again", which isn't terribly consistent. Noted, I guess?
  2. Shifty News Network: The Cold War expands

    Literally my point. I'm centering it on him in my discussion with you, because he's in your alliance and the last time he did it, you said some version of "well, people make mistakes, awww shucks!" That doesn't work twice.
  3. Shifty News Network: The Cold War expands

    Are you really trying to defend Arkiri again? I certainly didn't forget the other thread, since it was just a couple weeks ago. Did you? Yikes, Buor. Stop trying to make equivalences and start actually holding your members accountable, or admit you don't care if they go around saying making racial "jokes". Then people can worry about whatever Queen might have said, because you won't be a complete hypocrite bringing it up.
  4. Rip Alpha

    Definite F. No one gives headaches like Alpha. A lot of the most politically interesting times in the game for me involved a lot of stuff from them. Cheers moving on, guys.
  5. The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

    Good luck! That is a cool flag. I like that your merge works with both alliances staying loyal to their theme... that's some nice branding work.
  6. Important ODN Announcement

    Bingo. Good luck to ODN. I know TGH will have fun with this, so rock on to them too. OS, I don't think anyone did you too dirty assuming you were IQ aligned, given that you're a protectorate of one of their core alliances, and have been fairly radio silent in this game as far as I know. You've existed for almost 400 days, and if you're something other than an IQ satellite, you'd have to show it. This seems like a reasonable enough start, so good luck.
  7. And So the Dust Settles

    This is totally wrong. Like, utterly. I told Eumir he could come back whenever. It looks like I struck a nerve? I didn't make TGH agree to this NAP, so all of the sudden criticisms (which are all wrong) look pretty misplaced to me. Did you guys go into this war to try and sign a NAP twice as long as the one last war? I didn't make you do that. TKR didn't. Even IQ didn't. You all agreed. IQ accomplished a political goal there that I think a lot of people on your side would have wanted to avoid from the war's outset. Sorry if pointing that out upsets you.
  8. And So the Dust Settles

    Uhhhhm. You're literally Kastor. I'm sorry if I offended you by shit talking though! Truly! (My alliance has fought raiders, CKD/TKR/Pantheon/Acadia as part of the Nothining, and had several members participate in tJest. We've had a couple other dustups as well, some diplomatic and some military, and while I don't care to detail them all for someone who is just an idiot, you're pretty far off base.)
  9. And So the Dust Settles

    Anyone who put their names to this is pathetic. And anyone balking about the duration after signing the last global NAP probably ought to reflect on the precedent they set.
  10. Orbital Knights DoE

    Good luck! You were pleasant to speak with the other day.
  11. War Stats 2.0

    I even quoted it for you. Damage ratios are stats. What planet are you from?
  12. War Stats 2.0

    'Kay. To wit: "Take your cultural victory and take your white peace, but drop the 'damage ratios decide victory' narrative." (To be fair, this guy isn't gov, but hey, you said a person in BK, so there you are. I'm sure if I looked for more than two minutes I could find a gov though (or someone else can). This guy is more sensible than your gov, really.)
  13. War Stats 2.0

    I didn't fight you guys. I'm just pointing out that it looks to me that your government is trying to change the definition of winning, since when tJest was happening they said it wasn't stats. So basically you're agreeing with me that hypocrisy is silly, unless it's yours?
  14. War Stats 2.0

    It's amusing seeing BK post a stat thread like it's indicative of winning a war after they got their asses handed to them so soundly, at least in terms of those same metrics, by tJest.
  15. Congratulations to Roquentin

    You misspelled "stellar".