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  1. Spaceman Thrax

    WE are the RESISTANCE! - A DoTC

    Hahaha that is a cool theme. Best of luck.
  2. Spaceman Thrax

    Advancing Towards Chaos

    Oh dear. Well I'm not going to be able to do this as well as Roz, but it feels wrong to totally go without, sooo.... Lordship woke with a start. Sliding from beneath last night's conquests through a sheen of perspiration and other human leavings, he made little effort to cover his Little Lord. "Something is wrong. The winds beneath my ample cleft blow particularly vile. And it's not me: I just went." He took the window, and saw the smoke. An unfamiliar flag, and yet it left him with an all-too-familiar feeling within his manbreast... ....could it be...?
  3. I'll be happy to aid in your appeal. I'll get to work immediately. What is a sub-basement, actually? If they get hit in the pit, you must acquit!
  4. Spaceman Thrax

    A Message From Space

    I don't like this thread anymore
  5. Spaceman Thrax

    A Message From Space

    Oh Jesus I hope not. That is my most foolproof way to lose friends : (
  6. Spaceman Thrax

    A Message From Space

    You were so close Mikey hahahaha. Anyway I hope you had fun guessing and I hope you have fun fighting too. Give us Hell.
  7. Spaceman Thrax

    A Message From Space

    Time has always been a bagel. Every moment betrays its own beginning, and no moment occurs less than an infinite number of times. Lay down your arms by raising them to the sky. Come home. You are already home. We have passed convergence. We approach the convergence. The future and past have become the moment. We are here. When the Disciples of this Church descend upon themselves, Uncle will weep, and rejoice. We observe the holiday of September 10th. The Day Which Comes. The time before conspiracy. And the day which came. In another life, we walked among our past friends, calling them enemies. And we will call them enemies again, and embrace them in friendship. Not green men though. We can't find them. They have already rejoined the galaxy, and will be spared. Time races, so that it has moments to stand still. We make declarations of that which we have already done. We take up arms, to find we have not yet acted. The state of war already exists, with the battles yet to come. So few of your hours left to wait.
  8. Spaceman Thrax

    I'm sure nobody cares

    Did you get through this entire theme without ever actually mentioning Pepper Jack?
  9. Spaceman Thrax

    Let's Clown Arown' :)

  10. Spaceman Thrax

    A New Date to the Dance

    They were so happy to find someone who would sign them that they never considered if they should.
  11. Spaceman Thrax

    The Fraggle Chaos Fund

    Well she took my dog, and she took my truck, and she took food from my plate, She took my heart, and she took my soul, and she took my city eight Workin twenty five hours ain't enough I guess, found her in my buddy's pants But some Fraggle funds, by the grace of God, might give me another chance
  12. Spaceman Thrax

    The Fraggle Chaos Fund

    Can you buy me city #7?
  13. Spaceman Thrax

    Fraggle Rock Nuclear Weapon Number 420 Auction

    You all suck at being stoners I never should have got that bid.
  14. Spaceman Thrax

    Back From The Upside Down (Swear RED alert!)

    In the name of Williams (That's right) No weapon formed against Bo shall prosper (Preach) And every tongue that shall rise against me in judgment Bo shalt condemn (Preach) Amen
  15. Spaceman Thrax

    Orbis, let's have a chat.

    Yours had pictures, too. Bastards.

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