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  1. I mean, this. At least you are honest about your intent to make the game less fun and cause people to quit, which is more than I can say for some. Personally though nothing takes the wind out of my sails more than uneven moderation.
  2. Also: if it was a fake war, why did you call it a war war? Isn't that twice as war?
  3. I had to read it a lot of times to understand the point, but I think that was less about English and more about the logic involved. ...I'm not sure if that's a comfort to you or not, hahahaha. But yeah don't apologize for practicing a language! That's a cool thing to do. : )
  4. So your point is that because at some point in the future you will be able to rebuild (IE: when the war is over?), you're not being kept from rebuilding it? I mean that's probably true but it's a weird point because literally no one has been kept from rebuilding, by that definition.
  6. He said I didn't have a shred. I did. If you're going to be obtuse, though, let's keep fighting. : ) Orange man bad! Called it! Nice try qualifying it with "and friends". "Some time in history, a TKR ally has pushed terms, so we can do whatever and it's justified!" TKR has consistently been against terms, actually, but whatever, I know you love being disingenuous and wrong. Edit: Also hahahah at "we intend to hold TKR accountable for stuff that their allies did several years ago when they had a different gov, but you are all stupid for expecting us to be consistent within this war with how we handle protectorates". WHEW.
  7. My intent wasn't to demonstrate an airtight CB (we already had one). It was to establish that BK lied in saying I had no proof. I did just that. Given that I only needed general channel stuff to make that point, why would I give them more (It does matter, I would note, that it was gov speaking in that screenshot, though, not general members.)? Your choice, naturally, is if you care. If you do not, then simply play through. We can keep fighting, and you can keep spewing propaganda. Cheers.
  8. Shoot, you're right. I totally should have called "mewling attempt at establishing historical false equivalence" from my BK handbook earlier. Bring it home with some sweet, sweet ORANGE MAN BAD, though, followed by a silly meme for me, though?
  9. You don't think capping infrastructure is punitive? I guess it's all a misunderstanding then! I daresay your intent was misconstrued. Feel free to resubmit, if your new friends will let you. Given how they treated your protectorate, though, I daresay you might not be at the head of the table. : )
  10. Hey! Since we're all here? This being the case, any comment on why TCW is backing an attempt at punitive terms on a TKR protectorate that was attacked aggressively? Drinking again? : )
  11. To be clear, this was not our CB. Our CB is, as far as I know, "You intended to hit us with 3:1 odds, screw that", which is more than covered by the Sphinx logs, and I don't think there's been much reasonable dispute about its validity. My intent here wasn't to exhaustively document the leaks from your sphere that led us to the conclusions we reached in defending ourselves in this war. I like those leaks right where they are, thank you very much. You said I didn't have a shred of evidence, so I showed you evidence and called you liars. Luckily, nothing about me doing that requires me to read more of your attempt at spin, cuz it's boring, and I've read plenty of it in the last six or so similar wars you guys planned. : )
  12. It was a brilliant plan, foiled only by the fact that people can read.
  13. "Since you're so big into proof, do you have a single shred of evidence to back this up?" I'm not reading this. Your gov's dumbass bluff got called, and my intended audience wasn't you, because I more than expected you to continue lying about it. Sphinx literally just said you had every intention of hitting TKR and that the only question was timeline, as well. Have a good day! ❤️
  14. Oh. Were you drunk when you promised to give your notice to BK when I proved that? You sober up quick! But nah. It probably will be the last leak you have. Because no one is going to tell you anything important again.
  15. I wasn't surprised that they'd plot to hit TKR. It's the least surprising thing imaginable. I was surprised they made such a stupid, easily disproven boast. (You I expected it from. You're kinda....not the best, track record wise.)
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