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  1. Hi, If someone is going to run these this year, shoot me a DM and we'll work on pinning the new polls and having it organized properly. I already unpinned the results from last year to avoid confusion. If no one would like to volunteer I can just run it myself. I think yearly awards are a great IC community tradition that should be maintained. Regards, Mod team
  2. Reminder this is a no-discussion area. Please keep posts to pertinent evidence.
  3. Hello, I just feel the need to make a quick thread due to a large amount of reports and rule-breaking. I'll do it via bullet points. The report sections of the forums (Game, forum, bans, wiki, etc) are not open-air trials. The moderators would like to politely encourage everyone to carefully consider whether or not you should post your "sick burn" in these threads. Only people presenting evidence (ie - not your personal opinion) should be posting in these threads. Otherwise you will receive a warning point. The act of reporting someone does not guarantee a warning nor does it actually do anything other than flag it for moderator review. More often than not, the moderation team dismisses reports rather than warning the reported poster. So if someone tells you they've reported you, you have no reason to be worried unless you actually broke a rule. Typically, but not always, if one post gets reported in a thread the moderator(s) will review the entire thread for violators. The mod team would like to politely encourage everyone to report posts they feel break rules, but try to keep things reasonable. We don't need you to collect all your friends to report the same post - each report is manually reviewed regardless of volume of reports. Lastly, please try to keep threads on-topic. I'm getting really tired of posting "please bring this back on topic." Hopefully this wasn't too much text but it should clarify a few things for you all.
  4. Bring this thread back on topic or face the wrath of Claus
  5. Just to, yet again, remind the community: - Moderation as a weapon refers specifically to someone "tricking" or extorting another person into doing something or giving something in-game under threat of "reporting them and getting them banned." - Moderation as a weapon does not include using the report button on the forums. The report button flags posts for us, the moderation team, to review and determine if rules are being broken. I can promise you that no matter how many times anyone spams the report button, you will never receive a warning unless a consensus was reached between at least two moderators that you broke a forum rule.
  6. Yes I misspoke on that one. Off-topic / derailing comments are still fair warn game though.
  7. The administration and moderation teams are both looking into the discord situation that has been previously reported. Thank you for your continued patience in this matter but I think three threads is enough. I will personally update the community (if Alex doesn't) on the outcome of the investigation as it unfolds. It is also worth noting that several reports have been filed for people posting in no-discussion forums. These reports are also being reviewed and I would recommend further "discussion" be kept to a minimum.
  8. Please remain on topic and be civil. Just because this is an OOC forum doesn't mean it's a free-for-all to flame people.
  9. I know I'm 10 pages too late to say this, but please keep this thread on topic about GOON's announcement. Further derailment will be punished with proper moderator protocol BLOOD AND TERROR
  10. I bolded a key part. The report button is a guaranteed way to have the moderation team review an issue. I, personally, do not give out warnings for trivialities but I do DM people asking them to fix their profile. Nation ID, ruler name matching etc. If there ever is a case when someone refuses to comply, I guess I'd have to discuss it with the other mods but that has never happened. ------------- On the idea of the rule in general, this is a forum for people playing Politics and War to come communicate with each other and often the staff. I'd actually argue for the forum profiles to be directly linked to your nation and have the usernames not be changeable but rather auto-update to your rulername or disallow you from posting if your nationID is invalid. The reasoning behind this is that accountability has to be present for both politics and moderation. example: Someone impersonates an alliance leader and posts a DoW.
  11. Firstly, this is most definitely a no-discussion forum. Seeing as this topic was created with "debate" in mind - I can't see much good coming from it to begin with. Secondly, regarding moderation as a weapon: The moderators act out of their own judgement(s) and free wills. Reporting someone does not automatically accrue anything against them. Every report is reviewed by (usually two but sometimes more) humans and a consensus is reached before warnings are issued. So have no fear, no matter how many spam reports we receive, no one will receive a warning unless a forum rule is being broken in the reported post(s). As a side note, I've seen a lot of reports and posts regarding moderation as a weapon / mods being shady / rules and warnings being unclear... I'm a fan of transparency so I try to communicate as much as possible regarding our processes and decisions. Feel free to DM me if you have questions or comments.
  12. This. Further posts will receive a warning.
  13. You engaged in hijacking almost the entire first page of an alliance announcement with off-topic comments. That directly violates forum rules. If you need more specifics, I will gladly discuss it with you in DM's. Moderation is not personal - it's just my programming. Topic HijackingDerailing a thread, or inducing topics that are not related to the original subject.
  14. 7 pages of reported content to review when I log in... whew. General reminder to keep conversations on-topic, civilized, and chill. This serves as everyone's verbal warning.
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