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  1. Please stay on topic in this thread. If you suspect a player of cheating then please post an official report in the appropriate subforum (https://forum.politicsandwar.com/index.php?/forum/133-game-reports/ ) and the staff will look into it. Further off-topic posts will receive more than a verbal warning.
  2. Robot Santa


    Moved to Orbis Central. Please refrain from posting things that aren't alliance announcements in Alliance Affairs.
  3. Acknowledging that micro announcements aren't always the most interesting or coherent posts - that does not make their threads a free-for-all. Keep it civil in here or I'll be coming down your chimney tonight.
  4. Just a general reminder - utilizing the report feature will get a mod response much faster than trying to tag individual mods in a post. To everyone else - please keep threads on-topic. This is your verbal warning.
  5. Just as a general reminder, a much quicker response can be had if you use the report feature rather than trying to tag us in posts. This thread is from 2015 and it's being locked now.
  6. Locked for spam.
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