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  1. I feel that this conversation has devolved far enough from its original post to be locked.
  2. Get back on topic please. This is the only warning.
  3. Let's stay respectful and stay on topic please.
  4. For the future: We do allow relevant parties to respond to a report with their own counter-evidence but please keep it to one or two posts. This is a non-discussion forum. Reports should never turn into debates.
  5. Locked for descending into madness
  6. I think it's worth noting that the mod team does not give additional points or warnings because someone is complaining about a warning. If you make a "frick the mods" thread then you might earn additional warnings. Annyways - No discussion forum please observe respectful silence.
  7. Please bring this thread back on topic.
  8. This is a no discussion forum. I see two pages of argument. Thank you for your original report, but the "no-discussion" rule takes effect for the reporter as well. A game report isn't your personal platform to argue and investigate. You report, Admins will follow up. I've been pretty strict and pretty clear for the last month or two about the No Discussion Forums being abused. I'm just going to hand out warnings from now on.
  9. Please bring this thread back on topic, if it ever had one.
  10. Please keep this thread on-topic.
  11. Hi, If someone is going to run these this year, shoot me a DM and we'll work on pinning the new polls and having it organized properly. I already unpinned the results from last year to avoid confusion. If no one would like to volunteer I can just run it myself. I think yearly awards are a great IC community tradition that should be maintained. Regards, Mod team
  12. Reminder this is a no-discussion area. Please keep posts to pertinent evidence.
  13. Hello, I just feel the need to make a quick thread due to a large amount of reports and rule-breaking. I'll do it via bullet points. The report sections of the forums (Game, forum, bans, wiki, etc) are not open-air trials. The moderators would like to politely encourage everyone to carefully consider whether or not you should post your "sick burn" in these threads. Only people presenting evidence (ie - not your personal opinion) should be posting in these threads. Otherwise you will receive a warning point. The act of reporting someone does not guarantee a warning nor does it actually do anything other than flag it for moderator review. More often than not, the moderation team dismisses reports rather than warning the reported poster. So if someone tells you they've reported you, you have no reason to be worried unless you actually broke a rule. Typically, but not always, if one post gets reported in a thread the moderator(s) will review the entire thread for violators. The mod team would like to politely encourage everyone to report posts they feel break rules, but try to keep things reasonable. We don't need you to collect all your friends to report the same post - each report is manually reviewed regardless of volume of reports. Lastly, please try to keep threads on-topic. I'm getting really tired of posting "please bring this back on topic." Hopefully this wasn't too much text but it should clarify a few things for you all.
  14. Bring this thread back on topic or face the wrath of Claus
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