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  1. Chapsie

    Really NPO

    Yeah, the deeper players will stay through adversity. It's important to have those people, as it shows their strength and integrity. The realization that this is a game at the end of the day is integral. Adaptation is one hell of a trait.
  2. Chapsie

    Really NPO

    If you leave a game about politics because you can't adapt to new playing conditions or a turmoilus environment, I think that's called a career politician, but one that isn't getting paid.
  3. I haven't heard that since the days of GPA. God, those are both a set of nostalgic words.
  4. Welcome back! Always nice to see old faces! EDIT: Dunno why this came up for me, I just realized the date. Huh...
  5. You came back to say goodnight to Fraggle? Whoa
  6. He just answered a question that was a week or 2 old, it's 'aight.
  7. Hello, and welcome! Glad to have ya on board!
  8. This is some shit you'd see on a boomer's tee-shirt.
  9. We out here goofin' on em
  10. Probably just point and laugh honestly, I don't get worked up over much. 👺
  11. I'm excited to start my nation anew within this alliance! Gang gang
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