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  1. Chapsie

    Horton Hears a Who

    @Kriegskoenig Hi I am from Polaris
  2. Chapsie

    Horton Hears a Who

    Got some B E P I S with that?
  3. Chapsie

    The Nation of Fraggle Rock Going Forward

    Good to see you're still around to torment the world with your nuclear light.
  4. Chapsie

    Politics & War Roleplaying (Applications & Info) Re-Re-opened!

    Yeah, no more Imperialism for me. We've settled down as a people and are more in tune with the societal cycle of equal improvement.
  5. Chapsie

    Offensive game rule

    I'm with you on this fellow robot. This is intolerable.
  6. Chapsie

    Politics & War Roleplaying (Applications & Info) Re-Re-opened!

    I think I'll start a little again. Official nation name: Nova Scotia Population (P&W numbers): 4,070,627 GDP per capita (P&W numbers): $3,223.46 Population density (sq. km): 103.05 Form of Government: Anarcho-Mutualist Politics & War Wikia link (leave blank if you don't have one): OUTDATED BUT - http://politicsandwar.wikia.com/wiki/Nova_Scotia Describe your Nation IC: https://patrickalexlynch.wixsite.com/anarchistnovascotia/about Describe yourself in OOC terms: Chill, flexible, and adaptable. Have you read, and do you agree to abide with, the rules? (Yes/No): Yes (You must not have a history of continuous rule breaks in the national affairs subforum!) Where on the map do you want to be located? (Using real-world geography/nations, or a self-provided map): Just Nova Scotia Nation flag link (if you have a specific one you want to be used): https://i.imgur.com/1I5ebim.jpg
  7. Chapsie

    Politics & War Roleplaying (Applications & Info) Re-Re-opened!

    I wish to concede my lands to whoever wants them, as we have transcended from this world. (Han Young Kee mentioned we wanted portions of my land so I'm granting what he wants to him if it comes to priority.)
  8. Chapsie

    Fraggle Rock Orbis Wide Fund Raiser

    Fraggle nuked me too but I'm still pledging.
  9. Chapsie

    Happy Easter Polaris!

    Holy !@#$ good times.
  10. Chapsie

    What is P&W listening to?

    https://open.spotify.com/track/5VXoProrEWs6L27iEfLjxj That one's aight, but this one I can't stop listening to haha
  11. Chapsie


    I've heard many-a tales of Lambda. Damn shame I wasn't around for that tom-foolery.
  12. Chapsie

    ODN Declaration of Existence

    Best of luck! I am excited to see what you will come up with.
  13. Chapsie


    Good times. I remember when I was FA of GPA. That was real hard.
  14. Chapsie

    FOSSIL Bank-As reliable as a rock!

    Support local business maaaaaaaaaan

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