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  1. Need we remember that fatal 3rd day of December, of 2015? The day so many Haligonians suffered again. In Chapsie's fields, the nuke's blow, Between the buildings, row on row, ---That marks our co-ords, look in the sky, ---The nukes, still bravely soaring, high, Scarse heard amid the detonations below, - We are the dead. Short days ago We lived, felt dawn, saw the nukes glow, ---Loved and were loved, and now we lie, ------in chapsie's fields. - Take up your mask, with the snow, To you from failing gas we choke, ---The light; be yours to blind your eyes, ---If ye break faith with the us who die We shall not sleep, though nukes flow, ---In Chapsie's fields
  2. Edit:wrong post lmao
  3. I tried damn hard to keep my avenues open, but one man can only do so much. Good times 😅 Problem was that no one even wanted economic ties at the time, which was one incentive to a neutral alliance as long as we were to trade indiscriminately.
  4. Damn now I gotta go smoke in toast. To the Cartel of many forms!
  5. Chapsie

    Really NPO

    Yeah, the deeper players will stay through adversity. It's important to have those people, as it shows their strength and integrity. The realization that this is a game at the end of the day is integral. Adaptation is one hell of a trait.
  6. Chapsie

    Really NPO

    If you leave a game about politics because you can't adapt to new playing conditions or a turmoilus environment, I think that's called a career politician, but one that isn't getting paid.
  7. I haven't heard that since the days of GPA. God, those are both a set of nostalgic words.
  8. Welcome back! Always nice to see old faces! EDIT: Dunno why this came up for me, I just realized the date. Huh...
  9. You came back to say goodnight to Fraggle? Whoa
  10. He just answered a question that was a week or 2 old, it's 'aight.
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