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  1. Chapsie


    You’re too irrelevant to be making the rules.
  2. Chapsie

    Brave and Beautiful BK

    I work at a casino and I really like these odds. Out of a sample size of 10,000 YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL IIIIIT'S TRUE
  3. Chapsie

    A list of all communist/socialist alliances.

    I feel like I should care more due to my nation theme. But thank you for this information never-the-less, it'll go into the folder marked as "Special milcom."
  4. Chapsie

    New Bloc on the Block

    Wholesome Prefontaine hours
  5. Chapsie

    Hard Mode Coalition [Tkr Surrenders]

    Wait wait wait hold up a minute, wait a second, hold up, hold on, wait a moment, one second please, hold on, wait... when was Resplendent in the war, and why wasn't I notified? EDIT: Wait a second hold on, wait a minute, ahh, we too, must surrender to the almighty. You've broken Resplendent's perfect war streak.
  6. The more the merrier! Good stuff folks.
  7. >#7: Don't make Sequel Alliances like say as an example: Pantheon 2 Electric Boogaloo. Resplendent 4 time boys
  8. Chapsie

    Resplendent - Prismatic Strength

    He's not lying!
  9. Chapsie

    Surfing the Memes

    I learn so much about how the war is going and the events involved from the memes and discussions on such memes so much better than from any other input lmao
  10. Chapsie

    What is P&W listening to?

    I honestly have no idea what the genre is called. I tried country, dark country, acoustic riffs, country acoustic... nothing seems to be getting THIS result besides video games and tv shows.
  11. Chapsie

    Resplendent - Prismatic Strength

    We're still here lmao Join the prismatic side.
  12. Chapsie

    [Micros] Pls Ignore...

    Muh Resplendent 😓
  13. Chapsie

    Alpha - Oblivion War End

    Honestly I thought the former Resplendent merge would have done that at some point. Alas, the perseverance is strong with them.
  14. Chapsie

    Japan Issues National Ban on Mustard

    The Technocracy of Nova Scotia has a free set of commodities for the workers and citizens of our great land. Personal responsibility alongside workers unity will keep us free as a people, and true to our syndicalist ways. We view this ban as an insult to personal liberties, self-responsibility, and most importantly your own citizens.

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