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  1. Chapsie

    Japan Issues National Ban on Mustard

    The Technocracy of Nova Scotia has a free set of commodities for the workers and citizens of our great land. Personal responsibility alongside workers unity will keep us free as a people, and true to our syndicalist ways. We view this ban as an insult to personal liberties, self-responsibility, and most importantly your own citizens.
  2. Chapsie

    The Rise of The Nation of Innsva - Part One

    The Technocratic state of Nova Scotia congratulates the State of Innsva for their progress towards a new and enlightened state. The economy as the right like to think, will not suffer under the democratic rule of a socialist economic model, but may thrive should the people unionize under one power: themselves. The TSNS will be watching the affairs and reading into the history of Innsva very closely.
  3. Chapsie

    IP address bans for alliances

    Yeah we had a player do this to us too, he was active in the discord, he sounded very enthusiastic, then would constantly be getting the grants and growing well. Then he’d go inactive for a week then delete... I feel it, it might just be the way she goes, and the risk of giving away free monies, but we can see.
  4. Chapsie

    Turn on/off treaties in the Treaty Web

    Yeah, this seems reasonable to me. I think this is a solid idea!
  5. Holy shit that is quite the line up of players lmao Either way, best of luck!
  6. Chapsie


    Yeah, I feel like I haven't even scratched the surface lol I find new things EVERY time I start the game, not to mention mods.
  7. Chapsie


    Yeah, I only have about 15, it burns a little.
  8. Chapsie

    Frontier finds a New Artist!

    It is no secret.
  9. Chapsie


    A microwave you lob at your enemies while it's running.
  10. Chapsie

    Triumph and Existence

    Yes, but this time we're not memeing or half active; we're highkey dedicated to the game. At least i am, I just graduated and got a proper job so I can actually play now lmao
  11. Chapsie

    Fight fairly

    No problem, I gottchu
  12. Chapsie

    Triumph and Existence

    Effective immediately, we will seize the means of production!
  13. Chapsie

    Triumph and Existence

  14. Chapsie

    Triumph and Existence

    Max Thank you, it’s a pleasure to be working with you!

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