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  1. I mean trasportation of goods has a cost, it's something that should be added but not 5% of it, that's too huge.
  2. Oh, this will be fun Welcome back fam, and i am looking forward to our fight
  3. Thats kinda huge, also i'm not sure, we do need to lower the amounts but it can be done by other means than this one.
  4. :100: What if they just delete the offer before 168h and then repost it ?
  5. But i've just learned how to operate this excavator Jokes aside @Epi send those files, you lazy dragoncobra!
  6. I think the opposite, the game is to slow. 1turn every 60 mins!
  7. As a VIP, you can update your Portrait to an image of your choosing. Your portrait is displayed on your nation page, at a maximum size of 150 pixels by 150 pixels. We already have that, an example: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=67665
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