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  1. Don't be dumb and share ur login details with anyone, its really that simple. Also i'll add one thing: if it was that then it was a dumb move to share login details which is also against the rules. Don't be dumb and click on links posted elsewhere, open a new tab and write the link urself.
  2. I can't react, but i love this ❤️
  3. #8 Was also a member of Arrgh
  4. Game server isn't working properly.... Alex: i'Ll DiSsAbLe DoWnVoTe BuTtOn.
  5. As an official spokesperson for The Pirate $yndicate, I am very pleased to adress this conference today and tell you that I do not sanction this.
  6. You know firsthand what an unseeteling environment has been created during this war and you're asking me why people jump ships ?
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