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  1. MonkeyDLegend

    The Eviction Notice

    12 out of 10, the world is better by a bit, GG fam ❤️
  2. I wont give up that easy, theres hope for you....
  3. Im not gonna explain that joke nor do i expect ur braincells to understnd it if i did explain it.
  4. MonkeyDLegend

    Declaration from the People's Jest Resistance Force

    Something along those lines...
  5. MonkeyDLegend

    Mass Infra Buying War Declaration Restriction

    I get ur point, but why should I buy CRD to get that 60 days with a 2hour handicap, when i could buy a script that i can use forever and don't have that 2hour handicap ? But it's a step forward... Thank you for at least partially listening to the community here.
  6. MonkeyDLegend

    Coup d'état of Terminal Jest

    @RyanK Dried up for today, continue tommorw :P(reactions)
  7. MonkeyDLegend

    Coup d'état of Terminal Jest

    Gratz, do you want a medal or something ? The only thing i can do/give is to rip out ur spine, make a whip out of it and whip the other alliance mates you have.
  8. MonkeyDLegend

    Terminal Jest is No More

    Partisan was couped by Fraggle, I couped Fraggle and Fraggle returned to partisan. Then I was couped and left.
  9. MonkeyDLegend

    Happy Birthday Camelot!

    It sure has been a wild ride, looking forward to another great year, Happy Birthday Cam ❤️
  10. We now indentify ourself as coalition D.
  11. MonkeyDLegend

    Coup d'état of Terminal Jest

    The release can be negotiated, until then i will continue unleashing the nukes.
  12. MonkeyDLegend

    Coup d'état of Terminal Jest

    Pirate King Monkey D Luffy of One Piece detonated a nuclear weapon in the nation of Isle of Ignominy and eliminated 25 Resistance. The attack destroyed 410.80 infrastructure in the city of Weedorina and 2 improvements. I will continue!
  13. MonkeyDLegend

    Coup d'état of Terminal Jest

    No-concessions policy ? I dare you, will nuke them and then come after you.
  14. MonkeyDLegend

    Coup d'état of Terminal Jest

    I have hostages. We can negotiate their release.

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