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  1. Ban appeal ingame and discord. Old Nation name: One Piece Old Leader name: Monkey D Luffy Punishment:Ban Date of ban: Early 2020 Lenght of Ban: Perma Banned by: Sheepy Reason for appeal: Asking to return to the game after a year. Additional Info: New nation created; https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=288449
  2. Decisions,decisions, decision... Gear up! Turn tough decision into informed decision with Prefonteen!
  3. ? I was thinking about the space program, spysat and moon landing, not sure about the new projects, only seen one post about it. No knowledge about the dates.
  4. NR and george both got their nations reset or did it them self. "The punishment for real-world transactions for in-game materials will be a complete nation reset upon first offense, and a permanent ban from Politics & War upon a second offense." You don't need to have a ingame or irl gain to be guilty, you just need to part-take/be a middle-man/know about it without reporting it to Admin. As it says on the rules page before the rules: The rules for game-play are relatively simple and easy to follow. Be smart, use common sense, and you won't have any issues. Taking part knowingly in illicit activities withour reporting it is against the rules, so is knowing that someone is cheating and not reporting it.(common sense)
  5. @namukara are you one of those people who share their log in details ? bc if ur not then shut the frick up about the BK-hacking sacndal. Digging shit up from the past won't help, esp when ur 200% wrong and Cypher was right back then. There is no moral-high-ground here, BK got what they deserved back then bc they shared accounts, either get ur information correct or just don't comment.
  6. I wouldn't call it cheating, but it does fall into a gray area. Pre has had some good ideas on how to make the projects do what they were intended for, which was to dry up raws and refined resources. I do not agree with some of them and I have given my honest opinion to both Pre and Alex. As for the projects and it being "secret information shared for big gains", that is not true, @Prefontaine has made many posts about the projects and shared those forums-posts often, so has Alex also and even made them available in test-server for us to test them and report potential bugs. It might maybe appear that he has used that secret information at first glance, but I highly doubt that. If you dig through the forums a bit you can see that that's not the case and that Pre has made several posts, also dig through the public discord it's the same there.
  7. Getting immunity from being banned surely means that ur squeaky cleen and didn't break the rules, you are beyond reproach; without vice. Jokes aside, so on a srs note; shut the frick up, bc you broke the rules, was going to get banned and that means you cheated. Having immunity doesn't change the facts. @Buck Turgidson sorry for taking the thread off-topic, please continue the retirement home drama
  8. Glad to see it's taken outside of the retirement home.
  9. Not really, once you go above c40(if we do 0.25% decrease) or c50(if the decrease is 0.20%) then you'll have 115% commerce still. It just makes the project worthless above the project-city limit, which would make it worth to buy it in early game-play.
  10. it's cheap bc we have it stockpiled, a city 20 nation would have to save up for a while and will be slowed down in terms of city growth. Could make it so 1st city is maxed 125% commerce, then i gradually decreases, like 0.20-0.25%commerce, all the way down to 115%. that way when you reach c40/50 the project is useless.
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